The Lance Saga & Vex Darkness Series

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This is the Lance Saga, available in its complete, unabridged version!  Enjoy 240+ pages of ultra extreme, no limits violence and sex.  This on-going story is 30+ years in the making and is still being written.  Discover tonnes of content available no where else, and see just how sadistic of a monster Lance can really get!  All Saga updates are free for life to customers!  Check out some samples here: The Lance Saga

Follow the Death Stalker Lance, an unstoppable killing machine with no remorse or feelings, as he travels the universe constantly indulging his perverse, twisted, and always sexual desires.  Nothing is too taboo to him, and there is no length he's not willing to go to partake his pure evil whims.

Your purchase also includes 25 pages of deleted and bonus content.   For $19.99, handled securely via Paypal (no Paypal or store account required), you will receive immediate download access to a ZIP archive containing a plain text version of the story and bonus content.  Use WinRAR, 7-Zip, or your favorite archive program to open the file once downloaded, and enjoy your trip to insanity!

Also included is my acclaimed Vex Darkness serial killer series. These are 5 ultra hardcore stories written in the first person and feature an all new level of extreme!  Additionally, enjoy the rare Vex Darkness intro document.

"Delve into madness and discover extremes you've never dreamed of, then go even deeper than ever before into a world of sex and ultimate violence!"

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