The Lance Saga - Five Cunt Peril

Five Cunt Peril

During his continued stroll Lance suddenly noticed he was being followed. Could law enforcement officers finally discovered his shocking actions and were trying to apprehend him? He turned and saw a group of 5 teenage girls high on some kind of drug since they were giggling uncontrollably. They must have been enamored with his hulking figure and tricked out armored trenchcoat.
He was nearing his house and stopped on the street in front of his driveway. "Hey there big man, ummm, you wanna play with us? No charge!" one of them said while giggling with her friends. None of them could keep a straight face.
"What the fuck is this fucking shit!!???!" he screamed, now fully enraged. Not one to be toyed with he shook with anger.
They continued giggling, the drugs in their systems overwhelming any sense of reason. Switching instantly as usual, Lance replied, "Okay then, let's step into my castle." he told the bitches. The five cunts foolheartedly followed as Lance beckoned them into his residence from which they would never leave. Of course not while still living. "Yeah, come on inside, Mr. Mace has all kinds of fun stuff."
He opened the door, stood aside and used his hand to make a kind sweeping motion as they each passed him and entered. Once they were all inside, he closed and bolted the door and only Lance had the key. One of the girls, a measly 14 years old, pulled out a dobbie and blazed up. She passed the joint to her friends as they all sat on a couch in his well furnished mansion of horrors. He took a few hits too, but the weed did not affect him as any and all toxins are immediately filtered from his blood stream by an ultra advanced biomechnio immune system. He wanted to pretend his was getting high, all part of the evil deception. Now that the girls were stoned out of their naive minds, high on whatever they were before, and now 100% gone on the apparently super weed as they coughed with each hit, it was time for fun.
"Stupid fucking cunt!!" he suddenly screamed while taking the red hot joint from the 14 year old and put it out right in her left eye. He pushed it really hard, almost crushing the delicate organ of sense. The eyeball sizzled and just for fun he took a big fucking hit of it then finally extinguished the spliff as she cried in pain. The narcotics in her system intensified the agony and made it seem longer. She reached up, trying to find the source of this hideous, burning sensation, but instead met cold steel as Lance handcuffed her arms above her head and attached them to a chain which he then retracted, hoisting her several feet off the ground. The other bitches yelled in fright but Lance informed them they would all die slowly if any of them make another sound. Just to be sure they knew he wasn't messing around Lance quickly stripped his hanging prey and sliced off one of her nipples with a razor as it sat atop a nicely budding tit, and ate it.
Tears streamed from his victim's only remaining eye and he took off his belt and beat her with it making sure the metal spiked buckle ripped open her soft flesh. The four other pieces of shit sat in complete fear on the couch as just a few feet away Lance's torture continued. Once cunt #1 bled more than generously from hundreds of hits, Lance violently punched her stomach with crazy power and as she coughed, gasping for breath, used the belt to choke her until she nearly passed out. His cock was hard as shit, and the time had come. He lowered her just a bit so she was on tippee toes and he had easy access to her cunt and ass.
Lane waited a bit to be sure she was completely awake, because he needed to fucking hurt her, he really fucking did, and he needed her to feel it fully. He played and prodded her pussy, and pinched her clit so that she got wet, even if involuntarily then drove into her, deeply inserting his 15+ inch cock into her tight, virgin pussy. He began violently thrusting and took it all the way in, as deep as he could, and out, hundreds of times and ultra fast non-stop and for no less than an hour straight. Blood streamed down her thighs after just 5 minutes only turning him on a 1000 times more. She stopped crying in pain shortly into the 10th minute, any will she had being smashed to pieces and actually seemed to simply accept herself as his rape toy. While still pumping, tearing her insides apart, he decided to do the same to her outsides.
Lance began by severing her other nipple and then sliced away the little girl's tits with a cruelly sharp serrated knife making sure to tear the flesh in the process. "Yeah fucking cunt!!" he screamed at her. "This is what you fucking deserve, bitch!!" he came inside her broken pussy another hour later and pulled out then rammed the knife into her crotch and sunk it all the way in then pulled it back and forth. Blood spattered and spewed everywhere so he left the knife in her, and then mutilated her fingers by bending them backwards and while they were bent he tore away the fingernails with super heated pliers burning the raw flesh under each nail. Afterward, while she now screamed without end, he removed the tendons of both her hands in a very messy, agonizing process. She still shrieked in pain while Lance laughed, blood now pulsing from her torn to shreds digits. He was very surprised she hadn't passed out yet but was quite pleased at her endurance. He then took a wooden baseball bat and began clobbering her ribs, slowly at first, then full force, easily shattering the bones. Her cries ceased as blood now poured from her mouth, an obvious result of perforated lungs and severe internal hemorrhaging. He then grabbed her waist and roughly pulled down on her bloodied body, dislocating her shoulders. She was now convulsing, the agony paramount. Just before she perished, Lance raped her again, this time in the ass, after removing the knife from her cunt, and he ripped the sphincter muscle which caused a very visible reaction of suffering on her face despite her eyes were almost empty. He quickly busted a nut in her bowels then strangled her manually ending her meaningless 14 years of existence.
A member of the remaining four cunts, having sat there with the others for the more than 2 hours as this went on, finally freaked out despite Lance's stern warning, and in a bold move ran down a long flight of stairs unknowingly entering into one of his main dungeons. Not caring about the others for now, Lance teleported to her location using the internal networked matter transfuser which was equipped with micro energy hubs throughout his mansion. Lance walked down the stairs after her and found the piece of meat in shock as she had discovered the tortured, mutilated remains of many previous victims.
"You will make an excellent addition to my dungeon!" he informed her.
"No, please, I will do anything!" she pleaded.
"You only need to do two things, suffer, and die." Lance said, calm as anything. He stared at her and she was just so sexy and petite. Her eyes met his though, and that was it. "All cunts deserve to die!!!! All pieces of fucking meat whores!!!" Lance screamed, angered beyond any control or comprehension. He grabbed her by the back of the neck and roughly tossed her into a large cell. The walls and floor were decorated with the bodies of dead cunts, some from just a few hours ago. He stepped into the cage of pain and kicked her in the ribs while she lay helplessly. He made sure only to break some of them, not wanting the bitch to bleed internally too much at this juncture. He then picked up a length of heavy chain and began beating the 16 year old on the back. She cried in pain with each strike, beginning to bleed rapidly from the coarse, rusted metal. He hit her at least seventy-five times breaking many more ribs in the process. She tried to stand up but fell weakly and curled up in a fetal position. He took out his cock and pissed on her in disgrace, then using a firm grip on her waist, flipped the stupid slut over onto her back. Lance then angrily drove into her with his now almost instantly erect cock. The head of his massive prick parted her labia and he shoved it all the way in, completely filling her and then some. He pumped and pumped, grinding her entire body, punishing her entire existence. She had really nice tits too, perfect and unblemished, at least at the moment. He took out some razor wire and wrapped it around her mounds after biting off and eating both nipples. He cinched in the wire really tight slicing her tits to pieces. Lance then began to hit her tits rapidly and dozens of times with a crude, short chain mace until they were both punctured, bleeding profusely, and almost completely mutilated. She screamed as first her twat was being ripped to shreds and now her breasts annihilated. Lance laughed and continued thrusting even as she bled from the cunt.
After he busted a nut about an hour or two later, he pulled out and picked up the stupid piece of trash by just her sexy, long, straight hair and her held off the ground. She was by now covered in blood, a sight brought down from heaven, Lance's heaven that is. He then, without warning, rammed a triple bladed knife into her pelvic area just above her destroyed pussy. The blow hit bone, just as Lance intended, and was deflected up into her belly puncturing the gutsac. She gasped in shock but Lance was not done as he ran the gigantic twenty plus inch knife up inside her, through her stomach, and right through her already broken ribs. He yanked it out, nearly bisecting her and she continued choking, making the coolest wisping sound as her life quickly concluded. Within maybe 10 seconds it was done and he dropped her to the ground and violently crushed her skull with a super strong stomp from his armored boot. "Ha ha ha!!!" he laughed.
Lance quickly cleaned up the mess then went back upstairs to one of the many master gathering rooms. The only thing gathering this evening were three more cunts, and their death will most certainly be forthcoming. They were nowhere to be seen, but would not escape the biomechnio security and locking systems throughout the mansion. He neurally interfaced with the central computer core and located one of the bitches, a sweet 15 year old dirty blonde, and instantly walked to her location, an upstairs guest room. She just had her birthday too and had been partying too much the past few days, getting high every night. That was not a problem though as she will mostly certainly perish at his hands quite soon.
Now in panic after witnessing Lance's horrid activities, cunt #3 was trembling with fright and hunched in the corner as he just casually walked into the room with a big smile.
Wasting no time and saying nothing, Lance took a recently sharpened and honed hunting blade and flashed it before her tearful eyes. Her shirt was still on concealing her nicely developing tits. He violently tore it off, cut it into strips and bound and gagged her with the pieces. The gag was crude so her screams of pain could still be heard, much to Lance's bemusement and her wrists were tightly bound behind her back. He also swiftly removed her bra and in a quick motion sliced off her left, still somewhat puffy, nipple. Clean, red blood began to flow out and Lance actually caught the severed flesh mid-air and ate it at once. The cut was so precise that the stupid cunt didn't realize what had transpired. But once the warm sensation of her own blood flowing down across her chest and stomach became apparent, the event was clear. Lance threw her down and kicked her in the face just for fun.
"Just had your birthday, eh cunt? Was it fun, did you get a bunch of presents?" said Lance as she tried to comprehend the pain from her severed nipple and partial areola. "I'm talking to you bitch!!" he suddenly roared and grabbed her pretty blonde hair. Lance hoisted her off the floor easily and cut away her shorts leaving only panties. He tossed her across the room by only her locks of blonde and she crashed into a bookcase, stunned. Lance then bent her over a table and pulled her underwear down so it was around her knees. He knew she was a fucking whore and she needed to be treated as such. He also removed her gag and smashed her face into the hardened wooden table top a couple times further dazing her. His meat was ready to go, as it usually is, and he prodded her private opening with the tip of his engorged cock. He could tell she was tight and that he'd probably tear her pussy and became even harder at the notion. After rubbing her clit, and the opening, up and down with the head of his prick, he pushed inside her. She reacted at the pain since she was dry and the friction already caused her agony. Inch by inch he went more inside her twat, slowly at first, then once he was halfway in, shoved really hard until his entire massive cock filled her. This time she cried out in and Lance began viciously thrusting.
"Are you a virgin, cunt? You are awfully tight." he mockingly asked her.
"Yes, I was saving myself for my true love." she managed to whimper between sobs and tears of pain.
"Ha, ha, ha!" Lance laughed as he raped her even harder. "I am your true love cunt!" he joked. She just cried more and now bled from the vagina as she had been torn. Lance thrust violently, grunting as he raped this piece of fucking trash. He made full strokes, pushing his nearly 16 inch cock all the way in until his balls were pressing against her, then all the way out so his tip was between her pussy lips, but he do so very fast and as hard as he could.
This went on for an eternity to the poor 15 year old who could do nothing as her arms were tied behind her back and Lance held her by the back of the neck with one of his massive hands and used the other to hold her waist. Large amounts blood now leaked from her twat and she finally collapsed against the table and just moaned, the pain of the rape too much to bare.
He neared orgasm and quickly pulled out, then forced himself into her asshole using her pussy juice as a messy lube. It was hard to make it fit, but he kept working it. First the tip, then the whole head went in, then the shaft. With all his might he shoved it in her ass way and it completely ripped apart her sphincter. She thrashed at this enormous blast of pain and he pumped her like an animal until satisfied that both her cunt and shitter were totally destroyed. Struggling to hold back his cum, he pulled out of her gaping and bleeding asshole, turned her around, and forced her down on her knees.
"I'm not done with you yet, you fucking stupid whore!!" he yelled at her. He put himself in her mouth and she did not resist, giving in to his overwhelming power over her very life. He roughly held her hair, twisting it into his fist, and face fucked the cunt until finally nutting all in her mouth. It was a lot and some oozed out on the corners along with some shit from the ass rape. "Fucking swallow it cunt!! Swallow it all!" She tried to gag so he pulled out, pinched her nose, and covered her mouth. "I said swallow it!!" he hollered at her. She managed to get it all down her throat taking several swallows to ingest the ungodly amount of thick cum that nearly filled her whole mouth.
He took his hand off her mouth and released her nose and she bent over and gagged again but all the ejaculate was now in her stomach.
"Good girl! Consider that your birthday present." She didn't dare look up at him and weakly sat on her knees with her arms hanging limp but still tied behind her. "Okay, your birthday is over, time to die." he said as if that was an everyday occurrence.
He first took two nails and jabbed them one in each of her eyes. He did it cruelly slow, holding her by the back of the head and liked the fact that she watched the nail as he went in. She shrieked and thrashed but he held her steady. Once both eyes were stabbed out, he left the nails in, and sliced off her remaining nipple then went to work mutilating her nice small, but firm breasts. Using a serrated knife he carved and tore at the soft meat exposing the fatty tissue underneath. It was a messy and unskilled task, leaving her mounds utterly annihilated with flesh and meat hanging in tatters about her chest.
The process and hellish pain ended up being just too much for her and she fainted. He slapped her around a bit and threw some ice water from his Brita filter in her face and she finally awoke. "But wait, there's more!" he told her with a smile.
Lance took out his baranite crystal edged Defender hunting knife, lifted up his arm, and brought the blade straight into her breast plate sideways. It took amazing force, but he managed to get the blade right through the bone and through both her lungs. He was glad it missed her heart so she would not die instantly, but instead tossed her to the floor and watched her as she convulsed and began to drown in her own blood. He then decided to also stab her in the belly, reached into the wound, and started tearing out innards. Blood was everywhere and she finally perished.
Lance smiled again and walked out of the room making his way to cunt #4's location. She was 17 years old and very pretty. This cunt deserved extra special attention, but of course when does Lance not treat his cunts special. She wore teasing, super tight jean shorts, and he easily saw her panty line. On her upper torso, a light blue obviously short t-shirt, again teasing as it blatantly exposed her tense, solid midriff and clung to the contours of her perfect tits.
Lance now had her cornered in the dining room, trapped like a hunted animal, with no where to go, and no where to run, except to the fucking grave.
He suddenly thrust at her, her hands came up, an automatic defensive response no doubt. He grabbed her right hand by the wrist and held it against the wall with amazing strength. She slapped him with her left hand, only exciting the sadist more as he had not even bothered to activat his personal energy shield. He took out a hammer and nail, and drove the long spiked metal into her open right palm and hammered it into the wall behind her. He then quickly repeated this process with three more nails on the upper and lower parts of her hand and one right through the wrist. She shrieked at the sudden sharp jabbing pain and actually foolishly tried to fight him off, her will not yet broken. He so very easily held her left hand against the wall, and nailed it as well, this time with about 15 nails, really long ones, all up and down her arm, directly into the meat and bone and into the wall.
Her arms were now fully secured, spread and above her head and he then parted her sexy, long legs after removing her shorts, socks and shoes, but leaving her panties on for now. Lance decided to go old school, and attached medieval shackles to her ankles and secured them to the base molding via large iron loops attached to very, very short heavy chain. Completely helpless now, she was such an amazing sight. Her head hung limply and she just made this continuous, low groaning noise.
"Finally giving up, eh cunt?" he said as he held her hair and made her look at him. He tore away her t-shirt and bra and twisted her nipples.
Lance laughed and now slapped her cunt with her panties still on of course. Ungagged she groaned again, definitely feeling it as her privates were aroused by this sudden attention. Lance yanked up on her blue undies, digging them between her pussy lips. She moaned louder now and he tore them off her. Lance wanted to gag her with them but wanted to hear her screams for awhile so ripped them up and tossed them in the refuse.
"Fucking worthless pain slut!!!" Lance instantly became highly agitated for no reason. Not as if he ever needed one, and then shoved his enormous erection right into the bitch's cunt. "You fucking whore!! Fucking worthless trash piece of shit!! Disgusting fucking slut!!!" he screamed at her thrusting in and out with full, deep strokes of what appeared to be incomprehensible rage. He raped her viciously and without slowing down at all for 45 minutes. Lance didn't even break a sweat, his endurance beyond measure. He did break something alright though, her spirit, completely owning her now, as blood poured out from her torn twat. Her labia minced and inner vagina stretched until ripped. He only laughed again while looking directly into her eyes during the rape and not even coming after another solid 50 minutes despite her cunt was just bloody tissue now. He finally pulled out and sprayed boatloads of cum on her stomach and thighs. "You fucking disgusting whore!! I hope you enjoyed that cause now you are really gonna hurt!!" he screamed. The expression on her face was of course already of complete, utter, unending agony. Her most sensitive of body parts, her most private of areas, destroyed forever. The pain was so great, blood streamed down her legs mixing with his semen and tears covered her face.
He grabbed her arms and caressed them, feeling her warm flesh. Lance then gripped both her forearms with much force and slowly pulled on them. Suddenly, with violent intensity, he yanked on them and the arm with the 15 nails tore completely to shreds, pretty much ripping right off her body at the elbow causing wonderful noises which no longer sounded human to seep from her quivering lips. The other hand instantly split in half in a messy event and the internal structures became easily visible. The cunt's remaining arm fell weakly to her side, and the other, which Lance actually held in his own hand now, he used to slap her face back and forth then he threw it down next to a disemboweled girl's corpse from last night.
Lance stood back and laughed some more as blood now seemed to flow from everywhere on her body. She then collapsed, literally into his arms but he shrugged her off letting the worthless cow fall on her stomach remembering her ankles were still shackled. His cock again hard, Lance got onto her back, prodded her tight ass and was about to enter, but saw that it was just too puckered and he couldn't possibly fit. Smiling, he grabbed a Dremel 400 XPR which he had just bought at Lowes and affixed a metal cutting tip. He of course showed this to her.
"You like this cunt?? Is this what you fucking want stupid whore???" He saw no reaction so he kicked her on the side of the head then Lance turned on the tool and for starters put the blade right into one of her eyes once the RPMs were at maximum. Oh such a wondrous sight as it gouged into the soft flesh splitting the eyeball in half and releasing the juice within which sprayed almost all over his face had he not dodged at the last moment. She screeched more from shock as the process was so fast but he made sure to dig it in real deep, mutilating her as it also cut the orbital bone. "Fuck you whore!!!!!" he screamed and rammed his knee into her stomach a half dozen times then destroyed her other eye in a much slower, more cruel process while she choked and gasped for breath. She nearly started to convulse but definitely shook in agony as both her eyes were gone, so he held her by the hair and shoved her face into the ground and dragged it back and forth crushing her nose. He yanked her head back, again using her hair, and put himself into her mouth and all the way to the back of her throat, then fucked her face in this manner while grinding her into his crotch using her mane. He deep throated her, going all the way in to his balls, but the cunt gagged which pissed him off so he pushed even deeper then held what was left of her nose shut until she couldn't breath at all, not even gasp, and ejaculated down her neck about 25 seconds later and it seeped into her stomach as she ever so weakly struggled. Once he finished his orgasm, Lance pulled out and finally let her breath as her suffering was not yet over. He was sure she'd be in tears by now if she had any eyes.
Back to his original intention, Lance straddled her and used the Dremel to widen her asshole. He gently pressed it into her sphincter until it caught the flesh, then shoved really hard, knowing the high power motor wouldn't even slow down at all. Tissue and blood ripped away and sprayed out all over her and on his hands and he nearly came again, his huge cock throbbing as always. She reacted quite nicely to this, screaming so loud it may have awoke the neighbors, if Lance had any but his house was on a nice 70 or 80 acres of wooded land.
Once the pain was overwhelming he rammed his cock into her shitter, fully inserting and thrust deeply, further tearing her ass, but on the inside now. Her screams became unceasing as he pumped harder and harder while yanking her hair until handfuls tore from the scalp. About 30 minutes later he came again, even more this time, filling up her bowels with semen.
"Stupid fucking worthless whore!!!" he screamed while pulling out his perpetually erect cock which was laden with her blood and shit. "Time to die bitch!!!!" he yelled at her wishing he could see her eyes when he said it. He grabbed her and knew full well her ankles were still shackled with unforgiving iron and twisted her onto her back. The sudden, violent motion appeared to break both her legs in multiple places. Exactly as he intended. About to pass out but not quite yet, she let out more blood thinning cries. But tired of her screams, Lance duct taped her mouth using almost half a roll which he made sure to first put into her mouth so she tasted the adhesive then put it over her mouth and wrapped it around her head again and again. He quickly got on top of her and raped her cunt again even though it was destroyed and while he thrust snipped off first her nipples then her tits with no less than 10 hacks from a large manual hedge trimmer until her ribs became almost exposed and he saw just blood. He put his fingers into her eye sockets and holding her in this fashion began bashing her head again the solid marble floor timed with it insertion of his cock. He quickly saw blood after the 10th time but she had not died yet thankfully. He pulled out and nutted on her stomach then started to strangle her with one hand while gabbing a knife with the other and pushed it into her gut until it pierced the flesh with the familiar pop and went right into her organs. Lance stabbed her over and over and over then suddenly completely crushed her throat in a fit of uncontrollable rage. By this time her guts were everywhere and he slit her deformed neck just to be sure. Some blood came out but she was obviously dead at this point so he decapitated her and let the head simply fall to the floor, she was worthless trash and even in death deserved no better. He hacked up her fresh cadaver and left it there to go take care of the last cunt who no doubt was waiting in earnest. Lance walked around until he found her in an adjacent washroom hiding behind a shower curtain as if in some cheesy slasher movie. She was insane with fear, her mind gone, having actually witnessed some of the murders from various hallways, unable to look away and now just wept. The drugs she had previously taken were beginning to wear off by now so she would surely feel all the pain Lance was about to inflict on her young body, and seemingly fragile mind. Crying and sobbing, she just fell to her knees in the bathtub, now submitting to him, almost accepting her only fate, which is of course to die in agony. Lance grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the bathroom, across the hall, and into one of his many master bedrooms. Not wanting to use the bed just yet he cruelly tossed her to the hard marble tiled floor. She bashed her knees on the solid surface and barked in surprise. "What the fuck was that bitch???" he screamed at her, grabbing her hair and pulling her head close to his face with some intensity. She shook her head, displeasing him so Lance took a narrow, kind of small pair of pliers, opened them just a tad, then slide them up her nose. Once inserted, he clamped them using his godly might and squeezed and twisted the flesh and cartilage. Blood flowed out and the sounds she made now were much better. He eventually yanked down on the tool, fucking ruining her nose from the inside. He laughed sickly and then dropped her flat on her back, then Lance pulled her skimpy shorts down around her ankles. She was wearing the cutest light red faded panties which he tore from her cunt with much force and put his massive prick right up the fucking bitch's twat and thrust deeply and as hard as he could.
After pumping violently for what seemed like many torturous hours to his victim but in reality only about 25 minutes, Lance finally released within her cunt, unloading massive wads of spunk. He grunted heavily and slowly pulled out, letting her pussy lips close, but he could plainly tell they were both torn. The naive whore actually thought he was done with her and laid on the floor crying, with his cum now leaking from her abused twat. He grabbed her hair and threw her onto the huge bed. Lance immediately secured her wrists and ankles to all four corners with chain which he cinched in real tight, cutting and pinching her flesh.
He completely removed her clothes but was getting bored with this slut and decided to do her short and sweet. She was fully aware and just watched him as he decided to how to end her. He took two large kitchen knives and rammed one into each of her thighs, right into the bone, and all the way through until he saw just the handles. Blood flowed very easily now and she screamed in surprise as much as pain. He then took a vise grip pliers and clamped it on her big toe crushing the bone and twisted the tool, in effect severing it. He repeated this process on each toe then burned her feet to a charcoal color with a blow torch that just happened to be on his night stand. Afterward Lance got on top of her and looked at her reaction. It was bliss to him, to cause that much pain to a girl, it was pure, unblemished bliss.
He used the pliers to slowly extract all her teeth, then snipped off her tongue with some scissors. He couldn't tell if she was still conscious at this point and didn't really care. He sliced up and down her chest and stomach with a steak knife and made a nice pattern with the cuts. He then grabbed a large sledge hammer and beat her in the ribs and everywhere else until she was pulverized.
He took a deep breath, and slowly walked into the recreation room to relax for a bit.