The Lance Saga - Pliers of Pain

Pliers of Pain

     Lance looked at the trembling redheaded bitch and saw tears
streaming down her smooth, cottony face.  Her arms and legs where
bound so she could not move or resist.  Lance saw a 9mm gun on the
floor of the car and picked up the long barreled weapon, unzipped
the woman's fly, and deeply raped her with the gun while punching
the bitch in the face several dozen times.  She yelled out in pain
and he violated her pussy with the cold, dirty gun and continued
to hit her.  He then swiftly, but extremely powerfully slapped
the side of her head smashing the girl's skull against the
passenger side window.  Lance hit her so hard that the left side
of her head cracked the car's window and the broken shards of
reinforced glass painfully stabbed into her soft flesh under the
woman's ear and upper neck.  She became motionless moments after
impact and was apparently knocked unconscious.  Lance then
noticed a small stream of fresh blood oozing out of the female's
right ear indicating a concussion, and he licked it off her
cheek.  The pitiful human female just sat against the door slowly
bleeding and was boring to Lance.  To liven things up a bit, he
removed her bounds and then tightly fastened a leather strap
around her left forearm.  Then Lance secured the other end of the
tie to the driver side head rest pole.  This pulled her arm
straight out giving easy access to it along with her left breast
which was covered by the woman's shirt.
     After he licked the woman's arm for awhile, Lance took some
rope out of his pocket and tied it securely around the limp
girl's left ankle.  He yanked the other end pulling her leg out
across the seat, tearing several tendons in her thigh, and tied
it to the car's steering wheel while being sure to take up all
the slack.  Then he got out and went around to the passenger side
of the car where the girl was at.  He reached through the smashed
window and tied very thin wire around her tasty right thigh and
tender wrist.  Lance yanked the wire extra hard causing it to
slice into her soft, juicy flesh and the bitch awakened and
momentarily wailed in pain louder than before as the wire cut all
the way to her bones.  Lance then fastened the free end of the
torture cables to the car's front right hubcap and pulled them
nice and taunt.  The girl's screams of profuse agony continued as
Lance returned to the driver side and got into the punishment car
once again.
     Now the female had her head stuck through the window, and
her arms and legs spread and tied, making her a kinky and
tantalizing morsel for Lance to erotically take advantage of.
Many sadistic thoughts of rape and torture flashed through his
hyperintelligent mind so Lance sorted through them and picked a
few very painful but stimulating sexual positions along with
several ways to beat her into a pulp while keeping the bitch
alive for further torment.
     She was wearing blue loose fitting shorts with buttons down
the back and her shiny, sexy legs looked quite ravishing.  Lance
licked her left leg, and since it was now laying across the seat,
he could do whatever he wanted with the silky appendage.  He
injected a powerful stimulant into her left arm to make sure she
was fully awake and aware while being tortured.
     Once she was fully conscious, the eager Lance took a long
pin and inserted it underneath the female's kneecap and kept
pushing it until the sharp object pierced her skin and became
visible out the other side of the lady's knee.  She shrieked in
extreme pain and Lance grabbed both ends of the pin and yanked up
ripping her kneecap out.  Plasma and bodily fluids dripped from
the odd shaped bone and Lance threw it aside as blood squirted
from her shredded knee.  Tendons and muscles protuberated from
the deep hole where the kneecap used to be and he ate them like
candy.  Lance then noticed her knee joint, after sucking out and
drinking all the blood, and decided to give the bitch a new joint
since her's looked old.  With a vise-grip pliers, he grabbed her
femur and pulled up on it.
     Again, the slut screamed in severe agony and her desperate
cries were beginning to aggravate Lance.  He released the bone
and went outside the car to look for a big ant colony.  Lance
found a red giant ant farm that would suffice his sadistic
purposes and dug it up into a container.  The ants were almost 5
centimeters long and their small but very sharp and powerful jaws
could be easily seen.  He sealed the receptacle and promptly
walked back to the car.  He entered the vehicle and slid across
the seat so he was right next to the young female.
     The girl was groaning in pain as streams of tears rolled
down her soft cheeks.  Blood continued to gush from the puncture
wounds on her neck caused by the broken glass and the mutilated
knee.  He roughly grabbed her luxuriant hair and yanked the
slut's head all the way into the car.  He got up close to the
totally defenseless lamb and sensuously kissed her ear.  She did
nothing and blood was all over the damsel's arms and legs.  He
grabbed the container of vicious ants, opened it, and quickly
dumped the whole thing into her mouth while taping the girl's
orifice shut with his other hand.  Seconds later, the girl's
lickable skin turned red and a look of total pain and anguish
formed on her sexy face.  The bitch's blue eyes spun around
franticly as if she were looking for help, but there was no one
to assist this poor, tortured whore.  The ants chewed up her
entire mouth and ate big, gaping holes into the woman's tongue
which was darting all over the place within her gullet.  The
merciless ants bit huge chunks of flesh from her cheeks and inner
lips and a few began to crawl down her dried out throat.  Lance
laughed as the pitiful woman suffered horribly and he was now
having fun.
     A few minutes later, he noticed several ants emerging from
within her nostrils with pieces of bloody, torn flesh in their
jaws.  Lance took two small pins and tacked open one of the cop's
eye lids, stretching her delicate skin like a balloon.  Then he
picked up the torturous ants and placed the hungry creatures on
her eyeball.  They immediately began chewing and gnawing away at
the eye causing so much pain that the bitch just sat there with a
zombie look on her sweat covered, tan face, but was still fully
aware of the amazing agony she was undergoing.  The voluptuous
girl was powerless to resist as the vial entities chewed up her
whole eyeball, eventually puncturing it, and one of the curious
ants crawled in.  Since all human eyes are filled with a clear
liquid, Lance got a straw and put it into the small hole in her
eye.  He then sucked the tasty optical juice into his mouth.  He
swallowed the sweet eye fluid which allowed all the ants to
safely enter the interior of her eyeball without drowning.
     Now that there were several ants eating one of the girl's
optical units, and more chewing up the inside of her mouth and
tongue, Lance could relax and let the laborious insects eat to
their heart's desire.  He watched the expressions change on her
pretty face as the ants tore the meat from the sides of her mouth
and gums.  Tears flowed from her remaining functioning eyeball as
the pain in her mouth and other eye became even more severe, and
well beyond comprehension.  Lance thought this crying thing was a
waste of time, so he took an Eberhard-Faber micro-uniball pen out
of the car's glove compartment and jabbed out her undamaged
optical sphere with a pitiless and compassionless glare on his
powerful face.  He then pulled out the ruptured eye which was
stuck on the pen like a skewer, and popped it into his mouth as
if it were a tasty confection.  Lance bit hard on the eyeball
utterly popping it and the juice sprayed out of his drooling
mouth and onto the female victim who was now painfully blinded.
A look of unawareness encompassed the young cop's face as the
agony and torment Lance had caused her became to much for any
Terran to deal with on a conscious level.  However, since the
slut's eyes were mutilated, Lance could not tell if the bitch was
unconscious or not.  This perturbed him and he grabbed the girl's
soft hair and yanked back on it causing a hand full of red
bristles to tear from the poor lamb's scalp.  She remained
unresponsive, so he injected more stimulants into her to be sure
she was awake.  She stirred and groaned in pain as bright red
trails of blood flowed smoothly from her nostrils.
     Lance took a torch and sealed her knee wound, after ramming
nails into the ends of both her leg bones and ripping the
surrounding flesh off with pliers.  He wanted to ensure she
didn't die too soon after only a tiny amount of pain had been
inflicted.  Lance then began removing her amorous, low cut shirt
and tight, sexy shorts as he repeatedly stabbed her breasts with
a small carving knife.   He finished taking off her clothing,
which was only in the way, and lustfully licked the slender
bitch's abdomen while fondling the chick's pink, silk bra
covered, big nippled, and suckable, but bleeding breasts.  The
horny rapist then ripped off the bra and greedily cupped his big,
strong hands around the pretty woman's stiffened tits.  Lance
groped her pointed coconuts and drooled all over the maiden's
belly button as he rubbed and caressed the girl's breasts even
more roughly.  Streams of warm salvia flowed from his mouth as he
embraced one of her nipples with his eager lips.  He bit it off
and she groaned continuously in agony.  Lance's raucous tongue
quickly found its way to the slut's other, intact sensitive
erogenous zone which he sucked like a loly-pop and he
passionately drenched her warm, firm nipple with thick, gooey
     After ten minutes of sucking it, he bit down on her nipple
and painfully severed it.  Blood and thick fluids oozed from the
puncture wound, and Lance ripped out her nipple with his teeth
and ate it like a sweet, fresh grape, just as he would soon eat
her juicy cunt.  Blood showered from the sexy whore's
dismembered, nipple-less breasts and Lance just sat back and
watched.  Blood slowly oozed from the multiple stab and puncture
wounds on her jugs and Lance fondled them while removing the
bitch's pink g-strap panties with his other hand.  Lance saw a
dull red bush and a big inviting clit when her underwear was
removed completely which made him more than ready to brutally and
forcefully rape her.  His cock was rock solid and Lance was ready
for her pussy at any time.
     But first, he grabbed the gun and stuck it up her twat.  He
pointed it downward so it was not aimed at any vital organs, and
fired.  The high-impact Teflon shell ripped though her vaginal
wall and emerged from the girl's ass shredding and tearing her
flesh along the way.  Soon after, the car seat began to turn red
as the blood from her blown apart ass seeped into the fabric.
Lance tossed the gun through the driver side door frame and
punched the girl upside her bloody but luscious head.  The slut's
limp crown just jerked when he hit it because the woman was in a
state of semi-consciousness.  This was fine with Lance because
all he wanted to do was slam the pussy cum out of her and then he
was planning to leave her in the car and use the vehicle for
target practice.
     Lance stripped the young bitch and began strangling her.
She trembled and quaked, trying to inhale through her torn nose.
He let go just before she perished and was pleased that her body
refused to die, despite all the agony he had inflicted upon her.
He grabbed two large nails and punctured both of her ear drums.
She moaned and tremored as Lance then took pliers and ripped off
her ear lobes with a fast, violent pull.  Next he tore off her
fingernails and toenails, one at a time, and then stuck large
pins into the bare exposed skin underneath.  She whimpered in
unimaginable anguish as he continued mutilating her by tearing
off more and more bits of skin and puncturing her soft flesh with
pins and nails.  He moved down to her pussy and clamped the
pliers on her cunt.  He figured she wouldn't need it, so he
twisted the pliers around and around until the sensitive organ
tore from her body.  Then he clamped her pussy lips and twisted
them off in the same manner.  Simple moaning didn't even come
close to expressing the nightmare of pain she was experiencing
and the girl still remained alive as he ripped parts of her body
off and tossed them to the floor.  He clamped the tips of each of
her fingers with the powerful pliers and slowly crushed them one
by one.  He patiently continued until all her fingers were
mangled and then started on her toes.  He clearly heard the bones
popping and snapping as he twisted the pliers around nearly
severing her toes.  He then took a razor and slit both her
Achilles tendons and then skinned her feet by slicing the flesh
and then ripping it off with the pliers.  Lance made long, deep
vertical slices down the back of her calfs and thighs, drinking
the blood as it flowed out.  Then he made horizontal cuts the
length of her legs creating many little squares of flesh attached
from the underneath by muscle and skin.  He then slowly twisted
and tore off each piece until the entire back of her legs were
skinned and shredded.  Then Lance heated up several nails and
shoved them into the top of her thighs.  He pushed them to her
bones, and then hammered them in place with a mallet.  Lance next
cut out her belly button and sucked on it and made random slashes
all across her chest, neck, and arms.
     While slicing her up, he severed several major arteries and
he knew her life would now end.  He just smiled as she quivered
in a confused state of total suffering as her life drained away.
Her body turned pale after about a minute and her pulse slowed.
Her breathing then halted and the moment of death arrived.  As
her heart beat one last time, Lance mounted the beautiful, but
mutilated female and slid his big stiff prick up into her juicy
and bloody pussy.  He pushed his rod past the shredded hole in
her vagina and all the way in until his swelled balls slapped her
hairy slit.  Lance immediately started humping her, even though
his dick was all the way in, just to cause more stimulation.
Besides, he thought it felt good and his purpose for this rape
was pleasure and fun.  Then he pulled it out and rammed it back
up her with incredible force throwing the woman backward as far
as the restraints would allow.  Lance continued this for hours,
as her dead body chilled, and the speed and power of his ball
slams increased by an order of magnitude until his rape victim
was just about ready to split wide open.  He finally stopped,
after injecting his cum far within her morbid clam.  The girl's
twat was split and torn wide open, but was becoming stiff with
rigormortis, as was the rest of her barely recognizable slashed
     Lance released the deceased bitch from her bounds and wildly
snapped her back over his knee, adding one final blow to her
mutilated, mangled carcass.