The Lance Saga - Secret Ritual

Secret Ritual

Lance got back in his car, eager for more fun, and scanned the area. He found a small gathering in the woods about 5 kilometers away and headed in that direction. Once he arrived, Lance parked, cloaked, and got out. The group of people were about a kilometer in the woods and there were no visible paths so he walked in and headed toward the assemblage. Lance smelled smoke and his infrared sensors picked up a large heat source as well as nine people gathered around what appeared to be some sort of bon-fire. He activated his personal cloaking shields and crept up on the individuals, wondering intently what they were up to. As he got closer Lance could hear them chanting in a strange dialect he didn't recognize. Then he heard a girl whimpering and begging for mercy. Now Lance was really interested. Using his ninja skills he noiselessly approached the group and walked up right behind one of them and peered in. To his surprise, there was a large pentagram set on fire and an alter of sacrifice right in the middle to which was tied a young girl. One of the members of the group held a large knife and chanted while raising it above his head. Lance couldn't believe it, he had stumbled upon some sort of satanic cult in action.
"Please let me go." said the tied young blonde girl. The group finally stopped chanting and one of them, a female, spoke.
"We need the blood of a virgin to complete our ceremony. Your life must be taken but it is for a greater cause. We will resurrect the great spirits of the dead and evil." Lance had to stop himself from laughing at his comical sight. Then without warning the man holding the knife thrust it downward into the tied girl's stomach severing her aorta. She gurgled up several mouthfuls of blood and died with the knife still embedded in her flesh. Then all nine of them started screaming and shaking wildly as the young girl's blood flowed out into the flames of the pentagram. Lance laughed out loud and one of the cult members screamed in surprise.
"What was that noise! I heard someone laughing!"
"It must be the great spirits, we have summoned a demon!" they all said in synch. "The ritual worked!" Lance again laughed, this time with a sinister tone.
"There I heard it again! The spirits are here!" Lance suddenly decloaked and stood at the center of the group.
"I am the great demon Lance, what is your bidding!" No one in the group spoke. They were terrified not expecting a physical entity to appear. "Tell me which one of you killed the virgin!"
"I did, great evil spirit!" said a small man.
"I wanted a brunette!" screamed Lance in anger as he unsheathed his sword.
"Man he ain't no spirit!" the rest of the group finally surmised.
"Of course not. Do you actually believe that garbage? There's no devil, and there's no god. There is only pain."
"You will pay for your blasphemy! How dare you defile our secret ritual!" Each of the nine members pulled out daggers and prepared to attack Lance when suddenly he could hear sirens and lights came blazing through the trees. It was the cops and they had the place surrounded. "You turned us in! Kill him!" they bellowed. "Not today my friends." Lance said as he cloaked himself.
"What the fuck! Where did he go!"
"Hold it right there, you are surrounded!" yelled a police officer. "Drop the knifes and get down on the ground."
"No, we will not surrender!" The nine cult members rushed the officers swinging their blades as Lance watched from atop a large tree he had climbed. The cops had no choice but to discharge their weapons mowing down the clan members. Lance smiled as all nine followers died from gunshot wounds. The pigs approached the still burning pentagram and a few of them screamed when they saw the dead girl on the altar, killed in cold blood.
Lance figured it was time to depart, climbed down the tree and made his way back to his vehicle. He got in and drove off, remaining cloaked until he was out of range of the police officers.