The Lance Saga - The Dissident Movement

The Dissident Movement

     As he flew toward the planet, Lance watched the digital
recording of that girl getting fried by the phaser in his
quarters.  He fast-forwarded it to the part where she really
started suffering and he laughed at her screams of pain as her
body was slowly burned away, millimeter by millimeter.
     After ten minutes of flight, he arrived and entered orbit
around N-12.  The planet was almost black because of heavy air
pollution and water contamination.  Lance took his car down into
the atmosphere and minutes later surface details became visible.
It was mostly a mountainous world, but with large regions of flat
open spaces.  Crude mechanical devices were constructed and many
dwellings were built.  Lance scanned the planet and discovered
hundreds of complex underground caves and lots of lifesigns.  He
then scanned the surface and found a suitable barren landing
site.  He decelerated and headed toward the small clearing and
once there, landed his vehicle.
     Lance scanned the area around his car and detected no
lifesigns within a radius of two-hundred meters so he shut down
his chariot and got out.  It was daytime but it was dark because
the air was polluted and it was hot and dry.  He looked around
and could see a small group of buildings ahead about four-hundred
meters.  As Lance continued looking around, two big guys suddenly
jumped out of hidden underground portals and quickly ran toward
him.  "Give us your money now!" yelled one of the thugs as he
unfolded a butterfly knife.
     "What are you gonna do with money??  There is nothing to
buy, fucking moron!"  Lance took out his 20-gauge, pointed it at
the punks, and then ran to one of the men and rammed the barrel
of the shotgun into his eye.  The dude screamed in pain and his
buddy tried to beat up Lance with a bat.  "Ha, ha, ha!  What do
you think you'll accomplish with that silly weapon?"  Lance
ignored the fool and pulled the trigger on his gun blowing the
guy's brains out.  Then he quickly pulled his bloody gun out of
the chap's eye socket and hit the other man on the side of the
head with the butt of the firearm.  The stupid bastard fell down
and Lance kicked him.  "What's the matter?  Did you trip?" he
said in a sarcastic voice.  Lance took the butterfly knife from
the deceased hooligan and stabbed it into the top of the
remaining thief's head penetrating it like a pussy.  The
stainless steel blade carved through the man's brain as if it
were butter, killing him instantly.  "Not a bad start." he said
and laughed.
     Lance wanted to go check out those buildings he saw so he
walked back to his car, got in, and powered up all of its
systems.  Then Lance drove through the clearing and into an area
of tall grass as he proceeded toward the dwellings.  He reached
the structures in less then twenty seconds and was immediately
attacked by rocks and sticks which were thrown at his car.  The
VM shield came on and his vehicle was undamaged.  He scanned the
area and detected several people fleeing the vicinity on foot.
But then he detected a female near his car and Lance jumped out
to investigate.
     He found a young girl, who apparently had been beaten and
raped, presumably by the individuals who had thrown stuff at his
car, and she was laying on the rocky ground in dirty, tattered
clothing.  Lance approached her and she suddenly grabbed a piece
of broken glass off the dirt and tried to stab him.  His shield
protected him and Lance grabbed the bitch and dragged her to his
     Lance pulled off the filthy girl's soiled garments and
slapped her on the ass.  Then he smacked the shit out of her face
and the girl tried to get away.  But he punched her in the back,
weakening the bitch.  Lance spit in her mouth and then on the
ground.  "You shall be tortured, my pretty."  He grabbed her thin
neck and wringed it like an old tattered washrag while
simultaneously punching her in the stomach causing the young girl
to vomit.  Lance next lit his lighter and put the flame close to
her left eye.  She tried to get away but her struggles were
futile as Lance held the girl steady with one of his muscular
arms.  Lance then burned out the bitch's eye and her optical ball
swelled like a jet puffed marshmallow in the microwave.  A minute
later he was still pressing the lighter into her eye socket and
her eyeball suddenly exploded like a blood filled water balloon
spraying eye juices in all directions.  She screamed and cried in
agony, but Lance just laughed and put apple butter into her
bloody eye socket and then ate it out.  After that, he ate the
girl out and enjoyed the way her twat tasted, even though the
maiden's pussy stench resembled the smell of fish and was
obviously quite used.  Soon after he feasted on her cunt, Lance
turned her around, threw the chick's arms on the hood of his
roadster, and raped the girl for about an hour.  He also beat her
with a two-by-four on the side of her head to enhance the
experience.  Once she was thoroughly fucked and clobbered by
Lance, he electrocuted her to death and dumped the bitch's body
onto the ground in the same spot he found her.
     But then two hoodlums ran up to Lance and began yelling
obscenities when they saw the girl dead on the ground.  She
apparently belonged to them and they were pissed.
     "Watch your fucking mouths!" Lance screamed as he took out
an axe handle and swung it at them.  He caught one of the low-
lifes on the side of the head cracking his skull like an almond.
The dude went down and his buddy was next.  Lance hit the guy's
knee with the pressure treated wooden handle smashing it then
spun the stick around and hit him right on top of the head.  He
dropped like a sack of rocks and Lance stomped them both to death
with his boot.
     Laughing, he next checked out the old run down buildings
which surrounded the area and systematically searched each one.
He was about to just forget about it and leave, when he
discovered an appetizing redhead hiding in one of the structures.
She was concealed under some boxes but Lance's thermal senors
picked her up and he pulled away her cover and snatched the bitch
up off the floor.
     Lance threw her to the middle of the building near some old
tables and stripped the young lass of her alluring clothing,
leaving only sexy undergarments on the bitch.  He couldn't wait
to get a piece of her ass cause she looked so fucking good.
"You're going get it now, bitch!  I'm going to give you a cock so
big you'll split like a banana!" he yelled to her right in the
girl's lickable ear.  He pushed aside her string panties a saw a
tight slit covered by a tiny red bush.  He fingered the woman to
loosen her up and licked her belly button at the same time.  He
tore off her bra and panties and slipped his dick into her pussy
and fucked her rough for an hour while squeezing and playing with
her nice breasts.  Once the girl was thoroughly raped and
fondled, Lance wanted to punish her for looking at him.  He
punched her in the head, dazing the pretty little bitch, and then
he looked around for a bottle.  He found one and walked back to
his soon to die female prey.  The bottle was half filled with
smelly urine and he poured it onto her face so she would wake up.
His efforts were successful and the sexy whore regained her
senses to a certain degree.  Lance then rammed the bottle up into
her pussy as far as it would go.  She groaned in pain as Lance
kissed her on the mouth and put his tongue against the inside of
her cheeks.  He soon got tired of french kissing her and dragged
the lady atop an old table which was nearby and placed her on her
stomach.  He tied her wrists and elbows together with nylon rope
and fastened the loose end to the two front legs of the table.
Then he tightly secured her ankles and knees to the back legs of
the table with electrical wiring.  Lance made sure to spread her
legs wide apart for easy access to her dual inputs.  She was on
all fours with her ass facing Lance.  He didn't gag her because
Lance wanted to hear the bitch's screams of pain when he started
to torture her.  He remembered that the bottle was still fully
inserted into twat and then Lance got an idea.  He took out a
hammer and hit the girl's cunt breaking the glass inside of her
pussy.  She shrieked in severe agony as the broken shards sliced
into her vaginal walls drawing blood.  Lance quickly positioned
himself so he was laying on the table under the bitch in a sixty-
nine type way.  He then opened his mouth and let her blood drain
from the bitch's sliced cunt into his gullet and he drank her
life juice like a vampire.  A little bit of pussy mucus was mixed
in with her blood for an added surprise.  He stayed in the same
place for a few minutes until Lance had engulfed enough of her
red oxygen liquid to satisfy his appetite.  She screamed
endlessly in pain bringing such joy to Lance.
     Then he jumped off the table and stood directly behind her
big, tender butt.  He kissed and licked her plump ass and then
Lance grabbed her shredded pussy and squeezed it so the broken
pieces of glass would dig deep into her twat walls causing even
more pain than ever.  He laughed at the suffering bitch who lay
before him tied and in anguish and then Lance whipped out his
cock and put it up her ass.  He could only buttfuck the girl
since her pussy was filled with pieces of sharp glass.  She
groaned and whimpered in torment as Lance fucked her up the rump
nice and hard to increase the amount of penetration.  At the same
time, he continued rubbing and squeezing her pussy, being sure
that the all the broken, razor sharp glass fragments severed her
pussy walls and caused massive internal bleeding.  Lance raped
her tight butt for awhile and soon came in her ass and pulled out
his throbbing dick.  "What do ya' think of that?" he jokingly
asked the trembling whore.  He grabbed her panties off the floor,
cleaned his dick with them, and then gagged her with the cum
stained garment.  He shoved it down her throat and taped her
mouth shut.  He wrapped the tape over her mouth and around the
back her head and kept wrapping it around and around, stretching
her skin like rubber and preventing her from making a sound.
"Stupid whore!  Time to die!" Lance yelled at her while he
clubbed her thighs with a metal pole.  She tried to scream but
could only whimper because of the thick multiple layers of tape
which surrounded her mouth and head.  Half an hour later, after
continuously striking her thighs and calfs with the metal pole
and he was sure that all the bones in her legs were shattered,
Lance untied the slut and threw her back onto the dirty wood
floor.  He walked over to her and stomped on the female's already
severely mangled legs.  The girl's face and attractive body were
covered with sweat and she was full of terror as she imagined
what Lance was going to do to her next.  He grabbed her tits and
sliced them apart with a big single edge razor.  After that,
Lance let the girl bleed some more until she was at the verge of
death.  Lance spit on her face, hit her in the gut with an iron
pan and then grabbed her tiny neck.  She begged for mercy with
her eyes since she was gagged and could not talk but Lance just
broke her neck like a tree branch.
     Just then four tough guys appeared from the outside and
challenged Lance.  "What is this crap, can't a man have a little
fun." he jested.
     "I'm not laughing." said the biggest of the group.
     "Well I am, you fucking piece of shit!" yelled Lance as he
sweep kicked the whole group taking them down effortlessly.  He
then poured acid on their bodies and they all screamed in hellish
fury as their skin burned right off.  Smoke bellowed and filled
the building as they died is the most extreme of pain.
     But suddenly a 3 meter goliath entered the structure.  He
was apparently a nomadic warrior.  Lance wondered what he was
doing on the planet.  The giant nomad, with amazing strength,
lunged at Lance taking him down with a spear like maneuver.
Lance was slightly dazed but un-harmed.  The warrior began
striking him with a spiked weapon but his shield protected him.
The nomad weighed in excess of 318 kilograms but Lance used his
raw strength to lift up and toss aside the huge alien.  They both
got to their feet and engaged in a fierce hand-to-hand contest.
They were evenly matched but in the end Lance had a speed and
strength advantage allowing him to eventually defeat and kill the
titanic drifter.
     Lance smiled and then walked out of the structure.  Once
outside, he got in his car and powered up its weapon systems.
Lance took aim at the cluster of buildings and fired a missile at
them, blowing up everything.  He drove away and as he passed the
body of the girl who he had raped outside, Lance saw an old man
fucking her chilled corpse.  He laughed, accelerated and headed
away from the area while trying to think of what to do next.
     He was driving through tall grass and it was beginning to
annoy him because of the decreased visibility, but then Lance
came upon a dirt road.  He altered his course and picked up the
crude roadway.  He traveled down it for about ten minutes and
then saw a bunch of people standing in the middle of the dirt
street about a hundred meters ahead.  He slowed down and zoomed
in with his weapon targeting system.  Lance discovered that there
were eight people, all with automatic weapons facing his
direction.  He approached them and stopped, and one of the dudes
yelled for Lance to get out of his car.  Lance told him to fuck
off and the small crowd opened fire on his vehicle.  Lance didn't
even bother turning on the VM shield and the bullets ricocheted
off his armored auto.  The group continued firing and all of the
shells were deflected by Lance's hood and windshield creating an
array of sparks.
     After a few minutes of continuous but futile shooting at his
car, Lance selected a 30mm gatling gun and it materialized on the
SEEIC on top of his car.  He fired, and the super high speed
shells ripped right through the eight humanoid targets cutting
them to pieces instantly.  The bullets shredded them with ease
cutting the fools down like weeds.  Lance laughed and started
driving again after the amusing shootout.
     A few minutes later he came upon an ancient colony transport
ship.  Lance circled the huge rusting frigate, and his thermal
imagery scanners detected several lifeforms inside.  He pulled
over and got out and wanted to investigate.  Lance entered the
immense space vehicle and looked around.  He walked toward the
front cockpit control center and once there, found that the door
was jammed so he kicked it down.  Once inside the cockpit, Lance
found a sexy young girl shuddering on the floor.  "Don't you look
delicious." he said as his dick hardened in sexual anticipation.
     Lance grabbed the bitch and bound her hands behind her back
with piano wire, and secured the young girl's ankles with duct
tape.  Around her sultry neck Lance fastened a spiked collar
which was connected to a leash and he pulled it roughly.  The
maiden's clothes were already torn and tattered giving easy rape
access for Lance.  He turned the bitch around so her ass was
facing him and her face was against the wall.  Then Lance grabbed
her waist to steady the female as he slipped his rock solid cock
into her moist twat.  He forcefully raped her with deep rapid
thrusts and she looked quite amusing as the poor young girl was
brutally assaulted.  Lance fucked the helpless woman harder and
harder until she was thrown forward, smashing her head on the
metal wall of the colony transport every time he pumped her
deeply and Lance laughed.  The whole time Lance fucked the bitch,
he yanked and pulled on the leash, humiliating the girl and
treating her like a worthless animal.  After twenty minutes of
continual degrading sexual violation, he pulled out his cock and
rammed it into her bruised ass.  He buttfucked the amorous,
seductive bitch as hard as he could and squeezed her hardening
breasts each time he penetrated her sensitive anus.  Lance soon
got tired of that, and fucked her in the pussy again, and after
roughly fucking her for about fifteen minutes, he yelled out in
extreme pleasure, and shot his goo straight up her split vagina.
After he came in her tight pussy, Lance licked her and then very
slowly slit the bitch's throat with a razor sharp Bush Master
2000 knife.  This caused amazing pain as the blood oozed from her
neck, and the red stream gradually increased with every painful
centimeter while he slowly moved the blade across her tender
flesh.  Blood then gushed from her slashed artery as he finished
the incision, and the woman flagellated around wildly in total
agony.  Lance grabbed her shiny reddish hair and yanked it back,
holding her still as the helpless bitch spent the last moments of
her futile existence in incomprehensible pain as blood poured
from her throat.  Minutes later, once he knew she was dead, Lance
cut open one of her enlarged, smooth breasts, and ate the inside
of it.
     Lance chuckled when he looked at her desecrated corpse, then
he left the control room.  He walked to the other end of the
craft, looking for the other people which he had detected
earlier.  Lance could not find anyone else and got sick of
looking around.  He left the transport ship and got back in his
car.  He activated the weapon system and fired his Quantum
Particle Disrupter at the huge grounded ship and within seconds
it was reduced to a small pile of steaming ash.
     He then drove around and performed sweeping sensor scans of
the area.  About twenty minutes later Lance came upon a group of
homemade structures built with outdated machinery.  His thermal
imaging scanners detected a large group of heat signatures
approaching his vicinity.  Suddenly a bunch of kids started to
throw big rocks and stuff at his car.  A magnetic shield
automatically formed around his vehicle which protected Lance and
his wheels from anything the kids threw at him.
     Then the carcass of a bloody beaten young girl smashed down
on the hood of his car.  Lance looked up and saw that she was
dropped off a four story building by some kids and her frail body
folded up into a ripped ball of flesh and colorful guts as it hit
his shield.  The magnetic screen around his car wasn't even
damaged in the slightest so Lance laughed and got out of his
flawless, unscratched vehicle.
     Lance looked around and was surrounded by many youths.  He
quickly accessed the Nova9 Database with his implanted computer
interface and discovered that the dissidents on N-12 have been
procreating and their offspring formed gangs and go around
plundering each other and having bizarre sports events such as
boxing and wrestling matches.  Lance laughed but the group of
kids moved in.  He unsheathed his ninja sword and was preparing
to fight hand to hand when suddenly one the of kids spoke.
     "Wait, wait, he's a big mother fucker, let's see just how
tough he is."
     "Oh?  What did you have in mind?" Lance queried.
     "A wrestling match.  The rules are simple.  You compete
against five wrestlers we have captured from a rival gang.  We
were gonna torture them to death, but this seems like a better
idea.  If you win, you may join our posse."
     "Five?  Is that the best you fuckers can do?" said Lance.
     "Heh heh...I like this one." replied someone from the group
of kids.
     They led Lance into a large building inside which was a
custom fabricated ring.  He climbed into it and performed some
stretches, preparing for combat.
     "Let's do it!" shouted Lance as he flexed his unfathomably
large muscles.  A few minutes later, five captives from another
clan were led in and he eyed them.  Five kids, all with various
weapons and different ages.  One, a skinny little fuck, carried a
pair of steel nun chucks, a classic martial arts weapon.  He
offered zero problems.  Lance also saw a rather large and
muscular bitch.  Her weapon of choice, a metal bo staff.  Three
remained, one kid, not even armed, thinking he was bad shit, a
large dude with two butterfly knives, and lastly some slender
fifteen year old with a spiked bat.
     All five entered the larger than average ring and looked
scared after seeing the immense, monstrous Lance.  Suddenly the
skinny but tough kid rushed Lance swinging his steel nun chucks
around rapidly and tried to strike him.  Lance easily dodged the
attack and the child ran into the ropes surrounding the ring.
Lance grabbed the stupid kid by his ankles and uppercutted him
right in the crotch.  Now screaming in pain the dude fell to the
mat and Lance kicked him in the side of his head fracturing his
skull then tore off the teenager's legs with ease.  Blood gushed
from the enormous wound and Lance kicked the rest of the
adolescent's body off the ring and threw the dismembered legs on
top of it.  One of the other guys then attacked Lance and he spin
kicked the fool in the throat crushing it.  The dude fell to the
blood stained mat and Lance stomped on his face smashing the poor
fellow's skull like an aluminum can.  Then the overconfident
muscle bitch swung her metal Bo staff at Lance's legs.  The blow
tripped him and his massive body fell to the mat.  She then
attempted to strike his skull but using cat like reflexes Lance
rolled out of the way and jumped back up.  She then tried to hit
him again and Lance grabbed the staff out of her hands.  Then he
rammed it into the girl's mouth shattering her yellow stained
teeth, and forced it down her throat.  She remained alive but
couldn't breath and was in extreme pain as Lance twisted and spun
the metal pole which was now in contact with her intestines.
Tears soon covered the slut's pretty face as a look of
unsurpassed terror formed on her mug so Lance stabbed out her
eyes with a lit flare incinerating the tender lady's face in the
process.  "I hope this doesn't hurt much, you fucking bitch.
Time to die!"  He released the metal stick, stepped back and
executed a hatchet kick on the upper tip of the Bo staff.  The
impact was so hard that it forced the pole all the way through
her and it tore out of the girl's tasty twat after ripping
through her pants.  Then Lance pulled forward on the rod which
cut and split her to shreds ending the young woman's life with
ease.  The remaining two chaps, one with the twin knives and the
other still wielding a spiked bat, were going to attempt to beat
up Lance.  The kid with the knives ran toward Lance with
surprising agility only to be met by a huge steel reinforced
spiked boot which stopped the dumbshit in his tracks.  Lance then
grabbed the stupid teenager by his hair and yanked the punk off
the surface of the wrestling ring mat.  The kid screamed with
pain so Lance punched him continuously in the balls until the
fool ceased his cries of agony.  He tore the kid in half and
poured gas inside of the dude's lifeless shell and lit it.  The
body burst into a colorful array of yellowish flames and Lance
could hear all the blood and juices sizzling inside the kid's
dissected body.  Upon seeing this monstrositic behavior, the last
surviving juvenile tried to escape but Lance tripped the kid and
he crashed to the blood covered mat.  Then Lance smiled and
started striking the kid on his back with a chain.  He hit the
child so many times that the dude's shirt ripped into bloody
pieces.  After the guy's back was severely damaged and bloody,
Lance took out a scalpel and began slicing the poor hooligan's
skin right at his spinal cord.  Unfortunately, the kid was still
conscious and had to endure the incredible agony as Lance slit
him all the way down his back.  Once the incision was complete,
Lance dug his fingernails under the kid's skin and began to peal
it off like a fruit roll up.  The pain was too much for the young
punk to comprehend, but Lance made him stay awake with high
powered amphetamines.  Soon, all the skin was pulled off and
Lance imbedded several M-1000 firecrackers into the fleshy meat
which was below the now removed skin layer.  He then spit on the
bloody back and lit the fireworks.  The mini-bombs exploded
tearing the dumb adolescent's muscles into beef jerky which he
then ate as a before lunch snack.  The guy just shook with
torment beyond imagination and Lance reached down and slowly
ripped out the guy's spinal column which contained his spinal
cord, and smashed it.  The kid died at once for some reason,
which was disheartening to Lance so he just giggled.
     Lance did a back flip out of the ring and landed in front of
the others who had been watching the entire time.
     "Now that was entertainment!!" they all said.  "Jesus dude,
who the fuck are you?"
     "Just your average sociopathic killer." he joked.  Suddenly
Lance heard screaming and he turned to look.
     "Look at this, some bitch and her boyfriend from clan
Isodose invading OUR turf." said one of the kids.
     "Let me take care of this." Lance said.
     "Hey man sure!" the gang leaders told him.  Lance walked
outside to find a sexy bitch struggling against her captors, a
few members of Lance's new gang.  Her boyfriend was being held
not many meters away.  Lance walked up to her and groped the
     "I'm Lance, a new member of this gang.  You are trespassing
on our turf, and it's time to pay."
     "New member?  Prove it." yelled the female juvenile
transgressor.  Lance smiled and punched the feisty bitch in the
jaw.  She fell to the ground and he jumped on top of her, tore
off the screaming bitch's clothes, and raped the slut right in
front of her boyfriend as she cried for help.  As Lance plunged
his cock in and out of the fresh chick, her angry lover, now
released, tried to attack him.
     "What the fuck are you doing?  Can't you see I'm busy?  You
stupid mother fucker!" Lance said to the hot-tempered child.  He
then continued his torturous sexual assault on the awesome
looking punk girl.  Everyone just laughed and cheered Lance on as
he fucked her.  The lowlifes formed a circle around them and
chanted 'fight, fight, fight' then began to kick the girl in her
ribs and head.  The raped girl's fiance rushed at him with fists
clenched so Lance quickly stood up and punched the guy in his
stomach.  The dude crashed onto the hard pavement and groaned in
pain.  The poor man then threw up blood and mucus right into the
face of his woman and she screamed as the ghastly liquid spewed
out of his mouth onto her flesh and silky hair.  "Shut the fuck
up whore!  No one was talking to you!  Besides, I'm not finished
with you yet!" shouted Lance as he leap onto the girl and raped
her even more violently and roughly than the first time.
     After a few minutes of ultra hard humping, Lance busted a
huge nut inside her, got off the slut, and stood up.  Some other
guys grabbed the girl's arms and dragged the violated young bitch
out of sight.  Screams of pain and suffering then began and were
coming from the direction where the girl was dragged.  The noise
came from the poor maiden as four guys and two girls happily beat
her to death with bats, chains, and huge rocks.  They were all
getting off on this sadistic ritual which had been performed many
times to randomly chosen females and they looked at each other
every once in while, drooling.  The six of them soon got so horny
that they couldn't stand it anymore and whipped and beat each
other after the raped girl was hacked and mutilated to death.
     Back where Lance was, he was laughing at the shrills and
screams of ecstasy from the six kids who beat the young girl to
death as they raped and caused pain to each other.
     "So what is your gang called, anyway?" Lance asked after a
moment of silence.  The leader, a 19 year old male walked to
Lance and had to look straight up since he was only a scrimpy 5
foot 6 inches tall.
     "We are called Mass Pain."
     "Cool man." replied Lance.  "Well, it's been fun, but I
gotta get going.  Before I take off, check this out."  Lance then
used his neural interlink and beamed the sexy tanned body of the
bicyclist out of the transporter buffer.  She had been in storage
since he picked her up a few days ago.
     "See this bitch?  Now watch this."  Lance threw the whore to
the dirty asphalt and ripped off her spandex biking shorts.
Lance then took out a pair of nunchucks and fucked the poor lass
with them.  She groaned and Lance kicked her mouth knocking all
her teeth out.  The girl screamed and spit up blood so he pulled
his ninja weapon out of her twat and wrapped the chain around her
neck.  He then yanked on the chain and flipped the woman over his
shoulder painfully and gracefully snapping her spinal cord and
neck like a twig causing almost instant death.
     "What you think you can just leave?  You are part of our
posse and must undergo the right of passage."
     "What right of passage?" asked Lance.
     "You have to hang with us for a few days as we raid other
     "Sorry, can't do that.  Time is of the essence."
     "You ain't leaving man.  Bottom line."
     "Shit, bottom line this, fucking punks!!"  Lance used his
utility necklace and replicated a Pyrotech ultra 5 plasma flame
thrower.  He torched the entire crowd and the building quickly
caught fire.  Flames were everywhere and the kids screamed out in
the most horrid of agony as their bodies were roasted.  The fire
promptly went out of control and engulfed everything including
Lance.  His shield protected him, and all the kids died either
from the flames or smoke inhalation.  Lance smiled, walked out of
the flaming building back to his car, and was preparing to get in
when he saw a girl and a guy kissing each other near the blazing
building.  "What the fuck is this?" said Lance aloud.  He walked
toward them, hidden in clouds of smoke, and could hear them
talking using his enhanced senses.
     "Oh Jack, the flames, the screams of pain, it turns me on."
said the young woman as she caressed her lover.
     "I'm sure it does, Rita.  But let's....wait, who the fuck is
that?" said Jack pointing to Lance.  He began running toward the
couple and did a flying side kick on Jack's head knocking him
silly.  Rita screamed and jumped on Lance's back and put him in a
crude head lock.  He laughed and flipped the bitch over his
shoulder.  He prepared to rape her when Jack, surprisingly, got
to his feet and pulled out a type VIII plasma pistol.
     "Oh no you don't." said Lance.  He kicked the weapon from
Jack's hand then chopped him to pieces with a sword.  "Now back
to sweet, sweet Rita." he said.  Lance grabbed her, she was still
dazed, and walked to an adjacent building.  It contained a
basement and he threw her into it, following close behind.  Lance
looked around and found several horizontal support beams.
"Perfect!" he said.  Lance quickly stripped her and slapped her
around a bit.  Then he took out some rope, looped it around a
beam, and tied it to Rita's wrists.  He pulled up the slack
lifting her about a foot off the ground.  She cried in pain as
the rope dug into her flesh and put strain on her arms.
     "No, please....please don't." she said as Lance undressed.
     "Whatever bitch."  Lance pulled out a candle and lit it with
his Zippo lighter.  Once the flame was nice and big he waved it
in front of Rita's eyes.
     "What are you going to do?!" she pleaded.  Lance laughed and
slowly moved the lit candle closer and closer to her.  She began
to scream out for help and begged him not to hurt her.  But Lance
didn't give a fuck.  He wanted to give the bitch pain.  Make her
pay for being so sexy and a teasing little cunt.  He placed the
tip of the burning candle directly below Rita's left nipple.  She
at once bellowed in agony and the ultra intense pain flowed
throughout her body as the flame seared her sensitive flesh.
Tears streamed down her face and she shook and quaked in anguish
all while screaming louder than Lance had ever heard.  He held
her still by the waist and continued burning her nipple.  It
started to turn black and he could smell the wonderful odor of
roasting human skin.  Rita now just trembled, she was in pain
unimaginable.  Lance removed the candle after her nipple was
completely destroyed.  Her entire naked body was covered in sweat
and she moaned and sniveled, her mind trying to block out the
sweet agony.
     Suddenly some people entered the basement apparently after
hearing Rita's screams of agony.
     "What the fuck is going on down here?" shouted a small group
of males.  They walked down the stairs.  Lance quickly hid in the
shadows and said nothing.
     "Please help me.  Please." Rita managed to whimper.
     "Ha, ha, ha!  Look what we have here.  The infamous Rita,
pyromaniac galore." said one of them, a muscular 23 year old.
     "Please cut me down.  There is a psycho in here." she said.
     "Oh no, we aren't cutting you free.  It's payback time for
when you burned our house down last week.  You guys, go find some
gas.  I'll stay here with this bitch."  The other four males
promptly departed.  Lance moved around in the damp, dark basement
until he was behind the guy.  He took out his half sword, razor
sharp and stained with blood then started running toward him.
"What the fuck!" the dude said.  He turned around just in time to
see Lance slice him in half.  The two pieces fell to the ground,
blood pouring out.  Rita screamed again as the four other dudes
came back with cans full of gasoline.  Lance spritzed them with
his Mega' Blaster cutting them down and the high speed bullets
ignited the flammable liquid.  It exploded and they all died
instantly.  Lance then sealed the entranceway with a force field
which was projected from his utility necklace.
     "Now for more fun!" he said to the shocked Rita.  Her only
means of escape having been eliminated.
 "Fuck this shit." he said and tossed a dagger at her catching the
cunt in throat.  She gasped for air and he ran towards her and
performed a thrust kick into her chest.  The blow broke most of
her ribs and he pulled out the dagger and stabbed her 38 times in
the face and gut.
       Even after all the great fun on the dissident planet N-12, 
Lance wanted to head back home. He opened a stargate and traveled 
through it back to Acropolis.  He docked with the Pillage and once 
on board made his way to the bridge.