The Lance Saga - Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship

"Now what is it?" sighed Lance.
"We are within range of the asteroid field, but have detected a cargo ship which seems to be adrift."
"Great, what the fuck do you want me to do about it?"
"The ship is transmitting a general distress call and the captain appears to be female." reported the bridge duty officer.
" that is different, patch it through to my office."
"This is Lily, captain of the cargo freighter Pikoi, we have sustained heavy damage from a Riberzome attack. Communications at minimal, life support at minimal, weapons off-line. We are requesting help from any friendly ship."
Lance answered the call with a smile. "This is your lucky day, Captain. Had we not been passing through this remote sector, you may have been adrift for a very long time. How did you get so far into uncharted space?"
"We were attacked with a new Riberzome weapon, and it somehow created a subspace wave that pushed us all the way here. It would take weeks to get back. We have limited engines." she replied.
"Oh forgive me, my name is Lance, commander of this vessel. I would be happy to assist in repairs. In fact, we encountered a Riberzome battleship and it tried to stop us, claiming restricted space. So it appears we share a common enemy." Lance's real intentions were of course insidious, but he wanted to extract information before killing this bitch; now he knew what the Riberzomes where hiding, a new weapon.
"I would be very grateful for any assistance you can offer." spoke the attractive young captain. Lance engaged the sexy woman in pleasantries as he secretly scanned her ship. It had no transporters and the weapons where completely inoperative, but the sensors were still functioning. He also detected a total of 42 crew members scattered among the craft's 6 decks.
"I will beam over a repair team immediately." said Lance as he instead beamed her into his office. Flabbergasted, she demanded an explanation. Saying nothing, Lance rendered her unconscious with a powerful slap to the back of the head and then quickly tied her up. Saving the bitch for later, he tossed her into the corner of his chamber like a piece of trash. Knowing for sure that the rest of the cargo vessel crew had detected the abduction of their precious captain, Lance decided to beam over and have some fun. "I'm going over to check out the freighter." Lance said over the comm to the bridge. "Take it in tow and extend our cloaking shields to conceal it. I don't want to attract attention. Perform constant scans of the entire area. Also, Derti, send someone into my office to take the cargo captain back to my quarters."
"Understood." the officers acknowledged on the bridge.
Lance transported over to the lowest deck of the disabled frigate, the hydroponics lab, and was anticipating an exciting time. Within seconds, he was approached by an armed crew member. He figured the internal sensors had detected his transporter signal. The guy told Lance to stay where he was but he ignored the fool and began walking toward the exit. The crewman fired his weapon but Lance's shield absorbed and dissipated the energy beam. Then the officer demanded to be told what had been done with his captain.
"Oh, that bitch? I imagine she's awake in my office with a splitting headache. As soon as I finish here, I'm going to rape and torture her to death." he said as if that was perfectly normal.
"What??" yelled the guy.
"Which part did you not understand?" said Lance as he punched the dude in the face knocking him to the ground. He recovered and increased the strength of his weapon. The angered man fired at Lance again, but still had no effect. He then fired repeatedly hoping to weaken Lance's shield. "Enough of this!" said Lance as he grabbed the dude's head and ripped out his eyes. Then he held one eye in each hand and squeezed causing them to pop. Eye juices sprayed all over the blind dude's face and uniform as the man screamed in anguish. Lance laughed and continued squirting the juice until it was all used up. Then he sweep kicked the eyeless fucker and he dropped to the ground. After that, Lance stomped on his head crushing it like a walnut in a vise. Pieces of smashed skull lay in a random pattern around the top of the headless corpse.
Lance then walked out into the corridor and went up to a computer panel. He asked the computer how to get to the bridge and a display appeared directing him. He headed in that direction but was stopped by security guards.
"Halt, you will be taken to the brig." one of them said as they pointed energy weapons at Lance. Lance just kept walking and one of the sentinels tried to grab his arm. He instead grabbed the sentry's neck and picked him up off the ground like he weighed nothing. Lance then threw the man down the hallway and he smashed into a bulkhead. The force of the impact shattered all of the guy's ribs and his lungs quickly filled with blood. The dude drowned in his own plasma gasping for air and suffered horribly. Lance chuckled to himself and then killed the rest of the guards by impaling them all on his longsword like a giant human skewer. They all died in agony as Lance twisted and turned the blade around ripping out their innards.
He resumed his trek to the bridge and entered a turbolift. Inside, he saw a hot looking brunette chick. The girl glanced at him to see who he was, and her expression turned to fear as she realized he was not part of the crew. Lance kicked the turbolift control panel causing it to stop between decks. Now it was just him and his fuckmeat. Lance grabbed the girl's hair and violently yanked her head back. Then he licked her tender neck. "You like that, bitch?" She just whimpered, too fearful to speak. "I'm going to make you bleed!" Lance screamed as he clawed her neck with his fingernails causing deep gashes. Blood oozed out like jelly and he smiled and licked it. He then punched her in the stomach and she doubled over trying to catch her breath. Lance pushed her to the turbolift floor and took out his leather whip. He tore off her shirt but left her bra on. "Time for your beating." Lance brought the whip down on her bare flesh easily slicing her open. She was on her stomach and Lance whipped her continuously until she was covered in her own blood. Then he laughed and poured 100% rubbing alcohol on her gaping wounds causing them to burn like fire. She screamed in horror and begged for mercy but Lance ignored her desperate pleas and raped her while again beating the worthless bitch.
After raping and torturing the girl to death, he exited the damaged turbolift through the top and climbed up a ladder. It was a small ship and he reached the deck directly below the bridge in no time. Once again several security guards approached him.
"What the fuck is this?" said Lance; the guards were carrying plasma guns. Lance quickly reconfigured his personal shield to reflect the energy from their weapons. They fired and the deflected beams struck the hull rupturing it, and the guards and Lance were all blown out into space. He laughed as the unprotected sentinels suffocated and their blood vessels and eyeballs burst. Lance fired his grappling hook at the ship and once attached, pulled himself back in. The four guards, now lifeless, floated peacefully in open space, but Lance couldn't resist and blasted their bodies with a machine gun. The bullets tore through their corpses ripping them into round blobs of blood and shattered bone. The ship had created a force field to seal the breach but Lance's special bullets penetrated it as he continued firing at the mangled cadavers.
Lance left the scene and using an access port went to deck 1, and the bridge was just a few meters away.
Almost there, a female officer saw Lance and tried to run away, fearing for her life. With Cheetah like speed and agility, he chased her down, catching her just before she turned the corner. He grabbed her and snapped her back over his knee like she were a cracker. Then Lance rigorously raped her corpse as he cut out her eyes. Once he reached orgasm, he violently slashed her body up using deep long incisions, mutilating her lifeless carcass.
Lance continued his death trek and finally reached the bridge. The doors would not open, apparently part of a security intruder alarm lockout. He grabbed his QPD and blasted the door into shattered atoms and walked in.
"Fire!" screamed one of the bridge crew. At least fifteen high power X-plasma cannons discharged and struck Lance's shield with amazing force. He was thrown back and slammed into the wall panel. Dazed, Lance staggered back to his feet. "How did he get back up!" yelled one of the officers. Lance was woozy but soon regained his senses.
"Is the best you can do?" asked Lance. He took out a handful of throwing stars and threw them at the crew members. The ninja weapons took out 5 of them and ten remained. They fired their weapons again but using his cat like reflexes Lance dodged the beams. He jumped to the ground, did a roll, then got back to his feet and fired his QPD at the remaining flock of officers. Their bodies were immediately turned into steaming ashes as Lance's weapon broke down their atomic bonds.
He looked around and saw no one else, but just then someone came out of the ready room. He appeared to the be the ship's first officer. Lance ran toward the person and grabbed him by his throat and picked him up off the ground. He just held him there as the poor guy asphyxiated. His head and face swelled and his eyes glazed over as the life-bringing oxygen and blood was cut off from his brain. He died quickly, arms and legs flailing.
That pretty much took care of everyone on the dainty vessel. Even if anyone was still alive Lance didn't feel like finding them. He sat in the captain's chair and attempted to access the main computer. It was locked out using a rather advanced encryption scheme. Lance attempted to override it with his neural interface but was unsuccessful. He accessed an unsecured system and pulled up the layout of the ship. He found the engine room; it was five decks down. So he left the bridge and quickly made his way there. The doors to the engine compartment opened and a technician was inside trying to hide. Lance's heat sensors found him.
"You there, come out. I won't hurt you."
"You won't?" asked the dude.
"No, no. I'm here to help." said Lance, he was lying like a mother fucker.
The engineer came out of his hiding place and approached Lance.
"Just kidding!" said Lance as he grabbed the idiot by the throat. Lance then opened a plasma conduit and threw the guy into the energy stream. He screamed as his body was incinerated. Then Lance walked over to the plasma reactor core. It used a less sophisticated protection routine and Lance easily bypassed it. He set the engines to overload then contacted his vessel.
"Disengage the tractor beam. I've set the engines to overload. The plasma core will explode in approximately 2 minutes. Maintain minimum safe distance." With that Lance beamed back to his bridge. Once he materialized he glanced at the viewscreen. "I said minimum safe distance, why are we not moving away?"
"Captain Mace, a subspace distortion field has appeared and is interrupting the sub-light drive. I can't back us off."
"That's a plasma core, it will destroy us! Use the emergency thrusters. Quickly!" said Lance.
"Thrusters on-line, yes, we are backing off now. 5000 meters, 10000, 20000, 35000......" said the ensign.
"There, that should do it. Have we cleared the distortion?" "Yes, but the SLD suffered damage."
"Get a repair team on it at once. Ahh...there we are, watch this!" Lance said as he pointed to the viewscreen.
A flash of light emanated from the cargo ship then it exploded violently sending pieces of the hull in all directions. Then the whole thing vaporized as the plasma came into contact with the rest of the ship.
"That was cool...well, anyway, let's head into the asteroid field, we are nearly at our destination, and get that sub-light drive fixed."
"Aye sir." said Derti.
They resumed their course into the asteroid field and Lance made his way to his quarters where the bound cargo captain lay in wait.
Once there he un-tied her and hung her from the wrists using chains, and secured her ankles, spread apart wide, using more chains which were attached to the floor. Using a crank, he slowly tightened the chains pulling and stretching her body apart. Just a millimeter before all her joints dislocated, Lance stopped and then viciously slashed her with a razor. Then he shoved his fist into her pussy and licked her face. She screamed in intense agony and blood poured from her wounds onto Lance's face and he almost came from the thrilling sensation of her warm plasma running down his body to his cock which was hard as steel.
Lance took out his fist and rammed his hard cock into her cunt and fucked her rough. In and out he pumped her while slapping her face.
Ten minutes later his nut came gushing and filled her all the way up. He pulled out then beat her to death with a baseball bat. She died in agony, broken and clobbered.