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Check out a collection of extreme stories, both old and new!  Black Falcon's Archives is 67 of the most extreme stories ever written, penned by various authors, and featured on my very first snuff site, circa 1997 to 1999.  The Vex Darkness series is a newer style written in the first person about an ultra sadistic serial killer who seems to be escalating in violence.  And of course, the 237 page Lance Saga snuff novel which started it all in the late 80's, and is still being written!

All of these are available for the first time in their completed forms, and most are out of circulation.  Grab them today before it's too late!  You may already be insane!

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact me using the "Send Us a Message" form which can be found on the footer of any store page.

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