The Lance Saga - Craft Store

Craft Store Agony

A little while later, now nighttime, he pulled into the parking lot of a local arts and crafts store. Lance got out and walked into the place to check it out. It was fairly large with many stocked isles. A row of cash registers lined the front of the store with several cute girls running them, one being a tall, beautiful blonde with an odd smile on her sexy face. Lance walked up to the customer service desk and asked what time they opened the following day. A cute brunette said she didn't know. "Let me speak to a manager." he said.
"Hold on, I'll page a manager for you." said the woman. Once that was done Lance patiently waited. Soon, a light haired brunette walked up with her curly hair in a bun and asked what Lance needed.
"I want to know what time this place opens tomorrow." "Didn't you see the sign on the door?" she said in a smug, superior tone.
"No I didn't. But I will look, thanks." he said but the manager just walked away. She had a rather large ass, something Lance finds unattractive and big thighs. Her torture would most certainly be extreme.
Lance smiled then cased the place. He walked down each isle looking at all the merchandise. He also took notice of the various employees planning out the ways he was going to torture them the next day. After Lance finished looking around he left and went back home. It was about 8:30pm and he pulled into the driveway of his makeshift dwelling. Lance spent the night upgrading the systems on his car and further developing the security and computer devices inside the house.
Early the next morning, Lance jumped into his refurbished vehicle and headed back to the craft store which opened at 9am. It was about 8 and Lance wanted to get there before it opened. He arrived ten minutes later and parked. Using his enhanced optic implants he zoomed in on the entrance to the store and noticed the same woman, the manager, from yesterday outside smoking a cigarette. Lance's cock quickly hardened in anticipation. He saw a few more people arrive and walk up to the doors. The manager finished her cancer stick then unlocked the doors and let herself and the other employees in.
It was now 8:15am and Lance got out and walked up to the entrance. The door was locked so he picked it and silently let himself in. Once inside Lance used thermal imagery to find the manager woman heading into the bathroom. It was perfect, he could do whatever he wanted to her and no one would even know. Lance beamed himself directly into the bathroom and caught the manager by surprise.
"Who are you?!" she said loudly. Lance lunged at her and punched her square in the face. The deserving bitch fell down and pleaded with Lance. "No, please don't hurt me."
"Oh I'm gonna do more than just hurt you, fucking bitch. I'm gonna have fun with your fat ass." She got up and tried to kick Lance in his balls. His shield protected him and he backfisted the stupid cunt knocking her to the ground again. Then he pulled out some duct tape and stuck a big piece across her mouth then secured her arms behind her back and her ankles together with more tape. He pulled out a razor sharp knife and sliced away her clothes leaving only panties and a bra. Lance looked at her body and although she wasn't the prettiest woman, she still had a pussy, tits, and ass that Lance could play with. Lance undid the girl's bun and let her hair hang down. She looked more sexy that way. Then he pulled out a syringe filled with acid. He showed it to the frightened girl and she began to cry. Lance then violently tore off her bra exposing her medium to small tits. He cupped them in his hands and massaged them. He pinched her nipples hard with two of his fingers and she moaned. "Time for pain, bitch." He gripped one of her ample breasts and rammed the needle right into her nipple. She shook her head and moaned in torment as Lance began pumping the acid into her udder. The liquid burned the inside of her tit causing extreme searing agony and Lance laughed as she thrashed about in terrible suffering. Tears streamed down her face as her breast was completely destroyed from the inside out. Lance was about to do the same thing to her other mound when someone walked into the bathroom. He turned to look and it was a luscious young woman with blonde shoulder length hair. When she realized the situation the girl turned tail and tried to escape but Lance grabbed her by the waist and threw her down. He punched her hard in the face dazing her then tore off her clothes and raped the bitch in front of his taped up captive. Lance pumped deeply, badly lacerating the female with his immense cock. He slapped and beat her on the head during his vicious rape bruising her terribly. He blew a load into her after about ten minutes of slamming her cunt and pulled out. Her face was bloody and some of her teeth had been knocked out. Lance rammed a massive knife into her stomach and then threw the lady aside to let her bleed to death.
"Now, where were we?" He grabbed the acid filled needle and stuck it into his tied victim's only remaining tit and again it caused horrible pain burning the flesh and destroying her mammary. "Stupid fucking bitch!" She shook her head and just moaned into the tape, she was in amazing pain but Lance had only just begun. His cock grew hard once more and Lance looked at the bitch. She was in tears, the pain was so great yet she remained conscious. Lance took out some poly rope and wrapped it around both her thighs. He pulled it as tight as he could cutting off the blood flow. Once it was secure he grabbed his leatherman utility tool and unfolded the super sharp blade. He then sliced into her thigh meat. Blood squirted from the pressure and she trashed against the duct tape which held her in bondage. He continued slicing her leg and blood was everywhere. He made sure not to cut the femoral artery as he didn't want her to die prematurely. Next he ripped off her panties and fucked her with the bloody knife. He shoved it all the way in then turned it sideways gashing the inside of her cunt. Lance suddenly yanked out the knife and replaced it with his prick fucking her all the way in. The knife had cut open her pussy and he slid into the wound fucking her guts. He leaned back his head in pleasure as her fresh blood flowed around his cock and out onto the floor. As he raped her Lance began to choke the cunt with his huge hands. He choked her until she almost passed out then let go, only to repeat the process a dozen times torturing her. Then Lance sliced away her burned, shriveled tits until he had exposed her ribs. She began bleeding bad and he rapidly thrusted then finally came inside her. Lance pulled out and slowly pushed his knife between her ribs. Ever so slowly, causing all new sensations of pain. Finally he reached her left lung and rammed hard, perforating it. He yanked the duct tape off her mouth and she at once spit up blood. Lance smiled and stabbed out her eyes. She just shook in agony. No human could endure such pain and she at last passed out. Lance stood up and wrapped a nose around her throat. He then hung her from the ceiling and pulled on her ankles until the rope was tight. He watched her twitch and finally succumb and suffocate. His cock throbbed to life so he jacked off and shot his load onto her sliced up legs. Lance took a deep, fulfilling breath, then left the bathroom.
He left the craft store after killing everyone except this skinny black haired dude who survived using his skills of cunning and sorcery. Lance began the short walk back to his car but suddenly noticed a suspicious white van parked illegally. As he passed it, two guys got out and asked Lance if he wanted to buy some high power stereo speakers.
"No thanks man."
"Come on, there's an ATM right over there, these speakers are worth 300 bucks, I give them to you for 50."
"What are they stolen or something? What kind of fool do you think I am?" Lance said, becoming agitated.
"They are clean man. Alright, 40 bucks." Lance was sick of entertaining these simpletons.
"You two have 5 seconds to get out of my face or I fucking kill you dead." They just sort of smiled, not taking the threat seriously. Something they would regret in the afterlife. Lance took out his sawed off double barreled 12 gauged shotgun. The two dudes hastily jumped into their van. "You're not getting away that easily." Lance spoke. They tried to start the vehicle but the engine was flooded. Lance laughed, slowly walked over to the driver's side window and yanked the man out. He threw the stupid fuck to the ground, picked up one of the speakers and smashed it over the man's head. The other guy exited the wagon and tried to escape on foot. Lance at once saw this futile attempt and took out his Frisbee which had been modified with a razor edge. He chucked it at the running citizen, severing his head on contact. The body dropped dead and the guy's dome rolled into the gutter.
Lance was getting ready to leave when the man on the ground at his feet pleaded for mercy. "Do I give a shit about you and your stupid bullshit speakers? No." He snuffed the dude with a well aimed stab up under his chin using his prized Bushmaster hunting knife.
He walked back to his car, the TranzDeath 2000, otherwise known as the Cheetah, and got in. Lance powered up all its primary systems and then drove away.