The Lance Saga - Pool Fun

Pool Fun

     Soon he passed a public pool.  It was a hot humid day so
many people where there to relax and take a load off.  Lance
decided to join them.  It was fenced in and surrounded by trees
and shrubberies.  Lance walked up to the counter and was about to
enter when a girl in a bikini said he had to pay five dollars.
     "What the fuck did you say, bitch?"
     "It's five bucks for an all day pass."  She was hot, 19
years old with a perfectly tanned body and long blonde straight
hair.  Lance leapt over the desk and grabbed the cunt.
     "You're mine, whore!!"  He dragged her into the shower room
and ripped off her bikini.  Lance pounded into her tight pussy
with his engorged cock.  She screamed in pain as he porked her.
Lance's cock was huge, and although she had been fucked before,
she'd never taken such a large dick.  She soon began bleeding as
her privates had been torn.  The bitch yelped in agony and tried
to shove Lance off, but his immense, massive body wouldn't give
even an inch.  He just kept violently thrusting, in and out, as
she screamed for help.  Finally Lance blew a load into her
ripped, bleeding cunt.
     Just then, four guys walked into the shower room.  "Holy
shit, get the fuck off her!!" they screamed as Lance stood up and
redressed using his utility necklace.  She lay bruised and too
emotionally distraught to do anything but cry.  "We're gonna mess
you up!" they said, even though the dudes carried no weapons.
Lance smiled and begged them to attack him.  The four fools
hesitated for a split second and Lance grabbed one by the throat
and broke the young man's back over his knee.  His death was
immediate and the three remaining tough guys rushed at Lance
thinking they had the advantage.  Lance whipped out his
Bushmaster hunting knife and stabbed one of them in the stomach,
yanked it out, and pummeled the other two with the spiked handle. 
All three went down and Lance angrily stomped them to death with
his Nike 'Everything Proof' boots.
     By this time the bleach blonde bitch had slightly recovered
and was attempting to escape.
     "I'm not done with you, cunt!" Lance yelled at her.  He took
out some rope and tied her arms behind her back then threw her
face down on the cement floor of the shower room.  "You ready for
pain, bitch?  Or are you ready to die?  I think both will
suffice." he joked.  She pleaded for her life, begging and
whimpering, as if Lance actually gave a shit about her
insignificant, worthless existence.  He then grabbed a graphite
hammer and began smashing her toes with it.  He took his time,
hitting each toe precisely, crushing it and causing extreme pain. 
She violently shook her head, trying to escape the hurt, but
Lance would not allow her to pass out by injecting powerful
uppers into her buttocks.  One toe at a time he bashed with the
huge, ominous, torture hammer.  Eventually her screams of agony
turned to hoarse moans, and Lance's cock was rock hard yet again. 
Once all ten toes had been completely destroyed, he hacked off
her feet with a machete.  Next Lance turned on the hot water and
held her under it.  It quickly heated up to nearly boiling and
burned her to the third degree in seconds.  Her screams turned to
roars, and brought so much joy to Lance's cold, evil heart.  Her
skin blistered and began peeling off as Lance smiled and stabbed
her repeatedly with the bloody Bushmaster knife.  The whole time
she stared back at him in terror.  The once cute and innocent
young woman perished from loss of blood and Lance whacked off and
ejaculated onto her dead, pale face.
     He then walked through the building and out into the main
area.  The pool was impressively large and many people were
swimming and having fun.  Suddenly Lance noticed a bully in the
pool who was harassing a younger kid.  He kept dunking the kid's
head under the water and was really teasing him.  The younger
child didn't like it and was trying to get away but the bully
held on to him.
     "What the fuck!" screamed Lance in anger.  He walked over to
the two kids and grabbed the bully's hair.  "Hey mother fucker!!"
Lance yanked him out of the water using just his short locks and
the kid yelled for his mommy.  "Not so tough now, you piece of
shit!!" Lance shouted at the adolescent tormentor.
     "Please mister, let me go, I was only having a little fun."
the kid said.
     "I don't think so!!" Lance said as he took the minor's face
and scraped it across the rough cement surrounding the pool until
he saw a trail of blood.  Then he bashed the kid's skull until it
smashed like a oyster.  A lifeguard had witnessed Lance's actions
and walked up to him.
 "What is going on here?" the guard asked him.  Lance sweep
kicked the dude then held his head under the water until he
drowned in horror.  Lance laughed, and fired his plasma cannon
into the water instantly super heating it.  Everyone began frying
and all were dead by a most painful means.  Lance laughed out
loud, walked away, and continued his stroll.