The Lance Saga - Sigo


     "You look like a pretty tough dude.  We could use your
     "Oh?  What kind of services?" asked Lance.
     "We want you to take care of some people for us.  You see,
there's this new gang out on the street called The Instigators.
They're trying to run us out, we need your help to slow them down
a bit.", the two men said, looking slightly nervous.  "What do ya
say, will you help us?"
     "Why should I?"
     "Cause we will pay you 10,000 dollars for every Instigator
you kill." they said.
     "Now that's different!" exclaimed Lance.  "Give me 20,000
right now and I'll help you."
     "10,000 now, plus 10,000 for every kill."
     "15,000 now, and 15,000 for every kill." retorted Lance.
     "Very well, you have a deal.  Here's our location."  One of
the two men handed Lance a folded piece of paper and then they
departed rapidly.  Lance smiled and looked forward to his new
     He got back into his car and opened the small piece of paper
the two men gave him.  It was a tiny map and he decided to drive
there instead of beaming.
     Lance powered up his car's systems, and headed to the map
location.  He arrived soon, it was on the outskirts of town, a
rich suburb.  Just before he pulled up to the building Lance
cloaked and did a sensor sweep.  Many booby-traps and trip wires
surrounded the area as well as sentry cannons.  The sensors also
picked up hidden reconnaissance buoys.  Lance tapped into the
highly compressed signal being sent by one of the buoys and put
it up on his HVID.  It was an omnidirectional feed separated into
four different angles so it can observe everything around it.  He
also noticed a marker code at the bottom of each feed indicating
the signal's source.  It was very sophisticated.
     After completing his sensor sweeps, Lance parked about 100
meters away then beamed from his car directly to the inside of
the structure.  At once he was accosted by an armed guard.
     "You got 5 seconds before I blow you away." he said.  But
then the two men Lance talked to earlier appeared from behind a
tinted glass door.
     "It's okay, he's with us."  The guard lowered his weapon and
let Lance pass.
     "Smart move buddy." Lance said and patted the guard on the
     Lance followed the two men into an adjacent hallway, through
an open door, and into an office.  The place was well furnished
and high technology.  Money comes easy in the drug trade.
     "Please, have a seat."
     Lance made himself comfortable on a plush sofa and one of
the two men handed him a portfolio.  "Inside you'll find
information on who we want eliminated.  Each successful hit pays
15,000 as we agreed upon in the restaurant."
     "Sounds easy enough.  How do you want the jobs done?  Clean?
Messy?  Disappearing act?"
     "We'll leave that up to you.  However, there might be some
special cases such as the girlfriend of one of our enemies.  In
that situation we will want her to be tortured, and pictures sent
to her boyfriend as a warning."
     "Awesome dude, I can't wait to get started!" said Lance.
     "Good.  Report back to us on occasion and pick up new
     "Very well.  I'll get started right away with, let's see,"
Lance opened the folder and pulled out a picture, "Sigo."
     "Ah yes, good old Sigo, I won't miss him a bit." one of the
two men said with a smile.
     "But why not just take them out yourselves?" Lance asked.
     "Politics man.  It's all about won't look
good if we take em' out ourselves so we hire outsiders to handle
the dirty work.  You understand."
     "Sure man, I'm down with that.  In fact I'll go take care of
this Sigo right now."
     "Excellent.  Enjoy!" the two men waved as Lance beamed
himself directly to his car which was waiting outside.  Lance
studied Sigo's file.  He had a wife and one female child and
lived about 10 kilometers away.  He was apparently the boss of a
drug production plant for the Instigators.  Lance entered the
location into the navcom and made his way to Sigo's private
     Traveling at high velocity Lance arrived in minutes, parked,
and jumped out of his car.  He walked up to the main gate which
was at least 7 meters high and protected by a laser field and
razor wire.  Two large men guarded the entrance, one in front of
the gate, and one behind it.  Lance just walked right up to the
guard and asked to see Sigo.
     "Ha ha can't just walk in from the street and see
the boss.  You gotta make an appointment." the guard said,
     Lance pulled out his Mega' Blaster and shoved it into the
guard's belly with his finger on the trigger.
     "Let me in or I fill your stomach with lead."
     "You don't understand man, I can't let you in.  They'll kill
me!" The frightened guard said.
     Lance noticed the other guard running toward Sigo's house so
he stuck the nozzle of his gun through the bars of the gate and
fired the grappling hook on his gun.  It impaled the running man
through the back severing his spinal cord and aorta and he died
within seconds.  Lance retracted the strontium corded grappling
hook then turned the gun back on the remaining guard who was too
scared to speak.
     He pistol whipped the fool and when he was down on the
ground and helpless, Lance stabbed him to death.  Then using
brute strength Lance kicked open the main gate and walked in.
Automated cannons at once began firing but the bullets were
deflected by his personal force field.  Several guards ran toward
him so Lance shot them to death with his Mega' Blaster and the
XT/F-40 explosive tipped rounds shredded them like pork grinds.
Even more guards appeared from nowhere so Lance blasted them to
pieces as well.
     He finally reached the front door and kicked it down with
ease.  Sure enough, there was Sigo, fucking his wife on the
couch.  An alarm was sounding but he was apparently so over-
confident that his guards would stop any intruder he had decided
not to heed it.  Lance smiled and pointed his gun at Sigo.
     "No please, I'll pay twice what they are giving you!  We
were just trying to expand our territory, you know, expand on the
business."  Sigo was an obese, ugly man and his cock had grown
limp.  His wife stood naked and trembled with fear.
     "Save it fat man.  I was hired to do a job and I'm about to
do it.  Then afterward I'm gonna do your wife."
     "No, please don't hurt Jessica!"
     "I'm gonna hurt her good.  Real good." Lance spoke.  He then
suddenly opened fire on Sigo blasting his portly body to bits.
Pieces of fat flew out and he dropped dead on the floor while his
wife watched in horror.
     "NO!!  Sigo!" she screamed as Lance laughed.  He walked up
to her and grabbed the bitch's hair.
     "Time for fun." Lance said as he roughly threw her down.  He
then fucked her with the barrel of his Mega' Blaster.  Afterward,
Lance quickly undressed and began raping young Jessica on the
same couch Sigo was fucking her just minutes before.  He slammed
in and out of the stupid bitch and choked her with his big,
powerful hands.  She thrashed about and screamed as his giant
member spilt her like a coconut.  During his brutal rape, Lance
alternated slapping and back fisting her until her face was
bloody and bruised.  She just moaned in pain, her pussy shredded.
Lance finally blew a wad up the bitch's cunt and pulled out just
in time to dribble the leftover cum onto her beaten face.
     Lance re-dressed using his utility necklace and stood up.
The quivering woman lay before him beaten and raped.  He grabbed
his Mega' Blaster and walked out of the house.  He then turned
around and fired a hypergrenade at the mansion and in a blinding
flash the whole thing went up in a fireball.  The flames engulfed
Lance but his shield protected him and he just walked away.
     Lance jumped in his car and drove off but suddenly the
proximity sensor detected someone approaching.  Lance recognized
the person as Sigo's daughter and she came running when she saw
the house was completely destroyed.  He stepped out of the car
and grabbed the stupid bitch who had fallen to her knees and was
in tears.
     "There, there, pretty young girl, it's okay.  Lance is here
and I'm gonna take good care of you."  He placed his hand on her
shoulder and attempted to comfort the sixteen year old.  She
resisted so Lance grabbed the back of her neck and threw the
bitch against the side of his car knocking her senseless.  He
picked the young thing up and dumped her into his car then drove
away.  Lance headed back to the dudes that hired him and planned
to deliver Sigo's daughter as a prize.  He arrived shortly and
beamed himself along with his meat right into the office he had
been in earlier.  The two cartel members who had hired him were
there and were quite pleased when Lance presented the young girl.
     "Hey thanks, and good work.  Here's 15,000 dollars."  They
handed Lance the money which he put in his trench coat.
Afterward they placed the girl in chains and dragged her off to
be tortured for information about the rival gang.  Lance was
invited to watch and did so eagerly.
     Several hours later after brutal, inhuman torture, Sigo's
daughter was finally released.  She knew nothing about the rival
gang's activities and was tortured just for the hell of it.  The
young girl was then placed in a holding cell.  Lance got a big
kick out of it all and went back to his car after setting up
another hit.
     He was about to drive off when two unmarked police cars
boxed him in.  "Man, what's this crap." he thought as several
detectives got out and approached his vehicle.  They tapped on
his window.  Lance wanted to have some fun so he got out.
     "Are you Lance Mace?" one of the suits asked him.
     "Depends on who's asking." he replied.
     "You think you're funny?  Cause I'm not laughing." said
another of the pigs.
     "Yeah I'm Lance Mace, and hey, I don't want no trouble."
Lance spoke.
     "I'm afraid you'll have to come with us." they said.  "We'd
like to ask you a few questions."
     "Questions about what?"
     "We'll discuss that downtown."
     "No, I want to know what this is about." said Lance,
becoming agitated.
     "Sir, you are coming with us down to the station."  Lance
knew full well that he could easily defeat the wimpy cops but
decided it might be fun and allowed himself to be placed in the
back of one of their cars.
     "What about my vehicle?" asked Lance.
     "It will be towed to the impound." one of the coppers said.
But once they were out of sight of his car Lance used a mental
command to  activate the cloaking shields.
     Along the way to the station house Lance talked to the
agents.  "So, am I under arrest?"
     "No, we just need to ask you some questions."
     "Are you going to tell me what this is about or do I have to
     "Everything will be explained once we get to the station."
     "Very well." Lance said with a sigh.
     About 10 minutes later they reached the police headquarters
for this district and the four officers entered along with Lance.
They made their way up a winding flight of stairs and through a
vestibule.  Lance looked around for female officers and noticed
quite a few sitting at desks and talking on phones.  He also saw
a mainframe computer terminal.  Lance planned on hacking into it
after his business with the cops was complete.
     After Lance glanced around the place, they entered an
interrogation room.  "Before we get started Lance, is there
anything you'd like to drink?"
     "Your blood maybe...." Lance said under his breath.
     "What's that?"
     "I said how about a ginger ale."
     "Okay no problem."  One of the cops left and three remained.
He returned a few minutes later with an ice cold ginger ale.
Lance sipped some of the drink.
     "Well fellows, what's this all about?"  Two cops left and
two stayed.  They sat down across from Lance.
     "We are performing a murder investigation.  It seems someone
decided to torch Sigo's house today and kidnap his daughter.  You
and your car were observed fleeing from the scene.
     "Is that right?  Well yeah I was in the area when it
happened.  His house just exploded, I was attempting to get away
from the flying detritus.  Are you saying you think I'm involved
in this terrible act?"
     "Well are you?" one of the officers said.
     "No.  Why would I be?  I don't even know the guy."
     "Excuse us for a minute."  The two cops left then re-entered
about fifteen minutes later.  Apparently it was some sort of
intimidation tactic, but it didn't work on the stone cold Lance.
     "We have a video surveillance tape that shows you near
Sigo's house carrying a large caliber weapon and recovered shell
casings from the crime scene.  Witnesses recall hearing a gun
being fired and you fleeing from the scene.  We know you killed
him and his wife, and we know you know where his daughter is.
What happens next is up to you.  You can tell us what happened
and save the trouble of going over the crime scene again, or you
can go the hard way and let us take what we have to the district
     "Well, what choice do I have then?  I guess I'll have to
spill my guts and tell you what happened.  But before I do, I
want a female officer in here.  I won't confess without a woman
cop present."
     "Do you want me to confess or not?  Bring in a female cop or
I don't talk."
     "Okay fine.  Jim, go get Adreanne."  About a minute later a
female police officer entered the room and sat down with Lance
and the other detective.
     "Before we begin, I'd like to see this so called
surveillance video you claim to have."
     "Okay, have it your way Lance."  Bob left and brought in a
small T.V.  He played the tape and to Lance's surprise it was
from one of the surveillance systems used by the drug cartel that
hired him.
     "Where did you get this?" Lance asked.
     "Anonymous tip.  It was sent to us right after the explosion
was detected."
     "Is that right?" said Lance.  He now knew that the cartel
had set him up.  Lance killed Sigo, and now they were trying to
pin everything on him.  Revenge is in order.
     But not just yet.  First Lance had to continue to amuse
these cops, these simpletons.
     "Okay, here's what happened."  Lance thought for a moment,
and decided to just make something up.  "I was cruising around
when I saw this fat dude crossing the street with his wife and
daughter.  I was speeding and rapidly approached them.  They
walked even slower in defiance and I had to swerve to avoid
hitting them.  I decided that payback was in order so I followed
them to their car and all the way back to their house.  Once they
were inside I climbed over the fence and entered the house and
killed all three of them with my Mega' Blaster, the 'large
caliber weapon' I'm seen carrying in the tape.  Then I left the
scene and jumped into my car and drove off.  As for the house
exploding, I have no idea what caused that." Lance calmly
explained while staring at the female cop and her perfect body
and long flowing brown hair.
     "That is not consistent with the evidence we have collected
thus far." she said.
     "Then your evidence is wrong.  Cause it happened just like I
     "I'm afraid what you have told us is a farce.  We want the
truth or I'm going to the D.A." said the male cop.
     "Fine go to the district attorney.  See if I care." said
Lance.   The officer got up and left, leaving Adreanne to watch
Lance, a mistake that would turn out to be fatal.
     As soon as the door shut, Lance reached across the table and
struck the bitch upside her head knocking her to the ground.  He
stood over her, his phenomenal body blocking the window.  She was
dazed and Lance grabbed the whore and held his hand over her
mouth while ripping her clothes off.  He roughly threw the young
woman on the table and got on top, ramming his hardened cock into
her pussy and fucked her harshly while still holding his hand
over her mouth muffling her screams of pain as the well hung
Lance split her vagina wide open.  He slapped the bitch hard on
the face and continued the savage rape, thrusting violently in
and out of her warm pussy.
     After 10 solid minutes of pumping, Lance shot his load into
her cunt and pulled out.  Then he wrapped a nylon cord around her
throat and strangled the unlucky bitch.  Feeling her body twitch
as she suffocated gave Lance another immense hard on so he
masturbated and came onto the woman's now dead face.
     Just as Lance was cleaning himself up the two detectives
walked in to check on the interrogation.  They were displeased to
say the least when they discovered their peer's corpse and Lance
laughing.  They both pulled out their weapons but Lance was tired
of playing the fool.  He unsheathed his surgically sharp sword
and severed both of the cops' heads with one powerful blow.
     Lance then causally left the station and walked back to his
car which was several kilometers away.  Along the way he was
stopped by a street person who asked for money.
     "Get out of my way old man.  Go get a fucking job."
     "Have you no mercy for those less fortunate?!" cried the
disabled mister.
     Lance smiled and pulled out some coins.  "Here, go get
cleaned up somewhere."
     "Thank you!  God bless you young man!"  The bum walked away
and when his back was turned Lance spritzed him with bullets from
his Mega' Blaster.  The bum's body instantly flew to pieces as
the shells exploded on contact.
     "Ha ha ha!" Lance chuckled as pigeons and crows started
feeding off the bum's shredded carcass.  He continued his trek
and soon arrived at the location of his cloaked car.  "Now to get
rid of that fucking cartel!" Lance screamed in anger.  He
activated a set of newly installed Canaanite ram spikes which
detracted from under the front hood.  He floored it and rammed
straight through the front of the building killing five guards
and bypassing all exterior security.  Lance grabbed his Mega'
Blaster and jumped out blasting everyone in sight.  He took down
a dozen men and finally came upon the two hoods who hired him.
"Tried to set me up, huh fellows??  Big fucking mistake!"
     "No please!" they screamed.  "We'll pay you, don't kill us."
     "I have all the money I could ever need, time to die!!"
Lance shouted and blasted them with his massive gun.  Lance
unloaded the whole fucking clip, riddling their bodies with
hundreds of bullets.  They both died gruesomely as Lance loaded
another clip and continued shooting them.
     But suddenly something hit Lance from behind knocking him to
the ground.  He looked back and saw a huge man holding a fully
charged taser.  The blow weakened Lance's personal force field
and he jumped to his feet.  Microseconds before Lance could
squeeze the trigger of his Mega' Blaster the man knocked the gun
from his hands.  They both engaged in a furious fist and marital
arts fight.  It was an even match but the sheer strength of Lance
gave him the advantage.  Lance parried a punch then grabbed the
man's throat and squeezed it with super human force crushing it.
The huge dude fell to the ground gasping and asphyxiated in less
than a minute.  Lance picked up his Mega' Blaster and shot the
large man just for fun.
     His vengeance now complete, Lance left the building after
finding and rescuing Sigo's daughter who was still in the holding
cell.  She was weak and covered with burn marks and cuts from her
previous torture.  They both left and drove away after blasting
the building with rockets completely destroying it.
     After a short bout of silence, Sigo's daughter, Dehara
     "Thank you for rescuing me.  I am in your debt."
     "Yes you are my sweet." Lance said as he drove a screwdriver
into her ear and through her brain killing her instantly.  He
dumped the body out of his car and continued.  "Consider your
debt to be paid." he jested.