The Lance Saga - Marriage


He left the area hastily and tried to decide what to do next. He walked into a small neighborhood and looked for cunts. After strolling down the street Lance saw a guy and girl who appeared to have just been married since the bitch wore a beautiful white gown and the guy, some dork, dressed in a tuxedo. He also noticed many people crowded around and a limo waiting. Lance smiled and quickly approached the gathering. He eyed someone taking pictures with a top quality Minolta digital camera and got a great idea. He could take pictures of the bitch in various stages of her rape and torture after he killed everyone else of course. The couple looked so happy, and Lance saw her parents who glowed with excitement. He walked right up to them who were startled by his brisk appearance.
"Hey your daughter is cute, I think I'll rape and torture her. What do ya' think of that?" Lance said to them.
"What?? What are you saying and who in the hell are you? Why would you do such a thing?"
"It helps me relax." Lance replied while suddenly taking out a saber and ramming it into the father's throat. Blood spewed forth from the incredible gash and both his jugular and carotid arteries were severed. His wife, some sexy cunt, screamed in shock as blood continued spraying out and it soon covered her even though the man was now deceased. Lance grabbed her hair and ripped several handfuls from her scalp then punched her in the stomach with brass knuckles no less than ten times. She fell to the ground easily knocked silly from his assault.
Suddenly the other people who just moments ago were filled with joy saw Lance's actions. There were only a few of them, one being a big weight lifter. Enraged at the death of his female friend's father the man lunged at Lance. He performed a spin sweep kick tripping the large man who fell to his back on the hard cement driveway. Lance then activated the hidden spikes on his Nike "Everything Proof" quadtanium combat boots and stomped the man right in the gut impaling him. The dude cried in pain as his organs had been perforated. He perished from loss of blood and Lance kicked him in the face just for fun. The bride and groom screamed as their wedding day was destroyed by Lance, a sadistic monster with no remorse. He materialized his Mega' Blaster and blew away everyone else except for them and the mother who still lay dazed on the ground.
"No please, do not hurt us!!" pleaded the groom. He then abruptly grabbed his new wife's arm and tried to pull her into the limo. Lance, having the reflexes of a cobra, kicked the car door closed on his hand with extraordinary strength shattering it. The wimp shrieked in agony and Lance shot the limo driver to death just in case he thought about splitting. Now that the husband was incapacitated Lance turned to the wife. She was hot with long straight brown hair, nice sized tits and a wonderfully small, firm ass. He tore off her gown leaving only bra and panties.
"Yeah bitch, this is my wedding present! A present of agony, which is all you'll get, stupid fucking cunt!" Lance yelled at her then grabbed the digital camera from the bullet ridden family friend. "Okay now look pretty for the picture!" he joked. She screamed and spit at him in defiance then tried to free her husband's hand as if he would actually be able to stop the 575 pound Lance. Her efforts were unsuccessful as Lance took a couple more pictures. Then he made sure her husband was watching as he yanked down the bitch's panties, threw her against the hood of the limo stomach first, bent her over and drove into her snatch. She screamed, still a virgin and was hoping that her husband would be the first to feel her sex. But it was not, it was Lance and it was painful as his cock was thick as hell and harder than steel. He pounded her with thrusts of pure rage, or were they of pleasure. There's no difference. She grunted with each plummet as did Lance, her moans were of pain, Lance's of pleasure. He began to bang her face onto the hood of the car until she was busted wide open and bleeding. After a few more minutes of his evil rape Lance blew a wad up her snatch and suddenly removed his cock. He turned her around and licked the blood from her forehead then sliced away her bra and cupped her breasts. She sobbed as cum oozed from her battered pussy and wasting no time he tore off both her nipples with vise-grip pliers. She screamed in pain and blood immediately flowed from the wounds. Lance then turned to face the groom who had been watching the entire time. "Are you enjoying the show?" he joked. But the bitch's mother, even with multiple fractured ribs, managed to crawl up to Lance and grab his ankle. "What do we have here?" he said as he looked down at her. The cunt tried to speak but instead of words the only thing that came from her mouth was blood. He laughed and the woman's daughter, stark naked and gripping her mutilated breasts, tried to assist the fallen cunt. Lance waited till the daughter was kneeling down attempting to comfort her only remaining parent then stomped on the mom's throat crushing it like a peanut shell. She thrashed as the stupid cunt asphyxiated and he laughed out loud and kicked her already broken ribs. The daughter bellowed in shock and collapsed onto her dead mother's corpse. Lance stood back and took a couple wide angle shots making sure to capture the bride, groom, and dead mom with the high resolution camera.
"NO!! Why are you doing this!!" the bride screamed. But all of a sudden the groom, having finally freed his mangled hand, used his other to grab a tire iron and tried to hit Lance in the face. Lance dodged the attack after noticing the futile attempt and rammed the guy's face through the tinted limo rear window. Glass shards sliced his head all up and Lance laughed as blood poured out.
He then turned back around to the daughter who was in shock and still hovering over her mother's carcass. "You bitch, time for more pain!!" he said as he grabbed her neck and picked her up. "Your mother is dead, it's over, it's done, old news, forget her." Lance joked.
"You bastard!!" she screamed now seeing her mutilated and bleeding husband who was laying dazed on the trunk of the limousine. Lance saw that the bride was losing a lot of blood and took some more pictures with the digital camera making sure the lighting was good. She suddenly swatted the camera from his grasp attempting to fight him off. Lance quickly grabbed the device, removed the smartmedia memory chip, put it in his pocket, then bashed her across the face with the camera shattering it. He then punched her in the crotch causing her to scream in pain as her vagina was badly damaged from his prior brutal rape. She ceased her restraint at once so Lance took out a razor and sliced open both her wrists. Blood sprayed out and he smiled as she looked at the massive wounds unsure what to do. She was bleeding all over the place and Lance executed a spinning side kick into her stomach and she flew back landing on top of her husband on the trunk of the limo. Lance took out some thick rope and strangled them both at the same time. He held the rope tight for at least five minutes until he was sure they were both deceased then stepped back and torched the whole scene with a flame thrower.