The Lance Saga - Perl and Company

Perl and Company

     After driving for about ten minutes Lance came upon a young
girl and her boyfriend going for a walk.  He pulled over and got
     "Hey girl, ditch the loser and we'll have some real fun!"
Lance said as they walked up to him.
     "What the fuck did you say?" asked the man, clearly
agitated.  Lance struck him with a powerful backfist knocking him
down with ease.  But he jumped back up and pulled out a
switchblade with a shiny silver texture and brown cracked and
faded wood around its handle.  The owner of the exquisite piece
suddenly erupted swinging the apparent antique weapon at Lance's
head.  It cut the air, old, but still razor sharp.  Milliseconds
before it hit his body Lance dodged, rolled to the hard dirty
sidewalk, and then stood back up.  He took out his Bushmaster
2000 knife with a 10 inch blade and spiked handle.  It was huge,
stained blood red, but otherwise unblemished.  "Holy Christ!" the
man said as Lance rammed the blade into his gut and twisted it
round and round.  The knife tore right through his stomach and
liver.  Sickening sounds of bones cracking became audible as
Lance continued spinning his Bushmaster 2000.  The man fell down,
gasping and bleeding profusely, nearly gutted as bile and other
gastric juices poured from the enormous wound.
     "Oh no!  What have you done to Jimmy!" screamed the young
lass.  She knelt down and took poor Jimmy's head in her arms.
     "Please Perl, don't let me die like this.  Please..." Jimmy
could barely speak.  He coughed twice, then passed away in his
girlfriend's arms.
     "You bastard!!" she roared, her hands covered in fresh
blood.  Lance started laughing and kicked Jimmy's dead body. 
"You fucking asshole!!" she stood up and tried to kick Lance in
his nuts.  His personal shield deflected the futile attempt and
he grabbed Perl by the throat.
     "I'll show you what kind of asshole I REALLY am, stupid
bitch."  Lance sliced away her clothes and threw her down on the
sidewalk.  Obviously in shock she put up no resistance.  Lance
took off his pants letting his larger than life penis finally get
some air.  He plunged it into Perl's tight little box, violently
raping her.  After just five minutes of rough pumping, he
ejaculated.  "God damn, bitch, that was sweet."
     He pulled his spent member from her bleeding vagina, quickly
cleaned up, then redressed.  Perl just laid there, stark naked
and bruised from Lance's 260 kilogram body and enormous cock.  He
smiled, raised his Bushmaster knife above his head and was about
to strike when someone surprised him and grabbed the knife from
his hands.
     "What the fuck?" exclaimed Lance.  He turned around and saw
some skinny seven foot dude holding his knife.
     "That's a nice knife.  I especially like the spiked handle
with finger guard."  Lance sweep kicked the guy and the knife
flew from his grasp.  He caught it mid-air and jabbed it right
into the skinny fuckhead's throat.  He immediately gasped and
went into shock when Lance executed a flawless standing sidekick
into his chest.  He flew back at least a meter, dead.
     Lance focused back on Perl, as she attempted to crawl away
on hands and knees.  He took out some wire.  It was shiny with
multiple thin strands woven together to make the whole.  He
walked up behind her, and in a quick precise movement wrapped the
wire around her neck.  She realized what happened but it was too
late.  Lance pulled it tight instantly cutting off any sort of
fluid exchange between brain and body.  Her weak life voice
fluttering.  Her will had already been broken.  She didn't even
have a will.  She is a piece of meat and Lance the hunter.  He
pulled it so hard it picked her up off the ground to her feet.
She frantically clawed at wire actually slicing her own skin with
long jagged fingernails.  But no matter how hard she fights it is
not enough.  Lance was what, a thousand times stronger.  She was
already dead anyway in is mind and now he was about to act out
this twisted fantasy.
     She continued struggling but faded quickly.  And within mere
seconds began to pee, her body finally giving up.  A tad bit of
feces came out as well and Lance made sure not to step in it.
The wire practically severed her head by the time he let go.  She
dropped dead at his feet, eyes bloodshot and stone cold dead.
     Lance took a deep breath, stood up and walked away.