The Lance Saga - Walmart


Lance jumped into his car, drove to a local Wallmart, and entered the parking lot. As he drove toward the building, he saw a man in a green jacket and his red headed son crossing the street. Lance continued driving and the son seemed unsure whether to cross. As he passed the man, he called Lance an asshole through the open window. Lance became furious and quickly found a parking space and then walked into the store. He immediately looked around for the stupid fucker and saw the bastard up one of the main isles. Lance followed, his keen eyesight focused on that dumb mother fucker. The dude entered the boys clothing section with his pesky son as did Lance. He walked up right behind the guy and stared at him. The dude turned and saw Lance. Lance pretended to be looking at something and walked to an adjacent isle, still staring at the fucker. The guy looked back, then walked out of the isle. Lance shadowed him, entering the main walkway. The father dude with his son walked into another section of the store. Lance stared at him over the merchandise, determined to make the fool pay for what he did. The father noticed Lance still following him and Lance walked down the main isle, his head cocked in the direction of the father and their eyes once again met. Then Lance headed toward the exit and looked back. The father was apparently talking to security, worried that Lance was following him. Lance threw his arms up in a big shrugging motion then left the building. He walked to the side and waited for the father and son to come out. They did, shortly afterward, and Lance activated his personal cloaking device. He followed the father to his car and noted its make and license plate. Then Lance beamed himself into his car, powered it up, and proceeded to follow this stupid jack off piece of shit mother fucker that called him an asshole for no fucking reason. He saw the dude's car leaving the parking lot and followed far behind, using his sensors to enhance the image. The father was unaware he was being pursued and Lance followed him all the way back to his house which was several kilometers away. The father pulled into the driveway and got out along with his son. They entered the house and Lance followed. As the door was closing, Lance stuck his foot in it and then pushed it open. Overcome with surprise the father looked back and was shocked to see Lance standing there. "Called me an asshole, huh, you stupid cock sucking piece of fucking trash?" Lance pulled out a knife and ran toward the man with lighting speed. He screamed out and the son tried to block Lance. With a swift blow, Lance cut the young boy's throat and then threw him aside.
"Please no, I didn't mean anything." pleaded the man. "It's too late for that, fucking bastard!" Lance screamed as he grabbed the man by his neck and flung him across the room. The dude flew into some furniture, breaking it, and landed on the floor. Lance ran to him and kicked the fucker in the face, then grabbed his hair and picked him up off the ground. Crying in pain, the man begged for Lance to stop. Just then, an attractive redheaded woman walked through the door with a young 14 year old girl. The sexy little girl had dirty red hair with some blonde streaks.
"Honey, no, get out!" screamed the man, she must have been his wife with their daughter. Lance threw the dude into the drywall then ran to his wife and daughter reaching them in seconds. He grabbed the wife by her beautiful mane and pushed her to the ground. Lance kicked her in the gut and easily incapacitated the bitch. The young daughter tried to help her slender mother and punched Lance's back with her minuscule hand. He spun around and slapped her in the face throwing the tiny bitch clear across the room. She landed atop her dead brother's body and screamed in horror. Lance strolled to where she landed and kicked her in the face, dazing the poor, sweet young girl. Then Lance walked to where the husband was laying and moaning, tied him up, and gagged him. He placed the dude on one of couches and positioned him so he was facing where his wife was slumped and made sure he was fully awake by throwing freezing water in his face. The daughter had by now regained her senses so Lance walked to her and picked her up by her itsy-bitsy waist and licked her face. She cried out for her mother and Lance just slapped her again, and tossed her to the ground. Then Lance went to the wife and grabbed her hair and picked the 30 year old bitch up. He kissed her cheek and squeezed her breasts. Oh she was a fine specimen, all pretty and petite, with long silky red hair, small, firm breasts, an awesome figure, and flaxen skin. He ripped off her shirt and bra and began sucking her nipples as her husband and daughter watched in horror. She moaned and Lance shoved a dirty sock into her mouth and then taped it shut. He then fondled her tits some more, but soon pulled out a knife and began to slice her up. He made deep hacks into her breasts, mutilating the still dazed woman and sliced her up real good. She groaned in pain and Lance worked his way down. He cut up her stomach and made circular gashes around her belly button. Lance looked back at the husband and smiled, the poor man was teary eyed, watching in repugnance as his wife was tortured and violated. He also saw the daughter trying to stand up but she was too woozy and in too much agony to stay on her feet. Then Lance yanked off the mother's jeans and panties and thrust his cock into her while licking the blood that oozed from her sliced body. He slammed her good and yanked back her hair with each plummet in her warm, womanly hairy cave. While raping the bitch he ran the razor deep into her skin making huge cuts and her flesh parted as fat and tissue came out. Lance could hear the daughter crying and trying to move but she was in too much pain and could only gaze upon Lance's back as he rammed his huge cock into the mother while at the same time choking and cutting her.
But Lance suddenly stopped and pulled out of her; he had gotten a wonderful idea. He looked up at the ceiling and saw a fan slowly rotating right next to the moaning husband. He dragged the wife's sliced and diced, raped body over there and then ripped the fan out of the ceiling leaving only the hook it had been attached to. Then he bound the naked, bleeding, red- headed wife with duct tape which he wrapped around her ankles and thighs and some around her waist just for looks. He lifted her arms above her head and taped up her elbows and wrists. He wrapped it around her wrists at least 50 times so it could support her slinky 47.6 kilogram body. He then picked up her taped body and attached her bound wrists to the fan hook. Then he slowly let go and she squealed in pain as her body weight fell upon her weak shoulders. She shook her head in torment but Lance just laughed in erotic amusement.
That took care of the parents, now it was time for the juicy daughter. First Lance waited awhile, making sure both parents were fully conscious, and dreading what Lance was going to do with their only remaining child. Next Lance looked around the house and found two similarly sized wooden tables that were about knee high. He carried them into the living room next to the quavering young daughter. "What are you doing?" she sniveled, almost too afraid to speak.
"Shut up!" Lance yelled at her. "You'll see soon enough." He put one table on her left, and one on her right and then grabbed one of her arms. He pulled it back and placed her small left hand on the left table, palm up. Then Lance pulled out a graphite hammer and a long plexisteel nail. But with the element of surprise the girl broke free and ran out of the door. With snake-like reflexes Lance darted after her. She made it out into the street frantically screaming and waving her arms. It attracted the attention of a nearby group of 20-something youths. She ran to them trying to explain but was so distraught she could hardly speak.
"Take it easy, everything's cool." they said to her. Just then Lance approached the small gathering.
"I'll take the young pretty." said Lance.
"Not so fast. What's going on?" said one of young people, a curly brunette female. Lance sweep kicked the stupid bitch and as she fell to the ground lunged his Bushmaster 2000 knife into her chest and twisted it around shredding her like string cheese. She screamed and gurgled blood but was deceased before uttering even a single word. "Oh my god!!!!" shouted the small crowd, too flabbergasted to notice that Lance had taken hold of the little girl and subdued her. Surprise turned to rage and one of the punks tried to attack Lance to avenge the death of their friend. Lance parried the assault and grabbed the dude's elbow and wrist. Then he brought the guy's arm down across his spiked knee pad impaling it, then with a swift twist compound fractured it sending the male to the ground yelling in agony. Lance then stomped on his head smashing it with ease. Four more youths remained, three females and a muscular male. The male rushed towards Lance while reaching into his jacket, apparently for some sort of energy weapon. Lance just stood his ground as the man reached him, now holding a small plasma gun. Lance laughed as the dude fired at him but the energy was absorbed into his shield.
"Now it's my turn!" said Lance as he kicked the weapon from the fucker's hand. Then he pulled out two throwing stars and tossed them at the ruffian, each one piercing the main blood vessels in his neck. The resulting shower of blood was quite amusing and the tough guy turned into a weak piece of shit as his life juice spritzed out onto the sidewalk. He fell to his knees and Lance punched him in the head with titanium knuckles cracking his skull. Three sexy girls were left over and Lance raped each one in turn. His thick dick prodded their cunts splitting them like coconuts and they screamed as he beat them and shot his goo into their vaginas. Once that was complete he cut each of their throats, but one at a time. He cut the first girl's throat and made the other two watch, then he cut the second girl's throat and made the third girl watch, then he cut her throat as well and subsequently hacked all three of them to pieces after drinking their blood.
The little daughter had been sitting on the pavement watching all of this in horror but could not move because Lance had pinched a pressure point on her spine rendering her paralyzed. He walked over to the small, red-headed young girl and picked her up. He carried her back into the house and her tied up parents at once moaned and tried to scream past their gags, fearing for their daughter's life. Lance just looked at them and smiled, making a cutting motion across his neck with his finger indicating their daughter would not survive. They both pleaded for mercy using their eyes but Lance would hear nothing of it and simply spat on them.
"Okay, no more delays for you my young sweet thing. No more excuses. It's play time." said Lance in a sinister tone. He grabbed her and smacked the back of her head a few times so was slightly dazed and won't be able to run away like before. He forced her down on her knees between the two tables and took hold of her left arm. He bent it back and placed her hand on one of the tables palm up. Then he pulled out a hammer and a long thick nail. "Yeah bitch, time for fun." He placed the nail directly in the center of her sweat covered palm and raised the hammer high in the air, and with catastrophic force brought it down on the head of the nail. It impaled her hand passing right through the meat and imbedding in the table underneath. Sickening screams of pain bellowed from the young girl and she tried to pull her hand away from the table but could not move it even a centimeter. Blood oozed from the speared appendage and Lance laughed like a maniac. He then took hold of her right arm and like the left, placed it palm up on the right side table. He took out another nail and was about to hammer it into her hand when the girl spoke through her tears.
"Please, it hurts so much, please." she whimpered.
"Yeah bitch beg me, you fucking cunt. This is just the start of things." and with that hammered the other nail right into her right hand. The girl arched backward screaming out in the most extreme of agony, tears flowing from her eyes. Scream after scream echoed from the tortured juvenile's lips and Lance enjoyed every second of it.
Now that her arms were secured and he was sure the bitch wasn't going anywhere, he looked through the house for a belt. He found the master bedroom and tore up the place looking in each drawer of the dresser. "Ah, here we are." said Lance as he pulled out a long leather belt from the bottom drawer. Lance quickly made his way back down to his three captives. He cut the shirt from the young girl who was on her knees moaning and exposed her back. Then using the belt he beat her and beat her raising huge welts on her sensitive flesh. She cried out with each blow screaming to her parents for help but there was nothing they could do. Lance continued beating the young bitch with the now blood covered belt and kept laughing the whole time. Her head hung low in pain, it was all she could tolerate. So Lance stopped and waited for her to wake back up and only when she was fully aware would he continue his torture.
As he waited for his victim to regain her senses Lance engaged the bound parents in casual conversation. "This is a nice place you got here. How much did it cost, 200 grand at least?" Lance said with a big smile on his face.
Ten minutes later the young girl was more aware so Lance began his torture once again. Lance turned on the gas fireplace and grabbed a long piece of metal. He placed it in the flames and left it there for about 5 minutes until it was red hot. He pulled it back out then approached the young bitch. He touched the scorching hot metal tip to her already bruised and bleeding back. As soon as it made contact she screamed out in searing pain and Lance laughed his ass off. He kept touching it against her soft flesh leaving circular burn marks and causing terrible agony to the young 14 year old. He touched the bright red metal on every part of her back then started on her chest after ripping her bra off. He touched it right on her nipples causing even more pain than ever and she just shook and trembled in anguish. He burned her entire chest completely mutilating the stupid whore.
Then Lance did the unthinkable, he shoved the hot poker right up the bitch's tight ass and fucked her with it. Her endless screams of suffering brought joy to Lance's evil heart as he pushed the metal rod in and out of her. Smoke came out and her entire anus was black and burned. After a little while Lance removed the poker and threw it down. His prisoner was drenched in sweat and moaned in distress.
Lance looked at the parents and smiled. "You all enjoying the show? Your daughter's a nice piece of meat." he said and laughed. They just gazed at him in fright, for the worst was yet to come.
Lance took out a long wooden dowel and held in front of the young girl's teary, fearful eyes. "How about this honey?" She shook her head no. "No? You don't want to be beaten with this?" She again shook her head no. "Well I'm going to beat you anyway, stupid fucking bitch." and with that gave her a good thwack on the stomach. She cried out from the stinging pain and Lance took another swing at her flat tense gut. Ten more swings came from the dowel and landed squarely on her breasts and stomach causing welts and bruises. "Yeah bitch! Your pain equals my pleasure! Feel the pain, let it hack away at your soul."
Lance took another dozen swings at her upper front torso then worked on the girl's back. He smacked her burned flesh with the long wooden dowel causing hellish stinging pain.
After 15 long minutes of this torture Lance finally stopped. He threw down the wooden dowel and knelt down in front of his young victim.
"Time for the main course my sweet." said Lance as he prepared to rape the teenager. But just then someone knocked on the door. Lance went over and looked through the peep-hole. It was some guy and he opened the door. "Yes?" said Lance. "I'm here to see the Dawsons. Are they home?" asked the man.
"Uh yeah, but they are tied up right now." Lance knew the man couldn't see into the house.
"Oh? They said to come over at this time." Lance stepped outside and closed the door behind him.
"Look you piece of shit, get the fuck out of here before I kill you dead!" shouted Lance angrily.
"What, how dare you speak to me that way!" said the man. Lance punched the fool straight in the jaw and he fell to the porch. He picked the man back up and cut off his head with a saw then threw the whole mess into a dumpster.
"Man whatever." said Lance as he went back into the house. He walked to the living room where the parents and daughter lay in wait. "Now, where we were?" said Lance as he slipped his fully erect cock into the daughter's juicy pussy. He fucked her hard, slamming in and out of her super tight cut. "God damn that's a tight twat bitch!" screamed Lance; he was in ecstasy as he raped the defenseless miss.
He roughly and violently fucked her for another 20 minutes splitting her cunt wide open then at last shot a cum load into her. He pulled out, sperm dribbling from the tip of his cock. He then told her to open her mouth. The young girl did so without question, her will had been broken long ago. Lance shoved his dick into her mouth and forced her to suck the cum and pussy juice off it.
Once that was done he pulled out then cut off each one of her fingers with a garden clippers. She was beyond mere pain and just trembled and quaked as Lance shoved smelling salts up her nose to wake the bitch up. She was again fully aware and Lance wrapped some poly rope around her tender throat and strangled her to death with ease. Lance looked her right in the eyes as her life ended and got another hard-on almost instantly.
"Well, that was quite fun, but it's time to move on." said Lance as he threw gasoline all over the house and on the two parents who had witnessed the horrible atrocities and the brutal rape and torture of their daughter. Lance walked out of the house making a trail of gas as he went. Then he lit a match, looked at the house and reminisced, then dropped the match and the trail of gas ignited, quickly went into the house, and everything caught on fire. Lance could hear the parents moaning and screaming into their gags as they were burned alive and he just laughed and walked back to his car.