The Lance Saga - Good Times at the Hyatt

Good Times at the Park Hyatt

     He cruised through town admiring the many tourist
attractions and lovely bitches.  He eventually stopped in front
of an expensive hotel, the Park Hyatt.  He put on his shades,
grabbed his .45, and got out of his car.  He walked toward the
hotel and noticed a seductive red headed hooker wearing a skin
tight leather mini skirt and white tank top.  She was standing in
front of the hotel and was gazing at the bulge between his legs.
The slut approached Lance and asked if he was looking for a date.
Lance nodded in agreement and the two went for a walk down the
street to a cheaper hotel.  They got a room and both entered it,
ready for sex.  At least the hooker was; Lance was ready for
pain, not sex.  There isn't a difference in his twisted mind.
     Once in the room Lance threw her onto the bed and grabbed
her ankles.  He swiftly tied them tightly together with thin
baker's twine.  She protested and Lance slapped her hard in the
face; she continued to complain and he laid down an extra 1000
credits on the table and she shut up.  He turned the bitch over
and tied her wrists together behind her back, then he put her on
her knees and tied her ankles to her wrists, bending her backward
causing pain and making her a total submissive, who needed a good
fucking.  She was startled by this and asked Lance to untie her.
But she was already dead in his mind and Lance ignored her pleas.
He shoved a sock in her mouth and taped it closed with masking
tape which he repeatedly wrapped around her mouth and head.  She
began to cry but he just laughed and put a choke collar around
her neck and attached a leash.  He yanked it, pulling her down
onto her side and then slapped her ass a few times.  Then she
heard a swift sliding sound.  Lance had taken out a pocketknife
and opened it.  He slowly placed it on her thighs, and cut her
with the razor sharp blade.  Thin trails of blood formed and
rolled across the whore's legs and Lance let out a cold laugh. 
Then he slit off her mini-skirt and tank top and threw them
aside.  He began to eat her pussy and the girl looked worried as
he also palpated her tight ass and lower back.  She cried again
which pissed him off so he grabbed her hair and picked up the
bitch's head.  Then using his other hand he gripped the
pocketknife and brought up in front of her face.  She shook her
head and moaned so Lance took the blade and shoved it into one of
her eyes.  Her reaction was one of complete agony, her body
twitched, sweat poured from her brow and she was in a state of
total, unrelenting pain.  Lance held her still as she screamed
into the saliva ladened sock and trembled.  She convulsed for
several minutes as the pain made its way all throughout her sexy
little body.  After awhile she regained her senses and her lone
eye rolled around, eventually looking at him.  He could tell she
was at his mercy, submitting her body and mind to him, but not
caring, he ever so slowly pierced her other eye with the tip of
the blade.  Methodical in his torture he rotated the knife
mangling the eyeball and she jerked her head back against his
palm in pain but he still turned the cutlass and pushed it
further into the girl's ocular cavity causing inconceivable
suffering to the ill-advised whore.  Blood and clear juices oozed
from the severed eyes and he removed the blade.  Then Lance sat
back and gazed upon her.  She shook in agony as red plasma
continued to trickle from her eye sockets.  Then he pressed the
knife into her face above her eyes and made a long slice right
across her forehead.  Lance pressed it against her flesh so hard
that it cut into the bone and streams of fresh red blood ran out
and down over her face making her look so much more appealing
than before.  Now in shock, she swooned back and forth in his
arms so he placed her on her knees and began fucking her softly. 
He gently slid his prick into the woman's pussy while holding her
tightly by the neck and hair.  Her arms brutally tied to her
ankles, she was bent over backward so Lance had plenty of
leverage as he began slamming her ultra hard, ramming his immense
rod in and out of her tiny little twat.  It felt real good and
she continued to groan, unable to comprehend the throbbing pain
in her eye sockets.  As he raped the bitch he moved his hands
around her throat, squeezed, and suffocated her for about 30
seconds.  She started making choking sounds but he let go just in
time and pinched her nipples and twisted them with his thumb and
fore-finger.  He fucked her in this manner for awhile then yanked
out his cock and cut the masking tape from her face.  The sharp
knife cut a little deeper than he expected drawing even more
blood from her luscious head and he drank it with glee.  Then he
pulled the sock from her mouth and replaced it with his gigantic
dick.  He stood over her, as she was bent over from the bounds
and fucked her mouth, disgracing the woman to levels unknown to
humankind.  He pushed it all the way to the back of her throat,
and she choked and gagged, unable to stop this vicious, heartless
attack.  After about 20 minutes of ball slamming her gullet he
took out his cock and ejaculated into her bloody eye sockets and
all over her face.  After his orgasm Lance cut off her nipples
causing the wench to squeal in pain and next sliced off her clit
and pussy lips.  His mutilation was still not finished as he
ripped off her ears with his teeth and tore her nose to shreds
with a pizza slicer.  Then Lance cut out her belly button and
forced her to ingest it.  Her endless screams of agony were sweet
music to his ears and Lance bellowed in elation as he strangled
her to death with some left over rope.  He pulled it so tight
that the blood flow was cut off from her face and it turned an
interesting shade of blue and purple.  Once she was dead Lance
untied her and stuffed her corpse into the closet and left the
hotel room.
     As he walked down the hall a maid passed him and was
preparing to enter the room he just left.  He grabbed her by the
hair and threw her down.  She struggled but Lance was too strong. 
He ripped off her pants and underwear and raped her brutally. 
She screamed out as he fucked her so Lance cut out her tongue and
ate it.  Then he pulled out a 9mm and stuck it in the maid's face
and blew her brains out while still screwing her tight cunt.  Her
brains exploded onto the floor leaving a gaping hole in the back
of her head.  He quickly came in her now deceased pussy and
pulled out.
     Just then some dude walked out of the elevator and saw Lance
getting up and the dead body lying beneath him.  "What is this!!"
screamed the man.
     "This is business, fool.  It's not your concern." replied
     "You're not getting away with this, bastard!  I'm gonna fuck
your shit up!" the man said, flexing his muscles in rage.
     "Ah ha ha ha." Lance laughed at the piece of shit.  "No, I'm
gonna fuck YOUR shit up." Lance said as he pulled out his 9mm.
     "Whoa, hey, I was just joking, I'll just go over...." 
BAM!!!! Lance shot the idiot mid sentence and unloaded the entire
clip on his ass.  The dude fell to the ground bleeding profusely
and died a short while later.
     Laughing at his own evil deeds Lance left the scummy hotel
and began his walk back to the luxurious Park Hyatt.  Along the
way a female approached him from the shadows and asked him if he
wanted to donate some money to help a local fund raiser. 
Laughing, Lance refused.  The woman persisted.  "I said NO you
stupid bitch!", and with that pulled out a large knife, raised it
high above his head, and brought it down with skull splitting
force into her chest.  The blow severed her aorta and blood
pulsated out of the cavernous wound.  She fell down and died
within one minute as Lance watched and masturbated.
     After he ejaculated onto her corpse, he continued to the
hotel.  The main entrance consisted of 6 glass doors as well as
two rotating portals.  A few people were ahead of Lance including
a sexy light haired brunette.  He was right behind her and
observed the woman's shapely figure.  But as she passed through
the door she neglected to hold it open for Lance.
     "What!!  You bitch, I kill you!" Lance screamed as he
grabbed the girl's arms.  He handcuffed them behind her back then
threw the bitch down and positioned her head so it was in the way
of the door.   Then he slammed it on and off her skull until it
crushed like a cantaloupe.
     "What the fuck!!" yelled her companions when they saw what
Lance did.  One of them tried to pull the young women from the
door but it was too late.  Her head was completely smashed.
     "I'm gonna kill you!" another of the men said to Lance.  He
tried to attack him but Lance kicked him in the balls and as the
man keeled over, stabbed him at the base of the neck severing his
brainstem.  Lance then uppercutted him but he was already dead. 
He  killed the rest of them with his micro plasma cannon.
     After this momentary distraction, Lance strolled through the
main entrance.  Immediately to his left, preceding the lobby, was
a small cafe and several people sat and ate snacks.  A group of
middle school aged punks sat at one table and harassed the other
patrons.  Lance decided to intervene.  He walked over to the kids
and one of them got up and blocked his way.  Lance swung his arm
at the fool, caught him on the shoulder, and threw him against
the wall with devastating power.  The dude's head cracked right
through the plastered drywall and he fell to the ground clasping
his bleeding face.  The other tough guys all got up and
challenged Lance.  One kid threw a wild undisciplined punch at
him.  He ducked, then reached up and grabbed the kid's arm.  He
brought it down over his knee and it snapped like a dry twig. 
The punk screamed in pain and Lance ripped off the broken arm and
used the sharp bone stub to impale another of the kids in the
side of the neck.  Blood gushed from the severed artery and Lance
laughed.  Then he grabbed a forth punk and broke his neck with
ease, then savagely ripped the dude's head clean off and threw it
     The other people did not even react as they were overcome
with surprise.  Smiling, Lance pulled out a gun and killed them
all with a continuous spray of hollow tipped bullets from his
silenced Uzi rifle.  Blood filled the entire cafe and all were
dead within seconds.  Dozens of shredded corpses lay at Lance's
feet and he was overjoyed.
     He exited and went into the hotel lobby.  It was made of
marble with gold trim and was as immense as a house with security
cameras and one way mirrors everywhere.  The floor was made of
huge marble tiles as were the walls.  There were several giant
stone columns throughout the entrance hall, and several plants. 
The lobby had three levels, with fountains, plush couches, and
two bars lining the ground floor.  The second level, accessible
via multiple staircases, featured an open atmosphere so you could
look down at the lower level.  Many chairs and tables lined the
narrow walkway and people sat and talked as they munched on food. 
The third level, also open to the lower two, was for executives
and high ranking officials.  It had T.V.s and stereos, a bar, and
several restaurants as well as a lounge with leather sofas and
elongated tables.  Many people filled all three levels and were
sitting around talking and laughing with one another.
     Lance then decided to check out the bathrooms to see if he
could find any women or girls to rape.  He headed toward the
restrooms and soon arrived in a narrow, long hallway with the
male bathroom on the right, and the female bathroom on the left. 
Water fountains lined both sides of the hall and a few pay phones
were mixed in.  He also saw some guy talking on one of the
phones.  The dude was sweating and looked nervous like he had
stolen something.  "Hey you, get the fuck out of here!" the guy
yelled at Lance.  "I'm having a private conversation."
     "A private conversation using a public pay phone.  Are you
stupid or something?" Lance asked the fucker.
     "Shut the fuck up man."  The guy pulled out a switchblade,
hung up the phone, and walked toward Lance.
     "Uh oh, I made him angry." Lance joked.  The guy began
running at him and Lance easily moved out of the way.  The dude
turned around and came at Lance again.  Lance knocked the knife
out of the guy's hand and used his momentum to toss the dumb male
into one of the water fountains.  Then he kicked the foolish man
in the jaw breaking it, and punched him twenty-two times in the
stomach and chest.  The beaten and bleeding dullard crawled away
in pain but Lance wasn't finished.  He grabbed the dude's hair
then took hold of his shattered jaw bone and yanked on it causing
nightmare pain.  Lance then spun around and struck the fuck in
his temple with a backfisted spiked glove assault.  The blow
caused almost instant death and Lance laughed.
     After this quick diversion, Lance walked into the female
lavatory and threw open the inner door.  A single brunette
teenager was washing her hands and turned around, startled by his
abrupt entrance.  Lance ran over to the young woman and rammed
her stomach into the corner of the sink then bent her over and
stuck her head under the faucet.  Holding her there with his body
Lance turned on the hot water.  It was cold at first but soon
heated up to near boiling and poured straight onto her face.  She
screamed in a very high tone and tried to jerk her head out, but
Lance head it fast as the burning hot water scalded her to the
third degree.  Her shrieks of pain got Lance hard in a second and
he still held her there.  Scream after scream she bellowed, her
skin peeling off as the liquid  scorched her.  The girl struggled
furiously, desperate to get away from the hot water but Lance
would not allow it.  Her cries of anguish were the most beautiful
thing he'd ever heard and Lance just listened and felt her body
wrenching back and forth which added to his ecstasy.  After
awhile she passed out from the sheer agony and Lance spread apart
her legs and viciously raped the adolescent female.  After
spewing cum into her pussy Lance finally turned off the water and
pulled her from the sink.  Her face was gone.  It was nothing but
dark red parched flesh and bone.  Her eyes had swelled and nearly
burst, they were completely red.  The suffering she endured was
immense and Lance smiled as he suffocated her with a plastic bag.
     Once the bitch was dead he hid her body in one of the stalls
then decided to hide in one himself and wait for some more
bitches to enter the water closet.  As he was waiting in the
stall, Lance read some of the graffiti on the walls of the
enclosure and laughed to himself.  Then he heard someone enter
the restroom and he looked under the stall door and saw only one
set of smooth, tan ankles and tight, muscular calfs.  He was
pleased by the arrival of this juicy, wanton bitch and again his
rod stiffened like a rock within seconds as he pictured what he
was going to do to this slut.
     Lance kicked down the stall door with so much force that it
burst into splinters.  The young female was startled by the
sudden noise and jumped back.  He walked out of the stall and
looked at the bitch.  She had long, pretty blackish/brown hair, a
sexy face, and when Lance looked at her body he was very
surprised but quite pleased.  She was pregnant and appeared to be
in her third trimester since the woman had an extra large bulge
coming out of her abdomen.  Lance then thought of a brilliant way
to torture this stupid, baby having, long hair wearing, freak. 
He ran to the woman, grabbed her wrists, and threw her to the
urine stained, dirty restroom floor.  Lance punched the chick in
the face with his brick solid fist dazing the poor wench.  Now
that she was in no condition to struggle, Lance could begin his
fun activities.  He roughly flipped her over and cut a hole the
damsel's pants right at her ass.  Then he unzipped his fly and
Lance's enormous penis popped out, and it was ready for action. 
He jumped on top of the girl's back and licked her neck while
yanking and playing with her silky hair.  She tried to speak but
Lance rammed her face into the floor which shut her up.  Then he
worked his way down the woman's cloth covered spine until he
reached the hole in her pants.  Large sweat beads formed on the
dame's buttcheeks and he probed for her asshole with two of his
dirty fingers.  Once Lance found it, he replaced his shit covered
digits with his throbbing supercock and began buttfucking the
bitch.  He pushed his dick all the way into her shithole and back
out again.  Lance pumped her harder and harder until excrement
oozed out of her tush from the pressure of his pulsating
lovestick as he continued to painfully infiltrate her anus with
his big dick.  The girl started grunting as the weight from
Lance's bulky body crushed her every time he jammed his cock into
her ass.  She whimpered and moaned as he violently raped her,
tearing her anus like onion paper, causing phenomenal pain. 
Lance finally came and his hot jizz coated her inner anus and
mixed with her juicy feces and fresh blood from her shredded ass. 
He got off the bitch and she sighed in relief while taking
several deep breaths.  "You think I'm done with you, slut!  I
haven't even begun!!"
     He grabbed her slender thighs and twisted them causing her
to violently flip over.  He then stood over the crying slut and
crouched down and forced her to suck the shit off his cock.  He
plunged his colossal dick down her throat while holding her head
against his crotch and she was forced to eat her own shit and
suck his penis at the same time.  Once his rod was clean he
pulled it out and let go of her hair, slamming the back of the
woman's skull on the hard floor.  He then took out one of his
ultrasharp hunting knifes and slit off her eyelids and left her
optical organs to dry out in the stale bathroom environment. 
After that Lance kicked her several times in her sensitive ribs
cracking them.
     Five minutes later, when her eyes were thoroughly dried do
to the lack of tear juice, Lance poked a toothpick straight into
the maiden's left eye and spit on her.  The jagged wood impaled
her fragile eyeball and he pushed it all the way to her retina. 
The end of the pick vanished from site and the young girl
shrieked in severe agony.  Blood oozed from her stabbed eyeball
and formed a stream down her sweat covered cheek.  Lance laughed
at her appearance and decided to painfully alter it.  He poured
gasoline on her eyes, and then sliced one of the girl's wrists
causing blood to spritz out of the severed artery with each
frantic heartbeat.  Lance lit the flammable liquid and the front
of her face burst into flames singeing most of her hair, and
burning off the bitch's eyelashes completely.  She remained
silent for a few moments, until the gas burned off, and her skin
began to char as the intense flames penetrated through all the
layers of her delicate hide.  The woman screamed in torment as
her toothpick poked eyeball exploded from the pressure caused by
the heat, and her eye juices sizzled as the damsel's silky skin
continued to blaze without end.  Lance just stood over her
spastic body as she cried and screamed in unimaginable aguish and
torture.  He held the lady's arms down with his feet so her
convulsions of pain wouldn't cause her to move while Lance beat
the bitch with a metal tipped leather whip.  Her flesh burned to
the 3rd degree and beyond, causing irreparable damage and
incredible pain.  As she thrashed about in pain Lance taped up
her severed wrist to make sure she wouldn't bleed to death too
     Ten minutes later, Lance extinguished the fire on the young
lady's burnt, cooked, and dismembered face by pissing and spiting
on her and the rest of the girl's tender body was severely
bruised from his cold-blooded beatings with the whip.  The whore
groaned in severe distraught and Lance yelled "Shut up, wench!"
as he ripped off the remains of the fresh, seductive girl's
cooked lips and ate them.  After he finished devouring the
woman's thoroughly baked lips, Lance pissed in her mouth then put
Mylar duct tape on the bloody exposed skin surrounding her gullet
which covered her orifice, and this forced the foolish girl to
swallow his yellow, smelly bladder juice.  She tried to squint as
the urine drained into her stomach but the wench's remaining eye
stayed open and just dried out even more.  But the bitch then
appeared to be suffocating so using his fingernails Lance dug
into her shriveled, fried skin and found her nasal cavity.  He
cleaned it out making an airway so she would not expire with only
this little amount of pain having been inflicted.  Streams of
useless tears rolled off the dame's cheeks which mixed with her
tasty blood, and charred skin and she looked very pathetic.  The
poor slut, almost blind, and barely able to breath, fell victim
to Lance's amusing and sadistic sexual antics.  He was getting
impatient now and roughly punched her stomach, which probably
injured the defenseless baby in her and smiled.  "What's the
matter, did you get a boo-boo?" he said softly while gently
removing her pants.  After the girl's jeans were off, Lance tore
the juicy panties from her and threw them in a toilet.  "Looks
like you've been busy in bed, huh bitch?  I think I'll examine
the baby to make sure it is healthy and fresh, then I'll eat it." 
A look of sheer terror flashed across her melted and cooked face
as the words Lance spoke sunk into her brain and the woman
trembled.  Lance did not approve of this useless behavior, so he
put ropes around her ankles and wrists and tied them to the four
corners of the nearly square shit room.  He yanked it tight so
any attempt at movement on her part would be excruciatingly
painful and would most likely pull her limbs out of socket.  Once
she was secure, Lance returned to her and put his lighter in her
butt crack burning up the hair instantly and it smelled horrible. 
Then he beat her some more and squeezed her breasts.
     Afterward Lance knelt down right at the girl's crotch
between her big, silky legs and massaged her thighs.  Lance
licked and kissed her inner thighs and calfs while palpating the
bitch's warm mucus tube.  He then put on compound latex greased
elbow high rubber examination gloves on both of his hands and
gripped the poor pregnant woman's saliva drenched thighs as he
provocatively licked her belly button.  "I think I'll perform an
internal examination of your child, prepare yourself." he said as
Lance slowly inserted his Vaseline smeared rubber covered hand
into the girl's hairy, tight, but obviously used twat.  Mucus and
other juices squeezed out of her hole and dripped onto the floor
as Lance pushed his hand and arm deeper, and deeper into the
whore.  With his other hand, Lance took out a knife and cut off
her shirt and threw it aside, so only a thin black rayon bra
which concealed the bitch's medium sized milky breasts remained. 
He then groped the lady's covered grapefruits and pinched her
hardening nipples while she whimpered in despair.  Milk spritzed
from her engorged breasts and he drank it.  Soon, Lance reached
the end of her juicy pussy and was touching the tip of the girl's
uterus with his fingers.  There was still several more
centimeters of the rubber glove visible on his arm outside the
girley, so he rammed his paw into her baby sack and broke the
sweetheart's water.  "Oops, I didn't mean to do that." he
explained as the look of terror on her face turned to shock and
unawareness as the emotional trauma overwhelmed her entire being. 
Lance found a baby floating around in the now unconscious
female's uterus, but then he felt another baby!  She was going to
have doublets which meant a twin treat for Lance.  He manipulated
his hand within the thick fluid and grabbed one of the baby's
softball sized heads nearly crushing it like an egg.  He felt the
facial features on the infant until Lance found its newly
developed eyes.  Then he slowly pricked them out with his dirty
fingernails causing more pain than the baby's underdeveloped
brain could comprehend.  The tyke squirmed around aimlessly and
fresh blood from its eye sockets mixed with the fluid surrounding
the two offspring.  Lance wanted some action so he held onto the
baby's face, using its eye sockets as finger holes, and yanked
his arm out of the girl's loose pussy bringing her prematurely
born child with him.  He bit the umbilical cord, severing it, and
placed the cord and the baby on the floor.  The woman saw her
untimely berthed son laying in the corner and tried to move to
grab him.  However, the ropes held her fast and the only result
of her futile action was the painful dislocation of her
shoulders.  Lance realized that the girl's twat was now too loose
to fuck with his dick, so he looked around the bathroom and saw a
square cup dispenser which was about 10 centimeters wide and
grabbed it.  The distribution apparatus was 30 centimeters long
and Lance rammed it deep into her hairy cave causing her to
groan, but the noise was muffled because of the woman's
disintegrated nasal passage.  Lance crammed the rape device so
far into her pussy that it obstructed the uterus and stopped the
blood and juices from draining out of it.  He left the cup
dispenser in her and punched the girl in the face.  "Now I'll do
a cesarian section to remove your other child, bitch."
     The girl was unresponsive, but he didn't care, so Lance
removed his gloves and used his sharp fingernails to impale the
bitch on either side of her stomach.  Lance shoved his claws all
the way into her, found the other baby, and pulled up on her
belly, tearing off the slut's skin, fatty tissue, and muscles as
if he were opening a can of pickles.  Blood gushed from the huge
wound and severed aorta and the mother bled to her extinction
with exceptional pain and torment in less than a minute.  The
infant was just sitting inside of its dead mother like a fool so
Lance grabbed it and threw the child against the wall completely
smashing one of its tiny arms.  Then he walked to where the
infant landed and grasped the toddler by one of his feet and held
the baby above his head.  Lance slowly lowered the wiggling
offspring down toward his drooling, open mouth until its head was
between his shark like jaws.  Then he bit its head so hard that
the baby's skull just crushed like a walnut, and all of the
newborn's brain juices drained into Lance's mouth which he
hastily swallowed.  Once the infant was exterminated, he put the
rest of its body into his mouth and patiently chewed it up like a
scrap of beef, being careful to savor every tasty piece.  Blood
and tiny guts flowed throughout Lance's mouth as his teeth tore
and cut up the tot's tiny body.  He had to chew it for at least
two minutes until the fresh corpse was thoroughly pulverized and
mutilated.  Then he swallowed the whole thing, bones and all,
filling his empty stomach and giving Lance a feeling of sadistic
satisfaction with the special infant sustenance.  After he stood
there recalling the taste of the baby for a few minutes, he
remembered the other child, the one with no eyes, and picked it
up.  He took the umbilical cord, which was still hanging out of
the mother's slashed vagina and ripped it out of her.  Then Lance
wrapped it around the infant's neck and made a special slip-not
since it would be too hard to make a true noose out of the soft
tissue.  "Let's go for a ride!" he said as he finished tieing the
knot around the baby's dainty neck and spun it around a few
times.  Blood and fluids which covered the child flew all over
the bathroom as Lance increased the RPMs by spinning the little
baby faster and faster.  He then stopped spinning the tot, and
tied the other end of the cord to a light on the ceiling and let
the baby drop.  When the slack ran out, the knot tightened up and
the child twitched erratically as its life quickly drained away. 
Lance laughed when he looked at the poor sausage hanging from the
ceiling, totally defenseless, as its neck slowly broke while it
simultaneously asphyxiated.  A thin stream of clean and pure
blood poured from its mouth as it took its last few breaths
before painfully dying in disgrace.
     Just then, a woman entered the bathroom and shrieked with an
ungodly disposition when she saw the horrible, mutilated remains
of the two babies and the mother.  Lance looked at her and then
quickly strode over and grasped her by the arms.
     "Oh my god!!!!" she screamed, not able to comprehend the
torturous site and still staring at the hanging baby.  He roughly
pushed her against the wall, and ripped off her pants.  He raped
the stupid bitch while holding his hand over her mouth and
ramming her head into the wall.  He shoved his cock deep into
her, and fucked her hard.  Still in shock from the ghastly site
she witnessed, the woman offered no struggle.  He rammed his dick
into her repeatedly, and at the moment of ejaculation, smashed
her head against the wall so hard that it cracked like an egg
making her brains hang out.
     Lance pulled his cock out of the dead girl, and returned to
the lynched baby.  He licked the blood off it then left it
dangling and picked up the mother's blood drenched, limp cadaver. 
He opened a stall door and hung the dead bitch on a little hook
normally used for hanging up jackets and shit.  Lance used the
woman's still tight anus to hang her up on the sharp metal arch
which was fastened to the inside of the stall door.  Blood and
mucus continued to drain from her ripped body and the fluid ran
into a drainage pipe next to the toilet.  Once all the blood was
drained from the lifeless body, Lance cut the poor lamb into tiny
pieces, ate some of it, and flushed the rest down one of the
toilets therefore eliminating any evidence of what happened.
     He left the bathroom, reentered the grand scale lobby area
and continued walking around while carefully looking at
everything and everyone. 
     After he finished casing the place, Lance walked over to the
reception desk, which looked tiny compared to the vast lobby, and
tried to ask for a suite.  Some family was in front of him and
said they were in line first and that Lance would have to wait. 
The family consisted of a mother, father, two young daughters,
and a little punk son.
     "What!!  I want service now, you stupid fucking clerk!" 
Lance looked at the clan who were in front of him and grabbed the
two sexy young daughters by their soft, satiny hair.  He licked
their faces and kissed them on the mouth.  They were unresponsive
to his attempts at tongue kissing so Lance smashed their fragile
heads together cracking them like zygotes.  He dropped the two
bloody bodies in front of their fearful parents who were frozen
with shock.  Colorful juices and grey matter oozed from the two
youthful girls split skulls and Lance stomped in it splashing the
goo all over the parents' legs.  Then Lance grabbed the pesky son
by his thin neck and hit the boy over the desk like a volley
ball.  The kid crashed to the marble ground on the far side of
the desk and a stream of blood formed and flowed from under his
severely fractured head.  "One point for me, none for the dumb
fucking parents whom I shall soon kill." Lance jested.  Suddenly
the mother pulled out a can of pepper spray and squirted it at
Lance's face.
     "You silly bitch!  That shit won't hurt me." said Lance as
he inhaled the misted liquid.  Then he grabbed the can out of the
twenty nine year old mother's hand.  Lance punched the dumb whore
in her gut momentarily knocking the wind out of her.  She
stumbled back and doubled over in pain.  Then the woman's angry
husband attacked Lance from behind by throwing a chair at him. 
The wooden piece of furniture just turned into fragments as it
hit his shield.  Lance laughed and grabbed the man's neck and
simply crushed it like a crispy cracker.  The husband fell to his
knees gasping for air and Lance watched and laughed.  Then he
kicked the suffocating dude in the face knocking him to the
ground.  After that, Lance jumped in the air, performed a double
back flip, and landed on the fellow's nuts squashing them like a
fresh jelly doughnut.  By that time, the guy was dead and Lance
returned to the shuddering and attractive wife.  He seized the
back of the woman's head and pulled her face close to him. 
"Let's see how this crap works." he said and was preparing to
stab out one of her eyes with the tiny pepper spray can, but then
he suddenly stopped.  "You are very pretty, bitch.  I think I'll
tie you up and rape you, then torture you to death."
     She began screaming, so Lance punched the woman and she flew
to the ground from the impact.  "I don't want no trouble from
you, bitch.  The more you resist, the tighter I'll make the
knots, and the more painful I'll fuck you, understand?"
     He chuckled as the wife recovered from his attack and got to
her feet.  "That's better.  Now, let's get started, shall we?"
Lance said as he embraced the mistress with his powerful arms and
carried her to a bench where the merciless pillage would take
place.  He laid her on the cold metal bench, with her stomach
against it.  He then pulled out some duct tape, rope, a few
chains, a leather whip, along with a choke collar and started
wrapping the kinky restraints around her wrists and ankles. 
Lance also placed the nylon choke leash around her tanned neck
and yanked it tight as if she were a bad dog being punished.  He
whipped the subservient bitch on her ass a few times to show who
was in charge, but she didn't make a sound in fear of what Lance
might do to her.
     Lance's slave was wearing white shorts, a yellowish tank
top, and black flat dress shoes.  He whipped her butt so many
times that her shorts just ripped to shreds and the woman's
french cut lace panties were visible.  Lance could see huge red
welts on her ass under the panties from all the whipping and he
thought it looked cool.  His sex pet was very quiet and kept
control of herself even when Lance yanked her head back using the
rope which was attached to the collar and bit the widow's ears
causing them to bleed profusely.  He enjoyed punishing his fuck
peasant and whipped nearly every part of her lustful body with
the now blood covered leather torture rope.  Lance's cock
remained steel hard through all off the kinky sadistic beatings. 
The girl's shirt and panties were now torn and removed, so Lance
had access to her juicy and inviting facilities.  He picked up
the bitch and forced her to get on all fours like a dog.  Lance
yanked on her leash pulling the sweet woman's head back and he
licked her face.  Then he began groping the girl's tense thighs
and drooled on her back.  "I will now mount you like a horny dog,
you fucking bitch!  I hope you enjoy it!" he said as Lance
kneeled down behind the fearful woman and grabbed her big, sweaty
thighs.  He then quickly slithered forward and inserted his big
pulsating cock into her lubricated sex tube.  Lance packed it all
the way in and his balls slapped against her causing severe
stimulation to himself and his sex slave.  "You like this, whore? 
Now I'll increase the rhythm and I won't stop until you are split
wide open!  Ha, ha, ha!"  He slammed the widow unremittingly and
harshly pulled on the leash frequently.  Lance's dick slid in and
out of the stupid bitch more times than he could remember, and
harder with each pump.  He fucked her for half an hour without
stopping and some girls who were watching told Lance that they
were impressed by his stamina.  He stopped screwing his peon and
told the minding females to just shut the fuck up, raped them
all, and then killed the nosey bitches with a grenade.  After
that, Lance turned back around to face the appealing ass of his
sexy woman.  Monumental bruises and abrasions littered her
buttcheeks and a layer of mucus surrounded her vagina thanks to
Lance's ultrarough humping.  "Stupid bitch, turn over!"  He
kicked the terrified lady in her thighs and she flipped over onto
her back.  Lance swiftly got on top of her and tore off her bra. 
Then he began forcefully squeezing and manipulating her generous
breasts and marble size nipples.  He wrapped the end of the leash
around a pillar and yanked it tight.  The woman's neck and head
stretched from the extreme strain and the choke collar dragged
across her throat suffocating and cutting her at the same time. 
She was still able to breath, though, because Lance let just a
tiny bit of slack into the rope.  This was just so he could kill
her more thoughtfully at a later time.  Then Lance massaged her
breasts again until they were thoroughly red and sore.  He turned
around and pulled out one of his lighters.  He put it to her
pubic hair and lit it.  All the hair just flashed into a ball of
smoke and was entirely burned off in a matter of seconds.  The
bitch screamed for a moment and then was noiseless again as the
searing pain subsided.  Next, Lance cut out her belly button with
a dull pocket knife and ate it like a Spree.  "Umm, delicious! 
You want some, woman?"  She screamed in pain as the mother saw
what Lance had done.  He punched her in the jaw breaking it, and
whenever the bitch tried to talk, it moved her smashed jaw
farther out of joint.  Soon, the woman could only whimper in
agony as Lance sliced off her ears and put them in her twat. 
Then he stuck a pencil down each of her ear canals, but only far
enough to rupture the slut's delicate ear drums.  He removed the
pencils and rammed them up her nose.  The pointed wooden writing
utensils were not flexible enough to follow the contours of her
nose and they just ripped through her upper nose skin and poked
out her eyes.  "Cool!" said Lance when he looked at the suffering
mistress quivering in shock as blood squirted from her ears and
popped eyeballs.  Then suddenly she roared in extreme pain,
shaking uncontrollably and moaning in the most severe of torment. 
Some dude heard her cries of desperation and came over.
     "Hey what's going on?" said the nosey cockfuck.
     "Who the fuck invited your silly ass?" said Lance as she
sprayed the pepper mist into the guy's face.  He shrieked as the
burning vapor went into his lungs and Lance laughed while
impaling his tummy with a large knife.  The man lurched backward,
his hands searching for the wound.  Blood poured from his stomach
and the weak fool fell flat on his face, dead.  Lance turned back
around to face his slave and she looked quite distraught, still
shaking and groaning in misery.  "Damn, woman!  You don't look so
good.  Maybe I should clean you up a bit.  What do you say?" 
Lance waited for a reply but the dismembered female lay bleeding
before him and was incapable of coherent communication.  "I'll
take that as a yes, you fucking bitch.  Let's go!"  He untied the
now insensible erotic sex slut and carried her over his shoulder
to the large fountain in the middle of the gigantic lobby. 
Normally people would toss antique coins into the beautiful
water, but Lance had a better idea.  He walked around the shallow
waterfall and reflection pool and finally found a deeper part
that was in arms reach.  He then dumped the woman's blood ladened
body into the water.  He kept her head above the water until he
was sure the bitch had regained her senses, or what was left of
them.  Then Lance pushed her head under the water and held it
there for about ten seconds.  He then pulled her head back up and
out of the stale water and the woman gasped for air.  Lance
slapped her in the jaw which was now so deformed that it looked
like she had a piece of raw steak there.  She spit up several
mouth fulls of mucus and blood, and Lance put her head back under
the water.  He held it there for several minutes and at first the
girl's arms swung around franticly, and her legs kicked out in
all directions.  But, after awhile she stopped struggling and her
movements ceased as the woman's lungs filled with water drowning
the poor female.  Lance figured she was dead after five minutes
and bashed her head against the rough marble bottom of the pool
several times for fun.  He pulled her lower end out of the water
and raped her dead ass for awhile, then threw the woman's soiled
carcass back into the bloody water and tossed a few old coins on
top of her lifeless corpse.  He laughed, spit into the water, and
walked toward a hotel washroom.  But along the way he was stopped
by security guards.
     "Sir, you'll have to come with us." said the sentinels. 
There were five of them, one being a huge 7 foot 5 inch goliath. 
They pulled out batons.
     "What's that?  What did I do?" asked Lance.
     "Please sir, you'll have to come with us."  The huge
security guard tapped his baton against his open palm indicating
Lance would be beaten if he didn't comply.
     Lance smiled and the guards led him to a holding area.  Once
through the security door Lance sweep kicked one of the guards,
grabbed his baton, and beat him to death with it.  Two of the men
then attacked Lance and tried to brow beat him.  Their batons
simply bounced off his shield and Lance double spin kicked them
knocking the dudes out with ease.  The fourth guard pulled out a
taser and tried to shoot Lance with it but the device miss-fired. 
Lance ran up to the fool and cut his throat then laughed as blood
poured out.  The final guard, the 7+ foot behemoth, lunged at
Lance catching him with a closeline.  The assault rocked Lance
and the guard then back kicked him in the gut.  Lance staggered,
but quickly regained his bearings.  In a mad fury Lance launched
a right hand jab then a backfist which dazed the guard.  The
sentry then tried to stab Lance with a bootknife but he disarmed
the man and rammed the blade right into his ear and through his
brain killing the fool.  Goliath had fallen.  David was
victorious.  Of course, compared to Lance's near 8 foot body the
guard was a shrimp.  But the two guards Lance knocked out
regained their sensibilities and fumbled to their feet.
     "You asshole, you spin kicked us!" one of them yelled while
reaching for his handcuffs.  The man then noticed his dead
colleagues and became even more enraged.  Lance smiled and
snatched the cuffs from the idiot and cuffed him to his partner. 
The man began reaching for his key so Lance grabbed the cuffs and
picked both men all the way off their feet.  The metal dug into
their wrists causing pain and the pussies screamed in
tribulation.  While still holding both men in the air with one
hand, Lance stabbed them to death with his other using his newly
forged Bushmaster 7000 battle blade.  Blood erupted from their
ripped open body cavities and they died subsequently.
     He left the scene and walked out of the holding area back
into the lobby.
     Lance cleaned up in one of the elegant hotel bathrooms and
then returned to the reception desk and asked for a room.
     "Give me room now, stupid fucker!" Lance said to the wimpy
     "There are plenty of rooms available.  Do you have a floor
preference?"  He wore glasses and was very skinny.  
     "Yes, I want a room on the 13th floor." said Lance.
     "I'm sorry, the hotel doesn't have a 13th floor." replied
the clerk.
     "That is unacceptable.  You will give me room now, or be
destroyed!" Lance yelled.  The man did nothing so Lance went
behind the counter and into the back room.  There he found the
clerk's coquettish wife and sexy young daughter who were playing
cards.  He threw the two females on top of the card table and
brutally raped and beat them several pain filled times.  Lance
returned and stood in front of the clerk again.
     "What do ya' think of that?" he asked the dumbfounded man
who had witnessed Lance's atrocities toward his wife and
daughter.  The guy said nothing and Lance again asked for a room,
but the stupid fool still did not respond.  Lance pulled out his
.45 and said "Do you understand english, cocksucker?  Give me a
room, toothpick, or I'll blow your god damn brains out, and rape
your sexy wife again.  You hear me, maggot?"  The man did not
reply so Lance shot the fool in his balls blowing them to pieces. 
The man just stood in so much pain that he couldn't even speak so
Lance shot off the wimp's scraggly hand.  The man, now screaming
in pain, attracted a lot of attention, so Lance silenced him,
permanently.  Lance then told the dead man's family to come quick
because there had been an accident.  They arrived at the
reception desk a short time later and he smiled at them.  "See
that mess on the floor, that's your husband.  He actually looks
better now, don't you agree?"  The mother and her young offspring
looked at the bloody carcass on the ground which used to be their
family member.  But before they had a chance to speak or even
scream, Lance grabbed them, threw them on top of the counter, and
raped them viciously again, over and over ripping their pussies
like paper.  They resisted at first so Lance grabbed each girls'
left arm and violently twisted it all the way around twice.  This
not only dislocated their shoulders, but it also snapped their
forearms like candy canes.  A surge of burning, piercing pain
rushed through their alluring bodies and they screamed as a
result.  "Shut up!" said Lance as he kicked them in the face and
punched their stomachs.  "I don't want to attract attention to
myself, you stupid bitches.  And what do we have here," he looked
at the daughter who was bleeding from her mouth, "a nice young
and unfledged bitch.  How old are you, eleven, twelve perhaps?"
asked the horny man.
     "I'm thirteen please don't hurt us.....I'm only a little
kid, please don't rape me."
     "Shut up bitch!  I'm going to rape you alright, rape you
     Lance licked the blood off both of their mouths and laughed
at them.  He then approached the daughter who was shuttering in
fear.  The thirteen year old non-ripened girl was so young that
she hadn't even entered puberty yet so Lance had a tough time
penetrating her underdeveloped and hairless vagina.  He used
pencils and circular pen holders to loosen her up.  Lance rammed
the jagged writing utensils and other assorted blunt objects deep
into her tiny bald pussy.  Blood finally oozed from her slit and
Lance knew she was ready for his beef injection so he slipped her
up with his rigid cock and ran it deeply inside her supertight
mucus vise.  It was exceedingly compact because the bitch was
only a little girl and Lance had to keep himself from creaming
all over the place from the more than average sadistic sexual
stimulation.  After sexually molesting the young female for an
hour, he pulled out his sore dick and changed positions.  He
stuck her up the ass with his rod which was six times the size of
the child's anus.  Her butt split wide open like a zipper and
blood poured out of her ass in all directions.  The mother of the
young girl Lance was raping sat horrified a few meters away as he
pumped her child harder and harder in the ass until the little
girl screamed and begged for mercy.  The angry parent of Lance's
rape victim attacked him with a knife from behind.  Lance grabbed
the bitch's hand and crushed it like an orange.  After that, he
threw the mother to the ground and spit on her.  He then
recommenced his vicious, painful buttfucking of the thirteen year
old girl and she screamed again.  Lance ignored her cries of pain
and suffering and instead fingered her twat while continuing to
fuck her in the ass.  He also licked the poor female and
whispered hideous and dreadful things into her ear about what he
was going to do to her mom in a minute.  After fifteen minutes of
this bizarre, barbaric sexual perversion, Lance grabbed the
mother and did the same thing to her that he did to her now
violated and used daughter.  Lance stuck much larger things up
the mother's snatch because she was looser that the child.  He
rammed a soda can, wine bottle, several dead and rotting small
animals, along with a balloon which he inflated inside her pussy. 
He pushed each object in and out of her a hundred times until her
twat was torn and stretched like a piece of old tattered
clothing.  Then Lance cleaned out the bitch with some Massengil
feminine vaginal rinse and stuck his big cock up her juicy cunt
and began his rape rhythm of ten pumps per every five seconds. 
The mother cried to her daughter for help and struggled
franticly, but Lance punched her and ripped out the silly woman's
tongue and gave it to her child as a gift.  He slammed the bitch
good and hard so her twat would split even more, therefore
increasing the unlucky woman's pain levels in her lower torso. 
Lance harshly fucked her for ten traumatic minutes straight
without stopping and his big swelled dick was about to release
his sperm jet up her pussy so he started pumping her with his
shaft even harder.  Soon, when Lance injected his juice in the
mother's slashed and shredded hairy clam, he pulled out of her,
and took both girls by their hair and threw them onto the
cigarette butt covered floor.
     Lance then jumped off the desk and rapidly punched the two
females in the face with quadtanium knuckles smashing out their
teeth and painfully killing them both in a scant minute.  Their
heads were severely mutilated and their skulls crushed, so Lance
stood up and admired his handy work by staring at the three
cadavers which used to be a happy family.
     Now that blood was all over the desk and floor from the
shredded body of the clerk and his sexually abused and
dismembered family, an automatic alarm went off alerting everyone
to Lance's actions.  Lance shot all the cameras and people
started to walk toward him, so he pulled out his Mac 11 and fired
as he spun around on his heels.  He butchered everyone cutting
them into bits of burnt flesh, shredded guts, and shattered bones
except for a little kid crying in one of the corners of the
lobby.  Lance yelled "Hey kid, wanna play catch?" and tossed the
young boy a hypergrenade.  Seconds later, the kid exploded into a
mass of blood and charred body fragments adding to the disgusting
mess of bloody torn apart corpses already on the floor.
     Lance then went to an elevator and traveled to the 12th
floor of the huge lodge.  He walked down a long hallway until he
came to room 1226.  He knocked on the door and said he was room
service.  Seconds later a beautiful and fiendish mistress opened
the door and was only wearing a nightgown with nothing
underneath.  She looked Lance over and said "You don't look like
room service to me, big man.  But I could use your services.  Do
you like what you see?  I'll bet your jimmy does, so why don't
you come in for a moment."  He entered the big room and the woman
bolted the quadtanium door.  The erogenous spinster started
rubbing Lance's immense shoulders while she gently kissed and
tongued the back of his thick neck.  Lance's cock was already
rigid and the exotic, kinky female reached between his legs and
felt his rock hard penis.  "Feels like you've got a big one in
there!  Would you like to tie me up and torture or rape me to
death?  Come on, what do ya say?  It'll be fun!" she begged.
     "Bitch must have forgot to take her medicine." Lance thought
to himself.  He smiled and replied to her inviting offer.  "Very
well, whore.  I will very painfully fuck and kill you."
     "Sounds good to me, you stud.  Let's go into my room and get
     "Damn, you don't waste any time at all, huh bitch?"  The
chick smiled and led the way and Lance threw her against the wall
once they entered her sex room.  The room was filled with all
kinds of ropes, chains, whips, and kinky pain devices that Lance
likes using during sadistic intercourse and foreplay.
     Lance grabbed the bizarre bitch's hair and yanked it causing
immense pain.
     "Oh yes, hurt me, hurt me!" screamed the erotic girl.  He
punched her with brass knuckles and the dame wasn't even phased. 
Lance couldn't understand why she felt all the pain, put stayed
perfectly coherent even when he broke all the fingers on her left
hand by bending them all the way back.  Whatever the explanation
was, Lance liked it.  She just barked in ecstasy and kept saying
"More pain, more pain!"  Lance held the damsel's long flowing
brownish/black hair and kicked her in the head like he was
punting a football.  She fell to the huge bed and he tore off one
of the girl's toes, and then jumped on top of her.  Lance twisted
the girl's left arm out of socket and she shrieked in torment. 
He looked at her and she was smiling so Lance ripped off her robe
and threw it aside.  A perfectly formed and unblemished torso
with big breasts, a brownish bush, and appealing toned legs with
a face to match was what he saw.  Lance was impressed by her
amazing beauty which made him want to torture and mutilate the
princess even more.  He took out a tri-blade throwing spike and
held it in his right hand.  Then Lance used his left hand to
grasp the girl's chin and he pushed it back exposing the
underside of her jaw and tantalizing neck.  He kissed and licked
the woman's fleshy neck and then Lance slowly pierced the
underneath of her gullet with the spike and pushed it in.  The
tip of the weapon penetrated into her mouth and it could be seen
when Lance looked into her orifice.  She shook in pain as the
spike went threw her tongue and lodged into the top of the dame's
mouth preventing her from speaking.  She looked at Lance with
glee and blood poured from her nose and mouth.  The demented diva
moaned in extreme euphoria, enjoying the pain being inflicted on
her almost as much as he enjoyed inflicting it.  Lance then
proceeded to viciously rape the ultra-masochist slut as blood
continued to drain from her ruptured tongue.
     "Does that feel good, slut!" Lance questioned as he injected
his big cock up the strange girl's tight and totally clean pussy. 
He was surprised by the tidiness of the young mistress and tasted
the girl's clam juice.  It tasted sweet and Lance couldn't
understand this at all but he took advantage of this discovery
and removed his dick and ate her out instead.  After a few hours
of dining on his consort's delicious twat fluids while beating
her, Lance fingered her and then he stood back and looked at the
bitch.  She looked absolutely perfect, and appeared that she
wanted people to cause great pain to her.  Lance obliged her
wishes by running toward the pretty woman and doing a spinning ax
kick on her gut using the bitch's tender belly button as a
satisfactory target.  Her abdomen tore open from the blow and
Lance could see some of her internal organs.  Moments later she
vomited but Lance held her still so she nearly drowned on the
unappetizing acid liquid then he yanked on the spike which was
stuck through her mouth ripping a big whole in the slut's tongue. 
The regurgitated food drained out of the hole in her lower jaw
and streamed down between the girl's breasts to her hairy clamp. 
"You dumb bitch!  Now I'll give you the main course." Lance
proclaimed as he rammed his meaty shaft into her and harshly
raped the bitch for hours while punching, slapping, and stabbing
her.  He also repeatedly beat her with a belt, then a whip, and
then with a thick exposed wire cable, slashing and severely
mutilating her.  He also nearly strangled her to death several
times and yanked her hair.  All while constantly thrusting his
dick in and out of her tight twat.  She groaned non-stop in sick
pleasure from his torture and rape as his huge cock penetrated
her warm, juicy pussy countless times.  Her muffled sighs of pain
aroused Lance even more and his juices flowed.  He ejaculated
deep within her twat and moaned in ecstasy as his cream erupted
into her.  When he finally expelled all of his thick cum deep
inside the girl's tight snatch, he pulled out, and spit on her. 
Lance moved back a little bit and looked the hot girl over.  She
had been badly beaten, stabbed repeatedly, brutally raped,
tortured, was bleeding gruesomely, and was in overwhelming pain
and aguish.  But despite her extreme suffering, the woman was
having fun cause she likes severe pain, and majorly gets off on
physical injury during rough, forced sex.  Since the girl's
stomach was ripped open, he put his dick inside her and fucked
her bloody guts for awhile until his boner subsided.  "Feel
better?  Now I'll kill you."  She was in the height of
masochistic bliss and had never been more aroused or sexually
satisfied in her entire life and didn't even hear what Lance
said.  He picked her up at her waist and su-plexed the
invigorated hussy onto the hard floor of the room breaking every
vertebrae in her back and crushing her spinal cord but not
killing her.  Then Lance pulled the spike out of her chin and
violently stabbed out her eyes with it.  The woman didn't even
make a sound and was very close to death.  Lance laughed and spin
kicked the damsel on her head cracking the girl's skull like
glass.  The bitch was still alive so he grabbed her head and
threw the wench over his shoulder snapping her neck like a No. 2
pencil.  Lance checked her and she was still functioning despite
her fatal wounds and thus defying impossible odds.  He got mad
because the bitch wouldn't terminate so he tore off her
extremities and hit her in the head with a biranium hammer easily
crushing the slut's already damaged skull.  He then grabbed a
quadtanium battle ax and hit her, dissecting the girl's
dismembered body into two separate pieces.  Her internal organs
splattered all over the place and blood covered the spacious room
as did her detached limbs which littered the floor.  He then
pummeled her remains into chili with a wooden club until nothing
but an unrecognizable mess covered the entire room from floor to
     Lance then left the sex room and recalled the recent events
such as raping and then ripping the girl to shreds and all that. 
"Ha, ha, ha!  That was fun!" said Lance with jocularity.  He
entered the kitchen and looked in the fridge and ate some
tunafish with a few french fries.  Then Lance heard someone
unlock the door and come in.  He hid behind the refrigerator and
saw a hot babe go into the luxurious bathroom.  He smiled and
headed in that direction.  Lance walked into the bathroom and saw
a bra and panties on the floor.  Behind the smoked glass of the
shower door stood an attractive blonde who was cleaning her
breasts when she noticed Lance looking at her.  The bitch
screamed and wrapped a towel around her soaped up, naked, tan
body.  Lance opened the shower door and checked her out.  "No
need to cover yourself, my pretty.  You'll be naked once again as
soon as I start raping you." Lance said and laughed coldly as he
tore the towel from her hands.  The girl suddenly pulled a metal
bat from a hidden compartment and swung it at Lance's head.  He
effortlessly dodged the blow and grabbed the bat from her shaking
     "What did you do with Gina?  She is my roommate and best
friend.  She should be here." the frightened woman asked
nervously, fearing that her friend was dead.
     "Oh, you mean that fucked up chick who likes pain?  Damn, I
gave her something alright.  Killed that bitch too."  Lance
pulled her from the shower and threw the stark, dripping wet
blonde into the sex room where she saw the bloody torn remains of
her long time friend, Gina.  The babe got to her knees and looked
closely at the dead girl's shredded clothing confirming it was
her friend.
     "Nooo...I can't believe you killed her!!!" the blonde yelled
out as she burst into a flood of tears and shook uncontrollably.
     Lance laughed and dragged the bitch out into the living
room.  There was a large, plush couch which would suffice nicely. 
He threw her naked body onto it and took off his pants.  Lance's
immense penis throbbed with blood and was ready for action.  But
the girl kept struggling and slapped Lance's face repeatedly.  He
back handed the young pretty several times knocking her silly. 
Now she was ready to be taken.  Lance slid his gargantuan cock
into her tight cunthole and raped her ruthlessly.  He roughly
pumped the deserving bitch's pussy and she just groaned in pain. 
Soon Lance's nut came gushing and he unloaded his semen in her
abused twat.
     Now that her usefulness had come to an end, Lance killed the
bitch by smashing her head with a huge hammer.
     Lance laughed at the very exciting events that had just
transpired and left the suite.  He walked down the hall and went
back to the elevator.  Standing in the lift when the doors slid
open were two sexy brunette bitches and Lance stripped and raped
them savagely.  After that, he stabbed out their eyes with a
butter knife, and then Lance poured gas into the sockets while
slashing them with a razor.  They screamed in torment as blood
poured out of the massive cuts.  Not satisfied at their level of
pain, Lance repeatedly stabbed them with a white hot poker until
their entire bodies were burned and mutilated.  Then he beat them
on the side of the head with an iron bar and shit into their
mouths.  He taped their mouths shut making them eat and swallow
his feces and shoved a cattle prod up their pussys and fried them
from the inside.  Then Lance took a weed eater and put the
spinning nylon onto their flesh tearing and ripping it to shreds. 
They roared through their taped mouths in the most extreme of
pain as they were skinned alive.  He put the weed eater to their
breasts, legs, pussys, stomachs, arms and heads, tearing and
ripping the flesh off.  Then Lance beat them some more just for
fun.  They lay before him, mouths taped, bodies mutilated, skin
torn off, bleeding and moaning.  They were in more pain than ever
before in their lives and Lance ejaculated into his pants and
groaned in pleasure.  Soon, they both expired, their bodies
unable to survive such a high level of torment and pain.
     He then pressed the "2" button and advanced to the
information sub-level.  The big metal express lift doors slid
apart and he stepped out.  Lance saw a sign and proceeded to the
information kiosk.  It was a large circular desk and several
females were inside it.  Computer screens and information hand-
outs surrounded the area and Lance walked up and said he wanted
to know where the whores were at.
     "What?" was the sexy bitch's response.
     "Shut the fuck up fucking bitch!" Lance screamed as he
jumped over the counter and grabbed the stupid little girl. 
"I've just found them!"  He squeezed her petite breasts and they
felt good to his touch.  She flinched and tried to pull away but
he held her fast by the hair.  The other female ran over and
pushed Lance.  Unphased he threw the bitch he was holding to the
floor and grabbed the other one.  She cried out for help as Lance
licked her ear then ripped off her ear lobe with his teeth and
chewed it up as if it were an entree of flesh.  She screamed in
pain and Lance rammed an ice pick into her ear painfully stabbing
out her delicate ear drum and her pain reached hellish levels. 
Then he bent the woman over, pushed up her skirt, pulled down her
panties, and raped her for awhile while stomping on the other
girl's face.  Once he had enough of her, Lance bent her  backward
over his knee farther and farther until her back snapped then he
tossed the cadaver into the trash.
     The other girl, clutching her battered face, tried to stand
up and Lance grabbed the back of her neck and rammed her face
onto the kiosk.  Her nose smashed, and blood spewed out.  Lance
laughed and beat her to death with his iron fist then anal raped
the corpse until he came inside her ass.  "Stupid bitches." he
muttered while using one of the dead girl's shirts to wipe excess
cum from his dick.  Lance cleaned up the place and put the dead
girl in the trash can on top of the other one.
     Suddenly a woman walked up to the kiosk.  "Barbra, Joan? 
Where did you go?"  She must have been looking for the two dead
bitches.   "Who are you?" she said when the cute 30 year old saw
     "They both had to use the bathroom, I'm standing in until
they get back." replied Lance.
     "But I don't recognize you."
     "You don't recognize me?  I'm death, do you recognize that,
bitch?"  But she smiled.
     "Okay, the joke was funny but it's time to get back to work. 
Tell me where they are."
     "Okay, they are right here."  Lance pointed to the trash
can.   The woman smiled again and walked over to the receptacle
and looked in.
     "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  OH MY GOD!!!" she shrieked after seeing
the two mangled corpses of her fellow co-workers.  Lance grabbed
the bitch by the hair and threw her to the ground.  She struggled
and Lance kicked her in the face which ceased her restraint.  He
tore off her pants, then got on top and raped her ferociously. 
The woman screamed out for help and two head bangers with mullets
ran over to find Lance pulling his emptied cock from the girl's
     "Get off her, we're gonna mess you up!" they yelled at
Lance.  He used his utility necklace to furnish a new set of
clothes then slowly stood up.  Once he was fully standing, Lance
towered over the two metal heads.  "Holy shit!" they yelled, only
being 5 foot 10 inches tall.  "Hey man, everything's cool.  Just
     "I don't think so." said Lance.  The two dudes turned
chicken and ran as fast as they could away from him.  Lance
pulled out his Mega' Blaster and shot them both to death then
strangled the 30 year old with a leather strap.  Afterward Lance
dragged all three bodies behind the kiosk and resumed his false
position as a hotel worker.
     A few minutes later some fuckhead walked up and asked where
the lobby was.  "Dumbass, can't you read the signs, the fucking
lobby is right there."  He pointed across the hall and as the
dude turned to look Lance pulled out a cutlass and gashed the
man's neck.  Surprised, the human felt his neck and saw the
blood.  No arteries were cut so Lance jumped over the counter and
stabbed the fucker right in his crotch.  The blow severed his
penis and punctured his testicles.  Now screaming in agony the
dude fell to his knees and Lance severed his head causing
immediate death.
     Lance left and walked down the staircase to level 1 of the
lobby and saw piles of ripped apart bodies.  "That's right, I
killed everyone.  Cool." Lance recalled as he walked toward an
     Then without warning, four sexy women walked into the hotel
from the outside.  Their eyes grew wide when they saw all the
bodies and couldn't believe the carnage.
     Lance ran to them and swiftly pulling out a long boot
dagger, stabbed it into one of the female's gut.  She staggered
backward and blood poured out.  The other three, using techniques
they must have learned from a self-defense class, attempted to
attack Lance.  Undaunted, he performed a flawless sweep kick
taking all four of them down.  He laughed while the bitches
recovered.  Three got up, and the fourth, bleeding profusely from
the massive knife wound, lay twitching on the ground.
     "Stupid fucking cunts!  I'm gonna kill you dead!" he
screamed at them with rage in his eyes.
     "Please we will do anything.  Just don't kill us!" one of
them said, a hot brunette, apparently not noticing her friend was
already half head from blood loss.
     Lance looked at them for a bit contemplating her offer, and
suddenly becoming calm, agreed.  "Okay, how about you suck my
cock, while I tie up and play with your friends.  Then I'll let
you all go and even treat your friend's knife wound."
     "Anything, I will suck it, just please, not death."
     "Fine, stupid bitch.  Just suck me off like a good little
cunt and you are free to go." he said.  "First let's go somewhere
a little more private.  He pulled out his Mega' Blaster just to
make sure the bitches didn't renege.  "Pick up your bleeding
friend and let's go to the back room." Lance ordered.  They all
walked through a security door into a restricted zone.  Lance
detected no one in the area via his infrared sensor implants. 
They ended up in a rather large room with a couple couches, a
table and several chairs.  "Now, you two, get down on your
stomachs."  The girl with the knife wound was too weak to resist
so Lance simply made a rudimentary bandage in an attempt to
control the bleeding so she would not expire.  He then tightly
hog tied the two cunts and gagged them.  Lance nearly cut off all
circulation with the bounds, and made sure there was absolutely
no chance of them getting away.  "Okay bitch, you ready for some
     "Yes, please, I will suck your cock."
     "You will eh?  Am I your master?  Are you my slave?"
     "Yes, oh yes master, I will be your slave and will suck your
dick!" she said.
     Lance laughed as he usually doesn't play these games.  He
took off his pants, and his cock, already rock hard, throbbed. 
It was much bigger than she thought.
     "Oh master your dick is so big, it will be a pleasure to
service it."
     "That's right slave, you WILL service it until I come.  And
then you and your friends can go."
     "Thank your master for allowing me to suck your dick."
     "Enough of that shit.  Suck it right now!" said the
impatient Lance.  She took the head of his massive cock between
her lips and Lance shoved his hips forward, making her eat his
huge dick.  She moved her mouth up and down the shaft stimulating
him as Lance grunted in pleasure.  "Play with it using your
tongue, bitch!"  She obeyed without question, positive that after
her excellent blow job, Lance would let her go.  She sucked on it
really hard, and Lance smiled while grabbing her hair and holding
her face against his crotch.  The other two tied girls watched,
unable to move or speak and the fourth, nearly in shock lay
     She sucked Lance's immense cock for a good 10 minutes almost
non-stop.  He could feel the semen rising, and knew his orgasm
was soon.  Her tongue danced along the length of his rod and
Lance's ejaculation was about to commence.  "Yeah here it comes,
bitch!!"  Lance screamed as his cock started to spasm forcing the
seed from his balls into the shaft.  "Uhhh!" he groaned as
finally his juice began to spritz out.  She took it all into her
mouth, it was a lot of cum.  He continued grunting and she wasn't
sure if his orgasm would ever finish.  It finally did and he
pulled out his penis from her sore mouth.  She immediately began
spitting out the semen.  "You didn't swallow!!" he yelled at her.
     "I never swallow." she said proudly.
     "I'm sorry, but now you must die."
     "But you said if I blew you we could go!" she pleaded.
     "You didn't swallow." he said with a frown.
     "You never said anything about that!!" she cried, tears
started to well up in her eyes.
     "Shut up, bitch.  I was gonna kill you all along!!  I was
just playing with you!" he said with a hearty belly laugh.  She
cried like a little girl with a cut finger.  "Now, bitch.  Don't
make it hard on yourself.  I promise it won't hurt.....that
much!!" he joked.  She didn't even say anything.  Lance suddenly
grabbed her hair and yanked her off the ground.  Using his micro
matter reprocessor Lance replicated his Mega' Blaster.  But
instead of using the standard XT/F-40 bullets, Lance selected the
special barrinite crystal encased shells which can cut through
just about anything.  While still holding her in the air Lance
pressed the nozzle of the weapon into her crotch.
     "Please!!" she screamed.  But she was dead the moment she
encountered Lance.  Nothing could change that.  He fired the gun
blowing a massive hole clean through her vagina and anus.  She
howled in pain, and Lance released the grip on her hair and as
she fell down spun the weapon around striking her dead in the gut
with the hyperfiberglass stock knocking the wind from her lungs
which were already hurting from her shrieks.  The fucking bitch
immediately coughed and then curled up on the ground.  Lance
knelt down, reached into the wound at her crotch, and actually
rammed his hand inside her and began ripping out her innards. 
First he started with the large intestine.  It was a bloody mess
and he yanked it out and followed with her small intestines.  She
was beyond pain and had a dazed look on her face as Lance
eviscerated her with his bare hands.  Blood was everywhere and he
just laughed while tossing her gore around the room. 
Surprisingly she remained alive and was forced to endure this
terrible suffering.  Lance reached into the wound as far as he
could and at the same time strangled her with his other bear like
hand.  His fingers closed around her neck giving her a double
death.  Lance squeezed harder than even he thought possible
nearly crushing her throat.  A minute or two later she passed
away and Lance wasn't sure if from loss of blood or asphyxiation,
or maybe both.
     He finally released her, throwing down the remaining meat
and turned to face the two hog tied bitches who had witnessed the
entire escapade.  Suffice it to say, Lance had never seen such a
pale white look of fear on a bitch's face.  At least not since
his early years as a killer.  It was a look he enjoyed.  His
sick, twisted mind getting some bizarre satisfaction.  He walked
over to them and looked down at their tied, helpless bodies. 
"After such an entertaining time I just don't know what I'm gonna
do to you two. about the good old Bushmaster?  Would
you like that?" he said while showing them the huge knife.  They
shook their heads no but Lance didn't give a fuck about that
shit.  He bent down and grabbed one of the young girl's hair, she
was a sexy redhead.  He gently pulled back her head and waved the
blade in her eyes.  "This is the Bushmaster 2000.  But it's only
half the fun!  The other half is cutting your throat!!" he
screamed while suddenly slicing her neck severing the carotid.  A
waterfall of blood erupted from the gaping, massive wound.  She
spasmed against the ropes which held her in bondage.  It was a
perfectly clean cut and didn't hurt too much, but the sensation
of blood pumping out from the gash must have been incredible. 
Lance held her as plasma gushed out.  Then just before she died
he snapped her head backward almost ripping it off her neck and
killing her.
     The other bitch, laying right next to her now deceased
friend, cried uncontrollably.  Lance stood up and stepped over to
her.  "Now, it's your turn to play the game of life.  Or should I
say, death." he said with a sick smile.  Lance once again took
out his Mega' Blaster and stepped away from her to the far side
of the room.  Then using the flame thrower covered her in fire. 
She thrashed about and was roasted alive, her skin peeling off
and smoking.  He kept burning her as she experienced more pain
than ever before then Lance switched to XT/F-40s and blasted her
to bits with the explosive tipped bullets.
     "It's time for the fourth and final act!" he said with glee
while walking over to the girl with the stab wound and letting
the other bitch still burn even though she was already dead. 
Lance checked the woman and she was still alive.  "Excellent!" he
said.  Lance's cock was of course rock hard once more.  But
instead of fucking the bitch's cunt, he removed the bandage and
pushed his rod into the knife wound which still bled.  He laughed
as the plasma coated his penis providing an interesting feeling. 
He shoved it all the way in fucking her guts.  While fucking her
in this manner Lance reached up and wrapped a long piece of thick
twine around her throat.  He looped it several times then looked
her dead in the eyes and yanked it tight.

scene in progress

     He laughed and walked out back to the atrium.
     Lance went out to his car and replicated 500 kilograms of
CH-4 high explosive.  He went back in the hotel and placed the
CH-4 in the center of the lobby.  He set the automated timer for
thirty seconds and ran like hell back to his car and drove off.
     Lance had driven about a kilometer when he felt, heard, and
saw a massive explosion as the entire building went up in a huge
ball of flame sending pieces of triment and composite marble
flying in all directions.  The entire three-hundred story
building exploded, completely destroying it, and the ground
rocked from the intense shockwaves.  Windows in buildings
kilometers away shattered from just the sound before being
blasted to rubble.  Cars flew thousands of meters into the air
from the goliath blast.  All pedestrians had their bodies blown
apart as heatwaves shrouded everything.  Huge pieces of triment
violently dispersed from the explosion's center and landed on the
ground, crushing cars and pedestrians like ants.  Lance activated
the VM shield on his car protecting himself from the flying
detritus.  But the shockwave was so immense that it engulfed his
car in flames, throwing it almost 2000 meters into the air.  A
giant mushroom cloud formed and rose above the horizon,
everything at ground zero was incinerated instantly and a super
heated gaseous shockwave moved through the city in a giant circle
flattening everything.  Lance's car was flying out of control,
surrounded by fire and pieces of the buildings and street, so he
activated flight mode and regained attitude control.  He flew
straight up and right out of the top of the mushroom cloud and
into the upper atmosphere.   "Jesus, that was wild." he said to
himself while leveling out and heading back home.  The car had
sustained damage and the shield was weakened.  A simple matter to
fix but nonetheless annoying.
     He flew around for awhile and checked the status of the city
with sensors.  The town registered as non-existent, the mushroom
cloud still looming like a dark omen over the ruins.  A kilometer
wide crater stood in place of the hotel.  Hundreds of thousands
died, all buildings were gone, and Lance got the biggest kick out
of it.