The Lance Saga - Innocence Means Nothing

Innocence Means Nothing

     He opened the pantry door and yanked the young girl out.
Lance punched her, and threw the babe to the ground between two
lead bars which were attached to the floor in the corner.  The
tan nineteen year old tried to get up but he quickly turned her
over and wrapped nylon rope around her ankles, wrists, and neck.
He tied the other ends of the nylon to the bars on either side of
her and pulled it taunt causing the girl to become entirely
helpless as she lay face down, plump ass up, on the dirty floor,
an inviting sexual delicacy for Lance.  Her legs were yanked wide
open, and her arms stretched to their limits as he finished
tieing the rope, securing her arms and legs to the metal poles.
Her beautiful, sweaty neck, which was also wrapped with rope,
jerked back as Lance pulled all of the slack out of the other end
and fastened it securely to a metal ring in the floor.  Lance
removed the chicken wire that he had placed around her arms and
legs when he first brought her in, and threw it aside.  He
decided to leave her mouth taped so he wouldn't have to listen to
her screams of agony and torment as he raped, tortured, beat,
burned, pissed on, and dismembered her.  Lance harshly grabbed
her shiny, silky hair and forced her pretty face into the dirt
and grime on the tile floor.  He dragged her face back and forth
slicing and gashing her terribly.  She could only whimper as
blood oozed out of the freshly cut wounds on her head.  Lance
straddled the poor stark naked youngster, and inserted his
hardening rod into her stiff ass.  She moaned, but was forced to
undergo the horrible humiliation and violation as he did whatever
he wanted to her fresh, voluptuous torso and various body
cavities and mucus membranes.  He raped her ass for ten minutes,
then pulled out and pissed all over the girl's bleeding face and
long, tantalizing hair until her upper torso was drenched with
hot, yellow, and smelly urine and kicked the whore in the ribs.
Then he started buttfucking the ravishing shebeast again while
beating her back with a bamboo stick.  Thirty minutes later,
Lance was still bouncing up and down on the chick's ass like she
was a giant trampoline as he held the poor girl on her tender
thighs to maintain balance during his mischievous molestation and
abuse session.  The victim's buttcheeks were flying and wobbling
all over the place each time he pumped and shoved his dick deeper
and deeper into the unexplored domain of her warm, unprotected
anus.  Her smooth legs were painfully forced wider and wider with
each thrust and her skin eventually became so taunt and stretched
that a razor could slice her as if she were a piece of paper.  He
then removed his sore cock and pressed a button on the floor.
The poles restraining the girl's legs rapidly rose up to about
waist level bending and cracking her fragile back.  He stood up,
gripped her on her wet, strained waist, and maliciously jabbed
his dick up her pussy filling it completely.  She jerked at the
intense sensation as he fucked her with unbelievable brutalness,
causing very intense and painful stimulation of her highly
sensitive clit and vaginal lips.  He yanked and pulled her hair
as he fucked her, straining her neck.  He held her head off the
ground using her hair, but then Lance released his grip and the
girl's face slammed down on the solid floor, while he continued
fucking her.  Moments later Lance had a powerful orgasm and
sprayed his goo inside her thoroughly used twat.  Then Lance took
his cock out of her, and shoved barbed wire underneath the bitch
to her luscious breasts.  He forced it under her tits and out the
other side ripping and shredding her nipples and melons causing a
stream of blood to form which slowly oozed from under the fleshly
damsel.  He took the bloody end of the barbed wire and pushed it
into one of her nostrils.  When it reached the back of the
torture victim's throat, he tore off the duct tape on her mouth,
put his hand into her dripping wet gullet, and pulled out the
wire.  He yanked it and ripped her nose all the way to her face.
Blood and mucus spewed from her snout and mouth, so he re-taped
her gullet and plugged up her nose with wax.  Lance cut a hole in
her cheek with an X-acto knife so she could breath and remain
alive during this hideous display of dispassionate torture and
desecration.  He watched the look of extreme agony and terror on
the girl's mangled, bloody face as she slowly drowned in her own
blood and snot, getting closer to death every second.  In about
five minutes her eyes slowly rolled to the back of her head as
she spent the last fleeting moments of her life in extreme horror
and agony as she drowned in her bodily fluids when the blood,
mucus and other secretions backed up inside her throat and lungs.
     Once she was extinct, Lance laughed and violently kicked her
square between the eyes for no apparent reason leaving a deep,
red indentation of his shoe on her tan, dead forehead.  Then he
grabbed the bloody limp body, cut off her breasts, put them in
the fridge, and threw the rest of her into the matter reprocessor
for later replication.  He heard crunches and other distasteful
noises as the girl's body was crushed and shredded by giant
rollers and fed into a set of oscillating drums with spikes on
them.  Her bodily fluids were drained by a powerful suction
device and stored in giant containers as her body was torn to
pieces in seconds when the pitiless machine went into its final
grinding and tearing stages.  Lance laughed again, and began
mopping up the blood, then he put away the ropes and harnesses.
He had enjoyed exploiting, raping, and torturing the innocent
girl, and will soon find another young princess to fill with his
rod and torture.