The Lance Saga - Pet Store

Pet Store

     On his way back there, Lance stopped at a pet store and
walked in, becoming excited.  Two females were working there, a
hot blonde and some brunette.  Two very young girls were also in
the building and were looking at the open salt water tank which
housed several miniature tiger sharks, a blow fish, and some
other rare specimens.  Around the corner was the young girls'
mother.  Lance walked over to her and put his arm on her
shoulder.  "Hey baby, what do you say we get to know each other?"
he said in the woman's ear.
     "What?  Get off me you creep!" she said and pushed him away.
Annoyed, Lance grabbed her waist and bent the bitch over and
began slapping her hard on the ass.  She tried to scream but he
held his hand over her mouth.  He beat her good and her big
flabby ass wobbled with each pummel from Lance's now closed fist.
Then he axe kicked her on the back and she fell to the ground,
     Just then the brunette came over to see what was wrong.
Lance caught her by the throat as she approached him and rung her
neck like she was a doll.  Once she was suffocated Lance tossed
the corpse on the ground and violently kicked her dead body on
the side of head.
     Then he wanted a piece of the blonde, so he pulled out a
gun, ran to her and forced her to close the store, lock the doors
and pull the shades down over the windows.  She resisted and
Lance grabbed one of the young girls, and shoved the gun in her
mouth while cocking it.  The blonde became more cooperative and
did as he wanted, securing the store.
     Now it was him, the two young girls, and the sexy blonde.
It was time for fun he thought and smiled.  Lance pulled his gun
from the tiny girl's mouth and put it back in his hidden holster. 
The two little tykes ran to their mother who was lying on the
floor groaning and tried to hug her.  With them occupied, Lance
focused on the blonde.  He stepped toward her while grinning, she
stepped back, frowning.  He continued approaching until she was
backed into the corner, surrounded by fish tanks.  Lance jumped
at her and grabbed her head.  He turned her around so she was
facing the fish tanks then Lance got a good grasp on the back of
her skull, and rammed it into one of the tanks shattering the
glass.  Gallons of water poured out onto the floor and the two
young girls screamed in surprise.  The blonde just moaned in
shock as blood drained from her sliced face.  Lance gripped her
waist and moved over to the next tank.  With precision he smashed
her forehead into it easily breaking the glass and again
releasing the water.  He let her go and she fell to the ground
groaning in pain, temporarily subdued.
     Then one of the young kids ran over to see what was
happening.  Lance grabbed her and threw her to the ground.  He
pulled down her tight, small jeans and underwear then laid on top
of the tiny little girl.  Lance tried to force his immense cock
into her dainty slit and it just wouldn't fit.  So he took a
razor and cut her at the crotch in order to widen her pussy so
his giant penis would fit.  He sliced into her flesh at either
end of her tiny twat making the opening bigger.  The 5 year old
girl screamed in pain and blood squirted out as he cut deep into
her skin.  Once finished Lance tested the enlarged pussy by
shoving his cock into her.  It fit quite nicely and he began
fucking the worthless petty minor, sending waves of agony into
her body.  She just cried as he nearly crushed her with his
weight.  Warm blood from the little girl's slashed pussy covered
Lance's pulsating dick and he smiled.  His gargantuan rod poked
in and out of her narrow hole relentlessly as she screamed in a
very high tone which annoyed Lance.  He put his huge hand over
her mouth to shut her up while be banged the bitch.  His fuck
became more violent and he shoved it into her with colossal force
almost crushing her pelvic area, and making titanic bruises and
abrasions on and around her virgin crotch.  But unknown to Lance,
his enormous hand was suffocating the young girl.  She suffered
terribly, trying desperately to take in life giving oxygen but
could only get in tiny amounts of air as Lance kept fucking her,
making her pant, gasp, and sob.  It was a hopeless cause and her
face began to turn blue and her brain slowly died.  The
undeveloped child was experiencing so much agony and torment, all
to Lance's amusement.  Just as she passed away, Lance exploded
into her with fantastic energy.  It had felt so good to fuck a 5
year old girl.  The youngest Lance had ever screwed.  He removed
his hand from her face and pulled out his thoroughly used cock
and stood up.  He kicked her around but she didn't move.  Lance
felt her pulse, and guess what, she was dead.  "Oh isn't that a
shame." Lance thought as he threw the body out of the way.
     He picked up the blonde who was now beginning to wake up and
gripped her tense ass.  "Your turn bitch!" Lance said and dragged
her to the salt water tank.  He tore off her shirt exposing a
white lace bra and groped her small breasts.  She slapped him,
only causing Lance to laugh and grab her tits even more roughly. 
Then he turned her around and dunked her head into the salt
water.  She struggled and bubbles came up as she exhaled.  After
about 15 seconds he pulled her out and she gasped, nearly passing
out.  Then he pushed her head under the water again, this time
for 25 seconds.  Once back out she again deeply inhaled, arms
reaching out trying to grab anything within reach.  Lance rammed
her face into the water a third time, then pulled off her shorts
and panties and began fucking her.  After about 40 seconds, just
before she drowned, Lance pulled her out and kept fucking her
really hard, slamming her against the glass tank.  He brutally
raped her for about 30 minutes, then forced her head completely
into the salt water and held it there during his orgasm.  She put
up a strong fight, legs thrashing back and forth, arms
flagellating wildly, heart pounding, but he didn't pull her back
out, and in less than 2 minutes she couldn't resist anymore and
inhaled a huge mouthful of water which filled her lungs drowning
the poor young woman and sending her to a violent, blatant death.
After completing his sperm discharge into her tight cunt, Lance
dumped her whole body into the tank so the exotic fish could feed
off it.
     That left another little girl, and her mother.  But Lance
was sick of being in the pet store so he walked over to them and
told the little tyke to lay on top of the mother.  She did so
without question and Lance unsheathed a broad sword and impaled
both their bodies like a big skewer.  Then he cut off all their
fingers and toes with garden sheers, and lastly shoved sharpened
wooden dowels into each of their ear canals and all the way into
their brains.  They both screamed in hellish agony before dyeing
in pain, blood everywhere.