The Lance Saga - Terror at the High School

Terror at the High School

     He headed toward the country for a change in scenery and
ended up in a small community called Chilling.  There he rested
for awhile until he decided to go to a local high school called
Hill View and pork a few strong young delectable teenaged female
     He drove toward the institute and came upon a long
straightaway with the school on the right.  He at once saw a
group of pretty young girls practicing cheerleading on the grass.
Lance slowed down and looked over at them through his open
passenger side window.  A few of the girls glanced at him then
turned their heads, not interested.  "What!  You will die
bitches." said Lance to himself as he parked and jumped out of
his car.  He walked to the girls pretending just to be an
     "Hold on a second." said the female instructor when she saw
Lance getting a little too close to the young women.  She walked
over to him and asked what his business was.  Lance grabbed her
arm and twisted it behind her back then tossed the meat to the
ground and pummeled her to death with a brick.  He then suddenly
pulled out an Uzi and blasted the cheerleaders with bullets
shredding them.  Their bodies flew apart instantly and blood
splattered like paint onto the green grass.  He got almost all of
them but missed two girls who began running in panic.  Lance
strode after them, catching the foolish bitches with much ease.
He grabbed the first adolescent female by the throat, tripped her
legs, and squeezed her neck as he pulled down her pants and
fucked her hard on the dew riddled grass.  She quickly expired
from lack of air and Lance shot his cum up her snatch.  Then he
took hold of the other girl and swiftly hog tied her and put her
in his car for later.  The fully tinted and sound proof windows
ensured that no one would hear her desperate pleas for help. 
After that Lance walked around the corner of the school to the
main entrance and was about to go in when he noticed two female
students sitting near the entrance talking and smoking.  "Hey you
bitches!  You're not supposed to skip class!  I'll have to
reprimand you now."
     "What the fuck did you say?  We'll skip class all we want
you stupid asswipe!"
     "What!!!!!!!!" screamed Lance as he ran toward the girls. 
He grabbed them both and raped them for a few hours until they
were spilt like bananas.  Then Lance wrapped a heavy chain around
their throats and hung them on a flag pole.  As they painfully
suffocated, he yanked down on their ankles breaking the girls'
necks instantly and the chain dug into their flesh causing blood
to ooze out.  The two barbarically lynched sluts added to the
school ground's appearance and made it look better as their blood
ran down the pole in thin streams and into the freshly trimmed
green grass.
     Lance spit on the bodies and then entered the sorry ass
school.  Most of the pupils were in their classes.  But then he
saw a young girl walking toward him carrying her books.  She
looked at him and walked past, toward her locker.  Lance smiled
and followed close behind.  She entered the lock combination and
opened the metal door so she could place her books inside.  Lance
walked up behind her and pushed her head into the locker.  Then
he slammed the metal door on the side of her face with
devastating force.  Her limp body slumped over and fell to the
ground, blood pouring from the huge flesh wound.  Lance pushed
her over on her back, pulled off her jeans and was about to rape
her when some guy turned the corner and ran toward them
screaming.  Lance tripped the stupid fool then picked up his tiny
body and smashed his back right on the sharp metal edge of one of
the lockers.  The child shrieked in agony and Lance snapped the
fucker like a bread stick and stuffed his corpse into an open
locker.  Then he returned to his meat and fucked her hard.  Lance
rammed his cock deep into the unconscious 15 year old brunette. 
It felt so good.  Her warm, tight pussy sandwhiched Lance's dick
and welcomed it as he slid it in and out of her.  He banged the
bitch and held her arms down.  She was beginning to wake up just
as Lance shot his massive load into her snatch and he pulled out. 
He put his dick in her mouth and forced her to suck it while the
remaining cum oozed from its tip.  She choked on his huge member
and Lance took it out and put his pants back on.  Then he wrapped
a nylon cord around her throat and viciously strangled the sexy
whore as he sat on top of her pinning the girl down.  She
struggled and put up quite a fight but it was no match for the
immense Lance.  She was quickly asphyxiated, much to Lance's
enjoyment.  He crushed her head with a sledge hammer then walked
     Lance strolled through the multi-floor school looking for
another victim as his cock grew hard yet again.  A short while
later he came upon some gang bangers skipping class.  He laughed
when he saw the wanna be tough guys.
     "What the fuck you laughing at?" said one of them as he
pulled out a butterfly knife.
     "I'm laughing at you.  The question is, what are you gonna
do about it?" he replied, still smirking, and now pointing at the
     "We're gonna jack you up, big man!  Gonna cut you bad!" they
     "Bring it on." said Lance calmly.  He didn't even bother to
arm himself.  The thug with the knife rushed him attempting to
stab Lance in the belly.  He simply side stepped the guy, and
disarmed him with ease.  Just as the punk turned back around
Lance drove the man's own knife right into his chest penetrating
his left lung.  He coughed up blood and didn't even know what had
happened thanks to Lance's lightning fast moves.  With the knife
still imbedded in the dude's upper body, Lance spin kicked him in
the stomach with so much force the dude flew against the wall,
knocked out cold and half dead from massive blood loss.  The
other guys all tried to jump Lance, but with unreal quickness he
took out his half sword and swiped it at them, catching two of
them in the gut, and the third across the chest.  All three fell
to the ground and Lance smiled.  Only one of them got up as the
other two twitched and moaned as their organs half hung out. 
Lance grabbed the remaining banger by the hair and helped him to
his feet.  He was bleeding profusely from the gash across his
chest.  Lance took two steps back, then with deadly force and
accuracy side kicked him which crushed his rib cage collapsing
both the man's lungs instantly.  He quickly perished as did his
friends and Lance just left.
     After this amusing venture, he shuffled around for awhile to
get used to the school.  During his traversion, Lance came upon a
hall monitor.
     "Can I see your pass?" the young 20 something woman said;
Lance smiled.
     "But of course, my dear.  Let me get it out for ya."  He
reached into his trench coat pocket, then with super fast
movement pulled out a small tiger knife and stabbed it right into
the girl's palm.  She screamed out more from shock than pain and
Lance yanked on the blade literally splitting her hand in half. 
Blood began to pour out and he licked it, then snapped the
bitch's forearm with a quick twist.  The woman shook and yelled
out so Lance taped her mouth shut then violently pushed her to
the ground.  He cut away her pants with the bloody tiger knife
and plunged his fully erect penis deep into her twat.  It felt so
good, Lance loved raping pretty girls, cause that's what they
deserve.  That's what every pretty young girl deserves.  He
slammed her so fucking rough, taking it all the way in with every
powerful thrust.  She moaned and squirmed, trying to get away
from his savage, inhuman assault.  But Lance held her still with
his massive arms and goliath body.  During the rape he grabbed
her hair and smashed her head against the tile floor.  He kept
doing it until his hands were covered in her warm blood and just
as she passed away Lance blew his wad inside her, sending the
bitch to the grave with his seed.  Lance pulled out, cleaned
himself, then replicated a new set of pants using his neural
interface utility necklace.
     Just as he stood up, a bell rang and kids came flying out of
the classrooms.  Lance laughed and just stood there.  The
juveniles at first didn't notice him and the blood.  Then
suddenly a young girl screamed and pointed at him and the dead
body.  Lance grabbed her and drove a hat pin under each of her
fingernails.  She thundered in pain and the other students tried
to help her as he ripped off her head.  Lance then took out his
sword and sliced them to pieces.  But there were just too many so
Lance detonated a hypergrenade.  Every student was instantly
blown to pieces.  Lance was fine as his personal energy shield
absorbed the brunt of the impact.  He laughed then headed toward
the Main Office.
     Once there, he talked to Mrs. Wright, one of the secretaries
in the facility.  She was only twenty five years old and just
graduated from college so she was fresh and ripe, and Lance
figured the bitch needed a good beating and fucking.  The woman
had reddish black hair, and she was awesome looking.  Lance
looked her over and he already knew what he was going to do to
her.  She told him he had to leave the school, but Lance just
brutally tortured, beat, burnt, and raped her for about half an
hour.  He stopped his enjoyable activities when the girl was just
a bloody disfigured mess all over the floor.  Lance pissed on the
shredded corpse of the secretary, and then he left the office and
went toward the girl's gym locker room.
     He opened the door in time to see about twenty girls ass
bare in the room and an incredible looking female taking a
shower.  When they saw him, the bitches screamed for help and ran
in fear leaving the poor girl in the shower for Lance to rape,
torture, and of course beat.  Lance dragged her across the wet
floor and twisted her hair.  She was one of the most elegant, and
coquettish girls he had ever seen.  Her name was Jenny Jones, and
once all the other girls ran out of the room, he took her into
the smelly bathroom and handcuffed her arms and legs to the
stall.  He stuffed a soiled, rancid gymsuit into her mouth and
slapped her a couple times on the face and ass.  He ran his
dripping tongue down the fearful girl's luscious, sweaty cheek,
and then he stretched apart her sticky, sultry pussy and licked
the inside of it.  It was very tender, juicy, and her cum tasted
marvelous.  He began to get horny and ate her cunt and twat even
more.  Then he sucked on her rigid nipples and fingered the
groaning bitch's succulent pussy.  When he finished that, Lance
looked around for something to brutalize and sexually torture her
with.  He found a lengthy, rusty pole in the corner of the locker
room.  He brought it over to where she was and hit her on the
head with it.  She was dazed from the blow as Lance rammed the
ant infested rape stick into, and all the way up her tight, dirty
ass.  She tried to scream from the intense pain of the rough
pole, but could only whimper and shed ineffective tears while he
tortured her barbarically.  She began to groan in agony as Lance
ripped out his torture device from her sliced butt, and fucked
her pussy with it.  She started to bleed immensely and yelp, but
Lance continued his sexual discipline despite her moaning.  He
pushed the scraggly pole in and out of her hairy pussy until it
was torn and shredded to a pulp as she begged for pity with her
pathetic moans.  He kicked the pole, and it went all the way up
to the teenybopper's undeveloped uterus.  She squealed, and her
eyes rolled to the back of her head as she began to spasm from
the excessive and brutal torment she was forced to undergo.  He
removed the crusty fuckpole, after her pussy was covered in blood
and skinless, replaced it with his pulsating dick, and fucked her
with monumental viciousness.  He ate her bobbing tits as he
pushed in and out of her megatight hole harder and more
strenuously.  Lance licked her whole body until she was wet with
his hot saliva, and her seizure became even more spastic as he
pushed all the way in her and sucked the juice from her massive
breasts.  He fucked and fucked and fucked, until her pussy and
ass were bruised, mangled, and blistered.  There was blood all
over her sexy legs and big ass from her shredded vagina and Lance
liked the site of the bright red fluid.  He sucked on her huge
hardened nipples and bit them until they were thoroughly sore,
then Lance yanked her long, waxed legs apart so wide, it almost
tore her pussy in half, and licked the blood off her clit and
pussy lips.
     Then he pumped her again, this time harder than ever, and
his huge cock soon erupted with sticky, slimy, cum, generously
coating the inside her bloody love tunnel, and then Lance removed
his diminishing boner.
     He ate her swelling tits and fingered her torn ass for a few
minutes, until a huge gym teacher entered.  "Get the fuck off
     "But she's so hot, I have to rape and beat her.  I'm almost
done anyway.  You want to pigfuck her next?"  Lance said, as he
put his clothes back on and continued to finger fuck the bitch up
the ass and pussy.
     "If you don't get off her I'm gonna fracture your skull!"
the teacher yelled.
     "Oh, like I'm really scared.  Let me just eat her bloody
cunt one more time, then I'll leave." Lance replied calmly, while
licking her scarred pussy.  
     The teacher pulled a steel bat from behind his back and
raised it at Lance.  "Oh, so you wanna play rough, huh?" Lance
shouted.  "I'll play, my way!"  He pulled out his 12-gauge
autoloader, from under his jacket, and first blew off the raped
girl's head, and then pointed it at the teacher.  "This is how I
play, you mother fucking piece of god damn shit!!"  He shot the
guy eight times in the stomach, totally disintegrating his body
in seconds.
     He then made his way toward the math department, and saw an
obese, lardass teacher in one of the rooms.  Lance took out his
razor sharp double-edged sword and sliced off her spare flab in
one devastating blow.  "This is my version of weight loss, you
dumb bitch!!"  The teacher screamed in agony as her internal
organs fell to the bloody, fat covered floor.
     Lance ran out of the room and went toward the Main Office. 
He asked to see the principal, but was met instead by angry
teachers ready to slaughter him.  He pulled out his 30mm M5 six
barreled fully automatic assault cannon, and blasted everyone
with explosive tip, armor piercing shells.  The entire office was
red with blood as the bodies were cut into fragments and blown up
by Lance's high impact gun.  Suddenly, Lance detected a minuscule
fluctuation in his personal force field.  He turned around in
time to see a man with a metal pole ready to hit him again. 
Lance quickly spun his gun and hit the man with the butt of it,
knocking the guy to the blood stained floor.  Lance then did an
axe kick on the man's balls crushing them flat.  As the man
wailed in severe pain, Lance smashed his head like a decaying
orange with the heel of one of his spiked boots.  "I crush your
head like a peanut, you stupid jackfucker!" Lance screamed as he
left the office and went upstairs to find a mass of students
staring at him.  They charged, preparing to kick ass, but Lance
threw two hypergrenades at the crowd which exploded, sending bits
of hot, jagged metal into their pulpy flesh, mincing them into
crumbs.  When the smoke from the explosion cleared, all that was
left was Lance and a huge red mass of shredded flesh and bone.
     Still not satisfied, he went into the spacious indoor gym. 
A large group of students were playing volleyball.  Nobody seemed
to notice him so Lance just observed using his enhanced senses. 
The ball was served, flew over the net, but the opposing team
missed it.  One of the team members said "Nice try!" but an older
student, apparently smug and thinking he was cool, mocked the
person, "Yeah, nice try, what an idiot."  Lance became infuriated
and ran to the conceited fucker.
     "Yer dead!" Lance screamed at the dude.
     "What did you say, man get outta my face!" was the reply. 
Lance grabbed the youngster's dome and slammed it down on the
hard floor with devastating power.  His head cracked but he
remained alive.  So Lance picked him up off the ground, punched
him in the crotch with spiked gloves, then stabbed out his eyes. 
He simply screamed in horror, now blinded, so Lance spin kicked
him finally causing his death.
     By now the other students stopped the game but just stood
around.  It seems Lance had taken out the lead bully in the
school.  He smiled, then activated his cascade cannon which
reduced everyone in the gym to burning ashes within seconds.
     Lance soon discovered a second, smaller gym in an ajoining
room.  He went there excited and ready for more fun.  Lance
walked through the double doors and found several students
playing basketball.  He laughed as they missed their shots and
the dudes got pissed and threw the ball at Lance.  Using his
cheetah-like reflexes, Lance caught the ball and crushed it with
his powerful hands.  It popped making a loud report that startled
the high schoolers.
     "Stupid mother fuckers, you're next!" he screamed and ran
toward the kids.  They stood still, unafraid, until Lance reached
them and severed one of their heads with a swift slice from his
ninja sword.  Lance then grabbed the head and shot baskets with
it.  He made a bloody swoosh and the other kids freaked out and
ran away.  Lance caught them with ease and broke each one of
their necks in turn.  He did it slowly, thus extending the
torment as they each watched the other die.
     Lance left the gym and went around looking in each room for
people to terminate, but there were none in any of the rooms or
halls.  But as he went downstairs, Lance found a cute brunette
crying in the stairwell.  He grabbed the bitch by her hair, slung
her over the railing, then fucked, beat, and tortured the poor
lamb.  Afterward, he cut off her fingers one by one, and then
Lance threw the unfortunate female rape victim off the roof of
the school.  After she smashed on the triment sidewalk, Lance
went in the library and put ninety kilograms of C-4 in the center
of the room and set a remote detonator.  Then he walked into the
audio/visual equipment storage room in the lower section of the
library because he heard a rustling noise coming from that
location.  In the room Lance discovered a sexy redhead putting
stuff on the shelves.  "What the fuck are you doing?" he asked
     "What?"  The sexy, super hot bitch turned around and
screamed in fright when she saw Lance standing before her with a
blood stained whip in his hand.  Lance beat her to death with the
metal tipped strip of leather and then raped her fresh corpse.
     Once he finished, Lance left the school, got in his car, and
proceeded to rape his hog tied victim which lay helpless on one
of the passenger seats.
     He violently tore her cheerleader outfit off and slammed her
pussy with his giant prick giving the bitch the hardest fuck of
her life.  She groaned and pleaded for mercy but that only caused
Lance to beat her and yank her hair.  Once he ejaculated and was
satisfied, Lance twisted her head all the way around snapping her
neck like a slim jim and threw her corpse out of the car.
     He powered up the engine and began driving.  But while still
in the parking lot and cruising toward the exit with his windows
down, Lance saw a small group of kids standing in the street.  As
he passed them a female from the gathering yelled out hi to him. 
Lance slammed on the brakes and jumped out.  The kids were
chuckling to themselves and didn't even notice.  "You all think
you're funny?" Lance said.  He pulled out a silenced Uzi and
opened fire without warning to the tiny teenage assembly of
juveniles.  They had time to only shriek before their lives were
cut short by high speed polycomposite shells.  Lance then sprayed
all the cars in the parking area with more bullets and laughed. 
He got back in his car and began driving again.  When he reached
the end of the parking lot, he hit the red button on his remote
detonator and heard a huge eruption as the entire school went up
in a tremendous smoldering fireball of bricks, blood, and
detached body parts.
     At the far end of the school property, out of range of the
explosion Lance had just caused, and passed a football field and
track, was a recycling center.  He drove that way wanting to hurt
more people.  Along the way Lance passed a brunette walking on
the side of the street.  He drove past, turned to the right and
made his way to recycling area.  He parked and looked back
through his tinted rear window and saw the young girl crossing
the street.  She then made her way through a row of trees and
into a large field.  Lance jumped out of his car and began
sneaking up on the pretty youthful girl.  She didn't see him at
first but then Lance starting running toward her and she screamed
and ran as fast as she could away from him.  It was no use and
Lance's superior physical condition and long, muscular legs
allowed him to catch her within what seemed like seconds.  He
grabbed the bitch's legs and easily tripped her.  Once she was
down on the ground Lance tore the clothes from her body, pulled
out his Bushmaster knife, and shoved it right into her pussy and
up into her abdomen splitting her open like a can of tunafish.
Now bleeding uncontrollably, Lance turned the girl over and
violently fucked her in the ass.  She bled to death in less than
one minute and died just as he started pumping semen into her
bowels.  Lance pulled out his exhausted penis and redressed using
his utility necklace after cleaning up with the young woman's
clothes.  Leaving the body for nature to take care of, Lance
walked back to his car, got in, and drove away.