The Lance Saga - Gothic Pain

Gothic Pain

     Later that night as Lance was driving around, his thermal
sensors picked up three girls walking down the street.  He
enhanced the image to get a look at these pieces of meat.  They
looked amazing, all with long straight jet black hair and black
trench coats.  Lance parked and got out so he could closer
investigate.  He walked up behind the chicks and they appeared to
be gothic.  He tapped one of them on the shoulder and they all
turned around.  They wore black eye shadow with dark lipstick.
Their fingers and wrists sported multiple rings and bracelets.
Long necklaces hung from their necks and they had a multitude of
piercings in their ears, noses, and lips.  They had on black
shirts and black pants with dark colored combat boots.  One of
them had on shorts and knee high leather boots.  They looked so
morbid and depressed and attracted Lance greatly.  They asked
what Lance wanted and saying nothing he sprayed them in the face
with a powerful tranquilizer rendering them asleep.  He picked up
the gothic bitches and threw them into his car like so many
pieces of worthless trash.  But they were not worthless.  For
Lance had great plans for them and couldn't wait to get back to
his house.
     He drove there rapidly and along the way was pulled over for
speeding.  Sighing, Lance stopped the car and just sat there.
Knowing the pig couldn't see through the tinted windows Lance
laughed and played with his three unconscious female prey.  He
spread one of their legs, the one with the shorts, and felt her
up.  He ran his hand down across her glass smooth thighs and
caressed her buttocks ever so gently.  Then his hands moved up to
her medium sized breasts and he squeezed and toyed with him,
making sure to pinch and twist her lovely nipples with her shirt
still on.  Just then the cop tapped on Lance's window.  He
quickly exited the vehicle not giving the officer time to see the
three young girls inside.
     "Can I see your license?" the naive fucker asked.
     "No." replied Lance, barely able to contain his laughter at
the situation.
     "What?" said the fucking pig.  Lance grabbed the dude and
threw him to the ground.  Before the guy could recover Lance
pulled out a sledge hammer and smashed the guy right in his
crotch.  His balls crushed instantly and his pelvic bone
shattered causing hellish agony.  The mister cried out in pain
but managed to reach for his gun.  Lance swung the huge hammer at
his hand and crushed it into mangled bits and did the same to his
other hand.  Now helpless, Lance looked into the cop's eyes and
asked him how he wanted to die.  "Please no.  Please don't kill
me." was all he said between his moans of pain.  Lance took out a
knife and knelt down beside the suffering man.  He grabbed a
handful of his hair and pulled back his head.  Lance gripped the
blade and placed it into his chin.  Then with a swift push shoved
it up into his mouth, through his sinus cavity, and into his
brain.  The man convulsed then expired as his brain severely
bled.  Lance twisted the knife then yanked it out, tearing the
man's grey matter into confetti.  He laughed and got back into
his car and headed home.
     Once there he pulled the three girls from his chariot and
dragged them by the hair into his lair.  He immediately went into
one of the many torture chambers bringing his girls with them. 
The room was lavishly furnished with a plush carpet and several
leather couches.  But that part was for Lance, he took the girls
to the far corner where several chains and straps hung from the
wall.  He raised two of the girl's arms above their heads and
secured their wrists to chains.  He pulled a lever and the chains
receded, yanking the pretty young females off their feet.  He
then wrapped chains around their ankles and fastened them to the
wall completely immobilizing them for later torment.  He left
them to hang, fully clothed, then took the third adolescent woman
to his torture table.  He bound her arms behind her back, tied up
her ankles and thighs, and placed her on the table stomach down. 
She was the one with the shorts on and he made sure to feel her
tight ass.  He left her knee high leather boots on because they
made Lance even more horny.  Once on the table he attached a
choke collar around her throat and secured it to the front of the
table.  He then attached chains around the bounds at her ankles
and secured that to the end of the table.  Then he turned a crank
which tightened the chains stretching her and flattening her
against the cold metal table.  Her breasts squashed against the
tabletop as did her chin and knees.  Lance then went to one of
the couches and relaxed while he waited for them to awake from
their peaceful sleep.
     A few hours later, all three of the sixteen year old goth
girls began to come around.  He walked over to the torture table
and put his hand on his victim's back.  Her eyes rolled around
and she moaned, then her eyes finally opened and looked up at
Lance.  She at once tried to move and found herself tied up and
helpless at Lance's mercy.
     "What...what is going on?" she weakly spoke, still groggy.   
  "Don't try to speak, my pretty." Lance said as he pulled down
her shorts and panties.
     "What are you doing!" she cried.  Lance laughed and inserted
a finger into her ass.  She quivered and tried to resist, but her
bounds held her tightly.
     "No....please stop!" she begged, now more awake and aware. 
He ignored her and dug his fingernail deep into her anal lining. 
She groaned in pain and he pulled out his finger and made her
suck the shit off it.  She refused so he picked up her head by
the hair, pulled it far as the collar would allow, then slammed
her chin down against the metal table.  He again put his finger
into her mouth and this time she sucked on it, taking the warm
shit off his digit.  While she continued to suck his finger, he
squeezed and mashed her ass with his other hand.  Then he pulled
out his finger and grabbed a riding crop.  He shoved it in her
face and made sure she saw what it was.  "Please, why are you
doing this, please don't." she again begged, as tears dropped
from her brown puppy dog eyes.  Her eye shadow smeared and made
lines down her sexy face.  Lance raised the crop above his head
and with a powerful swing brought it down on her sensitive ass. 
"AHHHH!" she screamed as the searing pain flowed through her
buttocks.  He struck her again, causing red marks to form on her
asscheeks.  Then again the crop came down onto her butt.  She
cried and cried out but Lance just keep beating her.  He whipped
her ass a dozen times, while pulling her hair.  With each beating
she cried out, only causing Lance to get more aroused.  He loved
the sound of her suffering and whimpering and hit the bitch with
all his might.  But Lance hit her so hard that the riding crop
broke.  He took the jagged broken end and shoved it into her
asshole.  It sliced her up from the inside and she screamed in
agony.  He pushed it all the way in then broke it off and left a
piece of it inserted far into her tight ass.  Then he began
spanking her with his huge rugged hand.  He beat her ass good and
severely bruised it while she screamed and cried dreadfully. 
Lance stopped and pulled out the broken riding crop from her ass. 
He grabbed a huge dildo and pushed it's head into her anus.  But
it was much too big for such a small opening so he forced it into
her, banging in the end of it and tearing her anal cavity
horribly.  He shoved the giant dildo into her rump and filled her
all the way up.  She just wept as wave after wave of pain crept
through her body.  Lance let out a loud belly laugh as she
sniveled in anguish.
     But then he heard noises from another part of the room.  He
looked over and saw the other two chicks struggling as they hung
from the chains on their wrists.  He left the enormous dildo in
his slave's ass and walked over to the other bitches.  One of
them screamed and demanded to be released.  The other seemed to
just accept that she was helpless and hung motionless and silent. 
Lance walked over to the loud one and smacked her face and
grabbed her between the legs.  She tried to spit on him but he
dodged the attack.  She continued yelling so Lance punched her in
the stomach and as she gasped for air he shoved a rubber plug
into her mouth then covered it with duct tape.  That shut the
bitch up and he pinched her nose.  She squirmed trying to get in
air but could not.  Her face turned red and her pulse raced but
Lance released her nose and let her breath.  She inhaled deeply
and nearly passed out.  He grabbed her nose rings and ripped them
out, causing terrible pain.  She moaned and tried to make noise
but it was completely muffled by the tape and plug.  Fresh blood
dripped from her ripped nose and ran down across the duct tape
and onto her shirt.  Lance laughed and roughly grabbed her
between the legs again.  She whimpered and moaned but could get
nothing past the gag and tape.  He then pulled out a small buck
knife and unfolded it.  He placed the razor sharp blade on her
pants and began to slice them.  He pressed the knife a little too
hard and it slit her flesh with ease making her cry and groan. 
He cut around her crotch area and then pulled away the cloth to
expose a tight, shaved pussy.  It look unused but he would change
that.  Lance clenched his huge hand into a tight fist and shoved
it into her pussy with all his power.  Her sensitive lips parted
and his giant fist slid in, spreading her wider than ever before. 
She trembled at this new sensation and he pushed his arm deep
into her twat while gripping her around the waist with his other
hand.  She shook her head and cried as he violated her.  He
rammed his fist and arm into her all the way up to his elbow,
filling her entire hole.  He then twisted his arm and torn into
her vaginal flesh with his fingernails causing extraordinary pain
to the youthful maiden.  Tears flowed down her soft rosie cheeks
as the pain traveled throughout her tantalizing body.  Lance
tried to shove his arm in deeper but it just wouldn't fit so he
yanked it out, dragging his nails across her pussy tissue on the
way out.  Mucus and twat juices covered his extremity and her
pussy dripped blood once his arm was removed.  He cleaned up
using her shirt, then torn it off, leaving on only the girl's
black trench coat.  Out of the corner of his eye he saw the other
goth girl hanging helplessly with her head cocked watching as he
tormented her friend.  A brief smile flashed across her face and
she looked away.  Lance smiled himself and began to beat on his
victim with his open hand.  He slapped her across the face, on
her bra covered breasts, and on her stomach making huge bruises.  
   Then he punched her in the chest knocking her senseless and
returned to the torture table where his other meat was strapped
and waiting, the huge dildo still sticking out of her tiny,
beaten ass.  She saw him approaching and begged for mercy, saying
she could take no more.  Lance assured her he had just begun and
picked up her head by the hair.  He pulled down his pants and let
his giant erect penis pop out.  He ordered the girl to open her
mouth and he thrust his cock into it, gagging her.  He told her
to dart her tongue on and off his dick but she didn't obey.     
"So you want to do this the hard way, huh?" said Lance as he
pulled out his cock and walked around to her ass.
     "No, please, what are you going to do?" she begged.  Lance
ignored her and attached wires to the end of the dildo.  He
plugged the other end into a wall socket and a jolt of
electricity shot from the end of the dildo into her ass burning
her in seconds.  "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed
as hundreds of volts torched her inner ass causing goliath
suffering.  She shook violently and her eyes rolled to the back
of her head as Lance rotated and shoved the dildo in and out of
her butt.  "AH AH AH AH AH!!!" she cried at the relentless
searing agony.  After several minutes Lance unplugged the torture
device.  Her face and buttcheeks dripped with sweat and smoke
emanated from her cooked asshole.  The salty sweat seeped into
the gashes on her ass from the riding crop and caused more pain. 
She just moaned in total submission, her will had been easily
broken.  Lance strolled back to the front of the table and once
again placed his dick in her mouth.  She at once serviced it with
her tongue and lips and he rammed it to the back of her throat
choking her.  She gagged and coughed around his huge member but
he held the back of her head and forced her to keep it in her
mouth.  Saliva oozed out and dripped onto the table and Lance
began pulling in and out of her, fucking the bitch's face.  He
kept it up for about 10 minutes, making sure his balls slammed
her chin with each inward plunge.  All the while yanking back on
her hair ripping out the roots and making her suffer.  She just
cried and endured the pain and humiliation.  After another 5
minutes of this, Lance finally stopped and pulled his dick from
her sore mouth.  He then quickly shoved a dirty sock into it and
covered it with shipping tape.  Then Lance got on top of the
table and moved down toward her ass.  He removed the huge dildo
and she groaned as her ass slapped shut once it was gone.  But he
soon replaced it with his rock hard plunger and shoved it all the
way in to the burnt area.  Lance could feel the coarseness on the
end of his dick and liked it.  He slid it back out, then shoved
it in and slammed her good.  He fucked the bitch like she was a
dog and yanked back on her hair with each lunge.  His thick, 12
inch cock split her open even more than the dildo and with each
thrust she moaned in agony wishing it wasn't happening,
desperately hoping, hoping it was all a terrible, terrible
nightmare.  But each time he pulled her hair, ripping it from her
scalp, she was reminded it was all quite real and she could do
nothing as he raped her mercilessly.  It felt so good to Lance,
the pain he caused her, the disgrace, and the ecstasy as his
penis infiltrated the young girl repeatedly.  He fucked her so
hard, ramming his dick into her ass, smashing her buttcheeks, and
pulling her hair.  The sensation became so intense that he lost
control and started bashing her head against the table.  He hit
her head so hard that her skull cracked but he didn't stop.  He
smashed her face into the metal table and pumped her ass
increasingly harder.  At the moment of ejaculation her head
simply shattered, spraying brains and bits of skull everywhere. 
Her life ended just as Lance shot his seed deep inside her fried
ass.  He continued pumping her and leaned his head back in
pleasure until all his cum had been expelled into her now
lifeless body.  Lance took a deep breath and then pulled out his
cock and got back on the floor.  He sighed in euphoria as his
dick throbbed and oozed residual cum.  He untied the girl and
loosened the chains which held her on the table.  He turned the
teenager over on her back and mounted her dead, headless corpse
and fucked her in the pussy until his dick softened several
minutes later.  Once finished, he pulled out and jumped to the
floor.  Using a mop he shoved her remains off the table into a
big bucket and tossed the mess into the matter reprocessor.     
Quite satisfied, at least for now, Lance went and relaxed on one
of the leather couches.  He looked over at the two remaining
female victims as they hung from the wall, defenseless, and
smiled.  But he would have them later, he wanted to chill out for
     After about 10 minutes Lance left the torture room and went
outside for a moment.  He saw two elementary kids walking to
school and abducted them.  Right on his own porch he tortured and
raped the two female students then smothered them both with his
huge hand.
     Lance got high from killing them.  He was in a state of
extreme euphoria.  Higher than possible even with the most
powerful drugs.  He always felt this after killing and during
torture sessions.  Pain is pleasure, the torture of others made
him feel incredible and he had to constantly re-new this feeling. 
    Still feeling elation after his brutal attack on the two
youngsters, Lance decided to go take care of the couple gothic
bitches hanging in his room of torture.
     He entered his house and headed straight to where the
twosome hung defenseless.
     Upon coming into the room he walked to where the young girls
where and gazed upon their beauty.  He wanted to take a good look
cause when he gets done they'll look a lot different.
     He released the one with the gag and carried her to the
torture table.  Some blood from her friend was on the tabletop
and she struggled against Lance, fearing for her life.  He laid
the bitch on her back on the table and then rammed his elbow into
her gut.
     "Struggle again and it'll be much worse." Lance said to the
gasping young pretty.  He stripped her then spread apart her legs
and arms and tied them to each corner of the metal table.  Her
eyes were filled with so much fear Lance could smell it.  He took
a long plexisteel skewer and stuck through both her breasts then
yanked up on it tearing her tits to shreds and she shook in
agony.  "I told you not to struggle, bitch!" Lance screamed, his
anger overwhelming him.  He took the blood covered skewer and
impaled her pussy lips with it and again pulled up tearing her
vagina to pieces of bloody flesh.  Then he did the same to her
nose causing excruciating pain.  Blood oozed out from her torn
body parts and she just trembled as Lance mounted her and began
to rape the stupid fucking sixteen year old.  His giant rod
porked her real good causing more agony to her ripped pussy lips. 
He slammed her nice and hard for a good 20 minutes then pulled
out and bit off her clit and ate it.  Lance got down off the
table and pinned her eyelids open then poured 100% alcohol onto
her eyes burning them like hell itself.  She groaned and moaned
and Lance was just loving it.  Her eyes burned ceaselessly and he
rubbed it in and punched the girl's stomach at the same time.
Once her eyes were completely red and swollen he jabbed them out
with a piece of broken pencil and laughed.  She shook her head
violently, her young mind not able to comprehend the
searing, endless agony Lance was inflicting upon her.  Then Lance
grabbed a whip and proceeded to beat her with the most extreme of
viciousness.   He brought the large leather whip down across her
naked helpless body over and over and she shook and quaked,
moaning louder than ever before.  This continued for hours, her
whole body covered with giant gashes and blood was everywhere.
 Her pain brought joy to Lance, a kind of joy and elation that
nothing else can possible compare to.
     Lance finally stopped beating her with the now blood covered
whip and walked up to her.
     "You like that bitch?  Huh, you fucking like that?  That's
what you get, fucking bitch!" he screamed at her.  Then Lance
strangled her to death with a thick chain and smiled.
     The last remaining gothic girl had watched the entire thing
in terror and tears flowed down her face.  Lance didn't feel like
messing with her so she grabbed a balanced knife and chucked it
at her catching the bitch right in the throat.  Blood pumped from
the severed blood vessels and her body fell limp as her life
force left.
     "Now that was entertaining." Lance thought to himself as he
went outside and jumped into his car.