Good Sex

Just Some Good Ol' Sex

     Lance detected a guy and a young lady strolling down an alley,
holding hands and fondling one another intensely.  They appeared to
be infatuated, and he got excited because of this double target.
Lance switched on his multiple view targeting computer and homed in
on the two humans as they kissed and felt each other recklessly.
     Then, to his surprise, the guy grabbed her arms and hair
from behind and roughly threw the youthful maiden to the hard
ground and begin sensuously unclothing his seductive, stimulated
mistress who was now drooling all over herself.  The incident
appeared to be mutual since the girl was smiling as she started
to slowly, and erotically remove her lover's garments.  Once all
clothing was removed from the two love birds, the aggressive male
laid on top of the whore and they began french kissing intensely.
Lance noticed streams of warm spit oozing out the corners of
their mouths as their juicy, erotic kissing became even more
passionate.  The man massaged his lady's big breasts, and harshly
pinched her tightening nipples.  She quivered because of the
carnal, torrid sensation that was moving through every centimeter
of her sultry body as he continued kissing her and caressing the
bitch's stout tits.  She began kissing and licking one of his
ears while squeezing his goo swelled balls which would soon be
released.  She bit and licked the dude's other ear, then started
to passionately run her wet tongue up and down on his sensitive
inner thighs while fondling and licking the other erogenous zones
on his body.  Lance couldn't hear them, but it appeared that the
guy was grunting loudly or something as his penis became
extremely rigid.  She continued to caress, moisten, and bite his
sensitive nipples, palms, inner thighs, feet, his back, and his
tender neck.  After about twenty minutes of this selfish, lustful
foreplay, the man roughly grabbed her and held the bitch's arms
down on the dirty ground as he sucked on her firm nipples and bit
them harshly.  Then he licked the rest of her breasts to moisten
them, and after that, the guy hedonisticly sucked and kissed her
ears, neck, legs, and back until she was screaming in ecstasy.
Once she was ultrahorny, the impatient fellow rammed his cock
straight into her juicy, wet pussy.  But she was not ready to
fuck yet, and took out his dick, and deep throated the stiff rod
all the way to his hairy scrotum.  He leaned back in extreme
sexual pleasure as she sucked him like a high powered vacuum
cleaner.  She moved back and forth, back and forth on his huge,
supererect megacock.  The chap grabbed a hand full of her silky,
jet black hair and yanked on it each time his sensitive penis
head penetrated past her wet lips into the girl's succulent
mouth.  The man could feel her warm, rough tongue darting across
his cock and tickling it causing an incredibly tantalizing
feeling to creep up his sweat covered spine.  The voluptuous
bitch sucked him for at least half an hour until he was at the
verge of exploding his sticky cum inside of her sopping mouth.
She stopped blowing him, and let his brick hard wanker sit
between the gentlewoman's thoroughly hardened breasts until the
stream of sperm within his urethra subsided.  Five minutes later,
the guy fucked her tits and caressed the woman's sensuous body as
his prick ran back and forth between her big melons.  She became
so horny that the bitch needed his dick inside her, so she pushed
him off a few minutes later, and told the horny fool to stick her
with his pole and give it all he's got.  So he once again
stimulatingly inserted his still superhard, ribbed beef into the
slut's dripping, swelled twat.  He forced it in all the way to
his fuzzy, salvia covered balls and held it there while his woman
screamed in lust and fondled her own red, sore tits.  He then
began pumping her harder than Lance could have imagined was
possible and her big coconuts wobbled back and forth from the
strength of his continuous ultradeep sausage injection.  The
bitch screamed with pleasure every time her warm, hairy vagina
was forcefully penetrated by his stiff muscular male organ
stimulating the slut's cunt.  They kissed again when he laid down
on her and she added to his pumping by flexing her thighs and
hips and pushing up every time he humped her causing so much
erotic pleasure that the both of them almost exploded as they
both yelled and hollered.  He gripped tightly on her vibrating
tits as the stimulation of their fuck caused him to flinch when
every muscle in his body tensed up at the same time after each
powerful fuck bang.  After a strenuous hour of this hardcore
wanton screwing, they both achieved orgasm at the same time, and
Lance was astonished at the amazing endurance of the two
superfuckers.  The guy passionately pumped her superdeep fucktwat
just as the warm cream erupted from his fuckstick in powerful
spurts of goo filling her with his fresh cum.  He screamed in
ecstasy more loudly as the slime continued to spew from his worn
penis in concentrated squirts of white goo.  When his ejaculation
was finished, the guy fell on top of his girlfriend with his dick
still deep inside her, put two fingers from each of his hands in
her sweaty, shit oozing ass, and was too tired to move any
further.  Her orgasm then started with her red, sore clitoris,
and traveled in rhythms up through the rest of her soggy twat
sending a feeling of extreme sexual satisfaction throughout the
girl's entire tantalizing body.  She trembled and cried out in
pleasure as her extraordinary, and very intense orgasm continued
for more than thirty seconds while she rubbed and pinched her
breasts.  When the bitch's orgasm finally subsided, she pushed
the guy off her, pulled his digits out from the inside of her
bruised ass, and they both laid on the dirty asphalt, covered
with sweat and goo from each other's mucus membranes.
     By this time, Lance had a tremendous boner and raped a girl
who was tied up in his closet.  But then he snapped out of it as
he remembered what his original intention was.  First, Lance shot
four rounds of pointed hunting shells at the couple, one for each
of their knees.  Their kneecaps exploded and ripped into tiny
bloody pieces.  They both fell to the ground and rolled around on
the wet, trash covered asphalt street, screaming in hellish pain
as blood flowed from the horrid puncture wounds.  Lance used his
super accurate Oakley targeter, along with his remote extended
sniper rifle, and shot the two love birds in their recently used
cum stained genitals, shredding them instantly.  The two were
about to pass out from the inconceivable agony, when he fired a
grenade into each of their mouths which exploded the two bloody
pulps that used to be people and turned them into chicken soup.
He just sat there for a while and remembered the two sex cravers
fucking like jackrabbits in the alleyway and Lance laughed again,
then set all the weapons on standby, and went downstairs.