The Lance Saga - Pancakes and Parks

Pancakes and Amusement Parks

     Lance decided to stop at International House of Pancakes for
some fun and relaxation.  After checking his digimap he located
the closest one and drove there rapidly.
     He arrived a little while later, parked, and went in.  Lance
waited to be seated, then followed an employee as he showed him
to a seat.
     Just then a guy and two girls entered the establishment and
took seats one booth down from Lance.  One of the girls had a
pony tail and the other had shorter hair, and both were dirty
blonde.  The guy was just some dude who looked wimpy.  They began
talking and laughing and Lance was irritated by their immature
behavior.  Then one of them mocked an older gentleman who was
hard of hearing and sat a few rows down from them.   Lance got up
and walked to their table.  "Can I take your order please." he
said, pretending to be a waiter.
     "We aren't ready to order yet." the man said.
     "Well you all seem to have a problem.  Isn't that right,
bitch?"  Lance said to the girl with the pony tail.
     "We have no problem." she said, disturbed by his manner.
     "Well you have one now!!" screamed Lance as he grabbed her
hair and pulled her out of the seat.  Lance put her close to his
face and bit into her lower lip severing it.  She screamed in
pain and blood pulsated out and ran down to her shirt.  Lance
grabbed her with both hands and threw the stupid woman into the
window shattering it.  Her limb body fell to the outside of the
restaurant, large glass shards imbedded her in plush flesh.
     "What the hell are you doing???" cried the man, trying to
protect the other girl.  Lance grabbed a knife off the table and
quickly stuck it through the top of the guy's hand, pinning it
like a bulletin board onto the wooden tabletop.  "AHHHHHH!!" he
squealed grasping his impaled appendage.  Lance then grabbed the
other girl and slung her across the table with her ass facing
him, ripped off her pants and violently raped her pussy with
powerful, vicious thrusts.  Her body was on top of the guy's arm
further pinning him down and while fucking her Lance beat the man
with a bat on the ribs cracking them and causing hideous open
bone fractures.  He spasmed,  spitting up tonnes of blood and
expired in agony.  Lance continued fucking his meat and she cried
out for help but he just bashed her head into the table and
spread her legs wide apart.
     Then a female waiter came over to see what was going on and
Lance pulled out a knife and took a swipe at her.  The blow
caught the bitch right on the chest and her breasts split open
spilling fat and blood onto the floor.  She screamed in shock and
Lance finished her off by stabbing her in the gut all while still
raping his female pet.  Blood and flesh covered the floor and
table, and two were dead.  Lance soon came in his meat's pussy
and pulled out, turned her around and put her on hands and knees. 
He moved forward and rammed his dick down the bitch's throat and
choked her to death with it.  Once she was dead he yanked out his
penis and put his pants on and walked toward the exit.  Several
people got up and tried to stop him.
     "What's this crap?  A citizen's arrest?" Lance said and
     "You ain't leaving, killer." said a man from the measly
     "So what are you, a killer of killers?"  Lance suddenly flew
into a rage and images of death flashed through his mind as he
wildly slashed at the gathering with an enormous knife.  The
blows were on target catching one of the guys in the mid-chest. 
He went down and the rest soon followed, blood gushing from the
phenomenal wounds.  "Fucking punks." said Lance while spitting on
their bodies.  He walked out of the building and raped the bitch
that he had thrown out the window earlier.  Her pink, juicy pussy
felt good as Lance's giant cock slid in and out of it.  Once she
was degraded enough to satisfy Lance, he pulled his cock out of
her and strangled the young girl to death with electrical cord. 
Afterward he masturbated and ejaculated onto her dead face, then
tossed the corpse into a nearby creek bed.
     He walked back to his car but was approached by a police
     "Good day sir, can I see some I.D.?" said the pig.
     "Why, is there a problem?" inquired Lance.
     "Just doing a routine check is all."
     Lance reached into his pocket and pulled out a digital I.D.
which he handed to the cop.  As the lawman took it, Lance grabbed
hold of his hand and crushed it like a salad crouton.  The cop
screamed out in pain and Lance yanked on his arm dislocating his
shoulder then rammed his knee into the patrolman's gut and
dropped him to the ground with an Aikido move.  Lance looked down
at the helpless man and shook his head as he pulled out a .45 and
blew the cop's brains out.
     He then jumped in his car and headed someplace more
exciting, and with a lot of people.  He chose Paramount King's
Dominion headed toward the amusement park.
     Lance arrived in about an hour, but there were no good
parking spaces, so he rammed and blew up a few cars to make room,
and parked.  Lance got out of his vehicle and went up to a family
and grabbed one of their tickets.  "Hey, give that back, that's
ours!" the sissy husband shouted.
     "I won't give you the ticket, but I'll give you something
else!"  He spun the person around and did a flying round house
kick right on the man's back, cracking it into five pieces.  As
the man screamed in pain, Lance stomped on his leg and broke it,
causing the smashed bone to explode out of his torn limb.  He
knocked him down and continued walking toward the entrance after
stabbing his wife twenty times in the head and savagely raping
their only daughter, who was nothing more than a fifteen year old
defenseless lamb with a very tight twat.  When Lance finished
with the rape, he viciously cut her throat and laughed as her
arteries spewed warm blood on his face.  Once she was deceased,
Lance used her shirt to clean his face, then walked through the
park entrance and stopped.  As he was gazing around the plaza, he
thought "This is going to be so much fun!"
     Lance headed toward the Berzerker and noticed a long line. 
He hates lines, and as he walked by, he dropped a hypergrenade in
some poor fuckhead's pocket.  He walked away fast and then heard
an explosion which sent blood and severed limbs splattering
everywhere.  He laughed, and walked up to the ride and shot the
operator.  Lance put it in high speed and it kept going around in
circles until it broke.  The huge carriage flew up in the air and
people came flying out of it and crushed on the ground as the
boat landed on their already mangled corpses.  
     Lance was having more murderous impulses, and went to a
refreshment stand.  There was a skinny wimp in line and Lance
said "Get the fuck out of my way, you fucking rail!"
     "What did you call me?  I hope you weren't talking to me."
the wimp said.  Then the man suddenly jumped in the air and tried
to ax kick Lance.  The dude's leg simply bounced off Lance's C-
particle shield and the guy fell to the ground like a klutz.
     "Smooth move, exlax!  Where did you learn that, Kim's
Karate?  Ah, ha, ha, ha!"  Lance grabbed the foolish wimp off the
ground and rammed his elbow into the sissy's jaw smashing it to
bits.  Then, as the person wailed in pain, Lance did a flying
knee right on top of the wimp's head crushing it like a
     Lance threw the blood covered carcass into the woods and
then returned to the refreshment stand.  He asked for a Fanta
grape drink, and drank it while raping the young girl who served
the drink to him.  "You dumb bitch!  I think there's something
wrong with your drink machine.  Maybe you should take a closer
look at it!" he yelled at her as Lance rammed the girl's head
through the glass container holding the orange drink.  Glass
fragments imbedded into her soft scalp, and she slowly and
agonizingly drowned in the soda because Lance held her head in
the drink for twenty minutes until the girl's body stopped
wiggling and twitching.  He put the soaked, dead female cadaver
underneath the refreshment stand and continued walking around
while seeing magnificent looking teenage girls and young, soon to
be raped, women everywhere.
     About ten minutes later, Lance started to get horny again
and followed two seductive french girls into a bathroom.  They
both had on bikinis and had perfectly tanned bodies with huge,
throbbing tits.  They had long blonde hair that was slightly
curly at the tips and had nice juicy thighs and a perfect figure. 
One of them had a g-string halfway up her ass and Lance told them
that this was a custom in the U.S. and felt their tight butts. 
Their buttocks was so silky and wet that his love rod became
completely rigid in a matter of seconds.  They seemed confused,
so Lance made one of them sit on the toilet and he sat on her
legs forcing them to spread wide apart.  He kissed her and felt
under her bikini top, those huge tan tits and then he mashed his
dick against her with his pants still on while rubbing her
trembling butt with his hands.  He took off his pants, grabbed
her thighs, ripped off her bikini bottom with his teeth and
bounced her on his dick until her pussy was stretched like a
fucking rubber band.  Then he ate her tits until they were cherry
red and sufficiently bruised.  After he finished with the first
foreign bitch, Lance seized the other one's hair and yanked her
down to the piss covered floor.  He grabbed her g-string and tore
it off, licked her tight sweaty ass, and spit in her pussy.  She
moaned loud while he fingered her sweet vagina, and as Lance
punched her with cinder blocks.  He soon let the dumb slut suck
his dick until it was red and next he buttfucked the bitch until
she was totally sore in the ass.  Then he picked her up by her
alluring pubic hair and ate her tasty cum filled fucking hole. 
He hit her, and left the two raped and confused girls begging for
more of this bizarre, kinky treatment from Lance.  He merely said
"Bitches leave." and threw them out.  After which he took a piss
and left the bathroom.
     He decided to go the Haunted River boat ride, and see what
was going on.  He started walking that way when he noticed two
park security officers trailing him.  "Now for some real fun!" he
thought to himself.  As he got closer to the ride, he got an
idea.  Lance slowed down and let the guy and girl catch up.  He
heard the Haunted River boat coming down the hill so he grabbed
one of the guards and threw the dude on the track.  The boat hit
him with amazing force causing his body to fragment violently
into a pile of mangled guts covering the boat with fresh, bright
red blood.  The people on the ride screamed in horror and were
covered in the man's guts.  Lance took his sword and slashed and
cut them all into little pieces until there was no one left
alive.  Then he grabbed the other guard, the female, and threw
her in the blood quenched car. "Let's go for a ride, bitch.  You
can pretend you're a horse and I'll mount you." Lance said as he
jumped in the boat and harshly raped her while slapping the crap
out of the silly bitch.  Then he stuffed a hypergrenade into her
used pussy and pushed the car back into the tunnel.  It exploded
so forcefully that it almost brought down the whole mountain as
her body tore into flaming bits of what used to be a person. 
People started screaming as they saw what the sadistic rapist had
done and he just yelled "What the fuck are you looking at!!"
     Lance ran from the scene and headed toward an arcade.  He
kicked the change machine and $10 in credits flew out.  He picked
up the money and went to play his favorite game, Virtual Reality
Xenophobe 5000.  He was having fun playing the game until a huge
black security officer entered the arcade and unwisely tried to
grab his jacket but instead his hand hit Lance's shield.  Lance
turned to face the man and said "Is there a problem?"
     "A problem, you killed three people, and deathfucked a girl
you bastard lardfuck!  I'm gonna' teach you a lesson you'll never
     "We'll see about that, you fucking piece of shit!" Lance
said, as he did a spin sweep kick knocking the large man to the
ground.  The dude quickly recovered and attempted a kick on
Lance.  He dodged it, dropped to the ground, and kicked the man's
leg.  He flinched and punched Lance, but missed.  Lance grabbed
one of his bootknives and sliced the man's leg at the knee.  The
man fell in pain and Lance tried to stomp on his head.  But the
tough guy rolled out of the way.  Lance got mad and screamed
"Enough games!!  Time to meet your maker!"  He took a fifteen
centimeter kitchen knife, severed the man's penis, and rammed it
down his throat, choking him.  "Who are you supposed to be, John
Wayne Bobbitt?  Ha, ha, ha!" Lance said to the stupid fuck.  Then
he drove the jagged knife into the man's skull collapsing it like
an egg, and that was the end of this little misunderstanding.
Then he grabbed the dead guard's mexican wife who just happen to
be standing nearby and told the sexy female what he did to her
husband.  The girl hollered in shock so Lance raped the bitch and
poured concentrated acid into her eyes.  Then he cut out her
tongue and playfully slapped the girl's face with it several
times.  "Time to die, bitch!"  He forcefully stabbed the young
lady in her lower back fifty times with a serrated hunting knife
and the girl fell to the ground as blood poured from her already
bloody mouth and punctured internal organs.  She bled to death in
minutes and Lance laughed as he watched the young woman suffer
terribly on the dirty arcade floor.  "No one fucks with me!"
Lance roared at the group of people who were watching his hideous
activities.  "What are you staring at, fuckers!  Get out of here!
The show is over!" he yelled, and the small crowd quickly
     He kicked the dead girl's bloody body and some of her guts
spilled out so he smiled.  Then Lance ran to the parking lot and
drove away laughing, without looking back.