The Lance Saga - Fun at County General

Fun at County General

     Lance wanted to have a little more fun before meeting up
with the S.S. Eagle and pondered what to do.  As he was sitting
in his car thinking, a hot brunette walked past him on the
sidewalk.  Lance got out of his car and began following the young
damsel.  She nervously looked over her shoulder as Lance walked
faster to catch up with her.  The lady became frightened and
tried to run, but it was too late and Lance grabbed the back of
her neck and threw the bitch to the ground.  She pulled out a can
of Mace and sprayed Lance in the face, but his shield filtered
out the gas and he laughed.  "I got plans for you bitch.  You're
gonna' suffer."  He took out a chain and beat the girl with it,
causing horrible bruises and gashes.  Lance continuously hit her
with the heavy chain for ten minutes until the chick was bloodied
and beaten into unconsciousness.  Then he picked her up and
dumped the girl's limp body into his car after raping her.  He
got in as well, and activated the autopilot.  "Computer, take me
to the nearest hospital." Lance ordered his autopilot computer.
     "Acknowledged." the system replied, and the course was set
and the car began driving itself.
     About fifteen minutes later his car pulled up in front of a
giant building, the Farsberg Regional Hospital Center.  He
quickly located the emergency entrance and got out of his car.
He took the battered woman out of the right passenger seat and
carried her to the entrance.  He walked through the doors holding
the bruised, bleeding bitch in is arms.  "Please help, my wife
was attacked and was badly beaten.  She needs help!" Lance
shouted.  Seconds later a stretcher was brought out and several
doctors and nurses placed the girl on it.
     "You are her husband, sir?" asked one of the doctors, as the
others examined the female.
     "Yes.  We were coming home and I stopped to go to the
bathroom.  When I came back I found her lying on the street,
bleeding." Lance said.  He tried to put a fake tone of worry and
concern in his voice, pretending that he actually cared about the
girl which he himself had beaten.  The doctor fell for it and
attempted to comfort Lance.
     "We will do the best we can.  Please, go the waiting room. 
Someone will come get you as soon as we stabilize her condition."
the doctor assured Lance.
     "Thank you doctor." he said as Lance walked out of the
emergency area and into the large waiting room.
     Once there he sat down and quickly glanced around, noticing
many people filling the waiting area.  Some distraught as loved
ones were treated, others waiting for treatment themselves. 
Lance sat quietly, for a few minutes deciding what to do next. 
Then he got up and headed toward a bathroom, and after entering
the restroom, saw some kids smoking and told them they cannot
smoke in the hospital.
     "Whatever." was their foolish response.  Lance grabbed one
of the punks and smashed his face into the mirror, and then back
kicked the other dude in the gut.  They both fell groaning in
pain and Lance burned out their eyes with the butts of the
cigarettes they were smoking.  Screaming in pain, the two
hoodlums were now blinded, and Lance pulled out his 6 inch
hunting knife and stabbed them each twenty-seven times in the
back and neck.  Blood spewing everywhere, they rapidly expired
and Lance laughed at the comical site.
     He exited the restroom and suddenly the emergency doors flew
open and a stretcher was quickly wheeled in carrying a bloody
body.  Lance pretended he was a doctor after swiftly stealing
some ER scrubs and changing into them.
     "Multiple stab wounds to mid-torso, possible skull
fracture." announced the ambulance driver.
     Using his vast knowledge of medicine Lance diagnosed the
     "Let's get a portable X-ray and take a film of her head, and
start a line, we need to replace the blood she has lost."
     "Hey, who are you?" said one of the other doctors.
     "My name is Mace, I'm doing my residency here.  I just
started today."
     "Very well, let's do what he said, start a line and get that
     Lance and the other doctors worked on the young female
patient tending to her wounds attempting to save her life.  The
bitch's existence was worth nothing to Lance but he was just
playing along with it.  Suddenly she went into cardiac arrest so
Lance began CPR.  He continued for 10 minutes but the team of
doctors were unable to revive her.  Lance stopped and called the
time of death.  It took a great deal of concentration to keep
himself from laughing and planned on fucking the dead body later
     Lance continued his guise and grabbed a few charts.  He
walked into exam one where a woman was complaining of loss of
feeling in her legs and feet.  He pulled out a huge knife and
stabbed her right in the bottom of the foot.
     "Did you feel that?" he asked the human.
     "No.  Aren't you supposed to use a pin or something?" she
asked as blood poured out onto the floor.
     "This is a new technique I am testing." said Lance while
twisting the blade.  He pulled it out, cleaned it and resheathed
the ultra sharp knife.  "I'm afraid we are going to have to
amputate.  You have a serious infection in your feet and legs."
     "That's not what the other doctor said." she replied.
     "Well I'm not the other doctor, I'm Dr. Mace, and my
diagnosis is S.F.F."
     "What's S.F.F.?" the woman asked.
     "Swift, fast, and furious." Lance said while pulling the
privacy drape around his patient.
     "I want a second opinion." the girl said after a brief
moment of silence.
     "I'm afraid there isn't time for that."  Lance grabbed the
bitch's arms and secured them to the guard rails on the sides of
the bed using hospital restraints. 
     "No, what are you doing!" she screamed.  Lance slapped her
then taped her mouth shut and proceeded to hack off her legs with
a large serrated knife.
     The woman's eyes became wide with pain, she could definitely
feel it this time as Lance sawed into her thighs severing her
legs.  She perished quickly after her femoral arteries were cut. 
Lance chuckled to himself as he made his way back to the female
stab victim.  He found her and swiftly raped her still warm
cadaver.  He blew a load in about 15 minutes and had to stop
himself from screaming out in pleasure not wanting to attract
attention.  Lance then pulled his throbbing cock from the dead
girl's cum filled pussy.
     Suddenly someone walked into the room just as Lance was
putting his pants back on.  It was a hospital orderly.
     "What is this?" the dude exclaimed.  Lance ran to the fool
and snapped his neck like a dried ginger root.  Then he left the
examination room just as another bleeding body was carted into
the ER.
     This time it was a male and Lance's diagnosis was quick as
he plunged his boot dagger into the man's chest.  He moved the
razor sharp blade up and down tearing the victim's innards to
shreds while the flabbergasted emergency room team watched in
     Before they had time to react, Lance grabbed a scalpel and
wildly slashed everyone within reach.  They screamed as blood
pumped out of their arteries in all directions with each frantic
heartbeat.  The resident doctor tried to restrain Lance but it
was a mistake as Lance snapped the man's arm causing an open bone
fracture.  Now bellowing in agony, the doctor fell to the floor. 
Lance stomped on his stomach knocking the wind out of the dude
and then broke his neck.  More ER techs arrived and tried to stop
Lance's reign of death.  It was futile and he easily killed them
all with a sword.
     Lance then quickly went to a turbo lift and got on.  He went
to another floor, the intensive treatment area and stepped out of
the lift.  Still wearing his shrubs, everyone thought he was a
doctor or a medic.
     "Nurse, I need some help here." said a woman to Lance, she
appeared to be a doctor.  He followed the bitch into the room of
a 30 year old brunette.  "Please start an I.V. of morphine, she
is in pain."
     "So what." replied Lance.
     "Excuse me?"
     "Pain is a good thing, let me show you."  Lance grabbed the
woman and shoved blistering hot pins under her fingernails.  She
screamed in torment and he took a pair of pliers and viscously
ripped her fingernails off and then crushed the tips of her
fingers.  The woman violently shook in pain, it was too intense
for mere screaming.  Lance laughed and continued his torture.  He
inserted needles into her breasts and nipples, drawing blood.  He
shoved the needles all the way into her flesh, causing incredible
aguish and twisted them.  Leaving the needles in, he attached
electrodes to them and sent a powerful electric current into the
tiny metal torture devices.  The current seared and burned her
sensitive flesh to Lance's most extreme amusement.  But the
woman's screams and moans of agony awoke the 30 year old on the
hospital bed so Lance had to deal with her next.  He threw the
mutilated female doctor to the floor and then focused on the 30
year old.  "I will give you a morphine drip to ease the pain." 
Lance flustered with anger and had to control himself to stop
from simply strangling her to death at once.  He left the room to
get an I.V. and grabbed one off a tray.  Then he entered the
janitor's closet and found a container of ammonia and filled the
syringe with it.  Afterward Lance went back into the 30 year
old's room and gave her the injection.  "You might feel a stick."
he cautioned as he inserted the needle.  Then Lance pumped the
poison into her vein and she shrieked in torment.
     "AHhhhhhhh, what is thhaatt!" she cried, already becoming
distant and confused.
     "I'm putting you out of your misery." he said as he finished
pumping the ammonia into her arm.  She moaned in agony as the
fluid reached her heart.  Suffering horribly, she slowly expired
as the solution circulated throughout her body.  Once dead, Lance
raped her fresh corpse then sliced it to pieces with a razor.
But a security guard walked by the open door and looked in as
Lance finished cutting up her body.
     "What the fuck is this?" screamed the armed guard.  He
entered the room and pulled a gun on Lance.  With lightning speed
Lance threw a chair at the fool knocking him down.  He then
lunged at the officer and took his gun.  Lance shot out the
fucker's kneecaps and elbows.  Blood erupted from the massive
wounds and Lance grabbed the moaning man and broke his back over
his knee then ripped his body in half and tossed the disgusting
mess on the floor.
     By now the female doctor Lance had thrown down was regaining
her senses.  Pins and needles remained jammed into her breasts
and her mutilated fingers throbbed with hellish pain.  Lance
turned around and saw her.  She tried to scream so Lance took a
Robo-Grip pliers and ripped out her tongue then slit her larynx. 
Now that she was speechless, Lance got down to business.  He tore
off her skirt and panties.  Using three fingers he fucked her
good and slapped her ass with his other hand.  Crying and
groaning she fell to the floor in submission.  Lance pulled out
his fingers and made her suck the pussy juice off them then he
mounted the trembling bitch and slid his huge cock into her tight
snatch and began roughly pumping her.  He slammed her viciously,
throwing her back with each thrust.  Her medium sized breasts
heaved as he raped her and he held down her arms and spit on her
face during the sadistic sexual intercourse.  Soon Lance shot his
thick load deep within her.  He let go of her arms and moved his
hands over to her breasts and rubbed them as his dick quickly
softened.  He massaged her tits and pinched her nipples as he
bent over and kissed her cheek.  He licked her face and ran his
wet tongue up and down her neck.  But when his eyes caught a
glance at her sexy throat Lance knew what had to be done.  He
reached up, wrapped his big, powerful hands around her neck and
causally strangled her.  He smiled as her eyes bulged and head
swelled while he squeezed her tender neck.  She squirmed and
twitched but to no avail.  Her body gave up and ceased to
function since it was without oxygen.  Just watching her suffer
as he choked her gave Lance another immense erection so he turned
over her now dead body and fucked her up the tight ass and blew
yet another load into her within seconds.
     Quite content with the fun he had, Lance decided to call it
a day and leave.  He took off his shrubs and quickly cleaned up
in the shower.  Then Lance was about to leave the building when a
group of armed guards stopped him with energy weapons.
     "Don't move an inch." they said to him.  Lance pulled out a
rapid fire shotgun and smiled.  But the guards shot him and the
force knocked him to the ground.  Protected by his shield, Lance
jumped back up and fired at the guards blowing them to pieces
easily.  Then he rapidly left the hospital coming up against no
further opposition.  He jumped into his car, and headed home.