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     "Can I help you sir?" the secretary asked Lance.
     "Yes, my name is Lance Mace and I would like to apply for a
     "I'm sorry but there are no open positions at the time.  If
you want I can put your name on the waiting list." she said.
     "That would be acceptable." replied Lance as he watched the
young girl pick up a pen and write his name in a note pad.  "Let
me give you a hand with that." Lance said and he grabbed the pen
out of the woman's hand and rammed it into one of her eyes.  She
cried out in pain and went into shock.  "You stupid whore!"
Lance kicked her to the putrid floor and then he threw her desk
on top of the princess squashing her instantly.  Blood splattered
in all directions from underneath the desk as the woman's body
crushed like a walnut in a two hundred ton hydraulic press.  Her
internal organs were turned into gut stew and Lance laughed.  He
then continued down the long hallway and walked through a fancy
arched vestibule.  He approached the office of the President who
was in charge of this Uniworld division and was preparing to
smash down the doors when he became aware of whimpering coming
from under a table in the corner of the hall.  He investigated
and discovered, to his delight, a young secretary, no older than
twenty four, with her hands over her face crying.  This debonair
little redheaded juicy seductress was just what Lance felt like
having at that time.
     He forcefully grabbed her arms and yanked her off the floor.
She resisted as he tried to hold the sex object down on the cold,
hard table, so Lance painfully rammed the redhead's tear covered,
bare shoulders against the metal table and punched her stomach.
She cried out as her shoulder blades collided with the solid
table and Lance smacked her on the cheek with the butt of one of
his guns causing a big welt to form on her elegant, alluring
face.  She doubled over in pain as Lance punched her several more
times in her abdomen, and he grabbed her hair and yanked her head
down to the table as punishment.  She offered no further struggle
even as he held her down with one hand, while unbuckling her belt
and pulling off her long, white, velvety skirt with his other
hand.  Lance tore the skirt into strips after taking it
completely off her, and tied a long strip of fabric around her
neck.  He twisted the knot so hard that it almost cut off all the
blood to her brain, but just before she passed out, Lance removed
the strip of fabric from around her luscious neck and gagged her
with it instead.  He wrapped the strip through her mouth and
around her head and tied it tightly so the girl could only mumble
as Lance prepared to rape her.  She moaned as he licked her
savory neck to get all the red marks off it caused by the fabric
strangle collar.  She was wearing a button down, black tank top
and Lance slowly undid the buttons while massaging her rigid tits
to intensify the suspense of his upcoming bitch buffet.  Then, in
one swift motion, Lance finished unbuttoning her tear drenched
top, ripped it off, and tossed it aside while drooling all over
her the entire time.  All that remained were two hard nipples
attached to a pair of firm, tan breasts covered by a delicate,
cotton, strapless bra, and moist french cut, see through, white
panties.  Just above her panties was an elastic garter belt which
held up two black silk stockings that ran the length of her
smooth legs and around her feet.  She was wearing synthetic
leather high heals and her gleaming reddish hair was tied up into
a ball by a large rubber band.  A long red scarf hung down off
her shoulders resting on one of her flexed, tan thighs.  To his
surprise, Lance noticed that the woman had a freshly shaved twat
which was oozing with female cum under her panties.  Lance had
never fucked and tortured a girl with a nice smooth slit before,
but he had always wanted to.  She began squealing in fright as
Lance massaged and squeezed her butt cheeks and other sensitive
parts of her body, but he ignored her cries and continued his
activities.  Then, after about five minutes, he stood back so he
could just admire her rape perfect body before violating it with
his sex rod.  Lance could hardly keep from creaming in his pants
at the site of this delicious, enticing female as he thought of
what he was going to do to her before throwing the bitch out the
window.  He was thinking of some pretty disgusting, erogenous,
eccentric, and excruciatingly painful sexual positions to try on
her, but first he wanted to engage in some exceedingly
sensualistic foreplay and hard-core torture, his style.  She was
not restrained to the table, but Lance knew the secretary would
not try to disobey him again so he placed his hands on her tender
thighs, and slowly moved his eager fingers up her legs, getting
closer to her shaved pussy every second.  He passionately licked
circles around her sweet belly button with his sticky tongue, and
carefully peeled off her panties while he squeezed and frolicked
with her perfectly formed breasts.  She groaned in distraught and
Lance yanked the band out of her silky hair, and her mane
unrolled and laid flat on the table increasing Lance's sex drive
even more as he twisted and played with it.  He then removed her
lace bra and tied the woman's hands firmly together behind her
back with it as he sucked and bit her stiffened uncovered
nipples.  Lance finally put his hands on her bare vagina and
started playing with her dripping cunt as he licked her nose and
ears saturating them with heated spit.  He continued toying with
her coitus, then inserted his hand into her tight opening and
forced it all the way up her acidic fuck tunnel.  She jumped in
agony and ecstasy as he began clawing her sensitive vaginal walls
causing them to bleed slightly, and the bitch almost kicked Lance
in his head.  He got mad and harshly wrenched his hand out of
her, slashing her pussy lining, and licked the slime off his
fingers.  Then he grabbed the rest of the strips of fabric from
her skirt and securely tied her stout, tan, smooth legs together
at her thighs and ankles.  He yanked it so tight that it nearly
cut of the vital blood flow to her legs from her femoral artery.
She wasn't going anywhere now, and Lance positioned her
voluptuous stimulating body so it was in the middle of the table
and that way she wouldn't fall off as he raped, sexually
tortured, sliced, burned, crushed, mangled, and beat her
magnificently tantalizing body.
     The kinky, hypererotic superfucker was preparing to
painfully and deeply penetrate the sultry bitch with his immense,
pulsating megadick when the Uniworld branch president came out of
his office to see what all the commotion was.  Lance hastily
jumped off the table and took out a throwing spike and held it
behind his back.  The president approached him and inquired as to
why Lance had his assistant gagged, and tied up on the table.  He
laughed, and pierced the man's left testicle with the acid tipped
spike.  The sperm ball disintegrated instantaneously and the man
fell to his knees screaming in the ultimate pain and suffering in
front of Lance.
     "You had better bow to me, you inferior, submortal,
fuckshit!!" Lance cried in anger as he thrust his razor blade
broad sword into the president's chest slicing all the way
through his soft, fragile body with great ease.  The torn
internal organ stained sword jutted out of the poor man's back
spraying blood all the way across the room, and severing his
spinal cord.  Lance removed his ninja weapon, cleaned it, and
threw the blood enveloped, severed body out the window.  He
watched it plunge two hundred floors straight down but couldn't
see it when the already mangled corpse impacted on the solid road
and undoubtedly burst into a pile of ripped skin, crushed bone,
and splattered guts.  Lance laughed, then refocused his
barbarian, carnal desires on the helpless, tied up, flirtatious
cumbitch, who will soon fall prey to his erotic wishes when he
severely exploits and tortures the woman with his fully erect
superstump and various carefully chosen demoniac torture devices.
     He slowly approached the bitch, who was obviously in shock
after witnessing this horrible, inhuman display of murder of her
boss.  She appeared oblivious to her surroundings, making it
easier for Lance to rape her.  He took off her cloth gag and
stuffed it deep within her throat and licked her dry lips.  Lance
then urinated in her mouth and squeezed her cheeks forcing her
mouth open so she wouldn't miss any of the urine.  Then he tapped
her mouth completely closed with duct tape trapping the smelly
piss in her gullet.  She couldn't swallow the juice because the
fabric gag blocked the entrance to her throat and she had to
continually taste his warm yellow waste fluids.  Lance then
mounted the poor tramp, removed the tied cloth strips from around
her thighs and ankles and parted the chick's tender legs.  This
gave way to her sensitive pussy and he slowly ran his cock up
within her tight, slippery pumphole.  Lance groaned in pleasure
as he fucked her deeply and slowly at first, then he increased
the rhythm of his raping, going in and out of her faster and
rougher every second.  He pumped the slut so hard that huge
bruises formed around her vagina and the abrasions could be
clearly seen because of the girls missing pubic hair.  Lance's
unfathomed dick filled her to the max stretching her fuckpipe and
splitting it wide open, and the pressure of his thrusts caused
fresh snatch mucus to squeeze and spritz out of her each time he
lunged deep into the woman's hole of euphoria.  His balls slapped
against her with each powerful insertion of his cock and Lance's
testicles began to hurt after awhile as his hump speed increased
even more.  The young woman's twat tore more and more until blood
and pussy juice flowed from her clam.  Lance had ripped her like
a piece of paper and the girl was groaning in agony.
     After deepfucking her for about two hours, he removed his
rape warhead and decided to secure her arms and legs with a great
deal more painful method.  He untied her limbs and tied the bra
around her head and urine filled, tapped mouth to further enhance
her appearance.  Lance punched the adulterated young woman and
then starting thinking of an enjoyable, imaginative, but very
cruel way to harmfully restrict her arms and legs down on the
hard desk, but with them spread apart.  Then he smiled as he
recalled that on his way up the turbo lift he noticed there was a
201st floor under construction.  Lance performed a Vulcan nerve
pinch on the youthful rape plaything rendering her unconscious
after biting a chunk of juicy flesh from the woman's nose and
headed toward the turbo lift.
     He was approaching the turbo shaft doors when suddenly Lance
detected noises from down the long corridor using his sonic
optimizers.  He figured it must be a bunch of executives having a
staff meeting or something.  Lance walked in the direction of the
noises, hoping he would find a young luscious bitch or two to
rape, and was going to crash their little party.  His boner
remained rock hard as Lance prepared to kill the poor fuckers
which he now knew were in a small office thanks to his thermal
imagery scanners.  He still couldn't tell if any females were
present in the room, but he would know soon enough.  Lance
finally reached the door to the conference room, aimed his M-16,
and kicked it down.  Seven people became visible, two being
female, and he realized that these were representatives from the
seven major quadrants on earth.  Lance ran up to an ugly looking
mother fucker and rammed the barrel of his gun down the dude's
throat smashing the poor man's teeth into rubble.  The human
could not cry for help or agony because the barrel of the gun was
brutally stuffed all the way to his stomach and on the way down
it ripped the representative's larynx out and dragged in into the
man's gut.  Lance picked up the gun and the guy went up with it,
and Lance spun around abruptly, causing centrifugal forces to
throw the guy off the gun and the barrel shredded the man's
throat on the way up.  Lance fired simultaneously, tearing the
pathetic creature into bits of roasting, burning flesh and bones
and the whole thing splashed onto the floor.  One of the other
male delegates thought he was a tough guy and tried to hit Lance
on his back with a chair so Lance swung his M-16 around and it
solidly impacted on the foolish man's head like a ball and bat.
The fellow's dome cracked like a big egg, and his bloody, fluid
covered brain oozed out like yolk as he fell to the floor.  Lance
grabbed a straw and sucked the man's brain soup into his mouth
and swallowed while he chuckled loudly.  Lance then took his Bush
Master 5000 knife and rigorously cut the headless guy in half.
He pulled out his guts and threw it at the other people in the
room which splattered on their flabbergasted faces like soft
silly putty.  By now, everyone was screaming and running around
and there were still five delegates to rape or kill, so Lance
grabbed another man by his hair and spun him around.  The guy
screamed in severe despondency as his hair ripped out of his
scalp one strand at a time with each revolution.  Lance built up
some momentum as he spun the stupid fucker faster and faster,
then let go and the futile pisshead flew like a bird and smashed
right into the composite plexiglass window.  The window did not
break, and instead the guy's head gruesomely dissipated like a
crushed juicy testicle.  Blood, shattered bone and grey matter
stained the entire window and dripped down along the wall.  The
guy's body fell to the blood polluted tile floor and Lance shot
it with a grenade blowing it to tiny fragments of guts and bone,
while all the blood in his body erupted from the explosion
covering the entire room and everyone in it.  Lance wanted to
save the two females for a later rape and torture session, so he
grabbed the two remaining males by the throat and squeezed his
powerful vise like hands nearly crushing the inferior carbon
units necks.  A moment before their necks snapped like twigs, he
let go and they fell to the blood and gut stained floor gasping
for air.  Lance began laughing as he took out two throwing spikes
and jabbed them into one of the guys eyes popping them like
balloons.  Lance drank the eyeball juice as it sprayed from the
punctured optical modules of the poor chap.  The guy wailed like
a bitch getting raped and Lance pulled out the spikes.  His brain
had not been penetrated, so the screaming man felt every bit of
the unendurable anguish.  Lance then poured salt and gasoline
into the fellow's eye sockets increasing the pain to unimaginable
levels, and stomped on his balls crushing them into a pile of
sticky unmixed sperm and skin.  He got tired of hearing the fool
scream, so Lance picked him up, and threw the guy into one of the
tricarboxylic walls in the room.  His back smashed into the
barrier crushing the leechfuckers spinal column which pinched his
spinal cord and caused a cascading failure of his nervous system.
This resulted in a slow, grisly death as he gradually lost the
feeling in his body and brain.  Lance ran and kicked the man's
stomach with his armored boot ripping right through his frail
body.  He pulled out the dude's intestines and ate part of them,
but he disliked the flavor and forced the other guy to eat it and
the man choked on them.  Lance kicked the asphyxiated idiot in
the throat with one of his spiked boots and easily detached his
head from his worthless, tiny body.  After that, Lance spit down
his neck and threw the decapitated body against the wall crushing
the fragile bones within the corpse.  Then he grabbed the severed
head and threw it into the wall as well, causing it to crack like
a coconut and all the brain juices spilled out of the smashed
skull.  Lance ran over to the cracked head and drank the
liquefied brains which tasted sweet and salty.  "You stupid
mother fuckers!  Nobody fucks with me!" he screamed, even though
all the people in the room were dead and mangled.  Lance laughed
as he fried the remaining corpses with his Pyrotech flame unit.
He liked the smell of the burning flesh and took several deep
breaths while pissing on the charred cadavers.
     He then refocused his astuteness on the two sultry bitches
who were laying on the floor in the hallway in shock.  Lance
walked toward them and his dick began to pulsate with blood as he
approached the two chicks whom he would soon have his way with.
Lance had a big smile on his mean looking face as he slowly moved
toward the two ladies to enhance suspense.  They didn't seem to
notice him at first, but as soon as Lance began his raping and
torturing, there would be no question as to his intentions.  "You
two stupid bitches!  Pay attention when I'm talking to you!"  He
hit the girls with a bat and then Lance laughed.  "Wake up, time
for fun!"  He then spit on the females and kicked them in the
head a few times for amusement.
     It would be easy to take advantage of the two young,
defenseless women, and they could not resist Lance because of
their extreme emotional distraught.  He grabbed one of the whores
off the blood encompassed tile floor and manipulated her breasts
with his rapier slicing and dicing her jugs effortlessly.  The
razor sharp blade pierced deeply into one of her tits and she
squealed in agony as Lance twisted the sword tearing her fleshy
watermelon to shreds.  He retracted the rapier, and squeezed her
incised breast with his hand causing the blood and fat to squirt
out of it and into his drooling mouth.  After he finished eating
the inside of her sliced hooter, he kneeled down and prepared to
eat the main course which consisted of a tight, succulent pussy
and a sensitive eatable cunt.  Lance ripped off her pants and
yanked her cotton panties down her soft warm legs and fingered
her damp twat.  Mucus oozed out of the woman's rigid clam as he
probed farther and farther into her while meandering his big
hand.  Lance smiled as he felt the bitch's wet vaginal lining all
over his hand while some of her skin got caught under his dirty
finger nails.  He kept his hand deep within her and used his
other one to stroke and pull her velvety reddish hair.  After
awhile, he removed his paw from her hairy beaver and licked the
tasty juices off it.  Then Lance put his face close to her clam,
and darted his tongue in and out of her warm twat rapidly.  She
moaned in erotic pleasure as he tongue fucked her with
extraordinary passion while fingering the girl's ass.  A few
minutes later Lance was tired of eating her out, and licked her
belly button before standing up.  Lance then noticed that his
mate was bleeding badly from her ripped open breast.  He didn't
want her to die yet, because he had not inflicted enough pain on
her, so he cauterized the wound with his micro-plasma torch.  The
black broiled scar was completely sealed now and Lance pissed on
the bitch to wash off the blood and bits of torn flesh as she
screeched in extreme torment.
     "Shut up, you stupid bitch!" Lance yelled as he zipped up
his fly.  "Be glad you're even still alive!".  He threw her down
in the middle of the room, unzipped his fly again, and began
raping her.  He shoved his thick cock far into the reaches of her
fuckclamp and violated the virgin lady over and over while
slapping her.  "Never been fucked before, huh bitch?  At least
I'm the one who's gonna' pop your little cherry tonight!  Ha, Ha,
Ha!!!"  Lance deepfucked her so hard that large wounds already
started to form in her crotch area as Lance's balls slapped
against her with each muscular superthrust.  The poor victim's
pussy began to split from the excessive thickness of Lance's rod
as it slid in and out of her faster and faster.  The pain was so
intense now that the whore just laid there as she was sexually
assaulted and clobbered beyond recognition.  He pumped her harder
and harder, and used every ounce of his energy to rape and hit
her.  Lance grabbed the woman's ears and yanked on them each time
he deeply penetrated the whore.  Eventually, her ears ripped off
causing preposterous anguish and she began screaming just at
Lance began creaming.  His warm slime forcefully ejected out of
his huge, throbbing fuckhorn in powerful spurts of white jizz
covering his prey's vaginal walls with sticky goo which mixed
with the mucus that was already there.  He groaned in erotic
pleasure as he ate her tender bloody ears and then pulled his big
worn out cock from the depths of the unlucky female's cum filled
hairy clamp when his ejaculation was finished.  She cried in pain
as his cum oozed out of her almost ripped pussy, so Lance took a
spike out of his pocket and slowly pushed into one of her ear
canals rupturing the slut's delicate ear drum.  She cried out in
shear terror as the pain went beyond her limit and the mutilated
bitch passed out.  Lance kicked her in the face and she awoke
just as he penetrated her inner ear with the sharp spike and
forced it all the way through her brain.  The spike protruded out
the other side of her skull and Lance picked her up by it, and
threw the sperm filled sex object out the door with blood and
other bodily fluids spewing from her popped cherry and her ripped
apart ears.  Lance washed off his penis with a water fountain in
the hall, then returned to fuck the other bitch.  He walked
toward her and she tried to run, so he seized the foolish girl
and kicked her in the head.  The dame flew across the room from
the impact and landed on top of one of the mangled bodies which
used to be her husband.  She started shrieking in an emotionally
psychotic manner at the site of her newly wed, but very deceased
hubby, and Lance threw a chair at her.  It smashed her in the
stomach completely knocking the wind out of her.  She gasped for
air and began spitting up blood.  "Poor baby, did you get a boo-
boo?  I don't even want to fuck you anymore, bitch!  This little
fiasco is just a momentary distraction from the main attraction
which is waiting for me down the hall.  Don't you understand!
I'm gonna' put you through so much hell, you're gonna' wish you
never existed!!!"  He ran toward her and drop kicked the widow's
skull smashing her against the solid wall.
     "Please....don't hurt me," the woman pleaded, "I'll do
anything, just don't kill me."
     Lance smiled and said "I see, you actually think I was going
to kill you!  I'll not going to murder you, I'm gonna' torture
you and cause you so much pain you won't even know your own name
anymore!  Now turn over!"  He grabbed her thighs and swiftly
rotated the bitch so her ass was facing him.  Lance grabbed a
bottle of hyperwhisky from the desk in the room and read the
label.  "Good, 199% proof.  I think that's flammable enough,
don't you, honey?"  He rammed the unopened torture bottle all the
way into her steaming pussy until he could no longer see it.
Lance left the bottle there, and started to tongue kiss the
little sugar bear.  She didn't even resist as he roughly but
passionately licked the inside of her mouth and took her damp
tongue into his warm orifice.  He continued kissing her, quite
sensuously, and she actually seemed to enjoy it.  Lance moved
over and began fondling her tits under her shirt while licking
and kissing her ears.  The woman's breasts were becoming very
firm as he erotically played with her stout melons and rubbed her
smooth thighs.  She unexpectedly grabbed Lance and started
kissing his neck and worked her way down to his sumptuous chest.
She licked his muscle covered body and began biting and sucking
Lances nipples.  He was surprised at this odd behavior, but it
felt good, and he enjoyed her unusual sexual stimulus anyway.
She erotically licked him and continued caressing his nipples
with her saliva filled gullet.  He liked it, but was still
confused by the bitch's bizarre actions.  He got tired of her
diversion and kicked the woman in the face and she fell to the
ground.  "Enough of this, you dick sucking whore!  Time for
pain!", he roared as Lance took one of his guns and smashed the
butt of it on the chick's crotch breaking the bottle within her.
The whore screamed in agony and bloody whiskey dripped from her
torn bushy fuckhole.  Pieces of jagged broken glass dug into her
soft flesh.  He took out his Zippo lighter and put it to her
pubic hair which burned almost immediately, and then the alcohol
caught on fire turning the woman into a human M.T. cocktail.  The
interior of her juicy vagina burst into flames charring her
entire pussy, inside and out.  She cried in torment and Lance
yanked back her hair, tearing it out of the scalp.  The chick
didn't even scream anymore, but just trembled in shock from the
severe anguish she was experiencing.  Lance laughed and rammed
the barrel of one of his guns into the girl's tight posterior and
pushed it all the way up.  She just jolted at this intense
sensation as the rigid barrel penetrated farther and farther into
her shithole.  Her entire crotch area was now sufficiently black
and fried, and the inside of her fucktube was still flaming.
Lance smelled the distasteful odor of her burning flesh and
inhaled deeply because he liked the scent.  Smoke began emanating
from within her dick warmer as the last few drops of the
flammable solution burned up.  She passed out, but Lance didn't
care as he pissed on her to extinguish the flames of pain.
"Stupid bitch, she couldn't even take a joke!  I don't give a
fuck." he thought as Lance zipped up his fly.  "Besides, I still
have to rape that tantalizing secretary.  That reminds me, I
still need to go to the 201st floor and find a high powered nail
gun to secure the secretary to the table." he spoke aloud.  Lance
left the blood and gut stained room and laughed to himself as he
got one last glimpse at the bloody, mangled corpses and raped
bitches which were already beginning to rot.
     Lance headed back to the turbo lift and the doors slid open.
Some little stupid fucking kid was standing in the middle of the
turbo car and Lance grabbed the youngster and put his head
between the deadly powerful doors as they closed.  The kid's head
crushed like a grape as the hydraulic aperture closed all the way
severing the little bastard's bloody, smashed skull from his
wimpy body.  Lance took out his quadtanium hunting blade, the
Rambo XXVII, and starting hacking up the foolish child's body for
fun.  He pulled out some of the kids organs and ate them, then he
tore out a few bones from the sliced up cadaver and put them up
the boys ass tearing it to shreds.  The door soon opened again,
and Lance realized he had arrived at the 201st floor.  The
child's pendulous remains fell to the blood ladened turbo car
floor and he stepped on the mess to get out.  Lance immediately
started walking around the construction zone looking for a nail
gun.  During his search he found a roll of nail gun ammunition,
chalk powder, vise grip pliers, a butane welding torch, two wood
clamps, a circular saw, and eventually he found the nail gun.
Lance packed up all the supplies and went back downstairs to
engage in hedonistic sexual acts with the main attraction of the
     He soon approached the red-headed fervent bitch, and she was
just stirring from unconsciousness and shuttered in fear as the
woman saw all of Lances aberrant torture and impassioned pillage
devices.  Lance violently ripped off the tape he placed on her
mouth earlier so he could laugh at the woman's hopeless cries for
mercy and screams of extreme pain.  He then spontaneously threw
some of the chalk powder into her eyes momentarily blinding the
supermodel slut.  The girl's eyes burned from the coarse dust and
he agonizingly rubbed it in with a broken pencil slicing her
delicate eyeballs.  Lance then grabbed one of her slender arms,
and held it, palm up, on the table.  He placed the barrel of the
ultrapowerful nail gun on her thumb while slowly squeezing the
trigger, and a thick, sharp nail powerfully discharged from the
end of the torture device, which impaled straight though her
tender digit shattering the bone.  Lance did the same to her
other fingers, severely distorting them as he painfully affixed
the girl's sweat covered hand to the desk.  The bitch shrieked in
unbearable agony when the piercing nails crushed right through
the little bones in her fingers fragmenting them instantly.  He
laughed at her meaningless, flagrant squeals, then blasted
another nail right through the middle of her palm, tearing and
pinching the woman's delicate flesh as if her hand was made of
sheepskin.  Lance did the same to her other hand and he smiled
the entire time.  Rubbery tendons protruded from her palm and
Lance yanked them out and used them to floss his teeth.  The
girl's slit eyes rolled back into her head as she went into shock
from the incredible pain and suffering Lance had caused her.  He
next he shot a nail through each of her ankles securing her
torrid limbs to the punishment table.  "Now for some action, you
stupid bitch!!".  She just groaned in misery, barely able to
comprehend the pain but was forced to endure it and not given the
benefit of a quick death.  Lance jumped on the table and fondled
her limp breasts while tongue kissing her.  She was still in
shock, and unresponsive to Lance's attempts at sensuous, erotic
foreplay which pissed him off.  "You dumb cow, wake the fuck up!"
Lance punched her five times in the stomach with brass knuckles,
severely bruising the crucified woman and causing internal
hemorrhaging.  Then he poured concentrated ammonia in her mouth
and tore off her left ear, right eyelid, and a nice big chuck of
flesh from her shoulder with the pliers he found upstairs.  The
lascivious secretary regained consciousness almost instantly and
screamed causing herself to gargle the burning liquid.  Lance
smiled and resumed his passionate stroking and fondling of her
smooth, rapeable body.  He bit and sucked her hard nipples,
licked the girl's firm breasts, and crudely tongue kissed her.
She was too weak to resist the sensuous foreplay and Lance put
his spit covered tongue all the way into her warm, moist mouth
and caressed the insides of her sensitive cheeks as he erotically
squeezed and played with the woman's magnificent tits.  She
groaned in pleasure and distress, so Lance kissed her ears, neck,
and smooth inner thighs.  His cock was so full of blood and hard
that it was about explode, so he slowly, but harshly inserted his
wanker into her greasy, tight vagina.  Lance laboriously
deepfucked the whore and his entire superdick was engulfed by the
young woman's unctuous, esoteric ultrapussy all the way to his
nuts.  Lance could feel the warm, thick vaginal juices being
discharged around his pulsating fuckshaft to proliferate
lubrication within her tense fucktrap.  He forcefully pumped the
bitch, in and out, in and out, for hours while licking her upper
torso, palpating the girl's wondrous breasts, and biting her
rigid nipples causing them to bleed.  His balls continued
slapping against the dame's clean outer vagina as his thick cock
slipped her up all the way in ryhtmatically.  Lance's ironhanded
humpthrusts into the rape victim pushed her forward more and more
from the increasing intensity of each of his lust driven rapid
penis insertions.  He continued fucking and caressing her and
then violently punctured her soft, jelly eyeballs with several
toothpicks causing excruciating pain.  She shrieked in agony and
Lance pumped her harder and more roughly to ease the pain as he
tore off strips of her skin with the vice grip pliers.  After
awhile, the nails that had so painfully secured her began to tear
through her flesh because of the interia of Lance's powerful dick
as he ruggedly penetrated her steaming screwpipe repeatedly.  He
had just developed a nice little fuck rhythm when the bitch
suddenly achieved a powerfully orgasm of pain that tightened her
used pussy even more and the girl's labia and inner vagina
swelled with blood.  She screamed in agony induced ecstasy and
the exorbitant, masochistic, sensualistic pleasure she was
experiencing canceled out the intense pain from the nails, but
only temporarily.  Lance could tell the slut was impassioned from
her orgasm which was caused by his brutal, but passionate rape.
He then banged and pumped her so incredibly hard that the nails
tore completely through her ankles and hands as her body was
thrown off the blood and cum stained table.  Lance quickly got
down on the floor and re-entered the lovely woman's pussy because
he knew his nut was about to gush.  She cried out in ferocious
pain and passed out just as Lance's warm, sticky, goo infiltrated
her uterus when he aggressively ejaculated deep within the tender
and savory confines of the dame's thoroughly used screwtunnel.
He sighed and groaned in sexual relief as the smelly cum exploded
from his swelled head in timed, repetitive spurts of thick cream.
     When his orgasm was complete, he pulled out of her and
cleaned up his penis with her shiny, red hair.  He then picked
her up by her hair and legs, and threw the bitch against the hard
wall crushing her tiny, raped body like an eyeball.  Lance ran
over to her limp body and yanked her off the ground by her
fingers which simply ripped off leaving a trail of muscle and
bloody tendons hanging from the severed digits.  After he ate her
dissected fingers, Lance stomped on her punctured ankles causing
them to tear off of her juicy legs.  He beat the young woman on
the head with her dismembered feet and then he threw the whore's
flaccid, violated body out the same window that he through her
boss out of.  She plummeted down the two hundred floor drop and
ended up just like her former employer on the hard promenade far
     Lance picked up the nail gun and the other things he got
from the 201st floor and headed back toward the turbo lift doors.
Moments later, the doors slid open, and he had to step on the
smelly, bloody carcass of the kid he killed in the turbo car
earlier.  Lance roughly stomped on the child's body tearing him
open and Lance pulled out all of the expired youngster's organs
and smeared them all over the floor of the turbo car.  He then
laughed, and pressed the button which sent him on his way to the
     Lance went into the receptionist's back office, after raping
and killing the bitch who was standing behind the counter, and
sat down behind her desk.  A large voice input computer was at
his left, and a pile of papers covered the other side of the
large pulpit.  Then Lance noticed a fax/subspace communications
array between the computer and the papers.  He grabbed it and put
out a call to the Sentry Class starship S.S. Eagle.  Special
amplification arrays transmitted the message across the 750,000
lightyear distance where the Eagle was at.
     "This is Admiral Miller.....oh, hey Lance, what's up?"
     "Hey man.  After I finish messing around on Earth, I want to
rendezvous with your ship so we can get the fuck out of here.
Cool?" spoke Lance to his friend.
     "Yeah, sounds good.  I can be there in an hour.  We just
finished our class M planet survey and have a few days of free
time.  Just let me know when you're ready."
     "I should done in a few hours.  I'll contact you later,
Lance out." and he shut off the link.  Just then, he heard
someone come into the front room.  Lance quickly left the back
office to see who it was.  Once he passed through the door, he
saw some blonde chick and her male friend standing in front of
the dead receptionists desk.  Lance sat down at the desk and
pretended he was the receptionist.  "May I help you?" he said.
     "Yes, we are here to Mr. Jones about a business
arrangement." the hot blonde reported.
     "I'm sorry, he's out right now.  Would you like to leave a
message for him?"
     "Well we were supposed to meet him at this time.  We spoke
on the phone less then an hour ago." the man said.
     "Shut the hell up, fool.  I said he's not in!" Lance shouted
as he got up and jumped over the table.  He spin kicked the male
idiot knocking his silly ass to the floor.  Then Lance grabbed
the blonde bitch around her waist and roughly tried to kiss her.
She screamed and tried to break free from his grasp.  Lance let
her escape and she ran out of the room leaving the guy bleeding
on the ground.  Lance took a bat and swung it down onto the
dude's skull crushing it easily.  Then he ran out the door to
find the sexy babe.  She was stumbling across the large marble
walkway, heading toward the main entrance.  Lance ran after her
with amazing speed and swiftly caught her.  He tripped her and
the woman fell to the hard floor on her face.  She was only dazed
and tried to get back up but Lance put one of his feet on her
back and pinned her on the ground.  Then he took a big handful of
her shiny clean hair and pulled her head back with it.  She
groaned and swung her arms around trying to grab onto something.
Lance continued to slowly pull her head back and her neck
stretched further and further.  Soon, her neck started cracking
as it reached it's limit but Lance still pulled her hair even
more causing her spinal column to suddenly snap.  She shrieked in
extreme pain then died promptly.  Lance released her hair and
pulled off the attractive female's pants and underwear.  He
kneeled down on the back of her thighs and fucked the dead bitch
in her ass for awhile while violently twisting her head back and
forth, attempting to tear it off her neck.  A security guard
approached him just as Lance was pulling his hard cock from the
girl's tight butt after completing a powerful ejaculation.
     "What's going on here?" questioned the undertrained guard.
He looked at the girl's body and wondered why her pants were off.
Then the dude noticed her severely distorted neck.  The guy
checked her pulse and discovered she didn't have one.  "Hey,
she's dead." the enlightened officer said.
     "Yeah, no shit.  It must have happened when she tripped."
spoke Lance, trying to cover his misdeeds.
     "But why are her pants off?" the guard asked.
     "Cause I was fucking her in the ass, stupid fool."  Lance
pulled off one of her legs and beat the guard to death with it.
He then left the Uniworld building and hopped back into his car
while he reminisced the great fun he just had.