The Lance Saga - A Walk Around Town

A Walk Around Town

Lance went for a walk down his street and at once saw several masked hoodlums robbing an old lady. With cheetah-like speed he ran toward them. They saw him and attempted to escape, throwing the old woman in front of Lance. He leap over her with ease and caught one of the punks by the throat. The dude tried to stab Lance with a switchblade but it was easily parried. Lance squeezed the guy's neck like a python and laughed as his face turned blue and looked him right in the eye during his last seconds of life.
Now it was the other dude's turn. He just stood there flabbergasted at what Lance had just done. "You ready to die, mother fucker?!" Lance screamed as he pulled out a 12" knife and drove it into the man's chest. The blow was precise and passed between his ribs, through his heart, and then out of his back. Death was almost immediate, to Lance's dismay.
Once that was taken care of, he helped the old woman to her feet. She thanked Lance, and he grabbed her head and twisted it like a bottle cap. Her frail neck snapped as if it were a dry twig and Lance laughed as he continued his stroll.
A few minutes later he came upon a broken down car. The driver, a female redhead was bent over the engine checking the oil. Lance walked up and slammed the hood down on top of her back so hard that it broke her ribs. Sharp pieces of bone slit through her flesh and protruded out of her chest spraying blood everywhere. Lance laughed as she suffered and repeatedly opened and slammed the hood onto her mangled body. After 10 minutes of fun, another car pulled over to see what was going on. Some guy got out and came over to Lance. The stranger saw the redhead's legs limp and hanging out from the hood and asked what the hell was up. Lance just smiled and took out a curved blade hunting knife. Hiding it behind his back, Lance stepped closer to the man as he tried to pull the girl's now dead body from under the hood. Lance grabbed the man's neck and forced him onto the hood, then ever so slowly sliced into the guy's flesh and then shoved the knife as hard as he could, severing the man almost completely in half at the belly. His organs fell to the ground as Lance twisted the knife and pulled it back and forth inside the man's bleeding body. Lance laughed and ripped out the man's innards and ate them raw.
Still chuckling to himself, he rapidly fled the scene and continued his walk. Soon he came upon four bullies picking on a smaller kid, they were pushing and shoving him. Lance unsheathed his sword and screamed as he ran towards the the kids. With a precise blow, he severed one of their heads. The head dropped to the ground blood gushing out and then the decapitated corpse dropped like a sack of rocks. The other kids tried to run away but Lance caught them and disemboweled them all while laughing. Their mangle guts covered the ground and blood poured out of their empty body cavities. The smaller kid couldn't even believe what had just happened but once he realized that the bullies were dead, he thanked Lance and walked away.
Lance let out a cold belly laugh and continued his journey of death.