The Lance Saga - Planet Pain

Planet Pain

     The planet looked peaceful from his current altitude but
that would change soon enough.
     He flew toward the globe at .2 c and quickly come upon what
appeared to be communication satellites orbiting the planet.  He
locked his plasma guns on them and fired, easily incinerating the
primitive devices within seconds.
     Moments later his car entered the atmosphere so he increased
the shield strength.  He then made another sensor sweep and
locked in on a small farmhouse in an isolated area.  He pointed
his vehicle in that direction and flew straight towards it.  He
passed through each layer of atmosphere, and the oxygen readings
got higher and higher until the surface came info view.  A few
minutes later he was within 100 meters of the ground when he saw
a group of people walking down a dirt road.  Lance activated a
20mm Blitz cannon which materialized on the side of his car.  He
homed in on the small crowd and fired.  A stream of depleted
uranium shells sped towards them and on impact cut them all to
shreds.  Pieces of the their bodies ripped off and they screamed
in agony as the bullets tore them down in seconds.  Blood sprayed
out everywhere and made a cool pattern on the dry dusty ground.
Once they were all pulverized by the ultra-heavy shells, Lance
dropped a Hades bomb on the tattered bodies which exploded
sending a wall of flame up 50 meters incinerating their corpses.
     He flew around the explosion admiring the dancing yellow and
red  flames and landed in a field next to the farmhouse
forgetting about the crater.  He cloaked his car then jumped out
and looked around.  The field was fairly large and had corn
stocks and tomato patches as well as a variety of other crops.
They were green and ripe, reading for the picking, just like the
planet was to Lance.
     Just then he heard a noise and look behind him to see a
tractor approaching.  It was apparently harvesting the
vegetables.  Lance just stood still and waited until the tractor
reached him.  An older man was driving and he stopped and called
down to Lance.
     "Hey there young fella', watch ya' doing in my field." said
the farmer.
     "I seem to be lost.  Can you show me the direction of the
nearest town?" asked Lance.
     "Sure.  There's a nice town about 4 kilometers down the dirt
road."  The old man pointed at the horizon, but then noticed
flames and black smoke.  "Say, what's that over there?"
     Lance looked over and saw the remaining flames from the
Hades bomb.  He laughed and said it was a brush fire.
     "Well we better put it out." said the farmer.
     "No, I don't think so.  I will put out your life instead."
proclaimed Lance as he jumped onto the tractor and threw the old
man off it.  Lance started up the monster machine and activated
the harvester.  It had huge sharp rotating blades and he ran over
the old man with it.  The farmer screamed in pain as the blades
hacked parts off his body while collecting the corn at the same
time.  Blood sprayed out and covered the dirt.  The elderly
farmer died a gruesome death and Lance got off the tractor and
walked toward the farm house.
     Just then a young girl came out of the house trying to see
what the screaming noise was.  Lance saw her at once and walked
up to the 13 year old.
     "Get help!  There's been an accident!" he said, pointing to
the tractor.
     "No!  Oh my god!" cried the girl.  "What happened to
     Laughing, Lance smacked her across the face then threw her
down and raped her right on the dirt.  She struggled and yelled
out in pain as his goliath cock penetrated her tiny pussy.  Lance
rubbed dirt into her eyes causing even more aguish while he
continued the vicious sexual attack.  He soon started to come
inside her and quickly pulled so he could spray the remaining cum
on her face.
     Once his degrading assault was complete Lance snapped the
bitch's neck then flung her corpse into the field where she would
become food for the ants and buzzards.
     Lance entered the farmhouse and looked around.  It was very
old with wooden plank walls and antique furniture.  Definitely
not the high tech sort of crib Lance was used to.  Then suddenly
his sonic implants detected a noise in the upper level of the
structure.  He went there to see what it was.  A male child was
playing in the bails of hay and Lance grabbed him.  "What the
fuck are you doing, you piece of crap?" Lance said to the boy. 
Startled, the adolescent  tried to run away.  Lance grabbed a
large pitchfork and rammed it into the body of the boy implaing
his internal organs and causing hellish agony.  He screamed in
pain and spit up blood.  Lance just laughed and slit the dude's
throat with a hunting knife then tore the body into pieces with
his bare hands.
     Lance exited the structure and went back to his car.  He
powered  up the weapon systems and took aim at the farmhouse.  He
fired a plasma cannon at it and the whole place came crashing
down and was completely burned up in seconds.  Lance then drove a
short distance across the field until he picked up the dirt road. 
He remembered the old man said there was a town 4 kilometers
away.  He eagerly drove there excited about the prospect of
killing more people.  During the short drive Lance came upon a
female hitchhiker.  She flagged him down and Lance stopped and
got out.
     "Hi there sweet thing, you need a ride?" he said to the sexy
     "Sweet thing?  Excuse me?" was her foolish reply.  Lance
grabbed the bitch and threw her down on an old mattress that just
happened to be laying nearby.  He repeatedly punched her in the
face and gut until she was knocked senseless and ready to be
fucked rough.  Lance ripped off the bitch's clothes and tore them
into strips which he used to tie her up.  He shoved one of her
socks into her mouth and taped it shut so no one would hear the
woman's screams of agony as Lance violently raped her.
     But first it was time for pain.  He drove nails under her
finger and toenails causing an inferno of torment.  She tried to
scream out in extreme anguish but the sock and tape absorbed her
cries.  Lance then pierced both her nipples with burning hot pins
and afterward yanked on them tearing her flesh to shreds with
ease.  The pain was so great, and Lance loved every second of the
young girl's suffering.  It brought joy to his evil heart to see
her twitching and trembling in misery.
     Lance was staring at the pretty young girl and rubbing his
aching cock through his pants when some dude showed up on a bike.
     "Oh my god, what are you doing to that girl?" said the
stranger when he saw the tortured wench.
     "I found her like that and was just about to help her."
spoke Lance.  He seized the man off his bike and stabbed out his
eyes with a small dagger then disemboweled the poor fool with two
quick swipes from his surgically sharp ninja sword.  The man
quickly expired and Lance laughed and began raping the tied girl. 
He slammed in and out of her and his huge cock split her open
with ease.  She just moaned, and was in so much pain she couldn't
even feel his giant member as it violated her.  "Yeah bitch, fuck
me good.  You like fucking don't you, bitch?"
     She shook her head no but couldn't stop his savage assault. 
He continued raping her for another 25 minutes until he finally
came.  Lance screamed in ecstasy as his massive load spurted into
his victim's twat.  "Oh, that's so good!  Yeah, take my seed,
dumb bitch!" Lance cried out as his orgasm finished.  He
continued pumping her until his rod got soft and the last little
bit of sperm leaked out from it's tip.
     Lance removed his punished cock from her abused vagina and
put his pants back on.  He stood up and admired his handy work. 
The girl lay crying and in agony before Lance, the way every girl
should be.  He beat her on the head with a brick until she died
gruesomely then Lance jumped back in his car and drove away
towards the city.  He encoutered no one else and reached the
suburb rapidly.  The town was sparsely populated with a few
houses and buildings and some side roads.  Lance radomly picked a
house and pulled up in front of it.
     He got out and strolled up the concrete walkway to the front
door.  Lance loudly banged on it and after about 15 seconds an
older guy answered it.
     "Yes?" said the man.
     "Hi, I'm selling cookies to help a fund rasier collect money
for the poor.  Would you be interested in buying some?" Lance
     "Do you have any receipts so I can verify this is not a
scam?  I've been ripped off many times."
     "What the fuck did you say, old man?  You have any kids, I
wanna rape some dumb bitches."
     "What?" questioned the old fart.  Lance grabbed the dude by
the throat and picked him up.  He threw the bastard down onto the
walkway and stomped on his head crushing it like an orange. 
Lance then entered the house and used his sensor implants to scan
for lifeforms.  He detected something upstairs and went to that
location.  To his sweet surprise Lance found a 12 year old
redhead in bed.  He walked up to the bitch and put his hand over
her mouth.
     "Make a sound and die slowly bitch." Lance told her.  What
the little girl didn't know was that she would die slowly anyway. 
Lance pulled off the covers and she was wearing nothing but
panties.  Her small, just forming breasts turned Lance on.  He
bit one of her nipples and the girl squirmed in pain.  He gnawed
and chewed on it, eventually severing the delicate flesh and
swallowed it.  Some blood came out from the wound and he drank
it.  She continued wreathing in agony and Lance grabbed her hair
and yanked back her head.  He then pulled down her silk
panties and rammed two fingers up her tight pussy.  He finger
raped the little bitch for awhile until his cock was nice and
hard then got on top of the wench and fucked her royally.  He
packed it in all the way and thrusted violently, tearing her
vagina to shreds.  She cried out for her father so Lance slapped
her across the jaw and raped her even more roughly.  "Your father
isn't here, bitch.  I'm your daddy now." he said and french
kissed her.
     "No, please stop, it hurts so bad, please stop." she
sniveled.  The young girl begging for mercy only turned Lance on
even more and he fucked her twice as hard.  Lance became so
aroused that he blew a wad in less than 2 minutes and screamed
out as he came deep in the young girl's vessel.
     "God damn bitch, that was the shortest fuck of my life. 
You'll pay extra for that insult to my manhood!" Lance screamed
at the frightened and crying redhead.
     Suddenly a woman, presumably the mother, entered the room to
see what the screaming was about.  She screamed herself when the
30 year old saw Lance still humping her daughter.
     "Oh my god, what are you doing to little Jessica??"
     Lance jumped off the bed and pulled out a hunting knife and
drove it deep into the body of the mother killing her almost
instantly while causing hellish agony.  Then he was about to
slice the daughter's throat when Lance suddenly stopped and
decided to torture her instead.  He rammed a cattle prod up the
bitch's ass and shocked her with it.  Hundreds of volts shot from
the prod's tip into her anus causing severe pain.  He then pulled
it out and fucked her in the pussy with it while slicing open her
breasts with a rusty steak knife.  He left the cattle prod on and
fully inserted into her pussy and went to work on her breasts.
He sliced off her only nipple and hacked away at her breasts.
The little girl screamed and screamed as her flesh was sliced
away and Lance next tore off her clit with his teeth and ate it
like a Cliff bar.  Blood covered the girl's chest and stomach and
Lance repeatedly stabbed her with an ice pick making sure not to
puncture any vital organs.  He rammed the pick into her ears just
far enough to puncture her ear drums and also stabbed out her
eyes.  The child quaked in pain and passed out from the sheer
agony Lance had inflicted upon her.  So while she was unconscious
Lance put duct tape across her nose then fucked her mouth with
his cock which was again hard.  He slammed her face and pushed it
all the way in cutting off her air supply.  He held it there for
several minutes as her face turned blue.  Then just as she
suffocated Lance came and pumped his seed down the back of her
throat and laughed.
     He left the house quite satisfied and decided to head back
to his car and leave the planet.