The Lance Saga - Humiliation


     Lance pulled out a bunch of clamps and vices, along with
tape and thick rope.  He became very excited, anticipating the
twisted things he was about to do to this young, fresh girl.
     He grabbed the bitch, and forced open her eyelids, ass,
pussy, nose, mouth, and ears with leather, thin wires, tape,
rope, and clamps.  He stood her up and threw her back against a
nearby tree and spread her legs.  He wrapped thick rope around
her breasts forcing her nipples to extrude and sucked them for
awhile.  Then Lance whipped her stomach and legs until she was
covered in blood which exited Lance even more.  Then he
masturbated repeatedly during the course of the day and
ejaculated into each of her forced open orifices degrading her to
the level of trash.  Her entire body was covered with his semen,
humiliating her and then he pissed all over her cum stained body.
Her mouth and eyes became dry and sore from lack of saliva and
tear juice and he laughed as she suffered.  He next removed the
pussy spreader and fingered her roughly.  Drool dripped from her
mouth in a last ditch effort to moisten her soft tissues.  The
poor girl's eyes, not having blinked for hours, burned like the
fires of hell causing immense suffering.  He continued his harsh
finger rape and sucked her inflamed tits.  Next Lance tore out
her dried tongue and shoved it up her twat and fucked her with it
as he beat her with a belt.  He shoved her tongue all the way in
and then followed with his cock, violating the poor, young woman
while she stood helpless and in extreme torment.
     After fucking her for awhile, and ejaculating again inside
her worn pussy, Lance grabbed his boot knife and sliced open one
her of her dried eyes then rammed his finger into the socket and
ripped out the remains.  Then using his rock hard cock, he jabbed
out her other eye.  Clear juices sprayed out and he came in the
socket after fucking it for a few minutes.  At the same time he
shoved a huge spiked dildo into her torn pussy and ripped off her
clit with a pair of pliers.
     Her screams of unimaginable agony brought such joy to
Lance's cold heart and he walked away, leaving her to bleed to