The Lance Saga - S.S. Eagle

S.S. Eagle

     Lance put out a subspace communication to the S.S. Eagle and
informed his long time friend Admiral Miller that he would be
rendezvousing in less then five minutes.  The Admiral
acknowledged the message and Lance powered up the Virtual Drive
propulsion system and SLD in his car, and switched on the
internal subspace navigation control module.  He plotted a course
for the Eagle, which was in orbit around the disgusting planet
called Earth.  After engaging the sub-light drive, he sat back,
relaxed, and watched the wonderful view out his window as the
autopilot computer did all the flying.  Within minutes his car
was free from Earth's gravitational attraction and magnetic field
and Lance fed the exact coordinates of the S.S. Eagle into the
computer.  But then he switched back to manual control and began
to guide his mini-vessel to the massive Eagle starship.  Lance
then received a subspace message from the Eagle and put it on the
main viewer.
     "Lance, you have clearance to dock at shuttle bay two.  When
you are within range, please surrender control of your vehicle to
the computerized tractor beam which will automatically guide you
into the bay."
     "Affirmative, Admiral.  I'm making my approach now, and I'll
be within range of the tractor beam in exactly three minutes.
Lance out."
     While his craft flew toward the Eagle, Lance activated a
subspace link to his Earth based computer in his house and
downloaded all of the files and data stored in its huge memory
banks to his car's computer.  He also beamed the many sexy and
bound females in his dungeon to the pattern buffer so he could
torture them later.  Then he triggered the self-destruct
mechanism and his entire house exploded, completely incinerating
it, and destroying everything inside and out.
     Minutes later, he approached the starship Eagle and eased
off on the controls of his car as the tractor beam engaged and
towed his mini-ship into the shuttle bay.  A minute later, his
car finally set down on the shuttle flight deck and he got out. 
Lance turned around and looked at his chariot which was covered
with blood, dirt, guts, and a whole bunch of other shit.  He told
the ensign in the bay to clean up his vehicle at once, not really
expecting the young officer to comply.  The unimportant wannabe
officer child obeyed Lance's orders without a single word except
"Aye Sir" and Lance laughed at the ensign's silly behavior.
     Lance left the shuttle area and made his way to a turbo lift
and went to the main bridge.  The doors opened on the bridge and
the Admiral walked up and greeted Lance.
     "What's up man!  Been awhile." spoke the friendly Admiral.
     "Yeah, but I'm here now and we got a few days to hang out."
     "Cool." said Admiral Miller.  The Admiral's first officer,
Commander Higgins, nodded at Lance and then turned back to face
the viewscreen.  Lance looked around for women but could find
none and was displeased by this, so he told the Admiral to get
some hot chicks for him to rape.  "Still up to your same old
ways, huh Lance?" they both laughed and the Admiral ordered his
first officer to do as Lance asked.
     "Higgins.  Go to 10-forward and send some hot babes to
Lance's  quarters, on the double." the Admiral told his trusty
number one.
     "Aye sir." replied the Commander as he hurriedly ran to the
turbo lift doors.  Commander Higgins went to the 10-Forward
lounge to look for sexy females in tight, zipper uniforms.  A few
minutes later, he found several adequate off duty women who were
still in uniform sitting at a table.  Higgins then ordered five
of them to the guest quarters where Lance would be eagerly
waiting.  Two of the chicks were in their low thirties and had
sizable breasts, reddish hair, and a slim, sexy figure.  The
others were much younger but were so seductive and alluring that
the Commander's brain functions transferred to his cock which
began to harden rendering him momentarily oblivious.  They obeyed
his orders and left, while the Commander regained his senses and
ordered an Ale from one of the replicator units.
     Lance left the bridge and headed to his cabin to await the
arrival of his bitches.  Admiral Miller then sat in the command
position on the spacious bridge and gave orders to the OPS
officer.  "Ensign, break orbit and leave the Terran system at 50%
c.  Once we clear the system, set a course for the Totop stargate
at V-10."
     "Yes sir." replied Ensign Groy, as he set the new ship
     "Engage." stated the Admiral indicating to the Ensign to
execute his commands.  The powerful starship left Earth's orbit
and began its flight out of the Terran system.
     Within minutes, the Eagle cleared the star system, and
headed toward the stargate which was actually the entrance to a
stable wormhole.
     Lance arrived at his cabin on deck 2 and anxiously awaited
the appearance of his fuck meat.  While he was waiting, Lance
replicated a Big Mac and large fries from the SynthoMcdonald's
program, and it tasted exactly like the real thing, but had
nothing bad in it.  However, he was looking forward to tasting
something else, like the bitches who should be just about to his
cabin by now.  Lance then replicated handcuffs, ropes, duct tape,
chains, thin wire, tweezers, small bungie cords, inflatable
dildos, an electrified cattle prod, and a whole bunch of other
sick, kinky, demented sex related trinkets.
     A few minutes later, the five juicy, tender sluts entered
Lance's quarters and had on tight zipper uniforms which followed
every curve of their stimulating and tantalizing bodies.  He told
them to remove their communication badges and then Lance ordered
the ship computer to seal his room.  Now that no one could
disturb them, Lance told the bitches to stand with their backs
against the wall and their arms and legs spread apart wide.  They
followed his orders without a word, but looked very scared.  Two
of the babes were Terran, one of the others was a Deagomorph, and
the remaining two women were Aligonian.  He then went to each of
them and secured their arms and legs to the wall with quadtanium
hooks.  After that, Lance fastened a biranium alloy choke collar
around each of their necks restricting the movement of the girls
heads.  They looked as if they were being crucified, but with
their legs apart and were quite alluring.  Lance then asked his
bitches if they would agree to a little fun and games and the
girls did not respond so he hit them each five times in the gut
with a stick.  He then stood back and admired his five rapeable
woman as Lance picked up some torture devices.  The women seemed
nervous as Lance smiled at them with ropes and chains hanging
from his powerful hands.  The first girl he approached was on the
right end of the row and had long blonde/reddish hair with
smooth, delicate skin and a very attractive face with large tits
to top it all off.  The tantalizing female's outfit consisted of
a long sleeve metayarn sweater with a zipper down the back, and
synthosilk pants again with a zipper running down between her
tensed buttcheeks.  Her uniform covered the bitch's entire
succulent torso and a pair of flat shoes finished off the
apparel.  The uniform was a dull red, and judging by the amount
of rank insignia she had on her collar, Lance deduced that the
sexy dame was a Lieutenant Commander.  He suddenly grabbed her
between her thick, womanly thighs and squeezed tenaciously.  She
peeped and then inquired as to why he did that.  With his paw
still tightly gripping and fondling her between the legs he
replied that they all were gonna' get raped and tortured by him
tonight.  They started screaming, so he released the damsel's
crotch and quickly duct taped all of the maiden's mouths shut
after spitting and pissing into each one.  "That'll keep you
whores quiet as I perform my sadistic rape rituals on you." 
Lance soon noticed tears running down his females cheeks, but
ignored it and just punched each of them in the face twenty times
with steel spiked gloves.  He then went back to the first babe
and roughly grabbed her warm crotch again.  Then he forced his
other hand behind her and found the zipper on the back of the
poor dame's pants.  Lance slowly unzipped it and the girl groaned
and wiggled as she imagined what Lance might do to her sultry
body after he painfully violates it.  He continued unzipping her
skin tight uniform and the zipper got caught in her wooly
butthair.  He yanked down on it tearing the ass fuzz from her
butt causing tremendous pain.  Since her lickable legs were
spread wide apart for easier fucking, Lance had to slice the
matron's pants in half at the crotch, and then pull down each
pant leg separately.  A pair of devil red, high cut cotton
panties became visible which concealed her hairy, mucus drenched
pussy and flexed, sweaty asscheeks as he dragged her pant legs
farther and farther down the chick's savory, meaty legs.  Lance
sliced and removed her pant legs when they were pulled all the
way down and placed them on one of the chairs in his room.  He
expeditiously returned to the young bitch, who was now weeping
out of fright, and wrapped his hands around her very tender and
tan ankles and rubbed them sensuously while lustfully licking her
succulent thighs.  Lance ran his paws up the female's delectable
limbs until he reached her kneecaps.  He then massaged the slut's
ponderous calfs while removing her dripping panties with his
drool covered teeth.  Her elastic panties stretched because her
legs were spread apart.  Once the girl's sexy undergarment was
disgracefully pulled down to her knees, he licked her twat and
squeezed her trembling, strained buttcheeks.  The girl whimpered,
but Lance figured it was because she liked his sexual behaviors
toward her and continued fondling the woman's stout ass, while
seductively licking her sensitive inner thighs and vaginal lips. 
Soon, her smooth, satiny legs were drenched with his spit and he
proceeded to insert his hand into her steaming pussy.  As Lance's
extremity entered her tight hole, he wiggled his digits causing
incredibly erotic stimulation to her cunt and pussy walls.  He
looked at her face and an expression of intense emotion and
feeling flashed across it while her eyes rolled to the back of
the girl's cute head as he continued to roughly finger the hidden
g-spots inside of her juicy megatwat.  Lance's hand was entirely
in her now, and the other females strained to see what he was
doing but could not as the metal restraint around their necks
prevented any such action.  Lance dug his claws deep into her
vaginal walls drawing blood from them.  He scrapped his hand back
and forth within her love tunnel, tearing and gashing the
damsel's tender, but highly sensitive vagina.  Once he had ripped
the inside of her twat to his satisfaction, Lance removed his
blood and pussy secretion covered hoof from within her and licked
it clean.  He then waited a few minutes for the bitch to regain
her senses, and slowly stood up so he was directly in front of
the mesmerizing whore.  "You dumb bitch!  Does your twat hurt?  I
cut it up especially for you, my angel.  Now for some real fun!" 
Her facial expressions indicated a feeling of great fear and
anxiety, but Lance just spit on her face.  He then put his hand
behind her and found the zipper on her torso uniform and gripped
it.  With tremendous sexual and lustful desires he slowly
unzipped it while licking her ears and nose.  The zipper reached
the bottom of the woman's uniform and the sweater became less
taunt.  Lance sliced the arms off the uniform, and cut the rest
of it in half by running an X-acto knife down between her plump
breasts to the end of the shirt, and pulled it off her.  He then
agonizingly yanked her panties back up giving the bitch a massive
and painful wedgie then stood away from the pitiful young woman
to admire her radiance.  She was fastened to the wall so that her
arms and legs formed a kind of distorted "X" with her amorous
body in between.  The female's arms were tan and bare, a bright
red polycotton bra supported and hid her wondrous, big nippled
tits, and the devil red panties covered her bleeding slit while
riding deep into her plump ass.  Lance almost popped a vein in
his dick as it became so rigid that his pants became tight around
his muscular waist and he loosened his trousers.  The head of his
cock protruded out the top of his Danes underwear and was
throbbing with fresh blood.  The girl's eyes widened as she saw
his jackhammer and she knew it would split her wide open the
second Lance penetrated her.  He slowly walked toward the sexy
bitch while rubbing his immense stick and then grabbed the
officer's shiny blondish red hair and pulled it.  She looked so
hot because all the girl had on were her provocative underwear,
and a pair of flat shoes.  Sex hormones and adrenalin flowed
through Lance like a river as he decided on how to erotically
fuck the poor bitch.  He could feel the thick cum bubbling just
beyond the base of his rapestick as he started to fondle the
girl's firm, sweat covered breasts but with her seductive bra
still on.  Lance also licked the woman's inviting cleavage
between her tender, voluptuous tits and kissed her neck with
severe sexual craving.  Salvia drooled uncontrollably from his
mouth as Lance slowly removed the woman's panties, this time for
good while he inserted three fingers from his other hand into her
tensed, sweaty ass to pull the wedgie out of her.  He pulled the
back of the juicy woman's underwear out of her shithole and left
his fingers inside the girl's butt because it felt pleasant and
warm.  Then Lance took the pants and panties off all of the girls
in his cabin.  After that, he grabbed the stick which he used to
hit the stupid fucking girls earlier, and shoved it in and out of
each of their tight, juice filled pussies ten times for a grand
total of fifty insertions.  He then licked the twat secretions
off the stick and suddenly cracked it across one of the girls
skulls.  The end of the stick broke off when it hit her head and
the bitch was knocked senseless for a few seconds.  "What do you
think of that?" he said to the girl as a stream of blood dripped
through her silky hair from the fresh cut while Lance snickered
to himself.  "Did you hurt yourself, you dumb fuckin' whore?  Let
me check that cut on the side of your head." Lance said and
walked up to the injured bitch.  He punched her in the head and
severely aggravated the woman's sexy, bloody wound.  It simply
bled more and Lance laughed.  "That's better!  Ha, ha, ha!"
     Meanwhile, on the bridge the Admiral was monitoring activity
in the hyperspace connection his ship was about to enter.  Not
too many vessels were transgressing the wormhole so he wouldn't
have to wait long to enter it.  Admiral Miller decided to take a
break so he left command of the Eagle to his Second Officer, Lt.
Commander Betsy Hittul.  He had every confidence in the young
woman, and knew she would tend to his ship with care.  After
that, the tired CO went down the turbo shaft and it stopped on
deck 2, the Captain's Quarters deck.  He step off the car and
proceeded to enter his room when he remembered that Commander
Higgins was in 10-Forward.  "Commander Higgins to Captain's
Quarters." the Admiral spoke through his comm badge.
     "Acknowledged." replied the first officer, as he hurried out
of the lounge.  Admiral Miller waited a few minutes for the
Commander to get there.  Once he did, Miller explained how he
wanted to replace the Commander with a clone since he was sure
that Betsy was going to rape and kill him later on.  "But sir,
she seems like a nice young lady.  Why would she do that?" asked
     "Cause she's a sick girl.  She likes pain and she has her
eye on you.  Look, you are my first officer, I need you alive and
I'm telling you, she's gotten worse lately, she wants to fuck you
and she'll end up killing you.  My clone idea gives her want she
wants and keeps you alive." explained the smart Admiral.
     "Very well." said Higgins.
     "Good, and I've already sent your clone to the bridge.  Now
go to engineering and chill out for a few hours.  You are off
     "Yes sir." said the Commander as he smiled and walked away. 
Admiral then deiced to relax in the ten-forward lounge for awhile
and headed that way.
     Back in Lance's room, he had returned to the first girl
again and palpated the interior of her big ass with all of the
fingers on his left hand.  She groaned and squirmed in discomfort
as Lance abusively clawed and tore her inner anus with his sharp
implanted fiberglass fingernails.  "This is boring me, woman! 
Time for some excitement!"  Lance said as he painfully yanked his
hand from her asshole.  "It's bout' time I banged you, bitch. 
Don't you think so?"  He grabbed the girl's bra, ripped it off,
and threw it in the matter reprocessor where all of the women
would soon end up as well.  Lance tenaciously sucked and chewed
on her big, red, ripened nipples while roughly squeezing and
massaging the officer's big tits.  After a few minutes of this,
he bit one of her tender points severing it, and spit the bloody,
sliced nipple into her perspirated face.  After that, Lance moved
his hands to her back and then slid them further and further down
until he reached the whores heated asscheeks.  Then he powerfully
gripped her smooth buttcheeks and stepped closer to the slut.  He
used one hand to remove his pants, and also to guide his
monstrous cock into the poor woman's slightly bloody, but
ultratight pussy.  He grabbed her ass again, and held on tight as
he prepared to superslam the arousing bitch with his throbbing,
armed warhead.  Lance slowly pushed his huge cock deeper and
deeper into her until his balls were touching the poor slave. 
Then he slid it back out, and began pumping her with a nice slow
pace.  After pussy mucus began sticking to Lance's upper thighs
from the whore's tight cunt, he increased his bang pace until
each rough slam bruised the bitch.  Slam after slam Lance screwed
the defenseless woman as he kissed and fondled every other part
of the lovely girl.  After half an hour of his amorous
thrustings, Lance let go a stream of warm, fresh cream deep
inside of his female rape victim and pulled his worn cock out of
her thoroughly used twat after his sperm spray was finished.  He
continued kissing and feeling her breasts, ass, face, and body as
his fuckrod softened.  Lance fondled her to his content and then
he prepared to torturously mutilate and then kill the young slut. 
He stood in front of the squirming, sexy whore and thought of an
amusing way to kill her.  A way that Lance has never done before
so he could experiment.  A minute later, laughter emanated from
the sadistic dude as he prepared to destroy her using the new
extermination method he just came up with.  He grabbed a type I
hand phaser and set it to the lowest stun setting.  At that
energy level, the phaser does no real damage, it just dazes you
slightly.  However, after long-term exposure to the phased energy
from the weapon, the target unhastely disintegrates and
eventually is ripped and blown apart from the inside out.  This
process could take hours depending on the mass of the target.  In
a human subject, the process usually takes from three to five
hours.  The procedure is very exceedingly painful because it
slowly tears you to shreds.  Doing this to a living being is
considered the most hideous and grotesque torture and death
possible.  Lance was glad he had access to the phaser because he
had never tried this fun method of termination on a living
creature before.  He also told the computer to record video and
audio from the suffering bitch as she agonizingly incinerates. 
Judging by the girl's size and mass, Lance figured it would
probably take about four and a half suffering, pain filled hours
for the young doomed girl to pass into oblivion.  Then he left
his quarters and headed toward the 10-forward lounge.  Along the
way there, Lance raped a female civilian in the turbo lift car
and she gave him a look like he was a jerk or something. 
     Back on the bridge, acting Lt. Commander Hittul had just
ordered the OPS officer to lay a course for the wormhole and
engage at .25 c.  They had to go slow because of the sensitive
nature of the newly constructed stargate.  "We've cleared the
mouth of the wormhole, sir." reported the ensign.
     "Very well.  Maintain course and run a continuous scan for
any other starships that are close to us." ordered the very
attractive Lt. Commander as she happily sat in the Captain's
chair.  A few minutes later, the cloned Commander Higgins entered
the bridge and approached Betsy.
     "You are relieved."
     "Aye sir." she replied while pulling down her tight and
slightly small shirt to adjust it and also to cause her stout
breasts to protrude forward in a sexy manner.
     "Status report." requested Higgins and he quickly glanced at
Betsy's big nipples which were visible through the thin, tight
shirt she had on, and her perfectly formed, tender thighs.  He
then abruptly looked away from her and stared at the main view
     "We have just entered the stargate and are traveling at one
quarter impulse.  A continuous scan has been initiated to monitor
the proximity of other ships in the wormhole." said desirable
Hittul while she sexily threw her long, black and silky hair over
her shoulders.  Then the young woman smiled at the Commander with
a kind of "I want to suck you dry" look as she erotically licked
her upper lip.
     "Very good.  Please take OPS, Commander.  Increase speed to
full impulse." ordered the very focused Higgins not noticing
Betsy's quite obvious attempts to arouse him.
     "Yes Sir." said somewhat disappointed and coquettish Betsy
as the ensign got up to let her replace him.  The nymphomaniac
bisexual kinky mistress sat at the navigation (OPS) station, but
the only thing on her sexually twisted, adulterated mind was
pain, mutilation, and Commander Higgins' big cock.  She hadn't
had any really satisfying and compassionate kinky pain sex in
awhile and was getting tired of Holodeck studs who can fuck as
real as anyone, but don't genuinely have personalities.  Using
her fingers and a variety of dildos also got boring to the young,
fresh woman, and she really wanted some good sex.  Besides, it is
more fun and pleasurable to have a real person tie you up and
sexually torture you which is what she likes to have done to her. 
Before the day was over, Betsy would have her way with Commander
Jack Higgins, and she would make sure he had his way with her. 
She was sure of that and passionately rubbed herself in the
crotch as her big nipples hardened just a bit while she fantasied
about be strapped to a chair and getting painfully gang raped by
a bunch of horny teenaged boys and girls.
     Ten minutes after the Eagle entered the wormhole, they
arrived at the other end and emerged from the stargate.  It took
so long because warp and virtual fields may disrupt the integrity
of the hyperspace connection.  The ship and its crew have
traveled two hundred and fifty thousand parsecs (approximately
750,000 light years) and are in another galaxy called Voopti.  To
be exact, they are now just minutes from the planet Nova9, and
the whole quadrant is known as the Sefrally Sector.  The solar
system which contains Nova9, the nerve center of the Aligonian
Armada, is one of dozens in the Theta-Omega Cluster.  Commander
Higgins brought the ship to one half impulse speed as they
proceeded to Nova9.  A minute later they arrived at the giant
planet and took up a high polar orbit.
     One hour later, the night shift began, and all the bridge
officers rotated off duty and other officers replaced them. 
Betsy Hittul followed the replicated Jack Higgins to his quarters
and entered his room right behind the Commander.  She
accidentally knocked over a book on the floor creating a brief
noise.  Higgins abruptly turned around and was startled by her
presence.  "What are you doing here Commander?  I thought you'd
be in your room by now." said Jack.
     "Well, I guess I'm here.  And please call me Betsy."  She
approached Jack and forcefully threw him to the ground using a
simple Aikido move.  He was now flat on his back and she knelt
down on top of his strong chest and held down his arms making him
helpless to resist her.  After that, the sexy girl removed his
clothes and rubbed sexual enhancement oil on his entire body.
     "Commander Hittul, what are you doi.n..."  Betsy cut off
Jack's questions by taping his mouth shut with black electrical
tape.  Then she bent over his face and her cleavage was right in
his eyes as she partially unzipped her uniform.  After that,
Betsy wiped the drool off her lips and taped Higgins' hands and
arms to the smooth carpet-less floor until they were completely
immobile.  She did the same to his neck, head, legs, and lower
torso.  The torrid sight of him laying taped down and helpless
before her gave Betsy a rush of barbaric sexual urge unlike
anything she had felt before.  Normally she herself likes to be
the one that is tied up and fucked, but she wanted to try it the
other way around and was pleased by the intense arousement it
gave her and she enjoyed the sexual control that she had over
Commander Higgins.
     "Now my sex slave, what shall we do first?" she asked him. 
A look of doubt and question was in his eyes so she blind folded
him using a special new tape that won't tear off hair or skin
when you remove it.  Then the pretty and sick young girl licked
his belly button and rubbed his inner thighs.  She licked him
like an ice cream cone and worked her way up his body.  The
erotic bitch made trails of saliva all over his big, muscular
chest and lower abdomen.  Betsy finally reached his face and
drenched it with her spit.  She licked and sucked on his ear
lobes causing unbelievable stimulation to the Commander. 
However, Hittul had restrained him so well that he couldn't move
any part of his body at all, no matter what she did to him.  She
dug her sharp fingernails into his skin around his neck drawing
blood.  The horny woman licked it off him and stuck her tongue
into his already moist ears.  She whispered into his ear what she
planned to do with him and sweat beads formed on his forehead. 
Then she finished unzipping her tight uniform and took it off.  A
pair of red panties with no bra remained and her skin was
perfectly tanned and unblemished.  Vaginal juices churned inside
the sexy woman and her twat was almost dripping with fresh mucus. 
It was a shame Higgins couldn't see his dominator because she
looked hot as hell.  Hittul's big, round breasts were nice and
firm and her hardened nipples looked like small cherries that
were just waiting to get sucked.  She squeezed her own tits and
groaned.  She laid on top of her sex peasant and got into a 69
position.  Then she slowly took the head of his huge cock into
her mouth and then quickly sucked it all the way in.  She almost
choked on his rock solid banana but she still sucked it and he
balls were against her lips as she deep throated him.  The
Commander groaned as she slowly moved up and down on his dick
with her mouth, being sure to stimulate the head of his cock with
her tongue.  She kept blowing him and increased the rythum and
went back and forth on him faster and faster until he was about
to come but then she stopped and gripped the base of his cock
with her thumb and forefinger to prevent his ejaculation.  She
then got into a missionary position and began sucking and biting
his nipples while rubbing his stomach.  He was sweating and kept
moaning as she stimulated him more and more.  Then she grabbed
his dick and guided it into her twat and started humping him. 
She thrusted his big penis in and out of her dripping wet pussy
and they both grunted in pleasure.  She became extremely horny
and while she continued to hump him, Betsy grabbed a belt and
beat him on his chest until he was bleeding.  She brought the
shiny leather belt down onto his body repeatedly while fucking
him even harder.  She got off so much on it and after 15 minutes
of beating and raping him non-stop she had an incredible orgasm
and moments later so did he.  She screamed out in extreme ecstasy
as waves of pleasure flowed through her body while her twat
filled with Higgins's warm cum.  She kept humping him as his cock
quickly softened and the girl laid down on her slave and licked
his neck.  She couldn't believe how good her orgasm felt and had
never been in so much pleasure before in her life.  After a few
minutes, she got off him, and pulled out his dick from her moist
vagina.  But then she had an uncontrollable homicidal impulse
toward Higgins which caused her to violently stab him to death. 
Hittul laughed after she had viciously murdered the Commander's
clone thinking she had killed the real one.  The disturbed young
girl left his quarters and went to her room on deck 6.
     Lance had just entered the big ten-forward crew lounge and
took a seat by himself.  Some fool came over and tried to offer
him a beverage and Lance just ignored the fucker.  He looked out
one of the windows and saw the huge planet the ship was orbiting,
Nova9.  He figured it must have been a hundred times larger than
Earth, or more.
     Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone sat down at his table and
broke his train of thought.  Lance looked over and saw that is
was his buddy Admiral Miller.  "Hey Admiral!" said Lance.
     "What's up.  Hey, you got time to stick around and hang out
for awhile?" asked Miller.
     "Well I have time to rape a few girls, but then I want to
get going."
     "Might I suggest you check out planet N-12.  It's the last
planet in this system and it's right up your alley." said Admiral
     "Oh?  What's on this planet?" inquired Lance.
     "Anarchy, rape, murder, destruction.  Bout' a hundred years
ago a bunch of people got together and left, claiming they were
sick of Nova9 and it's leaders.  These dissidents had been
increasing in numbers, and rather then rally against the
government, which was hopeless, over thirty-thousand of the
rebels packed up, left, and colonized N-12.  Unfortunately they
didn't plan ahead and didn't know what to do when they got there
and all hell broke loose.  No government, no laws, just a big
planet which a bunch of angry, fragmented people.  As I said,
you'd love it." explained the well informed Admiral.
     "Sounds interesting.  I'll check it out as soon as I leave. 
Sorry I don't have time to hang out.  But there will be other
times." said Lance.
     "Alright man.  Have fun and I'll see ya around." the Admiral
said and left as quickly as he appeared and went back to his
     A few minutes later, some woman approached Lance's table and
just stood there.  "Who the hell are you?" Lance said.  Not even
bothering to look at the female.
     "I'm the ship's counselor, Janice Lipol.  I heard you came
aboard a few hours ago and I wanted to meet you."
     "I'm Lance.  Nice to meet you, bitch." said Lance in a slow,
bullshit tone.  "Are you here to talk to me or something?"
     "Actually, the Admiral told me to have a brief session with
you before you leave the ship."
     "Oh he did, huh?  Then take me to your therapy room, woman!" 
Lance looked up at the bitch and she looked marvelous to the
extreme.  In fact, she reminded him of how Counselor Troi looked
during the 7th season of Star Trek:  The Next Generation which
aired on old style non-digital T.V. about seven centuries ago. 
He recently had been watching some re-mastered holotapes of old
Star Trek:  The Next Generation shows and thought that the doctor
and counselor were especially alluring and had always wanted to
rape, beat, dismember, and torture them both at the same time. 
"I said let's go, you bitch!" Lance yelled at the ultrasexy
woman.  She began walking and motioned for him to follow.  Lance
stood up and roughly squeezed the woman's flexed ass but she did
not react.  They walked down a few corridors, up one deck, and
finally reached her office.  He entered first, and she was right
behind him.  The office was big and spacious with four couches in
the center forming a square.  Synthetic oriental rugs covered the
composite floor panels and the walls were white with many
pictures of pastures and stuff.  The ceiling was low and several
high energy lights were imbedded in the walls at various
locations.  A small padded table sat at the center of the room
and served as a foot rest for someone sitting in one of the
couches.  Lance was impressed by the organized makeup of the room
and he also noticed a doorway on the other side of the office and
figured it was a back exit or restroom or something.  She offered
him a drink and he refused so they sat on the furniture across
from each other and just kind of looked around aimlessly.  Then
she asked him what he was planning to later on.  He replied that
he would fly to N-12, land on the planet and explore the area. 
Then start killing people and raping helpless young or middle
aged females and torturing them.  The expression on her face did
not change and he described some of the previous methods he had
used to rape some bitches.  The counselor just nodded her head
and listened with an engrossed look on her sexy face as if she
were getting off on his true sex tales.  Lance continued telling
her all the horrible, painful, torturous, bloody, kinky, and
perverted details for about fifteen minutes while he laughed. 
She began to drool slightly, and the woman started trembling and
rubbing her crotch.  Sweat beads formed on the woman's forehead
and she licked her lips in a very erotic manner as he continued
to describe the hundreds of times he's raped and tortured
females.  Then the counselor suddenly grabbed Lance and pulled
him on top of her on the huge plush couch.
     "Oh shit!  Rape me now!  I want you to give me pain, you
bastard!  Please hurry, fuck me with all your strength!" she
screamed at Lance.  "Slam me like a door!  Bang me like a drum! 
Hump me until I split open like a zipper, you big, strong stud! 
Then spray your goo into my face and mouth!"
     "What the fuck??  I think you need to see a counselor,
bitch.  But I will oblige your wishes as best I can so prepare
yourself for the most pain you've ever experienced in your life!" 
Lance slowly began unbuttoning the back of her shirt and also
took out some handcuffs.  "Damn, I'm gonna' give you the ride of
your life, girl!  When I'm through with you, the Admiral will
have to sew you back together and wash the blood off you to see
who you are!"
     "Oh yes, give it to me baby!  Buff me like car polish, and
slice me open!" the girl cried, still quivering and in so much
heat, she was oblivious to everything except Lance.  Once the
woman's shirt was unbuttoned, Lance removed it and a purple silk
bra remained which was supporting a magnificent pair of rigid,
tan breasts and big stiff nipples.  He made her stand up and he
stood behind the bitch.  Then Lance grabbed her neck and forced
her to bend over by roughly pushing down on her head.  Then he
seized her wrists and yanked the counselor's arms behind her bare
back.  Lance put the steel handcuffs on her and closed them extra
tight pinching her delicate skin between the metal.  Now that her
arms were secure behind her back as if she were being arrested,
Lance kicked the girl's feet forcing them apart wider and wider. 
When her legs were spread apart to his satisfaction, Lance pulled
out some anklecuffs and attached them to her legs.  Then he
rammed the other end of each of the shackles into the floor thus
suppressing movement of her feet and legs.  She looked so hot! 
The woman was now standing up, shirtless with just a bra, ankles
and hands cuffed, bent over forward with her ass sticking out,
and with a pair of spandex pants on.  Lance stood right behind
her and happily groped the erotic slut's buttcrack while the
chick's pants were still on.  She mumbled something while
drooling compulsively, and he told her to shut up and slapped her
face.  Then Lance wrapped a leather strap around her head and
through her mouth.  He pulled it tight and clamped the leather in
place behind her head.  She could not make a sound now, and
that's exactly how the bitch wanted it.  Her teeth were exposed
because the leather strap was so tight that it pulled and
stretched her cheeks all the way back and almost to the point of
ripping.  The sexy female's long curly black hair was a mess so
Lance combed it for her, then he pulled it back to reveal her
fleshy neck which he then passionately licked and nibbled.  After
that he took out a scalpel and sliced her neck causing blood to
spray out.  It looked like a red geyser and Lance smeared the
blood all over his hands and all over the woman's stomach and
back.  She looked so awesome, and the sight of her blood flowing
from the huge gash in her neck aroused Lance even more.  She was
in so much pain, Lance loved it!  It was cool to watch her
suffer, and he hadn't even started yet! 
     "You like that bitch?  I'm gonna' cut your wrists and laugh
when your blood squirts out like a fucking hose!!"  Lance licked
the slash in the bitch's neck and kicked her between her legs. 
"Stupid fucking bitch!  I will mutilate you, rape you, and then
slowly torture you to death!  Ha!"  Lance burned her neck wound
closed with a Zippo lighter so the S&M bitch wouldn't bleed to
death yet.  Then he took out his scalpel and slit the girl's
wrists to the bone like her flesh was onion paper.  The handcuffs
prevented her from moving her arms which were now covered in the
woman's own fresh blood.  "You stupid bitch!  I'm gonna' fuck you
in just a minute, and then I'll slowly torture you to death and
fuck your corpse for awhile.  How does that sound?"  Lance sliced
off her pants with the sharp surgical instrument and then he
removed her panties.  The counselor's wrists were still squirting
blood everywhere but Lance did not care even when the woman
started to look pale and weak.  He ripped off her bra and sucked
her nipples for awhile.  Then Lance got behind her again and
rammed his big cock far up into her twat.  He fucked the bitch
non-stop for an hour and she groaned in masochist ecstasy as his
huge sausage slowly spilt her pussy like a banana.  Lance slid
his dick in and out of her but then pulled out before he came so
he could save his jizz for when he raped her corpse.  The bitch
was still badly bleeding from her slashed wrists and Lance put a
cup next to her arms to collect the blood.  Then he drank the
dark red liquid and dipped chocolate cookies in it.  After that
Lance took a belt and beat the bitch on her back with it until
sizable bloody abrasions covered her flesh.  Next he took an X-
acto knife and cut all the muscles surrounding her eyeballs.  He
then took a soup spoon and scooped out her eyes like ice cream
and put them in some chicken soup which he had replicated
earlier.  "Tasty, huh bitch?" said Lance as he ate the eyeball
soup which was actually quite nutritious.  He bit her eyeballs
one at a time and they popped inside his mouth like tiny water
balloons filling his gullet with eye juice.  When his meal was
complete, Lance filled her empty eye sockets with whipped cream
and laughed at the slut.  She didn't appear to be moving and upon
closer inspection he realized she was dead.  "Aw man!  She's dead
already?  That was to quick.  Oh well."  The woman had died only
moments ago and she was still warm and fresh.  Lance fucked her
dead body from the front and slammed the bitch good.  A few
minutes later he creamed inside the now quite chilled female
cadaver and groaned in pleasure as all of his goo was expelled
into her lifeless corpse.
     "That's was fun!" he thought as he walked out of the
counselor's office.  Lance then remembered about the bitches in
his quarters and decided to check up on them.
     He activated a site to site transporter program and beamed
himself directly to his cabin.  The phaser was still activated
and the bitch it was pointed at had been completely
disintegrated.  The other girls were still the way the were when
he left and Lance raped and beat them all one by one.  Then he
hung them all by their wrists from the ceiling and beat them with
a metal bat until their skin tore open and all their guts spilled
onto the floor.  After that, Lance transferred the digital
recording of the bitch that was fried with the phaser to his
car's computer for later viewing.  Then he cleaned up all the
bloody bitches in his painful love chamber, left the cabin, and
headed toward the shuttle bay.
     Meanwhile, from his private cabin, Admiral Miller contacted
Higgins who was still in engineering.  "Throw Betsy in the brig,
then head back to the bridge and take command of the ship until
further notice."
     "Aye sir." Higgins spoke.  He walked toward the bridge and
once there, put out a call to security.  "Proceed immediately to
Betsy Hittul's quarters and take her into custody.  Put her in
the brig and post a guard outside."
     "Yes sir." one of the husky ship security officers replied.
     "Helm, maintain current orbit." Higgins then ordered.
     In another part of the ship, Lance had just entered the
shuttle bay and saw his perfectly cleaned car.  He assumed the
silly ensign had done it.  But then he heard grunting noises
coming from behind some containers on the far end of the bay.  He
walked over there and saw the ensign fucking a hot civilian
female.  Lance watched the athletic young boy give the twenty-two
year old chick his big stiff woody over and over.  The woman was
tied up and helpless against the brutal man.  She was forced to
succumb to the ensign's desires as he started roughly beating her
with a nylon whip while intensifying his sexual violations of the
bitch.  Lance laughed as the girl was beaten and fucked
repeatedly by the horny guy.  The woman's face was all battered
and clobbered as the guy hit her with brass knuckles just for
     Lance was sick of just standing their watching and said
"What the fuck is this?"  He killed the ensign and raped the tied
girl himself.  Then he strangled her, and afterward got into his
     "This is Lance requesting clearance to leave shuttle bay
     "This is docking bay control.  You have clearance for
launch.  The shuttle bay doors will open in five seconds.
Commence with launch at that time."
     "Affirmative.  Lance out."  He waited until the bay doors
were open and then flew out of the docking bay.