The Lance Saga - Movie Theater Mayhem

Movie Theater Mayhem

     Lance left the store and continued his trek.  Soon he came
upon a movie theater and walked in.  He bought a ticket for an
action flick and made his way to theater 10.  Along the way he
went into the bathroom.  There was someone in one of the stalls
and Lance could smell shit.  "Hey man, your shit stinks!" Lance
said to the chap.  The mister didn't respond.  "You deaf?  I'm
talking to you!" he yelled.  Lance forced open the stall door and
saw a puny man taking a dump while reading a newspaper.  He side
kicked the fool right in the face smashing his head back against
the cement wall.  Lance grabbed his head and shoved his face into
the shit filled toilet then rammed his Bushmaster knife into the
man's kidneys killing him swiftly.  Lance rapidly departed the
stinky washroom and went to the theater.
     Once inside, he took a seat midway down the isle.  A few
minutes later two loud mouth males entered and sat down several
rows back from Lance.  They were chatting and running their big
fucking mouths.  Then to Lance's pleasure two hot chicks came in
with their boyfriends and sat directly in front of him.  He would
definitely have his way with them after the movie.
     Soon the lights dimmed and the movie came up, and after some
annoying previews the feature presentation started.  But the two
males behind Lance couldn't keep their mouths shut and were
yapping.  He tolerated it for a few minutes but they just
wouldn't shut up.  Lance got pissed and yelled at them.
     "You guys wanna shut the fuck up?" he said.
     "What?  Was he talking to us, I can't believe the nerve of
that  guy.  Whatever."
     Lance got up and walked over to their seats.  "Yeah I was
talking to you.  I said shut the fuck up."
     "Man fuck you dude." was their come back.  Lance wrapped
piano wire around one of their necks and viciously strangled him.
The thin wire dug into his flesh drawing blood and he died
quickly.  "Oh my god!!!" the remaining fuckhead screamed.  Lance
drove his knife into the man's belly killing him almost at once.
He then walked back to his seat and watched the rest of the
movie.  But it was boring so Lance grabbed one of the cute girls
in front of him and threw her down in the middle of the isle and
raped the bitch.  Her friends tried to help her so Lance blasted
them with XT/F-40 bullets from his Mega' Blaster.  He then
continued to rape her tight little box.  It felt so good and
Lance slapped the crap out of her while pumping with his huge,
thick cock.  Soon he ejaculated and pulled out.  Lance let the
excess cum dribble onto her chin then pummeled the girl to death
with his spiked Bushmaster knife handle.