The Lance Saga - Mallrts


Lance next wanted to go someplace where he knew there would be pretty young teenage girls wearing skimpy clothes, begging to be tortured. He scanned the vicinity and discovered a large structure up the road. He drove there becoming excited.
Along the way someone started tailgating Lance. Something he would soon regret. Lance noticed the piece of shit who was right on his bumper. He even speeded up but the dude wouldn't ease off. Furious, Lance slammed on his antigrav brakes stopping his chariot almost instantly. The guy behind him plowed right into Lance's car. It of course caused no damage to the Cheetah but the man's vehicle was smashed. Dazed, the fellow got out and was all pissed off. Lance got out as well and the man approached him.
"You totalled my car asshole!!" he shouted. Lance smiled at the fucker then kicked him right in his knee with a blow so powerful the kneecap shattered.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed the dumb piece of shit while clasping his ruined leg.
"That's right mother fucker!" yelled Lance as he then bashed him in the face with a baseball bat. Next he tripped the fool who was now bleeding profusely and the guy dropped to the ground on his back. Lance took out his ninja sword and chopped off the dude's legs severing his femoral arteries. Near death, the man just groaned in agony and Lance laughed then spit on his face. Red plasma pumped from his leg stumps and massive head injury and Lance snapped the person's neck with a quick twist causing sudden death.
He got back into his car and continued driving. A few minutes later Lance saw a sign which said "Hill View Regional Shopping Mall".
"Yes, this will do!" he said aloud. Lance pulled right up in front of the mall near one of its multitude of entrances. The building was immense, three floors with tonnes of shops, places to eat, and lots of girls. It seemed quite busy as the parking lot was filled.
Lance parked in a handicap space and got out. But all of a sudden a sexy brunette cunt said he needed a parking pass or it is illegal to park there.
"You are right, it is illegal, and so is this, fucking cunt!!" yelled Lance as he ripped off the bitch's pants, threw her down, and raped her. She screamed for help but in less than a minute he was done as the over stimulated Lance ejaculated prematurely. He continued thrusting while punching her in the face with his spiked gloves. His orgasm finally finished as the last bit of jizm shot up her snatch and he laughed at her suffering. Her face was totally bloody and her teeth had been knocked lose. She snivelled in pain but the uncaring Lance simply spat on her, then he took out some rope. "That's right, bitch!!" he screamed at her in anger. Lance then placed her on her stomach and sat on her back pinning the cunt down. Then he abruptly wrapped the thick poly twine around her neck and yanked it tight instantly. Full of surprise and bleeding from his assaults she didn't notice at first. But within seconds realized what was transpiring. She tried to gasp but could take in no oxygen. Lance pulled tighter and smiled as she quickly began to perish. Tears started to flow from her brown puppy dog eyes. But crying won't make Lance stop. He has no compassion or feelings. No caring, or emotion, only a bloodthirst driven by a sadism so severe it consumes him. Overpowering his will and being, and he must constantly indulge it. Her face turned blue and brain swelled. Lance could feel and sense her rapid pulse, a fear response. But it was too late, a minute later her pulse slowed, then stopped, she was dead. Lance's cock, again hard, found its way into her ass as he anal raped the corpse. After cumming, he pulled out and stood up.
Looking around to make sure no one saw him, he re-dressed then made his way up a sidewalk to the entrance. Immediately to his left were some wannabe cool guys smoking cigarettes. "Don't you know that causes cancer?" he told the fools.
"Whatever man." replied one of them. Lance instantaneously pulled out his razor sharp eight inch hunting blade and with three quick motions sliced the man into pieces.
"What the fuck!!" screamed his companions, overwhelmed with surprise. Lance spin kicked another member of the group taking him out effortlessly. The dude flew to the ground, his skull fractured. Then one of the remaining two males attempted to hit Lance with his elbow, something he apparently saw on T.V. in some action movie. Lance parried the useless assault, and punched the mother fucker in his nuts with brass knuckles. He screamed like a girl and doubled over in pain while Lance simultaneously karate chopped him on the back of his neck killing the guy instantly.
"It's just you and me." Lance said calmly to the remaining chap.
"Hey man, I don't want no trouble." he said to the immense, nearly eight foot, five hundred seventy five pound Lance. He was about to kill the man, when a mall security officer walked up and saw the bodies and blood.
"What is going on here? What are all these corpses?" said the cute twenty six year old brunette.
"Nothing, bitch." replied Lance as the last surviving wannabe tried to escape on foot. Lance dashed after him with incorporeal hastiness but the man was faster than he looked. The security guard also joined the chase which ended abruptly as Lance caught the fool and slit his throat. Blood pumped out like a waterfall and he died in less than a minute. Lance dropped the dead body to the ground, smiled, and turned to face the sexy mall sentinel. She couldn't believe her eyes as blood continued to pour from the dead man's gaping throat injury. "Your turn, cunt!" he yelled at the young girl. Lance grabbed her and pushed her to the ground then stomped on her stomach. He bent over and was preparing to rape her when a group of weight lifters surprised him, picked him up off the ground, and threw Lance about two meters. "What the fuck!" he exclaimed but Lance quickly recovered and stood all the way up.
"Holy crap!" they said after realizing just how colossal Lance really was. But they were no shrimps themselves, with huge rippling muscles and multiple striations. One of them suddenly tried to put Lance in a bear hug. He laughed and using his elbow struck the mother fucker in the temple nearly cracking his skull. He went down clenching his dome. Now helpless, Lance smashed a cinder block on his head then stomped on his crotch. He died from massive head injuries. That left two dudes who started to get scared, and they hesitated instead of attacking Lance. Using the split second advantage, Lance performed a straight punch into one of their chests using his spiked gloves. The blow punctured the unlucky man's lungs and broke some of his ribs. He screamed out in pain and Lance next sweep kicked him. Leaving him to die Lance focused on the last remaining muscle man. "Look dude, let's just forget all this, I'll leave and you can go about your business." Before Lance could reply the security guard recovered and pulled out a pistol. Lance laughed and turned to face her.
"Hold it right there!" she said. Lance walked toward her and she discharged the weapon. The bullet ricocheted off Lance's armour suit and hit the muscle dude in the head killing him instantly. "Oh my god!" she said as Lance knocked the gun from her grasp, grabbed her hair, and dragged her to an adjacent building that was still under construction.
"Stupid fucking bitch!!" he screamed at her. She was hot, with long curly brown-blonde hair, small to medium tits, and a nice little ass. She was pretty tall too, at least six feet. She struggled against Lance but he was just too strong.
Now that they wouldn't be interrupted it was time for fun. He ripped off her shirt leaving only a black bra. Lance cupped and toyed with her tits and nipples and she groaned. But she was starting to come around and began fighting him. "We can't have any of that." Lance said to her. He could practically smell her fear and the woman's eyes grew big as she realized the predicament she was in. Lance grabbed her arms and forced them behind her back. He then secured her wrists with poly rope which dug into the skin. Lance also put some rope through her mouth and around the back of her head. He was already hard as shit and couldn't wait to pound her with his cock. He pushed her onto her back and she began crying but Lance merely slapped her face with evil intent. He smiled showing his perfect white teeth, something Lance rarely does. He then tied her ankles to either end of a piece of PVC pipe to ensure she would not be able to escape and to spread her smooth thighs and fairly muscular calfs. But he forgot to take off her khakis. "God damn it!" yelled Lance, even though it was a simple matter to remedy. He took out his ultra sharp box cutter and began slicing away her pants. He was careful not to cut her as that was for later. Once completed, she lay before him in panties and bra, trembling with fright. "Yeah bitch, this is gonna be fun. Well, for me anyway. Unless you are into that sort of thing." Lance said while smiling and knowing full well she couldn't reply because of the rope gag. She shook her head, pleading, begging for him not to do it. "What's the matter, cunt? You don't like pain? Do I even give a shit what you like or don't like? You're nothing to me. A piece of meat, a lump of clay that needs to be molded, and it won't be pleasant, I assure you." She began to cry, never in her life did she think this would happen. A sadistic man with no compassion or remorse standing over her tied, helpless body, about to do only what she imagined in her worst nightmares. She could see his erection, his huge cock practically tearing through his pants. "I'm done talking, bitch. It's play time." Lance looked around the unfinished building for tools to aide him in his endeavors and soon found a cordless power drill. He grabbed it along with a circular saw and strolled back to his waiting victim. Lance took the drill, attached to which was a nasty looking carbide tipped bit, and placed it on the bottom of the girl's left foot. She became frantic and thrashed against her bonds but they held tight. He gently squeezed the trigger and it began to move, faster and faster. He pressed it against her foot flesh and it at once tore its way into the meat. She screamed into the gag, the pain was immense. Lance pulled the trigger to maximum and the hum of the drill became hypnotic. He kept pushing it into her foot until he saw blood pour out with pieces of shredded flesh. She was in extreme pain and Lance repeated the process on her other foot. Blood was everywhere and she just wept, her body and mind submitting to Lance. Both her feet were now destroyed and he laughed at her.
Lance removed her panties and bra and observed her sexy, bound body. He took out two alligator clips and placed one on each of her fairly large nipples. The cold metal dug into her breasts causing a new sensation of torment. She yelped at the stinging, burning pain and Lance squeezed the clips as hard as he could until they dug completely into her nipples drawing blood. He then slapped her several times and yanked her hair. But Lance was horny so he quickly undressed and shoved his cock into her pussy. He was so fucking hard and pumped with, until now, unseen intensity. She cried and moaned as he violently raped her with his steel like prick. It was so big and her flesh began to tear causing wave after wave of agony. He thrusted deeply and, taking hold of the alligator clips, ripped them off shredding her nipples into nothing but bleeding stumps. She was way beyond simple pain and Lance was surprised she didn't pass out. He continued fucking her bleeding, ripped pussy until finally ejaculating. It felt so good and he yelled out in pleasure then suddenly pulled out. Lance once again took out his handy box cutter and began slicing her tits. He made a zigzag cut across her right breast further mutilating it, then made several gashes to her left mound. Once they were completely ruined, Lance severed them completely nearly exposing her ribs. Blood covered her chest and he loved it, as a little extra cum dribbled from his cock.
Now he had one last thing to do, but first he removed her poly rope gag. Then he grabbed the circular saw and plugged it into a nearby extension cord. Lance walked up to her and knelt down. She couldn't believe it was happening, her mind almost unable to accept the reality of the situation. Lance turned on the saw and it's ripper blade spun to life. He then slowly moved it closer and closer to her bleeding pussy. She could feel it cutting the air and then without warning he shoved it right into her snatch. She roared in pain, louder than Lance had ever heard, well probably not, but it seemed like it. He pressed the saw into her flesh and it sliced right through it. He keep pushing, ripping her apart, shredding her soft, warm flesh. Blood pumped out of the long massive wound. Lance cut her all the way, and moved the saw up toward her chest, ripping through her stomach, then her rib cage, eviscerating her while she was still alive. She convulsed, covered in her own innards, then finally died from the sheer agony and loss of blood, mouth gaping open, tongue protruding, and eyes wide in fear. Lance released his grip on the saw and stood up.
She lay before him utterly mutilated and his evil deed was complete. Her body was motionless, the life force gone. He was getting ready to leave the empty building when a construction worker appeared and told Lance he was trespassing. The obese hired hand was carrying a double big gulp filled with a nameless soda and suddenly he saw the young girl's body from afar.
"Hey, what's that?" the guy said, not able to fully take in the circumstance. Lance tossed a tarp over her corpse as the laborer approached.
"Oh that's nothing." Lance spoke attempting to cover his tracks. The employee walked up and Lance smiled.
"What's under the tarp?" the man asked him.
"See for yourself." Lance removed the canvas revealing the disemboweled, beaten and raped young woman's body. The worker spit out his mouthful of soda and started choking.
"Heh heh!!" laughed Lance. He grabbed the man's arm, steadied him, then with vicious power straight kicked him in the chest. He flew back and fell down, ribs sticking out from under his shirt. Lance walked over to where he landed and looked down as his fat, portly body. The man was in extreme pain and breathed heavily, attempting to fill his punctured lungs with air. Lance, using his godly strength, picked up a one metric tonne drum of cement and threw it down onto the worker's body. He was crushed like a blueberry pancake causing instant and a very messy death. Lance laughed and walked out of the construction zone back to the mall entrance.
A small crowd had gathered wondering why there were dead bodies laying on the ground.
Lance materialized a 7.62 millimeter minigun and blasted the group with bullets. They were instantly ripped into shreds. Lance then walked into the mall (that took long enuf). It was huge, the perfect place to act out sadistic impulses and urges to hurt.
After passing through the doors Lance saw a lighted map of the various shops. He looked at it carefully but suddenly some teenagers walked up and butted right in front of him. "What the fuck is this crap?!" he yelled at them. Lance grabbed one of the kids, a 15 year old male, and threw him aside then took out his versatile ice pick. "Time for pain!" he said as Lance rammed the pick into another of the teens, some bitch, impaling her through the kidneys. She screamed in shock then Lance shoved the ice tool into the back of her neck causing a painful and almost instant death. Meanwhile, the young guy he had thrown down bounced back and tried to leg sweep Lance. His foot collided only with Lance's protective C-particle energy shield. Lance whirled around while at the same time taking out his billy club. Then, using his momentum struck the kid on the side of the head with lethal power. The juvenile fell to the ground dead with a horrendous open skull fracture. Brain matter oozed out and Lance stomped it with his spiked boot. The two remaining teens, a male and female screamed after witnessing Lance's actions. He grabbed the dude and rammed his face into the plastic map shattering it. The young guy fell back, stunned and Lance crushed his head between his bear like hands using brute strength. The girl, some 16 year old sexy little bitch, tried to escape but Lance grabbed her hair and yanked hard whipping her down onto the solid marble floor. She banged the back of her head but the blow was not fatal much to Lance's enjoyment. He leapt on top of her, ripped off her pants and raped the cunt with his blood engorged cock. He put his hand over her mouth so she could only whimper as he pillaged her. Lance thrusted deeply, ripping her open easily then he pulled out a medium sized knife and proceeded to stab her repeatedly in the stomach and chest. He forced his rod into her as far as it would go but she was near death from blood loss. Just as he started to cum Lance slit her throat. Blood sprayed out for an instant then stopped and her life was over.
Laughing, Lance replicated a new set of 100% synthetic stain and odor resistant clothes then walked into the main area of the immense mall.
The first thing he saw was a large circular recreation area where many young children played. He also saw lots of parents, mostly females with strollers and other odds and ends. He walked up to an adolescent mother.
"What, did you have a kid when you were thirteen or something?" he joked.
"What did you say? Mind your own business." she retorted.
"Hey take it easy, I'm just making conversation." Lance replied.
"Get lost loser." she told him.
"What the fuck did you say, bitch??" Lance grabbed the cunt's hair and roughly yanked it, pulling her forcefully to his side. But the girl's boyfriend walked out of a nearby music store and saw the menacing Lance man-handling his woman.
"Bobby, please help me!!" she screamed as Lance put his hand down her pants and fingered the stupid little fuckmeat.
"Hey get off her!!" screamed Bobby who came running over. Lance removed his hand from her shorts and threw her down then commenced kicking her violently in the ribs. The boyfriend reached them seconds later and tried to hit Lance with a closed fisted assault. Lance simply ducked then with fluid motion grabbed the man's nuts, crushed them, and ripped off his cock. The guy screamed in pain, his manhood destroyed, and Lance laughed then stabbed him in the belly with a sharpened tree branch. Still alive the guy begged for mercy. Lance simply laughed and proceeded to savagely rape his girlfriend as he watched, bleeding profusely and near death. "No, please stop! Don't hurt her!" he weakly spoke as Lance thrusted intensely.
"I don't think so, stupid fucker. Besides, what are you gonna do to stop me?" Lance said. Suddenly a thick muscled weight lifter walked up with short spiked hair and a precisely groomed goatee.
"I fight you!!" he screamed at the immense Lance. He pulled out his cock, redressed and stood up, towering over the dense man. Swiftly the man tried to punch Lance in the ribs. With bones unbreakable, he just laughed then injected a high powered poison into the muscle man's bicep. Surprised the dude stepped back then became woozy and soon expired. Lance took off his pants and reinserted his cock into the fucking cunt and proceeded to rape her viscerally.
Lance laughed as he pillaged the helpless maiden but she was loose and had apparently been fucked many times. He thrusted rigorously and slapped her face. Lance then tore off her shirt and bra and mutilated her breasts with a pair of scissors. He snipped off both her nipples and jabbed the sharp instrument into the meat. She roared in pain as blood started flowing out. Lance suddenly decided she was too lose for him to enjoy raping her and yanked out his cock.
"How many guys have you slept with, cunt??" he asked her. She did not respond and merely lay on the ground crying. "I'm talking to you!!!" Lance screamed. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up to her feet. Lance then struck her with awesome power right in the stomach with his knee. She gasped for breath as he watched and laughed.
Lance roughly threw her down to the ground again making sure she landed on her stomach. He got on top and ever so slowly pressed his cock into her ass. It was ultra tight and appeared she had never taken it in the butt before. This pleased Lance and the head of his enormous cock quickly parted her sphincter and then slid right in causing her lots of pain which was of course his intention. She barked and grunted at this sadistic and evil penetration of her rear orifice and Lance began pumping her ass violently. He grabbed her head and bashed it into the marble floor just as he started to cum and continued to do so until he saw grey matter. When she died her ass griped him even tighter but not by much considering the muscles were torn open. He pulled out and looked over to discover hey boyfriend Bobby still alive and the man passed away seconds later.
Lance laughed and stood up, but just then mall security guards walked over after noticing the carnage of the mutilated teenagers near the entrance and the bloody corpses at Lance's feet.
"Excuse me sir, we'd like to ask you a few questions concerning all these dead bodies."
"Oh? I killed them all. No questions need to be asked."
"Please come with us." they said as Lance smiled. The guards led Lance into a back room holding area. Once through the door he tripped the largest of the sentinels and the clumsy fool fell down where Lance proceeded to beat him senseless with a lead pipe that happened to be laying on the floor. The other guards, now flabbergasted, pulled out batons and tasers. But suddenly from another room walked a young girl who had apparently been strip searched by two female guards who held her by both arms. Lance triple spin kicked the remaining guards taking them down with ease then kicked in a door and swiftly entered it taking the young cunt and the two female guards with him. He then erected a force field at the door so no one could enter during the subsequent fun activities. The guards outside tried to enter the room but could only observe in shock as Lance began by stripping the two female defenders. They were pretty young, just out of high school, 18, and 19. The other bitch looked to be about 11 or 12. Lance took one of the guard's baton and cracked it across the 19 year old's knee. He easily heard the kneecap crack in two and the fucking cunt shrieked in pain. The other guard tried to put Lance in a headlock so he grabbed her hands and crushed them into mangled digits. He then flipped the now screaming cunt over his shoulder but grabbed her mane mid-way and yanked on it causing handfuls of hair to rip from her scalp. He laughed after releasing his grip and she dropped down before him. She quivered in pain and looked at her deformed hands. With a quick nerve pinch, he disabled the other guard and the young cunt then focused on this 18 year old piece of meat. He kicked her in the stomach and she gasped for air then Lance pushed her onto her chest and wrapped a length of poly twine around her throat and pulled on it digging into the flesh then drove into her twat. She began choking and suffering but he didn't give a fuck and took out an Xacto knife and sliced into her back. He cut large squares then used pliers to extract the meat causing great agony to this fucking whore. She could not scream because of the constricted airway and this pleased him. Lance continued thrusting with long, deep strokes and increased the insertion rate. Soon blood was everywhere not only from her back but also her abused pussy. He smiled and looked over at the four guards who were trying frantically to enter and stop this hideous spectacle. But the high powered C-particle extended force field is impervious to any attack and the surrounding walls were 1 foot thick solid concrete. Lance turned back around and pumped her harder than ever. Just before she died from asphyxiation he loosened the rope allowing her to partially regain consciousness only to once again feel the torn flesh in her cunt and pain from her mutilated back. Lance blew a nut and yanked out his cock to dribble the excess spooge on the back of her neck.
She partially regained her senses and begged Lance to stop, saying that she can take no more. He laughed and started beating her in the face. He bloodied both her eyes, broke her nose and knocked out most of her teeth by the time he was done. She moaned in pain, spitting up blood and the rest of her teeth as he beat her even more. Lance finally stopped when her face was unrecognizable and had gotten hard again. He pinned her down on her back, jacked off, and came on her nice tits. He then finished her off by slowly twisting her head until her neck finally broken ending her misery.
He viciously raped the other two cunts, then stabbed them to death. The other guards were still watching so he fired a rocket at the doorway killing them all, then left the security area and walked out of the mall. No one seemed to notice anything as he left.
Lance jumped back into his omnibus and began backing out of the narrow parking space after having a fun time at the mall. He was taking his time but some jabroni was waiting for the spot. Lance didn't care and went even slower. The dude parked elsewhere but as Lance pulled away the man yelled out that Lance was rude and took too long. He also said something about he hopes Lance's kids weren't as rude as he was. Infuriated Lance slammed on the brakes and jumped out. He walked over to the mother fucker's car.
"What the fuck did you say man??" Lance asked him, but the guy turned chicken. "Nothing. Just chill."
"I don't think so!!" screamed Lance as he yanked the man out of the car and kicked him in the face.
"I'm rude, eh? I'll show you what rude is, asshole." Lance said, suddenly calm but still angry. He grabbed the man's hair and picked him up all the way off the ground. He was a shrimp, less than 5 feet 7 inches tall. While still holding him in the air, Lance took out one of his many knives. This time it was a double bladed ritual knife. He plunged it into the man's stomach and kept pushing until his hand was actually inside the fellow's gut. Warm blood flowed out and covered Lance's arm. Lance just laughed and let go of the dude's hair. He was now being held up in the air by just the knife and the sheer, brutal, inhuman strength of Lance. The man convulsed and choked, gagging on his own plasma. Finally after a minute or two, but an eternity for his victim, Lance yanked out the blood soaked knife dropping the guy. He cleaned it, and resheathed the deadly weapon. The man was still barely alive but would soon expire. Lance placed him back into his car and pushed it into the spot he originally wanted. "See, I'm not rude." he said to the guy, but he was already dead.