The Lance Saga - Grocery Store

Grocery Store

     He left the area, jumped into his car and drove away.  Lance
then made a voyage to a local 24 hour grocery store after
checking his bitmap autopilot computer.  He parked, got out, and
was about to cross the street when some dude flew passed him in a
customized vehicle failing to yield.  The person parked illegally
then went to use an ATM machine.  Lance walked over to the fucker
and tapped on his shoulder.
     "Hey dickhead, pedestrians have right-of-way." Lance said to
the 19 year old male.
     "Man whatever." was his foolish, immature response.  Lance
became enraged at the dude's arrogance, grabbed the back of his
neck and smashed his face into the ATM computer screen.  It broke
and large pieces of plastic stuck into his forehead.  Lance let
go and the man recovered clasping his bleeding head.  He took out
a switchblade and tried to stab Lance.  The attack was
circumvented with much leisure then he punched the dude straight
in his gut.  The blow was so powerful that the man doubled over
and spit up blood.  Lance then performed a flawless knee lift
right on the bridge of the dude's nose.  He flew back from the
massive blow but remained alive.  He lay on the ground bleeding
and Lance looked down at him.
     "Stupid mother fucker." Lance said then suddenly jumped in
the air and landed his boot right on the guy's head crushing it
like an acorn.  Lance then left and walked into the store.  It
wasn't too busy and he saw a magazine rack which caught his
attention.  He began looking at a publication designed for
teenagers.  He read something funny and laughed just as a young
couple walked by.
     "What the fuck is he laughing at?" said the man to his
apparent girlfriend.
     "WHAT!!!!!!!!!" screamed Lance.  He grabbed the piece of
shit, tore out his tongue, and threw it down.  The man gargled on
his own blood and Lance, using all his anger, side kicked the
dude breaking his ribs instantaneously.  He simply fell flat on
his back, with hideous open bone fractures.  "Your turn bitch!!"
thundered Lance at the sexy 18 year old girl.  But before he
could inflict bodily harm one of the cashiers walked up, a sexy
young girl, and screamed at the sight.  Lance spun around and saw
her, then pulling out his sword, sliced her in half.  The two
pieces dropped to the ground and Lance smiled.  He then turned
back around to find the 18 year old piece of meat tending to her
fallen boyfriend.  He was in extreme pain and bleeding profusely.
Lance grabbed the girl's long brown hair and picked her up.  He
tried to kiss her on the mouth but she smacked him, her hand only
hitting his protective energy shield.  Lance punched her in the
face and she fell down.  He then tied her arms behind her back
and sat her on her ass.  She was still dazed so he grabbed a
package of cigarette lighters from one of the check lanes and
opened it.  "It's time for pain, fucking cunt!" he said to her.
He ripped off her clothes and underwear.  She was completely
naked and looked amazing.  He cock throbbed to life but he was
saving that for later.  Lance took one of the lighters and set
its flame to maximum.  He lit it and put it right under her left
nipple.  She immediately shrieked as the yellow flame danced and
burned her sensitive flesh.  He kept it there for at least a
minute until the nipple was burned to the third degree.  Her
cries of pain never ended and Lance laughed at her, laughed like
all the girls who laughed at him.  But he was paying them back,
he was getting his revenge and it was sweet.
     Lance finally removed the lighter only after her level of
pain was almost beyond comprehension.  Tears flowed down her face
and she sobbed, her nipple still smoking and completely black.
He next grabbed a roll of duct tape and put a large piece over
her mouth.  Lance then turned her over onto her stomach and began
beating her with an old leather belt.  She moaned as even more
sensations of pain flowed throughout her young body.  He didn't
stop beating her until Lance saw blood which only excited him
more.  He flipped her back over and drove his monstrous cock
right into her snatch.
     "Stupid fucking bitch!!  No one laughs at me, fucking
cunt!!" he screamed in pure, uncontrollable rage.  His massive
prick easily split her open and she began bleeding from the
vagina.  Lance pumped her with all his might, he wanted her to
suffer.  His extraordinary strength nearly crushed the bitch's
tiny, fragile body.  After about two minutes he began discharging
semen into her pussy.  Lance grunted at the almost painful
orgasm, and kept filling her while thrusting violently.  Soon it
was over, but he needed to do one last thing.
     Lance pulled out some thick rope, wrapped it around her neck
and pulled it tight.  Her eyes were wide with fear, she knew her
life would end and there wasn't a thing she could do about it.
Lance yanked hard, cutting off both air and blood.  He laughed
the whole time while she suffered terribly.  Less than a minute
later his deed was done.  She soiled herself, eyes open and
glazed over, the bitch was dead.
     Lance slowly stood up, his sadistic urges still controlling
him.  Surprisingly the boyfriend was still alive and had
apparently watched the entire rape and snuff of his girlfriend.
He couldn't speak because blood had nearly filled his lungs.
Lance took the dead girl's body, snapped it over his knee and
threw it on top of the boyfriend.  He smiled as the guy died
taking with him the image of his dead woman's tortured body all
the way to the grave.