The Lance Saga - Missing Persom

Missing Person

     Suddenly someone approached Lance's window.  He looked over
and it was an obese woman carrying flyers in her hands.  "What
the fuck is this?" Lance thought as he rolled down the window.
     "Hi.  A local girl has recently gone missing and we are
handing out these flyers describing her in case anyone has seen
her.  Please take one." the fat female said while handing Lance a
white piece of paper.
     "Who the fuck cares?" he replied as Lance put a lighter to
the paper burning it.
     "What are you doing??  Have you no compassion?  Have you no
feelings or caring?"
     "As a matter of fact I don't." said Lance as he thrust open
the door knocking her to the ground.  As the woman attempted to
recover Lance pissed on her pudgy face.  Then he pressed his boot
against her throat and easily choked the woman in about a minute.
She of course thrashed about and struggled but it was no good
next to the amazing strength of Lance.  Once she was dead he
picked up her flaccid corpse and stuffed her fat ass down the
storm drain where the rats could gnaw on her body.
     Lance then went for a walk around town.  As he was walking a
couple dudes began following him.  He smiled and slowed down.
The guys caught up with him and asked if he had any pot.  "Oh
yeah, I got the endo.  Come with me." he said and walked into an
alley.  The two fools followed him and once out of view of the
general public Lance pulled out a huge serrated knife.  He
quickly spun around and stabbed it into one of the men's thighs.
From the resistance of the blow Lance knew it had stuck right
into the bone and the guy cried out like a girl.  Still holding
the knife handle, he twirled his huge leg around and caught the
other dude on the side of the face taking him down with ease. 
Then he yanked out the dagger and repeatedly jabbed the remaining
fucker in the gut and finished the attack with a devastating
round-house blow to the mid-chest.  Lance crushed both their
heads with a gigantic steel pipe and spat on their fresh
     Laughing, Lance walked out of the alley and continued his
journey.  He soon came upon a pimp beating up on one of his
girls, a cute dark haired lady.  He walked over to them and
pushed the pimp out of the way and grabbed the girl's breasts. 
"What the fuck is this?" screamed the pimp, pulling out a knife. 
Lance let go of the girl and grabbed the knife from the dude's
hand and stabbed him in the kidneys then shoved his silly ass to
the ground where he quickly perished.  The girl starting yelling
so he cut her throat then raped her as she bled to death in his
arms.  Once that was complete Lance threw the bodies into a
dumpster and kept walking.
     A few minutes later he noticed a suspicious man rushing into
a building across the street.  Curious, Lance went over to
     He approached the multi-floor structure and all the windows
were boarded up.  He walked to the entrance, a large wooden door,
which was locked from the inside, so he kicked it down and
stepped through.  The place smelled rancid and was run-down,
apparently it was abandoned.  Using his optical sensor implants
Lance located the man and went to where he was at.  The guy
looked nervous and Lance stepped out of the shadows to confront
the dude.  The man panicked and stepped back.  To Lance's
surprise he saw a bound and gagged girl laying on the floor
completely naked, and recognized her as the missing girl in the
flyers the fat woman was handing out.  She was bleeding and
bruised and appeared to have been beaten and tortured.  She was
laying on her side and her skinny, sexy body looked hot, and
Lance noticed a large wooden block shoved up her pussy and a
metal bat stuck up her ass.  She was wearing a tight dog collar
attached to a leash and her breasts, thighs, ankles and knees
were tightly tied with thick black rope.  Her wrists were secured
behind her bloody, sore back with shipping tape and in her mouth
was shoved a rubber plug fastened to leather straps which were
tied behind her head.  Her entire body was covered with burn
marks and cuts, and Lance got horny looking at her.  "You've been
up to no good, little man." he said to the sick kidnapper.  The
guy pulled out a 9mm and fired at Lance.  The bullets were
absorbed by his shield and Lance lunged at the male and grabbed
his throat.  He dragged him in front of the female captive and
she looked up with innocent eyes, hoping that Lance would save
her.  He let go of the man and he fell to the ground.  "Get up,
you piece of shit.  She isn't even dead yet!" said Lance while
looking at her.  She began to cry and Lance would have none of
that and wiped the tears from her face.  Then he reached down and
grabbed the dude by the throat again and this time crushed his
neck making sure she watched.  The girl just cried again and
Lance tossed down the dead body then looked at her.  She groaned
in pain as blood dripped from her sweet nose and lips.  He slowly
walked toward the 15 year old light brunette female, his cock
growing extremely rigid.  She tried to move and wiggle away but
was too weak to offer resistance.  Lance knelt down and licked
some blood that had pooled on her lower thigh then ran his tongue
meticulously up her leg, passed the tight rope which was digging
into her flesh, across the side of her ribs, over the edge of her
left breast and to her cheek.  She turned her head in disgust but
he gripped her chin and forced her to face him as he sucked and
kissed her ears and cheeks.  "Bitch, if you think what that
stupid amateur did to you was rough, wait till I get done with
your pretty little ass.  You'll wish I had never found you.  By
the time I get done with you it'll take more than dental records
to identify your broken, twisted corpse."
     She began to weep and shiver in fear and Lance just laughed
and laughed while caressing her.  He pulled the wooden block out
of her sore pussy and threw it down.  "First we gotta clean you
up.  But I don't have a hose so I guess I'll use my piss." said
Lance as he took off his pants.  But he had an erection and
couldn't bring up any urine.  "God damnit bitch."  Lance laid her
down on the dirty floor and began raping her abused cunt.  Her
pussy had been stretched by the wooden block and wasn't very
tight and Lance would make her pay for that.  He fucked her hard
for about 5 minutes then pulled out and grabbed a tarnished razor
blade off the floor.  She shivered in fright as Lance waved the
blade in front of her face.  He then suddenly slashed her across
the tits slicing them open and fatty tissue spilled out.  She
groaned in pain and Lance cut up her stomach and arms.  He cut
off her nipples and ate them like candy then sliced off her pussy
lips.  Since her pussy was so loose, he wanted to fuck her in the
ass.  He turned her over on her stomach, took out the metal bat,
and replaced it with his throbbing love muscle and buttfucked the
stupid bitch.  She whimpered in pain; Lance's cock was much
bigger than the bat.  He ass raped her real rough and pounded in
and out of her, grunting the entire time.  She continued
whimpering, unable to resist his sadistic rituals.
     After awhile Lance shot his seed up her tight butt and
pulled out.  Not yet satisfied, he grabbed a bottle off the floor
and broke it with his boot.  Then he further crushed up the
pieces until they were nice and small.  He took off the
shuddering woman's gag and shoved all the pieces of broken glass
into her mouth and forced her to eat it.  He moved her jaw up and
down and the glass shards dug into her flesh cutting her
horribly.  He made sure to grind the glass into her cheeks and
gums.  She cried and tried to spit out the sharp pieces of bottle
but Lance held her mouth closed.  Blood poured out from between
her sweet lips and the girl shook and shuddered in agony.
     After a few minutes Lance finally let go of her mouth and
she spit up tonnes of blood and tried to eject the shards from
her gullet.  Lance then used pliers to rip out her tongue and ate
it.  Now bleeding profusely, she was near death.  Lance poured an
accelerant all over her body and lit it.  She burst into a wall
of bright yellow flames and screamed in pain.  She died in
torment and her body was completely incinerated from the super
intense heat.