The Lance Saga - Waitress

Here's a Tip this Waitress won't Forget

The sexy waitress soon arrived with Lance's meal. "Would you like anything for dessert, sir?" the beautiful, blonde, nineteen-year-old, waitress asked him. She had nice big, beefy legs and a really tight ass, topped off with two plump, soft tits and huge, hard nipples. She was wearing spandex shorts, slightly covered by her apron, and a tight, low cut, sweater. Lance could see the stretch marks on the sweater between her melons and the girl's nipples were also visible as bumps on the sweater. He stared at her magnificent, voluptuous body as he replied.
"Yes, I'll take your tight, hairy, pussy, with whipped cream and a cherry, along with your praiseworthy breasts." Lance noticed that her crotch was wet so he licked her shorts to clean it up. He then grabbed her arms and threw the naive young waitress under the table. Lance took a cloth napkin and violently gagged her. Then he took another one and forcefully tied her arms together around the pole of the table so she couldn't move. He positioned her so that her big, tight ass was facing him and twisted her arms, severely dislocating them. He ate some of his sub sandwich, and some of her, while he rubbed her buttcheeks. "Hey bitch, now I'll give you a sub sandwich to go." he said as Lance pulled down his pants to expose an immense, fully erect cock. Then, he took out one of his bootknives and sliced off her sweater. He slowly pealed off her spandex shorts and uncovered a raging pussy waiting to get filled with meat. Lance held her at the thighs, while he inserted his thoroughly forged penis into her dripping twat. He pushed it all the way in, pulled it out, and repeated it a hundred times, faster and rougher with each phenomenal lusthump. He fucked her extra hard, causing her buttcheeks to wobble and fly in all directions with each super powerful lunge into her tight, juicy, hankering vagina. She was moaning the whole time because of the incredibly erotic stimulation and from the pain of her disjointed shoulders. What Lance didn't know, was that the waitress liked to be tied up and torture fucked S&M style, but she was unprepared for what Lance was going to do to her. He took a fork and crammed it up her big anal opening as he fucked her causing the bitch to groan even more in pain. He stuck it so far up her ass that the end of it was no longer visible and she began to cry and lash around because of the horrendous pain Lance had caused her, but he just reached around and punched her sore, distorted shoulders. He then ripped off her black lace bra, and felt her super hard nipples as they began to secrete milk slightly. He rubbed her tits and licked her ass as he continued to deepfuck her mega hard. Lance dug his finger nails into her meaty ass for extra support and caused her to bleed. He fucked her so intensely, that his dick turned bright red and her pussy almost ripped wide open. He spit in her vagina for natural lubrication, but it didn't appear to work. Her hardened, voluptuous, breasts continued to fly up and down every time Lance pumped her despite the friction in her hole. He grabbed her hair and yanked it back each time he rigorously porked the bitch causing her neck to stretch to its limits as her head was jerked all the way back allowing her to almost see Lance as he tortured and raped her. She moaned and began twitching, but he continued to violate and exploit her, despite her hopeless prayers. He ran his tongue down her uncovered spine and held on to her pretty face as he screwed the slender waitress. He gashed her face with his fingernails and rammed one of his fingers up her nose. Holding onto her nose, Lance wrenched her head back so hard that her snout tore painstakingly in half. Blood and mucus spurted from the painful flesh wound as he continued to pull back her silky hair with each erotic, primal, passion driven thrust of total ecstasy. She cried out in pain and he fucked her even deeper and more lustfully until she stopped moaning for the moment. Lance put his fingers in her ass and removed the bloody fork, he then took out his cock, and inserted it into her tight, blood stained, tush. It was ultratight, and Lance had to shove it in really hard which seemed to unbind it a bit. He pushed it all the way up her anus and she jolted at the shocking, erotic, sensation. In and out, in and out, he sacked her as she tried to scream for help, but the gag prevented any such attempt. Lance continued to buttfuck the unfortunate bitch as he caressed her perfectly formed, smooth, silky, legs. He leaned forward as he fucked, and licked her ears until they were drenched with sticky spit, and then bit one of them off. He pulled out his cock, and picked up one of the chairs that was sitting around the table and broke off a wooden leg from it. The end was very rough and dirty, had many splinters coming off it, was covered with tiny insects, and fungus clung to the bottom of it. Lance took the girl's ankles into his big, sweaty hands, and jerked them straight apart as if she were doing the splits, making her pussy and ass very easy to access with rape devices. He took the chair leg, held it tightly, and rammed it up her pussy all the way to her uterus. She almost fainted from the pain, but Lance threw water on her face and stuck smelling salts under her bleeding, slit nose. He then kicked the piece of wood forcing it past her uterus and almost rupturing one of her lungs. Lance made sure see stayed awake through it all by shoving the salts all the way up her nose and poring concentrated ammonia down her throat. Then he took the chair leg and moved it up and down, while twisting it. The waitress became limp and slumped to the floor, but Lance punched her and she opened her eyes again. He shoved his huge dick back in her ass with the stick still in her pussy, and buttfucked her for about ten minutes. He finally pulled it out, just in time to shoot his jizz all over back and worn out, bloody, ass. Lance untied her, and ate her tits for a long time. He fingered her used pussy, after removing the wood, and fingered her ass as he sucked face with her. She finally got the chance to speak, and told Lance that she has never been in that much pain before, but she liked most of it because she's into S&M, big time. Lance was quite surprised and said nothing. He just grabbed her thighs and ate her ass while she fucked herself with a cup until she came. Lance held her arms down on the dirty floor, causing unfathomed distress because of her dislocated shoulders, and licked her dribbling tits. He bit one of her big nipples, causing it to bleed and she jumped in excitement. He sucked, licked, and kissed her hefty tits while he ran his hand in and out of her steaming, gashed, insect filled, pussy. He then told her to suck his dick until it got smaller, and she obeyed without a word. After that, he took an unopened bottle of whine and thrust it inside her vagina while he stuck another one up her ass. He pushed them in and out, in and out, until she was screaming in ecstasy and satisfaction. He eventually finished raping her with the bottles, and then he ate her irresistible cunt for a few minutes. She eventually got loose from him, and put her clothes back on as best she could. The waitress was totally exhausted from all the raping, fucking, sucking, licking, eating, beating, torturing, erotism, and suffering that took place under the table. She told Lance the food is on her, and gave him her phone number and address. He spit a big snot on her face, twisted her arms, and stabbed her in the tit with a knife he got off the table. Then she licked his balls, frenched him, and walked off rubbing her tits. The woman was feeling extremely erotic, nasty, and was in fanatical pain as she left.