The Lance Saga - Park, Ride, & Sub

Park, Ride, & Sub

Lance reentered his car and drove to a large park which he detected earlier. As he was driving around the area, Lance noticed two awesome looking girls sitting under a large tree talking. He was curious about this and went in their direction. Once close enough, Lance got out and walked over to the women. When he got a good look at them, he realized they were two of the girls which he had encountered previously.
"Did you have fun raping our friend back there?" one of the odd looking chicks asked Lance.
"Shut up bitch! Don't ever speak to me again." He punched them both in the face, got back in his vehicle and left. He activated his cloaking device and parked about ten meters away from the sluts who were now recovering from his discriminating assault.
"That fuck! Why did he hit us?" said one of the girls. Then they suddenly grabbed each other and began to passionately tongue kiss while erotically fondling one another. "Hey Gena, let's do it. Right here under this tree!" The two women licked each other and began hastily removing each other's garments. Once all of their clothes were removed they licked one another's belly botton.
"Oh, take me now, bitch!" screamed one of the girls as the other one began fingering her and started sucking her erect nipples.
"What the fuck is this? Lesbian love connection?" thought Lance as he watched the two girls who appeared to be driven toward each by pure unmet sexual desire at the moment. One of the girls parted her female lover's black fish net stocking covered thighs and feasted on her juicy, tasty cunt. The bitch licked her girlfriend for about ten minutes as they both screamed in divine lesbian pleasure. Their big, but very firm tits were flying all over the place their marble sized erect nipples could be easily seen.
"I'll give those bitches something alright!" Lance said aloud while gathering some of his lavish torture devices. Then Lance looked at the two horny lesbians as one of them finished eating out her girlfriend. "Damn, they're really getting busy over there. It'll be a shame to cut their little sex adventure short. I'll have to rape them both and give them a taste of some real pleasure and pain!" Lance drove to within close proximity of the girls and left his cloaking device on as to conceal his car. He just watched the two of them get busy and wanted to wait until they were really in heat before raping the silly bitches. After looking upon the two lesbian love birds for quite some time, Lance exited his wheeled machine of doom and walked up to the girls. "Hi ladies. Remember me? Time to die!" They both looked at him and were quite surprised by his sudden presence. They even seemed embarrassed and wiped the saliva and pussy cum off their lips. "Don't look so surprised you fucking whores. I'll rape you both and then slowly kill you." He smashed them both in the face with a brick and then Lance spoke again. "I've changed my mind. You, bitch, lay on top of your friend and kiss her or something. Now!"
"Okay, relax!" The two girls did as Lance said and laid on top of each other and started kissing. Then Lance ran up to them and stomped on the back of the girl's head who was on top. Her jaw shattered and the two sluts skulls crushed together and their brains mixed like putty.
Lance chuckled and ate their brains and then he pissed on the corpses and burned them to get rid of the evidence. "Well, that was fun." He got back in his car and drove off.
Lance drove to a topless joint so he could check out the local babes. He saw nothing interesting and killed everyone in the place. He then got back in his car and prepared to drive off. Suddenly, someone tried to wash his car's windshield. The vagrant appeared to be a homeless bum. Lance ran the fucker over and the super tough tires crushed the dude's head as Lance drove right over his frail body and peeled out on his gut, smearing his intestines and liver all over the street.
He jumped into his car and was about to pull away when someone cut him off.
"What the fuck!!" he screamed in anger. "You're dead." Lance activated the weapon system on his car and replicated a gatling gun. He fired, ripping the car that cut him off to pieces of shredded composite. The high speed bullets cut right through the windshield and into the driver's head killing him instantly. "Stupid fucker." Lance muttered as he drove off. Lance deactivated the weapon system and the gatling gun dematerialized from the SEEIC.
Lance drove around a bit and about 10 minutes later came upon a sub shop. It was on the corner of an outdoor strip of shops and was enclosed by three large windows and the back wall. He parked and as he entered the establishment, Lance eyed the clientele and saw an appetizing site. A cute redhead with medium length hair, pulled into a pony-tail, her apparent boyfriend, and some old balding dude, maybe the father, were already there waiting for their subs to be made. Lance's sights immediately focused on the redhead, her clean hair glistening in the light and his dick rapidly hardened as his pulse quickened. Their sandwiches were finished and they prepared to leave. As she walked by with her boyfriend, Lance grabbed her pony-tail and roughly pulled her head back smashing it through one of the windows with tremendous force. Nearly knocked out from the blow, she fell to the ground as shards of glass dropped on her body. In a frenzy, her boyfriend attacked Lance, an act that proved fatal as Lance picked up the frail boy and threw him through another one of the windows. He was easily subdued, and Lance now turned to the father who was almost in shock. Betraying not even the slightest emotion, Lance pulled out a club and beat the elderly man to death and then doubled back to the unconscious boyfriend and proceeded to beat him into the grave and beyond. Lance brought the huge wooden club down onto him over and over breaking every bone in his limp body and splitting him open like a tomato. His guts spilled out onto the dirty sidewalk and Lance stomped on them digging his innards into the concrete. The clerk behind the desk, some thirty year old attractive brunette, tried to escape out a back exit but Lance leap over the counter and caught her. He ripped off her clothes and harshly raped the dumb bitch and then rammed her head into the oven and cooked her face. Her skin fused to the heating elements as she screamed in extreme pain and Lance continued to fuck her as she cried out in agony. A little while later he began pumping her so hard that her head smashed against the back of the oven, eventually fracturing her skull causing a torturous death.
Lance jumped back over the counter and stepped through the broken window to the recovering redhead and picked her up by her lovely pony-tail. She bled from the forehead and Lance took pieces of glass and violently slashed her arms with them. She struggled and he punched her in the gut then bent her over his knee and spanked her like a bad girl. Only his spanks were a bit more rough than just sexual play. He beat her ass so hard that it swelled and bruised and then he clenched his palm into a tight fist and punched her as hard as he could on her buttocks. She shrieked in pain but he held her with his other arm and continued to beat her with unmerciful sadistic joy. Tears flowed from her sexy eyes and he yanked back on her pony tail and beat her even more roughly. She could do nothing as he hit her, bruising her worse than ever before with his brick solid fist. Eventually her pelvic bone fractured causing extreme pain. Lance threw her down to the ground and raped her tight pussy with powerful inward thrusts of anger. As he fucked her, Lance choked her with razor blade barb wire, slicing into her soft flesh with ease. His huge dick ripped into her causing even more pain. Her broken pelvic bone only added to the agony as he pushed in and out of her with his massive cock.
After only five minutes of this hideous rape and torture Lance screamed out in pleasure and shot a massive payload of sperm into her bruised, bleeding twat. As his ejaculation continued Lance beat her with an iron bar and alas her short life ended in pain.
He pulled out his aching dick and put his pants back on. He left the carnage and jumped back in his car and drove home.