The Lance Saga - Four Fucks

Four Fucks are ALWAYS Better than One

     Lance then went for a walk and kidnapped four good looking
high school chicks who where hanging out at the local Denny's.
He beat the girls until they fell unconscious and then dragged
the unlucky females back to his house.  Once inside, he placed
one of the girls in his dungeon, two in a holding cell, and the
fourth he tossed onto the floor, the first to be tortured.
     But Lance could hear the seventeen year old slave girl
whimpering in the cold, dark dungeon, so he stripped her, and
then put duct tape into her ass and pussy, ripped it off, and her
crotch hair tore violently from her buttcheeks and vagina.  She
cried out in agony, and Lance smacked her in the face.  He then
taped her mouth shut, and taped her arms and legs preventing the
scared little girl from moving or talking.  He put the naked,
disgraced teenager back into his dungeon and laughed.
     Then Lance took the other two girls out of the holding cell
and punched them a few times so they would be dazed and unable to
resist as he brutally raped them.  He tossed the youthful maidens
into a cement bunker where he could rape them without
interruption, but at a later time.
     Now, it was just him and the fourteen year old juvenile
miss.  She looked frightened and Lance assured her she would not
be harmed.  Right after saying that, he slapped her in the face
so hard she fell to the ground, clasping her throbbing cheek and
crying out for her mother.
     "Your mother is not here.  And you will never see her again,
my pretty.  You are about to fall victim to my wiles, and there
is no escape." Lance said and smiled.  She quivered as he picked
her up off the floor and removed her clothes.
     Her fresh, unmolested body glistened, and her breasts had
just begun to form as she entered puberty.  But she would mature
no further, as Lance planned to kill her soon, after having some
     He took two chains and wrapped them around the girl's
wrists.  Lance then pressed a button and the chains were quickly
pulled upward, bringing the bitch with them.  The sharp metal cut
into her warm flesh as the girl's weight pulled on her arms.
Once she was about 30 centimeters off the ground, he put pieces
of thick leather around the teen's mouth to prevent her from
speaking or screaming.  Then he wrapped metal and leather braces
around her waist, thighs, and ankles restricting motion of those
body parts.  Finally, piano wire was strung over the girl's bare
shoulders, down and underneath her breasts, which pulled them up,
and between her buttcheeks cutting her like a ragdoll.
     Now that she was secured, helpless, and degraded, Lance
began to rape her.  He thrust his hard cock deep into the virgin,
causing her pain and giving a sensation she had never felt
before.  Lance asked her how it felt as he held onto her waist
while continually ramming his dick far into her fresh pussy.
     After awhile though, he suddenly pulled out.  Then he let
her hang in agony for a few hours while beating her with a whip.
The restraints dug into her flesh, and the piano wire nearly
sliced her into shreds when Lance finally released her.  But he
was far from done as he pushed the young girl to the ground and
observed her wounds.  Deep red marks and gashes marked the places
where the chains, leather, and wires had been on her.  Lance then
finger fucked the slut causing immense pain to her already split
fuckhole and his sharp nails tore into her delicate vaginal
tissue, and then he roughly threw her down.  After that, he put a
thick chain around her neck and secured the manacle with a pad
lock.  The chain was just big enough to fit around her neck so
when Lance hooked a leash to it and yanked on it, the chain
pinched and sliced her throat.  He made her get on her hands and
knees like an unworthy zoo animal and took the girl for a walk
around the inside of his house.  Once she was completely
humiliated and degraded, Lance fucked her with a spiked vibrator
and spin kicked the bitch on the side of her head and she fell to
the ground.
     "Okay, party's over." he said and grabbed a large kitchen
     "No, please, why are doing this?" she whimpered.
     "Because it's fun!" was his reply as he drove the knife into
her soft belly.  She gurgled blood and limped over in Lance's
arms.  He let her drop to the floor, and Lance came in his pants
as he watched her last seconds of life.  Blood drained out and
covered the floor so he mopped it up and then tossed the fresh
corpse into the garbage.
     Now it was time for the two bitches in the cement bunker.
He made his way there, excited to torture and rape them.
     Lance seized one of the two girls, a sexy sixteen year old
dirty blonde, and attached her ankles to hooks which were hanging
from long chains on the ceiling.  He did the same to her wrists,
and she was now flat, pussy and breasts down, but suspended in
the air about half a meter above the cold, filthy, cement floor
of the rape room.  She screamed and pleaded with Lance to let her
go.  He simply shook his head no and then taped her mouth shut
with high strength shipping adhesive.  Lance took off his pants
and his giant, hard cock popped into view.  He licked her tight
ass on the top, while pumping her pussy on the bottom and held
onto her strong, firm, thighs as he fucked the maiden.  Then,
Lance held on to her with one hand, while harshly and painfully
probing her sweaty, warm asshole with his other hand.  He grabbed
her silky blonde hair and yanked it, pulling her head back every
time he filled her with his fuckmeat.  After fucking her in this
manner for quite some time, Lance changed positions.  He kneeled
down, underneath the sexy teenager, and sucked her nipples while
gripping her tensed neck.  He put his tongue in one of her ears
as he rubbed and squeezed her hardening breasts.  Lance licked
her cheeks and gave her hickeys on her sweaty neck and tits.  She
started to cry, so he smacked her across the face with a leather
belt.  Then he moistened her eyes with his hot spit to get the
tears off, and after that, tongued her whole face covering it
with his sticky salvia.  Then Lance stood up and twisted the
sexslave's hair and lifted her head causing sharp pain as many of
her hair follicles tore from her scalp.  He shoved the girl's
face into his crotch, slapping her with his rock hard dick.  Soon
afterward, Lance got onto her back and straddled the girl as if
she was a worthless animal.  This put massive strain on her body,
and caused amazing pain in her lower back and pelvis.  He was
facing the front of her so he reached behind, rubbed her firm
ass, and fingered her in the butt.  She jumped just a little from
the unusual sensation as he continued his exploration of her
warm, plump buttocks.  She began groaning at the sexual torture
which was hardening her free hanging breasts, so Lance forced a
curling iron all the way into her tight ass and put it on high
heat.  Then he leaned over and licked the back of her head and
neck as he held the girl's firm, but wobbling tits for balance.
Lance then pierced one of the sixteen year old's rock hard
nipples with a blistering hot, rusted pin and she yelped at the
grotesquely sharp pain, so he removed the pin and stabbed her in
the eye with it instead.  The bitch grunted in severe misery as
the juices in her eyeball sizzled from the red hot sewing needle
and the he just pushed it further into her optical sphere while
twisting it.
     A few minutes later, once the curling iron in her sweaty,
shit filled tush was fully heated, Lance quickly removed it, and
most of her inner anal lining was melted and burned onto it.  Her
butt tightened at the unbearable pain as he twisted and ripped
the iron out of her ass and all of the internal butt skin, which
was completely charred and fused to the iron, tore from within
her and parts of it splattered on the ground.  Lance then took a
razor blade and slit her butt cheeks, stuck his hands inside
them, and pulled all the globs of fat and muscle tissue out of
her asscheeks which dissipated all over the ground in chunks of
bloody tissue.  He unplugged the curling iron and wrapped the
dirty cord around her juicy neck, then he roughly pulled it
forcing the young girl's head to bend backwards.  After that, he
tied the other end of the electrical torture cable to her waist,
just below her throbbing tits and her head was bent so far that
it almost touched her back causing immense pain.  Lance got off
her back and left the poor, underage female in this painful
position for twenty minutes.  Then he cut the curling iron from
its cord which was tieing up the girl, and violently beat her
with it for ten minutes.  After the bitch was severely bruised
and mangled beyond recognition by the curling iron, Lance got
down on his hands and knees, underneath her, and ripped the
shipping tape off her wet lips.  The skin tore right off, leaving
only the bloody, exposed lower skin, and then he frenched her.
She was beaten and fucked so badly that she couldn't resist as
blood dripped all over the his face from her mutilated lips.
After that, Lance took the curling iron, which was still very
hot, as well as covered in her own blood and charred skin, and
harshly rammed it into her moist mouth.  She jolted in extreme
pain as her saliva sizzled from the hot device, and as her
pretty, white teeth were smashed out of her tender gums by the
metallic torture device.  Blood and boiling saliva spewed from
the bitch's gullet and her broken teeth fell to the ground when
he started wiggling the iron viciously within her blood and mucus
filled mouth.  As she endured this horrible, terrible suffering,
Lance grabbed a pointed iron bar, which had been heating for
hours in a furnace, and rammed the cherry red tip straight into
her pussy.  Her vaginal flesh singed to the third degree
instantly from the extremely severe heat, and her remaining
crotch hair, outer vaginal lips, and clitoris burned to ashes
immediately.  Her uterus was completely incinerated from the
scorching deathmetal and she violently convulsed from the
phenomenal torment she was forced to take part in.  The
adolescent was at the edge of unconsciousness from the extreme
agony and sexual torment Lance had been putting her through, but
the whimpering bitch did not have the luxury of death because the
wounds were not fatal.  Lance then got two super-powerful
Shopvacs and placed the end of the hoses on each of her delicate
tits.  He flipped the switches and her breasts were sucked into
the hoses until they couldn't fit anymore, and all the blood and
juice in them oozed out of her delicious, tense nipples.  Lance
got a large syringe and stuck it deeply into one of her breasts.
He sucked the plasma and other fluids into the needle, and
injected it into the girl on the back of her bruised neck in the
soft area causing her skin to blister up.  He then grabbed a
Ginsu World Class kitchen knife and slit her other breast all the
way around.  Blood, fat, and other substances exploded out of her
sliced tit because of the pressure caused by the suction of the
Shopvac.  Then he punched her on the blister where Lance had
injected the tit juice and the skin painfully ruptured, spraying
bodily fluids in all directions.  She shrieked in ferocious pain,
then passed out, after he stuck a bottle in her fried pussy and
smashed it inside of her.  The sharp fragments of glass impaled
into her burnt clam walls severing many blood vessels and
creating an intriguing stream of blood which dripped from her
burned cunthole.  Lance started kicking her in the crotch forcing
the imbedded bits of glass even farther into her vaginal lining
assiduously hacking and severing the entire length of her twat.
Lance laughed in amusement and left the poor, bleeding, tortured
girl, hanging in the closet after taping her mouth and sucking
the glass and chopped up flesh out of her ripped and cooked
vagina with one of the blood filled Shopvacs.  Despite the
incredible wounds she had suffered, the dismembered teen remained
alive, and every millimeter of her body throbbed in agony as
blood flowed from each part of her torso.  Lance knew she was
still alive and just smiled as she hung there trembling, living a
dark nightmare of pain and misery.
     Even after all the hideous, inhuman torture and rape of the
sixteen year old beauty, Lance still wanted to torture the other
girl, a good looking nineteen year old brunette.  Lance grabbed
the bitch, and banged her head on the cement floor.  Then he got
on top of her and pinned the hot babe to the floor making her
easier to rape.  Lance sliced off her clothes, fondled her soft
breasts, and began harshly raping her as she screamed and cried
for help.  He laughed as he brutally raped her for almost ten
minutes straight, while beating the poor girl.  She was crying
and begged for mercy as her pussy was deeply and painfully
penetrated over and over.  In return to her pleas, Lance stopped
raping her, pulled out, and taped her mouth shut.  He whipped her
ass and then fastened the girl to the bare floor with steel
shackles.  After that, he put a leather face mask around her head
and twisted the size adjustment straps making it so tight that
her skin was pulled taut by the rough, worn leather, and all the
circulation was cut off from her face.  She began trembling in
extreme agony as bright red blood dripped from her provocative
body where Lance had begun slicing her with a straight razor.
Her body had been savagely violated by Lance, and her pussy was
all shredded up and bloody, but that was his intention.  Then
Lance fucked her again, this time for almost an hour until he
couldn't resist any longer, and groaned in pleasure and
fulfillment as he forcefully discharged deep within her tight,
tepid, oozing, dickfucking hole.  Lance groaned as he finished
his powerful ejaculation, then he urinated on her face,
completely degrading and humiliating the shackled female.
     Lance nodded at them both, after a fun and rewarding sexual
diversion, and walked out of the room.  He locked the iron door
and left the two gang raped female toys, tied, moaning and
bleeding, barely coherent.
     Lance went into the DTV room and sat down on his plush
couch.  He watched some of the stupid shows for a few hours,
worked on his laptop computer, and then became horny again.  He
went into the dungeon and was going to rape the third girl.  She
was laying in the corner, taped and naked as Lance approached.
She saw him but could do nothing since her legs and arms were
secured with duct tape.
     Lance grabbed her off the floor and squeezed the seventeen
year old girl between her thick, juicy legs.  He tongued and
fondled her big breasts, then he licked her between her savory
cleavage and harshly grabbed her blonde, sexy hair, and pulled it
back roughly.  Her head was jerked backward and Lance started
sucking and licking her tender neck.  He ran his dripping tongue
under her chin and up over the duct tape which covered her mouth,
and around her face to her tan forehead.  After that, he released
her hair and tore off all of the duct from her mouth, legs, and
arms.  Lance thrust his finger up her pussy, and felt her flexed
buttcheeks.  Then he greedily fucked her up the pussy while
hitting her with a metal club.  He raped her for hours and beat
her badly.  Then Lance pulled out and came in her face,
humiliating the tortured slut.  His sticky semen covered her
entire face totally degrading and dehumanizing the girl.  "I got
something for you bitch." Lance told her, after he finished his
ejaculation.  He pressed a button on one his remotes which
activated the torture devices in the dungeon.  A plush bed
materialized and as did many lavish torture devices.  Lance threw
her down and quickly exited and dungeon, being sure to seal the
huge door.  He then went to an observation room and watched the
poor girl.  Something forcefully wrapped around her arms and
dragged the woman to the front of the torture bed.  She tried to
look around and scream, but a stiff leather mask was aggressively
placed around her pretty head and was tightened almost to the
point of tearing.  She tried to kick out, but two iron clamps
locked harshly around her ankles and yanked her legs apart so
wide, that they were almost straight, like a gymnast doing the
splits.  The clamps stopped spreading her legs when they were at
ninety degree angles with her sexy body, which caused unrelenting
agony to the helpless girl.  She then was brutally turned over
with sharp metal probes which slashed her terribly, and forced
her to lay on her stomach while being held in position by four
large, cold, metal restraints.  Harnesses were then put around
her neck, wrists, ankles, and around her ass like a g-string and
were tightened until she was almost smothered against the bed and
were then secured to metal poles at each corner of the rape
platform.  She could not move, and could only breath out of a
small hole in the mask near her nose as she fell prey to this
bizarre, gruesome, vexatious torture.  A cold slimy device ran
down her back and cut her shirt away from her provocative body.
Several probes, which felt like hands, squeezed and rubbed her
tits under her while more probes pinched her nipples with pliers
causing cataclysmic pain.  Moments later, she felt a rough,
dripping, tongue like device run across her back which drenched
her underarms with a warm sticky liquid, as another one moistened
the back of her strained neck.  After that, freezing cold
manipulative robot arms were thrust under her body to her
luscious breasts and began inserting long, rusty unsterile
needles into her plush, already torn nipples and surrounding
breast areas.  Liquid from inside her tits was being sucked into
the metal torture syringes and she tried to scream in exorbitant
anguish.  Even though the erotic kinky leather mask drowned out
her cries, the restraints were tightened further in punishment
for her useless, failed outburst, and her arms and legs were
almost pulled out of their sockets.  Most of the ligaments and
tendons within her extremities were ripped and torn apart causing
even more excruciating torment to the poor damsel.  The brunette
completely tensed up from the vicious, grotesque torture as her
breasts were punctured repeatedly by the dirty, oxidized,
needles.  The probes finally collected all of their tit juice
samples and retreated back the way they came leaving her breasts
mutilated and oozing with blood.
     For some reason, she thought it might all be over, but just
then, sharp objects made tiny, painful slits into her soft
buttocks.  She soon felt several warm, wet devices roughly
exploring the glamorous depths of her tight, bare ass and warm,
succulent pussy, forever violating her smooth, seductive private
mucus membranes.  A vice-like apparatus was then painfully forced
into her asshole and slowly opened, gradually spreading apart her
tepid anus and began ripping it wider and wider.  She jerked in
severe unrelenting torment each time the vice was opened a little
further which very slowly tore and split her asscheeks away from
each other.  A warm liquid, which resembled urine, was poured
into the gaping, bleeding hole, and she felt the smelly,
disgusting heated yellow juice penetrating all the way to her
nearly exposed intestines sending a chill of fear and confusion
up the worthless girl's spine.  The torture device continued to
slowly pull apart her ass and the young woman was in so much pain
now that she almost passed out and was trembling.  She could hear
her sensitive skin ripping apart as wave upon wave of searing,
inhuman ultrapain swept through her sexy body without end.  When
the vice had spread her ass almost twelve centimeters wide, a can
of rotted, moldy peaches was dumped into the shit lined hole
along with a dead, decomposing sewer rat.  She shook in dismay
and nightmarish agony as the slimy, gooey peach slices worked
their way farther and farther into her craphole followed by the
dead rat, and the peach juice mixed with her blood which was
spraying from her savagely torn anal walls.  The spreading device
was expeditiously removed and her nearly severed buttcheeks
flapped closed, forcing the giant chunks of fruit and the dead
rodent even deeper into her twisted, tattered ass and blood
spurted out of her fanny at the same pain filled time.  A few
minutes later, the suffering girl heard a loud mechanical noise
which frightened her, and she could tell it was a motor by the
constant hum it made.  She tried to move her legs but they were
forced apart wider each time she attempted to move until they
were level with her belly button, tearing the remaining tendons
in her thighs and calfs.  The tortured female almost passed out
as her joints were ripped and broken even more from the extreme
sheering force, and she gave up as the pain in her legs became
too severe to comprehend.  Then a large straight razor was forced
deep into one of her thighs, and pulled out quickly, slicing her
leg all the way to the bone and completely severing her femoral
artery.  Blood spewed from the gaping wound and gasoline was
poured into it as her thighs were hit with a spiked hammer.  She
just fell limp, but was kept awake with smelling salts and
powerful drugs while the humming object she had heard earlier
approached the back of the bed and was directly between the
brunette's smooth, bloody, and sweaty legs.  The noise stopped, a
click sounded, then the motor turned back on, this time much
faster.  A metal arm, to which a rapidly rotating jagged cylinder
was attached, slowly extended toward her plump, flabby ass.  She
could feel the air from the high velocity spinning mutilation
device as it slowly got closer and closer to her bare and already
mangled, bloody ass until it was almost touching the bitch's
asshole.  She started crying in fear of what might happen, but
her tears just built up inside the ultratight torture mask as
tremendous pressure was applied to it.  The metal arm then
rapidly and forcefully inserted itself deep into her butt and
pushed all the way into the woman's fudgepipe.  She began
trembling in shock as her anal opening was completely shredded
and ripped apart within seconds after contact.  The fruit and
dead rat were ground up and flew out in all directions as the
device's rotation speed increased.  It went in even further and
small extensions opened up cutting away all the meat from her
pelvis and it remained in that same position for hours until her
entire ass was just a mangled piece of bloody beef and chopped up
bone.  Her large intestine could now be seen as a blood red organ
just beyond the still spinning drill bit, and chunks of steaming
shit flew everywhere.  The drill quickly pulled out and the
extensions just ripped more of the fat off her buttcheeks and
totally pulverized her entire rear end.  She stopped trembling
and became limp as she slipped into a state of pain induced
unconsciousness.  The nylon ropes and chains remained tight until
she awakened many hours later, and the young girl had almost no
strength and was very weak from the massive loss of blood.  Her
thigh artery wound had been cauterized to prevent a premature
death.  Mild pain medicine had been injected into her lower torso
while she was asleep so she did not feel as much torment in her
slashed, mutilated ass and thighs as before, thus preventing her
from passing out again.  Then, she was suddenly picked up in the
air by the straps, and turned on her blood stained back.  She
felt what appeared to be a large penis shaped object going into
her pussy and filling her all the way to the top.  She then
sensed a massive blast of boiling hot liquid spray into her upper
vagina and inside her uterus.  The searing liquid started burning
her pussy, from the inside out, and caused excruciating pain.
She tried to scream from the inhuman, erogenous torture, but the
leather mask was too tight on her head.  It was so rigid on her
head that all the blood within her face was forced away causing
her to become numb in that area and very chilly.  Only her silky,
brown hair remained outside of the hideous mask and it was yanked
and torn from her scalp by a metal, sharp toothed device, and
burned with an acetylene welding torch.  She began shaking in an
erratic manner, and then freezing cold water sprayed from the
rounded, cock sized device.  Her inner vagina had been roasted
terribly and the girl took a deep breath of relief as the bizarre
torture device was removed.  Her pussy was scorched and blistered
deep inside, and the dead, charred skin began flaking and
crackling.  Her straps were jerked tight again forcing her to lay
flat on her back, easy meat for anyone.  Because she couldn't
see, anybody could torture, rape, beat, and burn her, and she
wouldn't be able to identify any of them.  She would never see
the face her captor, the face of Lance, and the terrified,
seventeen year old woman knew her life would surely end soon.
The poor, assaulted, luscious, tortured woman lay defenseless on
the blood covered bed as she gradually became weaker and weaker
and closer to total ruination.  After awhile she fell asleep and
was resting semi-comfortably, when extra thick fishing line
painfully pierced one of her cheeks, then was forced out the
other side of her face, passing through both her cheeks.  Then
the line was wrapped around the back of her head tearing huge
holes in her soft flesh, and finally back into her mouth.  It was
forced all the way into her fleshy throat, then up and out her
nose.  The line tightened harshly, and she was pulled all the way
off the bed until the slack on the leather straps ran out.  Her
cheeks tore right in half, and her nose easily slit all the way
to the back of her throat.  After that, razor blade barbed wire
was harshly fastened on her like suspenders, crossing her
shoulders and running through the remains of her ass and pussy,
then crossing again at the small of her back.  The wire was
pulled very tight and easily pierced the female child's delicate
skin causing much more pain to the bitch than ever before.  A
wench was attached to the two free ends of the wire, and two
motors roared to life yanking so hard on the deadly sharp barbed
wire that it almost completely imbedded itself in her soft flesh
like a knife through spam.  She was incapable of screaming
because of the mask, and just shook violently as the two powerful
electric motors rotated opposite each other dragging the deadly
sharp wire across her fragile body, and between her legs,
slashing and slicing her like a fresh tomato.  Bright red blood
oozed from the 5 centimeter deep continuous incision caused by
the razor barbed wire and her bones became visible.  It was
pulled tighter and tighter, because the motors at each end of the
wire were pulling in opposite directions which caused incredible
shearing force on her pelvis and shoulders.  The razors began
cutting up into her body at her pussy, and were getting closer to
her stomach every second.  All the slack on the wire was taken up
now, and her sexy, bloody body began to brutally and tormentingly
fold in half.  Her collar bones and shoulder blades suddenly
crushed into powder by the force of the tightening high tensile
steel wire severely distorting the female's upper torso.  The
stupid bitch was painfully being pulled toward her knees
millimeter by millimeter causing extraordinary nightmarish
suffering, agony, and mental torture.  She blacked out as her
body was completely folded in half and the rest of her bones
began to break and shatter into tiny pieces inside of the unlucky
bitch.  She remained alive for a surprisingly long amount of time
until her life was savagely ended when her neck was torn to
shreds by the razor barbed wire, separating her head from her
crushed, dissected, mutilated, torn, and sliced carcass.  Her
ribs and spine fractured, and protruded out of her stretched,
sliced skin as her legs pressed against her chest and appetizing
tits.  Her knees were crushed like eggs, and her calves fell
loose, connected only by ripped, bloody tendons and torn muscle
tissue.  Her breasts became enlarged as they filled with blood,
and eventually exploded from the excessive pressure caused by the
tightening steel wire.  Globs of fat, skin, and muscle flew
everywhere along with white, sour milk, and bright red blood.
The cable eventually tore right through her fragile body, ripping
the poor, mutilated, raped, beaten, tortured, and burned woman in
half.  Her body had been turned into an unrecognizable red mass
of tissue and crushed bone.
     Soon afterward, all the rape, mutilation, and torture
devices deactivated and either retreated into hidden cavities in
the dungeon wall, or demilitarized.  Lance came in the room a
short time later, after having watched every torturous minute
from a secret observation room and found the shredded,
pulverized, mutilated mess on the bed.  He laughed loudly, spit a
big snot onto the ripped corpse, and began mopping up the
shredded carcass into a large bucket.  Lance continued wiping up
the torn off body parts and crushed internal organs.  He threw
the left overs of her into a raw matter collector to later be
made into usable energy.  Once the mess was cleaned up, Lance
pressed a button and the bed demilitarized leaving the dungeon
bare, cold and dark once again.  He left the room and walked back