The Lance Saga - Daughter Death

Daughter Death

     He drove toward a downtown restaurant and on the way there,
Lance noticed a man stealing some sexy blonde lady's purse.  The
man hit her, and she toppled to the ground and the guy kicked her
in the face before running off.  Lance laughed and pulled over to
check this cunt out.  She was bent over and was getting back on
her feet, and had on a pair of very tight faded jeans as Lance
approached.  He stopped the car, got out, and bumped her on the
ass knocking the woman down again.  Then he smiled and helped her
get up by grabbing the sexy whore's firm thighs and pulling the
beautiful woman to her feet.
     "Get off me, creep!!" she screamed.
     "What the fuck did you say, bitch??"  Lance pulled her jeans
down, took off the sexy whore's shirt, and cut her panties off
with a razor.  Then he ate her out, and pulled her pants back up.
After that, Lance felt her tits and sucked on the bitch's
sensitive nipples.  She cried out for help and a small group of
hoodlums came running over from across the street.
     "What is going on here?" one of them said after seeing Lance
roughly fondling the young miss.
     Lance laughed at the pussys.  "What, you think you can stop
me?" Lance asked them.  They all pulled out switchblades and
begin to walk toward Lance.
     "You should have minded your own business.  Now you're gonna
pay." one of the men said while waving his knife back and forth.
     "Oh really, I'll take you all on." Lance retorted.  One of
the guys rushed him, and Lance grabbed the dude's arm and threw
him over his shoulder as if he was a bag of feathers.  Then he
crushed the man's throat with his boot as if he was stepping on a
potato chip.  One of the thugs threw a balanced knife at Lance
and he just chuckled as it bounced off his shield like a rubber
bouncing ball.  "Is that the best you fools can do, you dumbfuck,
dicksuckers?"  Then two ruffians suddenly rushed Lance
synchronously.  He jumped in the air and gracefully performed a
double axe kick, killing both of them instantly as the spikes on
his boots punctured their skulls and mangled their substandard
brains.  The ripped corpses of the two thugs fell to the ground
and Lance landed in between.
     "Holy shit, he just killed Frank and Tommy!"
     "Yes, it appears I did.  Ha, ha, ha!  So, who's next, huh?"
Lance said.
     "We're gonna kill you dead!" they screamed, wanting to
avenge their two friends death.  One of the hoods pulled out a
glock but Lance grabbed it and smashed it across the fucker's
skull then spun around, pulled out a knife, and rammed it right
into his chest.  The blow drove completely through his breast
plate and plunged into his heart causing immediate death.  Lance
yanked out the blade and pummeled to death another of the small
group with the metal handle.  One remained and he turned pale
with fear.
     "Not so tough now, huh?" Lance asked him.  The banger pulled
out a wad of cash and tried to give it to Lance in exchange for
his life.  He smiled and ripped off the guy's arm, took the
money, shoved it into the hooligan's mouth, and slit his throat. 
He died quickly much to Lance's pleasure.
     Lance laughed and turned around to find the bitch using a
cell phone.
     "Hey pervert, I've got a surprise for you."
     "What's that, cunt?" he said, just as a cop car pulled up. 
"Aw man." Lance sighed.  "Bitch, you called the cops on me?"
     "Yeah cause you're a sick fuck." she told Lance.  Two cops
got out of the cruiser and walked up to him.
     "There was a sexual assault called in, ma'am, are you okay?"
     "Actually I was the one who called the cops, this bitch
tried to suck my cock." Lance joked.  The pigs were not amused
and wondered why the girl's clothes had been torn off and dead
bodies of the gang members lay on the sidewalk.
     "We are taking you in to the station for questioning." the
officers informed Lance.
     "Yeah that's what you get, bastard." shouted the girl,
apparently proud of her quick action.
     "No I don't think so." Lance replied while smiling
     The lawmen tried to pull out their weapons but it was too
late.  Lance severed their arms with his ninja sword.  They
thundered in agony as blood drained from their exposed and cut
brachial arteries.  He then performed a perfect spin kick right
into both men's skulls knocking them to the ground.  Afterward he
took a lead filled PVC pipe from his pocket and pummeled them to
death with it.
     The young girl, having witnessed all of this, couldn't
believe her eyes and began screaming again.  He grabbed the cunt
and taped her mouth shut then threw her into his car after
handcuffing her wrists and ankles.
     Lance got into his super vehicle as well and resumed driving
while his victim, full of fear and in bondage, stared at him in
disbelief.  He wanted to save her for later so he filled the
car's cabin with knockout gas rendering her unconscious.  The gas
didn't affect Lance as his biomechnio shield filtered it out. 
Once she was fully subdued, Lance vented the gas.
     A few minutes later he detected a disruption using his sonic
enhancers.  The noise came from within a tall fancy building.  He
parked and went inside the structure to investigate but was met
by two huge security guards who were blocking the inner entrance.
     "I'm sorry, no civilians allowed beyond this point." grunted
one of the muscular guards.  Lance could hear what sounded like a
girl groaning as if she were having sex.  Then he heard a loud
smack and the girl screamed.  Several other voices, at least two
males and one female were also detectable by Lance's bionic
sensor implants.
     "Get the fuck out of my way, you dumbshits!  I wanna' see
what's going on in there." 
     "No civilians allowed, tiny!" they shouted at Lance right in
his face.
     "What the fuck did you say?!  Nobody talks to me that way
you stupid fucker!"
     "Gee, like I'm really frightened now." said one of the
foolish sentinels in jest.  He reached behind his back for a
weapon and Lance laughed.
     "Your obsolete weapons won't hurt me."  Lance said and
ripped off the guy's arm.  "You two have fucked around with the
wrong guy today, I assure you!"  He kicked them in their balls
and hit the side of their heads with a solid steel pipe.  The two
guys cried out in pain as their skulls cracked and Lance
uppercutted their chins.  "You guys have smelly breath.  I'll fix
that." Lance said and sprayed acid into the mens' faces.  They
hollered in pain as the acid burned into their soft flesh
exposing the muscle and bones underneath.  "How do ya like that,
huh?  It doesn't hurt too much does it?  Ha, ha, ha!"  The one
guard, whose arm Lance had amputated bled to death right there. 
The remaining guard crawled away shrieking in torment.  Lance
laughed and went through the door.  He saw an elevator at the end
of a long hallway and walked toward it.  Along the way a woman
exited from a side door and saw Lance.
     "Who are you?" she said.
     "I'm a maintenance worker, someone reported an elevator
malfunction." Lance replied.
     "That's strange, it was working fine just fifteen minutes
     "Come here and I'll show you what is wrong."
     They both walked to the lift and once there Lance smashed
her face into the metal doors breaking her nose.  Blood poured
from the wound and she cried out in pain and surprise.  Lance
then pulled off her pants and underwear and held her against the
elevator door while ramming his fully hard cock into her ass. 
She screamed in terror as he thrusted deeply, drawing blood.  She
struggled and tried to break  away from his savage assault but
Lance held her still by the back of the neck.
     About 5 minutes later Lance finally orgasmed far within her
tight asshole and pulled out.  He grabbed her panties off the
floor and used them to clean his member then rammed an ice pick
into her skull piercing her malleable grey matter and causing an
almost instant but hideous death.
     Quite satisfied, at least for a fleeting moment, Lance
pressed the elevator call button but nothing happened.  He
pressed it again, still nothing.  Lance pressed the button
repeatedly hoping it would make the elevator get there faster. 
Just then a man in orange clothes walked up.
     "Sorry, the elevator is out of order." he told Lance.
     "What?  No way."
     "Yup, it was just called in on my cell phone.  Apparently
it's stuck on the 13th floor."
     "Well how many floors are there?" Lance asked.
     "One hundred not counting the penthouse."
     "I see."  Lance suddenly performed a spin kick catching the
maintenance worker on the side of the head.  He went down
clasping his fractured skull.
     "Ha ha ha!" Lance laughed while looking at the bleeding
dullard.  The man, still alive but in extreme pain took out his
before mentioned cell phone and tried to call for help.  Lance
stomped on his hand breaking it and the phone device.  Then he
forced open the elevator doors and threw the man to his death as
he was impaled on a large spike that just happened to be at the
bottom of the sub level shaft.
     Lance smiled and opened the door to the stairs.  "A hundred
floors, man fuck this." said Lance aloud as he activated his
personal transporter.  He beamed himself into an air duct above
the penthouse on the 101st floor, the location of the sounds he
had detected.
     Lance crawled through the air conduit until he came to a
vent.  He looked down through the metal screen and it appeared
that he was atop a bedroom of some sort.  Lance listened
carefully, but did not hear any more screams like what he heard
in the lobby.  He switched on his thermal sensors which enabled
him to see through walls and discovered four people at the other
side of the huge apartment.  He proceeded toward them but soon
came to an impasse in the air tunnel.  Lance crawled back to the
vent and unscrewed it.  Then he lowered himself through the
opening and onto a big water bed which was in the center of the
room.  He quickly found the door and went into a long hallway. 
The people he detected earlier were at the far end of the hall
and he silently traveled in that direction.  Lance soon reached
the last room at the end of the passageway and he could now hear
the same voices which he heard before.
     "Tell us where the money is, you bitch!" a female shouted.
     "Go fuck yourself, Barbra!  You'll never find the dough, and
I'm not going to tell you the location." said what sounded like a
young girl.  Then Lance heard a loud thud and the girl that just
spoke moaned in pain.  Barbra slapped the shackled girl eight
more times and spit on her bruised face.
     "You will tell me the location of the cash you stole from
us!  Tell me now!"  Several more thud type noises then echoed
through the wall to Lance and he figured they were beating the
girl in order to extract information from her.  "You will surely
die if you fail to tell us what we want to know." a stern male
voice said.
     "If you kill me, you'll never find it."
     "A good point, my pretty young daughter.  Then we will
slowly torture you until you are in so much pain and the only way
you will have to ease the pain will be to give us the coordinates
of our bread."  Lance heard a whip crack and the young girl who
was being questioned screamed and suffered.  "How does that feel,
bitch?  You want some more?"  The sound of the whip traveled to
Lance's ears like a wonderful song and the noise of the girl
groaning in pain gave him an instant erection.  He leaned back
and sighed in ecstasy as the whip cracked multiple times, landing
on the beautiful young girl's palpable flesh, easily slicing it. 
The woman's tortured groans of extended agony echoed inside
Lance's ears as he listened intently.
     Sweating and disoriented, the girl begged for her life. 
"Daddy, please don't hurt me.  I need that money.  I swore I
wouldn't reveal its location.  Not even to my own father."  A
tone of genuine fear was in her voice and Lance couldn't wait to
hear what happened next to the bitch.  Lance was also curious
about this situation, and it appeared that the father and three
other people were beating up his own daughter to find out were
she hid money or something.  This was a very interesting
predicament and Lance didn't want to interrupt until the outcome
of this interrogation had been unraveled.
     "You leave me no other choice." the father said to his
frightened daughter while her restraints were tightened, cutting
off vital blood flow.  "What do you all think we should we do to
her?  Should we beat the shit out of her now, or rape her and
then beat the bitch's brains in later?"
     "Rape her raw right now!" said an enthusiastic male voice
from the other side of the room.  "Put this hot poker up her
tight ass.  It'll be quite painful but not at all fatal."
     "Good idea." said the girl's pure evil father.  "Give me the
poker and I'll do it myself.
     "No, dad!  Please don't do it!" begged the young pretty
     "Shut up bitch!  You brought this on yourself.  Now for
pain!"  Lance heard footsteps and assumed the guy was moving
toward his daughter.  They released her arms from the leather and
chains and bent her over.
     "NOOO, PLEASE STOP!!!" she screamed.  Her words were cut off
and replaced by cries of agony as the poker was shoved into her
ass.  She shook and trembled as the searing hot metal fried her
anus in seconds.  They twisted the poker, ripping her insides
apart and pushed it farther in.  Now in extreme pain, they began
to rape her and beat her again with the whip.  Lance couldn't
help himself and began masturbating.  The girl's cries of torment
brought Lance's nut gushing in less than 20 seconds and he
groaned.  "What the fuck was that noise?" hollered the father. 
Lance decided to make his presence known and punched out the door
and stepped into the room.  He at once looked over at the
tortured sweating young girl who had passed out from the intense
burning agony of the hot poker which was still lurking deep
inside her ass.  A large man was bent over her and was slamming
her pussy with his hard cock, while a second male continuously
beat her with a large whip.  The dude who was fucking her
suddenly saw Lance and his jimmy went limp pretty fast.  The man
with the whip disappeared into the shadows of the corner.
     "Get em'!" the father screamed.  The big guy put his pants
on and tried to attack Lance.  He cut off the guy's penis and
balls, and stuck them into the man's mouth while stabbing him
with a twin-bladed knife.  Then he forced the dagger into his
neck and turned it a full 360 degrees killing him almost
     "Jesus!" said the surprised father.
     Five husky men then entered the room from a hidden portal
and approached Lance.
     "Who are you???  Nevermind, my guards will dispose of your
silly ass."
     "My name is Lance, and your guards are of no threat to me, I
assure you."
     "Oh, is that right?  We'll see about that!  Get him!"  One
of the tough men tried to put Lance in a sleeper hold.
     "This ain't a wrestling match you stupid ass fuckhead!"
Lance said as he grabbed the guy's arms and pulled them off. 
With the fellow's own arms he beat him to death.  Then the four
other dudes all rushed Lance at once.  Lance simply stood still
and the guards just bounced off his shield which dazed them all. 
"Nice one, guys!"  Lance unsheathed his surgically sharp Samurai
sword and swung at the four men easily severing all of their
heads simultaneously.  "Ha, ha, ha!  What do you think of your
big, bad guards now?  Hand over your daughter right now and I'll
kill you quickly." spoke Lance to the father.
     "My god, what the fuck are you??"
     "Let's just say I'm not your ordinary mass murderer."
replied Lance calmly.
     Suddenly the father refocused.  "No, get back or I will kill
her!"  The parent took out a gun and put it to his child's
unconscious head.
     "Ho, hum.  Come now!  You think you can stop me!  I'll
fucking waste you both!"  Lance pulled out his 12-gauge gatling
assault cannon and aimed at the father-child duo.  "Good-bye!" 
He fired, and a tenth of a second later both of their bodies were
shredded into piles of bloody bits.  The room lit up as the
shells exploded out of the rapidly spinning multiple barrels
mangling them even more.  Lance kept firing, although they were
quite dead, until the remains were unrecognizable.
     Lance then remembered the coward hiding with the whip and
looked in the corner of the room and saw him.  "Gee, I wonder if
there is someone hiding over in that corner?"  Lance threw a
grenade at the man blowing him into tiny pieces as the shrapnel
hacked into his body.  Then Lance heard footsteps and he turned
around.  Barbra was running down the hallway away from Lance and
toward the elevator.  He shot her in the back with his M-16 just
as the lift doors opened and her bloody dissected body fell into
the car.  Lance walked that way and stepped over her mangled
corpse and got into the elevator.  He went back to ground level
and was about to leave when one of the door guards, still alive,
grabbed his foot.  Lance stomped on the man's hand crushing it
then dragged his body out to his car and put it under one of the
rear tires, head first.  He then jumped into his car, and
savagely peeled out right on the man's skull burning off his
scalp and pummeling him to death as the super tough tire dug into
his body ripping it apart.
     The sexy handcuffed cunt was still in his vehicle hoping
Lance had forgotten.  He hadn't, and was merely distracted.  But
his attention was now on her and it was time for fun.  He cruised
around attempting to find a suitable location for his sadistic
activities.  Soon Lance came upon a large wooded area and
detected no one else in the vicinity.  He parked and exited his
car dragging the bitch behind him.  Her pants where still down
and she had no shirt on.  Lance laughed and once out of sight
dropped her on the grass and removed the tape from her mouth.
     "What are you going to do to me??  I'm sorry I called the
cops, I was just scared." she pleaded with him.
     "Yeah right fucking cunt.  I'm gonna pound you with my cock,
bitch." Lance said with a sick smile.  She started screaming for
help but there was no one within ear shot.  Lance slapped her
across the face then rammed his huge cock into her tight pussy
and began thrusting immediately.  She cried out again only to
have Lance grab her hair and wrench her head back and forth as
his continued raping her now bleeding cunt.  His cock was so
immense that her pussy tore and she just moaned in pain already
submitting to his dominance.  He grunted heavily, fucking her as
hard as he could.  He suddenly busted a nut and filled her
quickly with semen.  Leaving his cock inside her Lance began to
man handle her nice medium sized breasts.  Tears covered her face
which was contorted in agony.  He took out a straight razor and
ever so slowly sliced away her areolae and nipples.  She began
screaming loudly at the new sensation of sweet suffering but he
ignored her.  Once both nipples were removed he ate them and
licked the large amount of blood that began oozing from the
wounds.  Lance then french kissed her with blood all over his
lips.  She tried to bite his tongue in a last ditch effort to
escape but it was fruitless as all tissues in and outside his
body are fully protected from injury.  She continued resisting so
Lance stopped kissing her and finally pulled out his cock was
still rock hard.  It was covered in her plasma and he shoved it
into her mouth, then slit her throat as she gagged on his member.
Blood pumped out for at least a minute while he held his cock in
her mouth.  Soon she died and he shot one last load down her
throat then yanked out his cock and left the fresh corpse laying
under a beautiful tree on the green dew riddled grass.