The Lance Saga - Wrestling Radiator

Wrestling Radiator

     During the trip Lance came upon a sweet black haired girl
who was walking on the side of the street.  Lance pulled over and
jumped out, quickly approaching the woman.  She turned around and
saw him and their eyes met.
     "You're pathetic.  Victimizing women who are obviously
smaller and weaker than you are.  It's no different than a school
bully who picks on smaller kids." she told Lance.
     Surprised by her insight Lance laughed then replied.
"Thanks, I needed a good laugh." he said and grabbed the bitch by
the throat.  He ripped out her eyes using his fingernails and
forced her to eat them, then eviscerated the stupid bitch with a
carving knife.  "Keep your fucking comments to yourself!"
screamed Lance at her dead, mangled body.
     He got back in his car and finished the short drive home.
Once there, Lance entered his house and relaxed on the sofa for a
bit.  He turned on the TV and wrestling had just started.  The
big strong wrestlers looked very amusing and he knew it was all
staged beforehand.  Lance wanted to fight a wrestler, they were
muscular like he was and it might be fun.  The broadcast was
originating live from a town nearby so he drove there and arrived
shortly.  Lance entered the arena but was stopped by guards who
told him he needed a ticket.
     "I'm one of the wrestlers, you idiot!" Lance told the
guards.  He flexed his rippling muscles.  "Do you think a common
fan would have this body?" Lance said; he towered over the
     "I don't recognize you, what's your name?" one of the
sentinels  asked him.
     "The Mangler, I'm supposed to make my debut today for the
main event."
     "I don't know man."  But Lance had enough of these fools, he
rapidly pulled out a knife and stabbed the guards to death then
entered the coliseum.  Lance made his way through winding
hallways and doors then switched to infrared so he could get a
better look at the place.  He detected a large heat signature and
went in that direction.  Lance kicked down a door and entered the
wrestler's locker room.  A huge man was getting into costume and
Lance laughed when he saw him.
     "You think you're so tough, but I'll take you down with
ease." Lance told the large human.
     "Who are you?"
     "I'm Lance.  The ultimate wrestler."
     "We will see." said the man as he attempted to clothesline
Lance.  He dodged the attack and kicked the man in his ribs so
hard that they broke.  The dude screamed in pain and spit up
blood, his lungs had been perforated.  He dropped dead at Lance's
feet in less than a minute, drowned in his own blood.
     Lance left the room and walked out to the main area where
all the fans where and the ring.  His entrance was unexpected and
a match was already in progress.  A camera operator showed up and
filmed Lance live as he made his way to the ring.  He could hear
the announcers talking about his entrance.
     "Who is this huge powerful man that has made his entrance.
Why, I've never seen a man that big before.  He must be eight
feet tall.  And look at his muscles, he's built like a freight
     Lance smiled and climbed into the ring.  He had interrupted
a match between two super heavy weights.  Both wrestlers weighed
over 200 kilograms but were still tiny compared to Lance.  He
grabbed one of them by the throat and choke slammed him to the
mat.  The other wrestler attempted to drop kick Lance but he
easily shrugged off the blow and side kicked the man knocking the
wind out of him.  The special female referee had no idea what to
do as Lance had laid to waste two of the biggest wrestlers in the
building.  More wrestlers ran out from the back to help and Lance
fought them all off with spin and drop kicks, and clotheslines.
The carnage was immense, a dozen bodies laid at Lance's feet and
he was the biggest, baddest, wrestler of all time.  The crowd was
silent, the announcers said nothing, then suddenly everyone
cheered Lance as he raised his hands in the air showing he was
the best.  But the referee was pissed that Lance had interrupted
the match and insulted him.  Lance grabbed the bitch by the neck
and threw her down.  He stripped the young woman, took off his
pants, and began raping her.  The crowd was in shock, Lance was
raping a girl live on international television.  He thrusted
deeply, tearing her vagina and she screamed out in pain and
begged him to stop.  He held her arms down on the mat and
continued the ruthless assault until security came out.  They
tried to restrain him but he sliced them to pieces with his razor
sharp sword.  No one could stop Lance and the fans went crazy,
some thought it was fake and cheered him on, others stood in
terror.  Lance just laughed and started raping the referee again.
But some of the wrestlers regained their senses and attempted to
save the young girl.  Lance sweep kicked one of them, then blew
his brains out with a .45.  He then blasted the rest of the
wrestlers killing them all and spilling blood onto the mat.  He
once again resumed raping the pretty young girl and rapidly
pumped her, wanting to reach orgasm before he was interrupted
again.  He finally blew a cum wad up her snatch and pulled out
after snapping the bitch's neck like a cracker.
     Suddenly people from the crowd jumped over the retaining
walls around the ring and tried to attack Lance.  He decapitated
them just as they entered the ring.  Blood was everywhere and the
fans went berserk.  Lance threw several hypergrenades into the
crowd blowing them to bits but many survived and they started
rioting.  Security came out and the whole place was in chaos.
Lance just laughed and beamed himself directly into his car then
incinerated the whole stadium with his quantum particle
disrupter.  Tens of thousands had been killed as well as all the
top wrestlers.  Lance thought it was hilarious and just drove
     As he was driving, Lance spotted a motorist broken down on
the shoulder.  He pulled over, got out, and investigated.
     "Hey, you need some help?" Lance asked the woman, a cute
dirty blonde.
     "No thanks."  Steam was flowing from the radiator.
     "You sure?"
     "Are you deaf?  I said no, N.O.!"
     "What!  You bitch, you will die slowly!" screamed Lance as
he grabbed the woman's hair and slammed her head onto the burning
hot engine.  She screamed in pain as the super-heated steam
cooked her face.  Lance pulled her back away from the engine and
her face was covered in blisters and she moaned in anguish.
Lance tied a rope to her ankle and tied the other end to a SEEIC
hook on his car.  Then he  jumped in and took off, dragging the
woman across the rough asphalt tearing her skin right off and
causing horrendous pain.  He drove several kilometers and could
hear the girl's screams of agony as she bounced and dragged on
the street.  He stopped only when her shrieks ceased.  He got out
and looked at her.  Her entire body was tattered and ripped apart
and she had suffered horribly.  She was still barely alive but
passed out and Lance laughed.  He revived her with an injection
of powerful uppers and she opened her eyes only to see Lance
taking off his clothes and stroking his immense cock.
     "Please." she managed to whimper.  "Please, no more."  The
woman was in unbelievable pain and bled from almost every part of
her body.  Lance grabbed the bitch and tied her arms behind her
back then placed her on the street, got on top, and rammed his
fully erect penis right up her tight snatch.  He pumped in and
out of the stupid little bitch and he felt his jizm rising as he
slapped her hard on the face and pinched her nipples with pliers.
Seconds before his nut was about to gush, another car came
barreling around a turn and plowed straight into Lance.  He had
time only to look before the car struck him and his once again
unconscious victim.  The car drove over Lance and skidded to a
halt pinning him underneath and mangling the dazed girl he was
raping.  The driver of the vehicle got out to see if Lance was
okay.  Lance grabbed the man's legs and yanked him under the car
then snapped his neck.  Afterward, using brute strength, Lance
easily tossed the car aside and got up, only slightly injured.
The girl was too mangled to continue raping so he masturbated and
came onto her dead body.