The Lance Saga - Teenage Meat

Teenage Meat

A short while later Lance saw what appeared to be a group of teenage girls walking down the middle of the street. "What the fuck is this?" he said, pissed that they were blocking the road. Lance beeped at them. The bitches didn't even turn around. "What!!!" he screamed in anger. Lance activated the quadtanium ram spikes which were neatly concealed under the small hood of his mid-mounted engine supercar. He then floored it and within seconds was moving at incredible velocity. He drove straight through the young girls. Most of them were instantly impaled and screamed out in agony as their bodies were ripped apart. Pieces of flesh and bone splattered across his windshield but Lance just laughed. He had taken out at least 6 of the stupid cunts. Several remained and it was time for some carnal fun. He pulled over and, after examining the bodies, found two girls laying on the side of road in shock. He grabbed one of them by the hair, a sweet redhead and pulled her up.
"Please mister, don't hurt me." she whimpered. Lance smiled and quickly tied her arms behind her back. He then walked her over to his car with a firm grip on the back of the bitch's neck. He opened the door and threw her inside, then was about to get in and drive off when the other girl suddenly attacked him with a pole. She missed and instead struck the car door causing no damage. Lance got out and punched her in the stomach. She doubled over and Lance saw that she was a cute brunette with a tiny little ass. He grabbed her waist and smashed her skull into the side of his car busting her wide open. He then took out some nylon cord and wrapped it around her throat several times then tied the other end to his bumper. He got in the car, powered it up, and drove away. He could hear the girl's body bouncing and tearing across the rough asphalt and his dick got hard as her screams of pain slowly faded. She perished some time during the trip but Lance didn't care cause he was gonna have his way with the redhead.
He pulled into the driveway of some house a short time later, parked, and exited the vehicle carrying the sexy redhead. Then Lance remembered the bitch who was tethered to his bumper. He looked but saw only the rope and no body. Suddenly someone came out of the house and saw Lance's car.
"What is this?" the man said. Lance dropped the girl and hid her body under his automobile then walked over to the fellow. "My car is broken down, can I use your telephone to call a tow truck?" he said.
"Broken down? How did you get it into the driveway?" replied the mister.
"What the fuck did you say, prick?!" screamed Lance as he twirled his huge, muscular leg around and kicked the dude on the side of his head. The person was easily knocked out from the powerful blow and Lance took the redhead, who was just starting to come around, and walked into the house, but not before brutally severing the insensible man's head with a steak knife. After passing through the doorway and closing it Lance heard a voice.
"Honey, did you find out who's car is in the driveway?" a woman said from upstairs.
"Uh, yeah...umm...sweetie." Lance jested.
"Hey, who is that?" the surprised bitch replied. Lance dropped the redhead on the plush couch after tieing her ankles and gagging her. Then a young woman came down the staircase to see the mammoth Lance smiling. She screamed and ran back up the steps. Lance chased her using his long robust legs and caught the cunt easily. He knocked her to the ground at the top of the staircase and pressed his boot onto her chest. "Please don't hurt me!" she pleaded as Lance took his pants off.
"I'm gonna do more than hurt you, bitch." he said to her while stroking his throbbing, insanely huge cock. Lance grabbed her hair and brought her to her knees. "Suck this, fucking cunt!" But she refused to take his ultra hard, oversized cock into her mouth. "I said suck my cock!" roared Lance.
Suddenly someone came into the front door. "Hello, Molly, are you home?" said a young girl.
"Please help me!!" Molly screamed.
"Shut your mouth, meat." Lance said and kicked her in the face knocking the pretty bitch senseless.
"What is going on up there? Molly, are you okay?"
"Oh she's doing fine, just fine!" Lance called down the stairs while snapping Molly's neck. The young girl ran back out the door and Lance gave chase with amazing speed and agility. He leapt through the front door to find the girl, a sexy blonde, running down the street screaming. Fortunately there was no one around to help. Not that it would matter if there were against the unconquerable Lance. He caught her easily and threw her to the hard asphalt. "Stupid bitch. Molly is dead and so are you."
"You killed her? How could you, she was the nicest person in the world. She never did anything against you."
"Do I even give a fuck? No." Lance said while smiling. He took out his spiked bat and was about to beat the girl with it when a cop pulled up and ordered Lance to drop his weapon. "What the fuck is this?" Lance said as he turned to face the pig.
"Drop your weapon, put your hands on top of your head!" yelled the cop from the apparent safety of her police car.
"What's that? I'm hard of hearing." replied Lance.
"I said drop your weapon!"
"Drop your weapon!!" screamed the officer now toting a high powered handgun. Lance just laughed and suddenly rushed at the cop's car. The trooper opened fire but the bullets were deflected by Lance's personal energy shield. The cop then tried to grab her shotgun but by this time Lance reached the squad car and yanked the rookie out then tossed her to the ground. The officer quickly recovered and using her apparent and quite useless martial arts training attempted to subdue the immense Lance. The assault was naturally eluded and Lance spin kicked the cop girl's head then smashed her face through the driver side window. It was she who was subdued and the young officer bled profusely, shards of glass sticking out of her forehead. Lance tore off her pants and rammed his cock into her pussy splitting her open almost at once. She was out cold but he didn't care and proceeded to violently rape her. He thrusted hard and just as he came slit her throat. Blood pulsed from the severed artery and he pulled out, then stabbed her in the chest and stomach just for fun.
She perished shortly thereafter and Lance jumped into the cop car and began to accelerate toward the young woman who was running down the street once again. He floored the supped up auto and simply ran right over the bitch. Her body got caught on the undercarriage and dragged as Lance continued driving. Her skin ripped off causing pain like she had never known before. The stupid bitch lost consciousness and he finally stopped the vehicle. Lance got out and noticed a trail of flesh and blood behind the car. She was still barely alive so he pulled her from under the roadster and raped the young girl. He pounded in and out of her mangled, tattered body wishing she was aware and could experience the degradation of being violated by the sadistic Lance.
After a short while he ejaculated and pulled out. "Bitch. It's time." said Lance but he doubted she could hear him as she was nearly dead from loss of blood.
"Time for what?" said a stranger from across the street. Lance looked over and saw some dude standing on the sidewalk.
"Who the hell are you?" Lance said, pissed that he was interrupted.
"You don't remember? We were buddies in the Deag23 star fleet." Lance looked closely at the man and then remembered him.
"Oh yeah. I recall now. Bohn isn't it?" Lance spoke. He wondered why this man would be on Earth during the 20th century when he was from the same time period as Lance, over a thousand years into the future. Bohn was then about to say something when Lance suddenly killed him instantly with a well aimed shot between the eyes with his Mega' Blaster.
"Dumb ass. Now, bitch, it's time to die." He grabbed the cunt and picked her up. Her skin was ripped off and she bled generously. Lance took out his defender hunting knife and rammed it sideways into her ass slicing her bad. He yanked it out and stabbed her in the kidneys viciously. Then to finish the assault he slowly slid the blade into her chest until it hit her heart then he shoved hard killing her at last.
Lance laughed then walked back to the house where he remembered his car was parked. He reached the dwelling a few minutes later and saw some kids attempting to vandalize his omnibus. They had crowbars and knifes and tried to pop the tires. Their efforts proved fruitless and on this day they picked the wrong guy to fuck with. He sneaked up on them and could hear them talking. There were four kids, and they thought they were bad shit.
"What the hell, what are those tires made of man?"
"They are made of quadtanium, you dumb fuck." Lance said as he approached the car.
"What, like Knight Rider?" one of the kids asked.
"Oh much better than that, and I don't park in the back of some semi when my day is over. Now you fucks wanna get outta here before I hurt you?"
"We ain't scared of no punk like you."
"Heh heh!!" Lance laughed and lunged at them. He caught one of the kids with a roundhouse backfist. He flipped through the air and landed flat on his face knocked out cold. Then two of the other hooligans swung their crowbars at Lance's chest. The primitive weapons bounced off his shield and flew back striking the youngsters in the crotch. They screamed like little girls and fell to their knees grasping their bruised balls. Lance quickly unsheathed his surgically sharp ninja sword and with a fast swipe severed both the young guys heads. The decapitated bodies fell to the blood ladened ground. The last remaining kid, having observed all this in shock, turned pale white with fear.
"Please, we didn't mean anything mister, just trying to have a little fun."
"A little fun by fucking with other people's property. I don't think so." But instead of taking responsibility for his actions, the kid turned and tried to run away. Lance smiled and used his utility necklace to replicate a hunting rifle with telescopic sight. The kid was remarkably fast but Lance took aim and with a light squeeze of the trigger let go a single bullet. It struck the juvenile within a split second blowing his brains clean out. He sort of shook a little bit, then stopped moving and dropped dead on the ground. Lance was about to walk back into the house to finish off the redhead when the kid he backfisted came around. He looked down at the child. "How old are you?" Lance asked him.
"I'm only 13, please don't kill me." replied the young not so tough now kid.
"You know you shouldn't vandalize. It's against the law. Do you understand what that means?"
"Yeah I understand. I will never do it again."
"Good!" said Lance as he helped the kid to his feet. He patted the child on the back and sent him on his way. But before the kid could even get 5 meters he was gunned down via drive by shooting. The people in the car stopped and got out, apparently pissed that Lance witnessed the execution style murder. Four huge mother fuckers walked right up into Lance's face. "We kill you now!!" they screamed.
"Man shut the fuck up. I was gonna kill that kid, you ruined my fun." said Lance as he took out his Rambo hunting knife.
"Wait man, you be cool. We hang out, smoke some herb." "I don't need drugs to get high, I get high from killing." "What you some psycho mother fucker? You think you're bad shit?"
"Heh heh...bad enough to kick your ass any day." Lance said calmly.
"Yeah with a huge knife." said one of the bangers.
"Okay, fine." Lance replied while putting his knife back into a hidden shoulder satchel. The banger suddenly thrust at Lance, he laughed, took out his knife, and stabbed the young man in the belly. Full of surprise and now pain the guy fell down as blood poured from his ripped open body. His friends tried to help and attacked Lance with baseball bats. The crude wooden instruments splintered when they hit his personal biomechnio enhanced energy shield. Lance grabbed the broken pieces of wood and rammed them into the bodies of the remaining gang members killing them almost immediately.
Lance walked back into the house to find the redhead still hog tied and gagged on the couch. "You thought I forgot about you? Well guess what bitch, I'm back!" She started crying and sobbed, fearing for her life. "Cry all you want, cunt, I'm still gonna fucking torture you. You are a piece of god damn meat. You are just an object that I am gonna use." She shook her head no, pleading Lance to release her. But, not hindered by notions of right and wrong, he took off his pants and showed his huge, pulsing cock to her. "It's party time!" he said while stroking his member. He grabbed her hair and placed her stomach up on the plush couch. He carefully spread her puckered pussy lips inspecting to make sure she was fresh. "Yes, this will do nicely." he said.
Suddenly without warning Lance rammed his cock into her tight pussy. Her eyes grew wide with pain as his leviathan of a dick split her open as if he were peeling an orange. Lance began pumping viciously wasting no time with this fucking bitch. He grunted heavily, enjoying her suffering and thrusting in and out repeatedly. She cried and sobbed into the gag, being violated like never before in her short life. Lance laughed as he continued the malicious rape. He pumped faster than a death metal drummer enjoying the pleasurable sensations. He was sure she didn't share his good feelings but didn't care. She was nothing to him. She was dead long ago. Lance violently pumped for another 30 minutes purposely holding back his jizm as only to cause more pain to his victim with his massive rod. He also punched her in the face and chest and mauled her youthful breasts pinching and yanking on her nipples. Finally after he could hold back no longer Lance's cock spasmed and began shooting seed into the stupid fucking cunt's pussy. He smiled and playfully slapped her face as his cum shot finished.
"Yeah bitch, that felt good. Now to finish you off and go find another cunt to satisfy me." Lance untied her and took off her gag. She screamed for help and he laughed at her. "No one is going to help you, cunt. You are at MY mercy and it's time to die." She had cute brown eyes so Lance cut them out with a boning knife and smashed them. Blood pulsed from her eye sockets and she reached out with her hands attempting to fight him off. Her efforts were of course futile and even if she did have her sight it would not matter against the pure evil, super strong Lance. He grabbed her throat and tossed her all the way across the room causing her to smash right through the wall breaking her arm. The cunt shrieked in pain as Lance walked over to her and grabbing her broken appendage, lifted her up all the way off the ground. Endless cries of agony escaped her lips so he punched her stomach with his other hand until she spit up blood. Lance then flung her to the ground and proceeded to beat her legs with a baseball bat until the bones were both shattered. She groaned in agony, still winded from his fisted assault and was in constant pain. Lance laughed again then picked her up with both hands and brought her down across his knee with amazing force breaking the bitch's back with little effort. He then tore her to pieces and tossed her guts around the room.