The Lance Saga - Bum Fuck

Club Pain

He then drove around the city observing the many attractions and that kind of shit. He quickly got bored and wanted to hurt someone, so Lance went to a club and parked in an ally. He walked to the front of the building, looked in, and saw dozens of sexy women in the facility. He entered the place and was about to walk to the inner area when some guy tried to grab him and said he had to pay fifteen bucks to go into the joint. Lance spun around and grasped the dude's throat as he cut the guy's eyes out and ate them like candy. Then he rammed the blind mother fucker's head through one of the cinder block walls. The person's dome was cracked and he expired shortly thereafter while Lance smiled and entered the establishment.
He went to the bar and ordered a drink. "Give me the strongest thing you've got." said Lance to the bar tender.
"One super hot fire-breather coming up. You sure you want this?" the keep asked Lance.
"You better shut the fuck up and give me the drink, you asswipe!" screamed Lance to the stupid fucker. The guy handed him a steaming reddish liquid in a special glass. Lance engulfed the whole thing in one swallow. He then laughed and spit on the floor in front of the bar worker. "That shit tastes like tap water!"
"Impossible! No one can drink that shit and not burn their throat!" exclaimed the astonished man.
"Oh, is that fucking right?" Lance grabbed the cocktail lounge manager's head and poured acid down his gullet. His throat sizzled as the acid ate into his flesh and easily decapitated him.
Lance then looked at the dance floor and saw a bunch of bitches running around and dancing. "What the fuck is this, The Grind?" Lance shot everyone with his 15mm M7 assault cannon. Their bodies split into fiberous bloody masses as the shells tore into their hides ripping them apart like onion paper.
He purposely missed a pretty red haired woman sitting in a corner booth and walked over to her table and sat down. "Hey bitch. How come I missed you when I shot everyone else? Wait, I know, it was because of your good looks. I missed you on purpose. But I won't miss you with my prick you stupid whore!"
Lance grabbed the bitch by her hair and dragged her to the middle of the blood encumbered dance floor. "Time for a special kind of dance." he said to her. The girl shuddered in fear but Lance ignored the woman. He picked her up and forced her to dance with him. She was nearly in shock having witnessed the death of everyone in the club but Lance just laughed and tried to be all nice to her.
"Hey you dance pretty good." he said, but she was limp in his arms. "Okay, fine. You want to get right to the good stuff, I understand." Lance kindly spoke. But his intentions were far from compassionate. He grabbed a wine bottle and broke it across the back of her head. The girl's hair deflected the blow but large pieces of glass still managed to imbed themselves in the bitch's soft flesh. Fresh blood drained out and she grasped her head in pain. The wench just trembled after seeing all the blood on her hand. Lance took some glass shards and sliced up her stomach. The sharp pieces tore right through her shirt and slit into her skin drawing more blood. He pulled off her shirt and dug a piece of glass right into her belly button. He twisted it violently shredding her flesh and causing severe agony. Her belly button was cut up real bad and Lance rammed his fingernails under it and ripped it out. He shoved the bloody piece of flesh down the girl's throat choking her. Then Lance threw her down and tore off her pants and so violently raped her. He banged in and out of the stupid bitch while continuing to slice her up with the pieces of glass.
He humped her roughly for 20 minutes purposely holding back his seed. Finally, after Lance couldn't hold it any longer, he blew a wad deep into her twat. She was semi-consciousness, and in shock, her fragile mind trying to block the horrors around her. Lance injected uppers into her arm and she became quite aware, perfect for him to complete his assault by snuffing the cunt.
Lance measured her with his cold, evil eyes. She looked back at him, full of fear, but helpless to resist. He smiled, as he always does, but it was an emotionless smile. A sick smile. Lance unsheathed his Bushmaster knife. It's blade, over 25 centimeters long, glistened in the dance floor light. He patiently cleaned it, wanting to prolong the inevitable death of this young wench. She began to cry, she knew exactly what was going to happen. Lance put away his cleaning cloth, then took hold of the cunt's hair. "Goodbye, stupid bitch." he said. He drove the knife straight into her neck, right at the soft part and pushed it all the way in blocking her air passage. She began choking and bleeding to death simultaneously. He held it there as she convulsed, then with super strength yanked it sideways severing the carotid artery. The resulting shower of blood was quite amusing to him. He removed the blade and watched as she fell to the floor, shaking violently as red liquid pulsed from the wound. He then started kicking her in the ribs fracturing them causing even more pain. Soon it was over, her life had ended, her head nearly severed. Lance bit off her nose and ears, ate them, and walked away.