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In an honest attempt to stop trolls and other losers, and possibly make a buck or two, I have initiated a small payment system in order to gain access to my extreme sites, if you weren't invited by an existing member.  As you probably have guessed, running these sites is not free, and I'd like to occasionally recoup some of the expenses by charging what I think is a fair $6.66 for lifetime access.

What you will gain is full access to the EFN (the Extreme Fantasy Network) which consists of three sites containing a shitload of ultra extreme content, with a staff and user base unlike any other on the net.  The main site is The Tortured Soul Forum which is a large discussion board and is very active.  Discover over 87,000 locally hosted extreme pictures which cover many different kinks spread across over 1400 galleries, including rape/torture/snuff fantasy, real death, necro, cannibalism, bestiality, barely legal, gore, vore, and more.  Also browse various videos, and easily enjoy over 49,000 posts, and 4500+ threads from 2900+ members.

My other site is called zNet X, and is a Facebook style, dark, extreme fantasy, fetish networking site with 500+ members and 1000's of posts containing tonnes of content.

Last, but not least, is my Lance Saga site and extreme download store (if you are reading this, you are already there).  Find some free samples of the Saga here: Lance Saga @ Node 0.

Besides this one time access stipend, all content on the EFN is free, without ads, paywalls, popups, spying, or any bullshit.  IM chat is enabled on both main sites, and Disqus powered commenting can be found on my Lance Saga. I utilize SSL/TLS encryption to protect your privacy, and I provide a 1 gigabit connection to ensure quick load times across the network.

After secure Paypal checkout (no Paypal or store account needed), you will gain immediate download access to a small text file with further instructions on creating your account.

After this, there is no going back.  Your trip to the darkness will soon commence.  Prepare for ultimate madness!
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