The Lance Saga - Deita


Lance wanted to have some more fun and during mid-thought something entered his mind and almost instructed him subconsciously to go to an S&M club called the Dark Palace. He had heard of it, but never really gave it much contemplation. Without another thought he scanned the area using sensor implants and located the club. Lance walked there and arrived one half hour later.
The all black building looked cool and Lance was about to enter when suddenly someone pulled up in a hover car, jumped out, and butted in front of Lance. Infuriated, Lance grabbed the bastard by the throat and threw him to the ground. The dude jumped up and pulled out a small shock beam weapon. "Oh no." said Lance in jest. The dude fired and the energy was absorbed by Lance's personal shield.
"What the fuck?" the guy said. Lance grabbed the gun and crushed it with his powerful hands. The man pulled out another weapon, this time a plasma cannon.
"Do you get the point, idiot, guns do not hurt me." Lance said as he grabbed the firearm and tossed it into a storm drain. Lance grinned and pummeled the man to death with a bat. Once dead, he put the shattered remains into the guy's own car, set it on fire, and pushed it down the street.
He proceeded to enter the club, but Lance was told he had to pay 20 credits to get in. "I am friends with the Dominatrix, she told me to meet her here."
"I don't buy it man." said the door guard.
"Then you can buy this!" yelled Lance as he grabbed the fool and broke his neck. He threw the fresh carcass down and walked into the club. It was filled with lots of freaks and people dressed in all black with chains and leather. Lance loved it and went to the dungeon. He saw several cages which contained shackled female submissives. Their tormenters, dominant females, looked in and laughed at their worthless slaves. Some were outside their cages being beaten and tortured on the rack. Then a cute girl tried to handcuff Lance and kiss him. But he grabbed the cuffs and handcuffed her instead to the bars of a cage. Her arms behind her back, she was now helpless. He searched her pockets, found the keys and took them, then nibbled on her ear for awhile. After that Lance grabbed her shirt and violently ripped it off leaving just a bra and smacked her face a few times. He felt her between the legs, french kissed her, squeezed her nipples and breasts, and sucked her bottom lip. Soon after he just walked away, still holding the keys. She smiled in pleasure and with eyes closed moaned as someone began beating her on the stomach with a whip.
Then Lance stepped through to the inner chamber. Black lights were everywhere and special paintings and mirrors that glowed in the differentiating light covered the walls and ceiling. Several tables were set up in the corner along with large rock formations over which small waterfalls trickled. Smoke from dry ice seemed to seep from the walls themselves. Heavy techno and gabber trance music pulsated from the digital surround sound stereo system. But then Lance saw what he came for, the Dominatrix herself. She was in the center of the room wearing tight, shiny leather and necklaces made from human bone. The carnal outfit followed every curve of her sultry, lustrous body. She had fairly large breasts with big, cherry nipples and the thinnest of waists met by slender hips and succulent thighs. Her long jet black hair glistened in the dark, smokey lighting and she was extremely seductive. The passionate woman was dancing on a raised platform and carried a whip which she periodically used to beat upon a bound female slave who was on her knees forced to worship the Dominatrix in all her glory. This shit rocked and Lance sat back in a special part of the Palace arranged with comfy sofas and tables for snacks. He watched intently as the Dominatrix danced with an almost hypnotic quality. Her body gyrated back and forth like a snake, arms and legs moving, hips waving, jet black hair blowing from an unseen air current. It was very sexual how she danced, verifiably alluring but also dangerous. She whipped the slave hard, bringing it down on her back a dozen times without the worthless peasant uttering a word. The Dominatrix teaches strict discipline and commands your obedience. Lance was loving it and watched for what seemed like hours, his cock throbbing in his pants. A few times he met eye to eye with her. Lance could see the passion in her eyes, the burning fire, and a yearning for something. She tried to stare him down, to gain control, but Lance never folded, almost issuing a challenge to the mysterious mistress. Her resolve was equally strong, and brought about a stalemate; they both looked away at the same time. Lance was nearly in a trance when the show ended. She stepped off the platform, and used a leash to guide her slave along with her. They disappeared behind an iron door and Lance could hear people cheering and sound of whips and belts cracking but it all had a surreal quality.
A cute topless 21 year old girl then came over to him and offered refreshments. She was dressed in nothing except latex shorts and a dog collar and carried a whip and handcuffs. "No thanks, my pretty." he said. "Say, how do I meet this Dominatrix?"
"She decides who she sees. If she saw you during the dance and liked what she saw, maybe you can met her. Otherwise you just get to watch." replied the young girl.
"Cool." said Lance, confident the Dominatrix would seek his audience. The girl left quickly and he smiled.
Suddenly some guy came over to him and crowded his space. "Get the fuck out of here." he told the nosy cocksucker.
"Hey man, what's up...." The dude was obviously high and Lance shoved him away, getting pissed, but not wanting to cause trouble in the Dark Palace. He had too much respect for the Dominatrix to do that.
So Lance just hung out for a few hours watching the various people come in and out of the club playing their bondage games. It was quite entertaining.
After awhile a completely naked female submissive approached him on hands and knees carrying a note that said that the Dominatrix wishes an audience with him. Long red whip marks and burn scars covered her back and ass and in her mouth was shoved a large ball gag strapped to her head. She wore a dog collar with leash attached and the note instructed Lance to hold on to it and she would lead the way. Eager to meet the Dominatrix Lance grabbed the rope and walked behind the slave as she crawled toward the wall. A moment later it opened, a secret entrance it appeared. They both entered, the wall slamming shut behind, and went through several doorways, down a flight of stairs, and into the Dominatrix's private lair. It was lavish, chains and whips hung everywhere, female slaves lay tied and gagged in small cages and a huge bed was centered in the room. The girl on hands and knees quickly crawled away leaving Lance alone in the extravagant den. The Dominatrix then appeared and he could feel her strong presence, a sensation he never experienced before. She was still dressed in all leather and she walked over and stood in front of Lance. Her eyes glanced up and down his body, taking in every detail. He stood firm, and got a closer look at her bone necklaces. They seemed to be made of human pelvic and jaw bones. The bones had been cut and shaped but Lance could still discern their origin. Then her mouth opened slightly and her tongue slid out and licked her moist lips. The sexy woman's hands went to her thighs which she rubbed with an upward motion reaching her hips then up to her breasts which she massaged and fondled. Then she bit her lower lip and pressed her left hand on her crotch and her right hand on her breast. Lance knew what she wanted and she knew Lance wanted it too. She took off her necklaces and rubbed her crotch. He reached up and grabbed her arm, then attempted to throw her to the ground but she didn't budge.

Deita scene in progress (scene truncated)

His grip was so strong that she could not speak and only gasped for air. But Lance looked into her eyes and saw the same longing as before. She wanted, needed something, and Lance let her go. She smiled and rubbed her bruised neck. "You want something, I can feel it." spoke Lance after a moment of silence. "Who are you?" he then asked.
"I am you, and you are me. We were both created my the scientists on Deag23. I was created after you, and instructed to find you. But I knew you would come to me."
"I was drawn to this place. Something inside me, I can't explain it, but I felt you, your presence." Lance told her, recalling how he had suddenly decided to go to the club.
"We are all connected, those like us. A subconscious link that cannot be severed. You just need to learn how to access it. But you've been quite busy haven't you. I know all about your little escapades. It greatly interests me. I have never killed. I want you to teach me. Teach me to embrace death in all it's wonderful glory." she spoke softly.
"Well it's not so much the death, but what comes right before it. Pain is pleasure. You must derive pleasure from another's pain. Death is simply the final act. The finale if you will. I can tell you are a sadist, you like to treat people as the trash that they are. This whole club says that about you." replied Lance.
"It's true....I find myself longing to hurt other people, to make them suffer and feel pain.....but I need someone to guide me. To show me the ropes. You can do that. We could go out together."
"Then let the hunt begin. One question," he said, "I never got your name."
"Does it matter?" she replied.
"It does to me."
"Deita." she said.
"Well Deita, it's time to have some fun. Let's get the fuck out of here." Lance spoke gleefully.
"What about my club?"
"Don't you have other dancers?" Lance asked.
"Sure I do." Deita responded.
"Well put them in charge. We have business to take care of. It's time to start the hunt for delicious prey."
She hesitated for a moment then spoke. "Very well. I'll be right back." and with that Deita made a swift exit.
Lance collected himself and got off the bed. Using a mental command he instructed his special utility necklace to furnish a new set of clothes. It instantly responded covering his body with synthocotton. He put his boots on and stood up, ready for some action.
A few minutes later Deita returned, clothed in all black with a bone necklace and was ready to leave. They made their way out a secret exit, up several flights of stairs and finally to the parking lot.
Suddenly a crazed fan of the Dominatrix appeared and tried to get an autograph. He was an ordinary looking person, not the kind of clientele you'd expect at a joint like this.
"Please mistress, sign this card for me!!" he screamed.
"Get the fuck out of here, we have business." said Lance.
"Please, it will just take a minute!" Lance grabbed the pen from the fucker's hand and rammed it into his eye. "AHHHHHHH!" he shrieked in pain, then Lance performed a sweep kick taking the screaming asshole down with ease. Once the dude was on the ground Lance crushed his skull with one of his massive boots.
"There, see, that's all there is to it." said Lance calmly while pointing at the body. Deita was staring at the corpse in disbelief but a smile came across her lips and they both laughed.
"Let me kill the next one." she told Lance.
"Cool." he simply replied. "Let's go for walk." They joined hands like a couple and went for a stroll down the street. About ten minutes later they came across a gang of tough bikers. "Yo, yo, check out this piece of ass." one of them said when Lance and Deita walked past. Lance handed her a knife behind her back and whispered into her ear. "There, take out the dude who just opened his mouth." She put the blade in her waist band and walked up to the biker.
"Hey there big boy, you wanna play with me?" she said right to his face. He looked around at his friends and nodded his head.
"Yeah babe, I'll show you something you can play with." he said while pressing his crotch against her. She reached behind her back and rapidly pulled out the knife and rammed it right into the biker's cock and balls. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" he screamed like a little girl. She pulled out the blade and stabbed him in the stomach. The dude dropped to the ground like a sack of rocks and she laughed at him. The other bikers pulled out Uzis and tried to blast her with them. Deita jumped out of the way, got up and did a spin kick knocking the Uzi from one of their hands. She grabbed it off the ground and blasted them with bullets cutting them all up but missed two of them. The two tough bikers who survived didn't seem so tough now. They were two girls and Lance grabbed one of them and threw her to the ground. He pulled off her clothes and raped her right in broad daylight while Deita watched and chuckled. Then Lance strangled the dumb bitch after shooting his seed up her tight cunt.
"The other one is for you, Deita." Lance said.
"Yeah, bring it on." said the last remaining punk biker chick. Deita just laughed and ordered her to remove her pants and underwear. The biker girl didn't comply so Lance did it. Then Deita shoved the Uzi barrel up her pussy and pulled the trigger blasting her to bits from the crotch up. "Hey not bad for a virgin killer." said Lance.
Just then two cops showed up. "Freeze!" they screamed, guns drawn. Deita turned around and faced them. Lance side stepped the officers and Deita opened fire shredding the pigs like the pork that they are. Blood was everywhere, the street, the sidewalk, the gutter, and a dozen bodies lay at Lance's and Deita's feet.
"See, it's easy." Lance said to her.
"I love it." was her reply in earnest. "Let's continue."
"Okay. First off, you can be a serial killer or a mass murderer. The serial killer kills maybe one or two at a time normally after torturing them. The mass murderer kills maybe a dozen or two, but really just three or more qualifies you. I generally tend to be a mass murderer. I used to be a serial killer and stayed out of sight but have evolved into a fearless daytime super-killer. It's up to you." Lance explained.
"I just want to kill. I don't care what it's called." said Deita.
"Very well. Let's do it again, shall we? There, across the street, that couple."
Lance and Deita made their way across the road but were stopped by a vigilante. He pulled out a .45 Magnum and pointed it at them.
"Who the fuck are you, Charles Bronson?" said Lance.
"Don't make another move, I saw what you two did, and it's time to pay the piper." spoke the person while shaking his head.
"The piper? Are you joking??" said Lance and easily disarmed the man. Lance pistol whipped the stupid fool and he dropped to the ground with a cracked skull, brains hanging out. Just then the young twosome Lance and Deita spotted earlier approached them so they blocked the duet's path.
"Excuse us please." said the male part of the couple. Lance pulled out a knife and stabbed the man in his belly while Deita grabbed the girl by the hair and pulled her into an alley. Lance repeatedly stabbed the citizen in his gut until he died then joined Deita in the alleyway.
"Now for some fun." Deita said. Lance kicked in a door to a building under construction and entered with the two women.
"This will do." he said, finding a dirty mattress. They threw the brunette bitch down onto it and Lance pulled out some rope. "Here, tie her wrists together."
"No, please don't hurt me." the innocent woman said as Deita tied her up. She tied her wrists together and placed them above her head then tied her ankles after stripping the stupid bitch.
Once she was tightly secured Lance got undressed and inserted his immense cock into the tied girl. Deita watched and laughed as Lance raped the bitch on the old mattress. He shoved it in hard nearly splitting her open with his mammoth dick.
"Yeah fuck the bitch good!" screamed Deita. Lance rammed his cock deep into the demure girl while Deita watched and giggled. He pumped her hard and fast splitting the bitch wide open. Lance finally busted a nut and blew his semen into her. Deita grabbed a large stick that was covered with splinters and fucked the bitch with it after Lance pulled out his cock.
"Yeah bitch, feel the pain!" she screamed as the splinters gouged into her vaginal flesh. Blood poured out and her pussy was shredded once Deita completed her mutilation. She pulled the two-by-four out and began beating the girl on the head with it until she died hideously. Lance stood and watched as Deita continued beating the now quite deceased young girl. Deita screamed out in passion and reached orgasm after beating the girl to a pulp. Lance laughed and they both left the building and continued on their walk.
Soon they came upon four tough looking dudes. One of them eyed Deita. "You think that man can protect you?" he said while pointing to Lance.
"I don't need him for protection. I can take care of myself." she replied.
"Is that right? How about you show me?" the fool said.
Deita suddenly exploded with a side kick right into the guy's chest fracturing his ribs. The blow easily knocked him down. He screamed out in pain and grabbed his chest, broken ribs sticking out from his torn flesh. She then finished him off with an axe kick to the temple cracking his skull like a crispy crab cake.
"Jesus Christ!" yelled the other men after witnessing the brutal death of the their friend.
"Who?" said Deita and killed them all with an Uzi while laughing.
Lance snickered after watching Deita blast the stupid fools with hollow tipped bullets.
"What a bunch of fucking assholes." Lance said. "I hate people with attitude problems who think they are bad shit."
Just then a cop showed up, gun drawn.
"Down on the ground, right now!" he screamed to Lance and Deita. They both laughed and Lance started walking towards the officer. "That's far enough, get down on the ground, hands behind your back."
Lance continued walking forward and the cop fired but his shield absorbed the impact. He grabbed the pig and jabbed a huge knife into his belly and twisted it causing massive internal damage. The man died within 30 seconds since his aorta was severed. Lance laughed and he and Deita joined hands and continued their stroll.
They soon came upon a dance club and were about to enter when they saw a sign saying the price of admission was 15 bucks. The joint was guarded by a tough looking man who asked them for the cover charge.
"How about I let you live and we can forget about the entrance fee?" Lance said to the bouncer.
"Pay or leave!" shouted the huge 6 foot 10 inch man. But he was a shrimp compared to Lance.
The bouncer suddenly tried to grab Lance's arm and Deita punched him with amazing strength right in the balls. The not so tough man dropped to his knees grabbing his crotch and Lance and Deita walked into the club laughing. Some cool techno music was playing and there were lots of pretty young girls dancing and talking with one another. Lance and Deita walked up to the bar. Almost immediately a female swinger approached Deita and tried to start up a conversation.
"Looking for some company?" the young woman said to her. She was apparently bi-sexual.
"Sure, why not?" Deita replied. Lance turned to face the outsider and smiled.
"What about him?" the swinger said, nodding to Lance.
"Don't worry about him." she answered. "He's my personal body guard. He goes everywhere I go. Let's go for a walk."
The three of them got up and walked outside. It was getting late and the sun was going down.
They all strolled around talking and after awhile it was quite dark, but then Deita rapidly pulled out a razor. Lance grabbed the girl's hair and pulled back her head as Deita slit her tender throat. Blood pumped out of the gaping wound and they both drank it. Then Lance threw down the dead body and raped it while Deita laughed, wiping the blood from her lips with her sleeve.
Suddenly some gang bangers appeared from the shadows and pulled knifes on Deita and Lance.
"Give us your money or be dead!" they screamed. Lance laughed and pulled out a sword. With lightning speed he severed the dude's arm then impaled him with ease. The gang member screamed out in agony and gurgled blood as Lance twisted the blade. He died in pain and Deita killed the other bangers with shotgun blasts to the chest and head.
"Yeah man, that's right stupid fuckers." Lance said to the dead mangled bodies.

scene in progress deita/tanja

Suddenly Lance's shield deactivated and a as yet unknown assailant struck him on the side of the head with a large stick. The blow broke the pole and Lance fell to the ground, momentarily stunned. He quickly recovered and stood back up.
He turned around to see a stunning female form. He didn't recognize her, but somehow he knew her.
"What is this crap. Who are you, bitch?"
"My name is Tanja. But that's not important. Only my mission matters." she replied. "And your mission is what? To kill me? one can stop me." Lance said while laughing like a maniac.
Without uttering a single word she took out a plasma gun that was hidden under her shirt and fired it at Lance. The beam struck his mid-section taking him down and causing internal damage. He was still quite alive and stood back up.
"Okay fine, that's the way you want to play, bitch, well I'm game." He kicked the weapon from her hand and they engaged in a furious martial arts battle. She attempted a kick but it was parried, he attempted a punch but it was blocked. This went on for a good two minutes until they both stopped. She then lunged at Lance grabbing him by the throat and tried to choke the life out of him. Lance threw her off and pulled out a hunting knife. He tried to stab her but she blocked the assault knocking the weapon from his hand with radical rapidity. Lance then performed a spin kick and caught the Lance prototype bitch right across the side of the head. She flew to the ground, injured. He tried to stomp on her face but she rolled out of the way and tripped him. Lance dropped to the ground and when he stood back up the evenly matched woman was again holding the plasma gun. "Okay, it's over." she said. Just then a police officer showed up and drew his energy weapon.
"Put that gun down right now!" shouted the cop.
"This ain't your business, don't interfere." she said to the pig. She turned to face him and he fired striking her in the head. She fell to the ground apparently killed. The officer then pointed his weapon at Lance. Using his neural interface he was able to reactive the personal shield which surrounds his body.
"Bad move man. Time to die." Lance said to the cop and slowly walked toward him. The pig fired his weapon but Lance's shield absorbed the impact. He then ran at the officer and tackled him to the ground. He pummeled the man with his fists but then someone grabbed Lance from behind. It was his worthy adversary and she threw Lance easily and he smashed into a brick wall cracking it. His shield control was overrided and deactivated. "You're dead bitch. Hell hath no fury like Lance scorned." He pulled out a ninja sword and suddenly jumped at her and took a swing. It caught her in the belly but barely caused a scratch. Lance threw down his sword and grabbed a Quantum Particle Disrupter. "End of the line." said Lance and fired full strength at her.
Her body withstood the blast for a few seconds but she suddenly jumped to the ground and rolled out of the way of the beam. She ducked behind some wooden boxes on the side of the street and Lance fired at them reducing the wood to burning embers. But the woman was no longer there and Lance couldn't find her. Suddenly something struck him from behind. He fell to the ground dropping his weapon. He looked up and saw Tanja standing over him with a metal baseball bat. It had a big dent in it, apparently from where it hit his hardened skull. She raised the bat above her head and was about to strike him when Lance performed a sweep kick which tripped Tanja. She fell down but quickly recovered. But it gave Lance a split second advantage and he jumped up and grabbed her by the throat and squeezed like a python. She tried to break the hold but Lance held on, determined to snuff the troublemaking bitch. After nearly a minute Tanja tripped Lance and broke free from his grasp. She gasped for air and was weakened.

scene in progress deita/tanja

"Alright, that's far enough." the officer said just as Lance reached the corner of the street. He turned around and the cop was pointing his gun at him and ordered him down on the ground. Lance's personal shield was still off-line and he sighed, he was tired and didn't feel like dealing with this shit. So he laid down on the ground and the cop walked up to him with cuffs in hand. But just when the pig was about to secure Lance's wrists he tripped the lawman then grabbed a nail gun and shot a nail through the cop's brain killing him at once.
Lance got up, and looked around. Deita was no where in sight and even his sensor implants couldn't detect her. So Lance walked back to the club pondering the bizarre events that just took place and wondering what happened to Deita.