The Lance Saga - Bum Fuck

What a Bum Fuck

She started screaming and flailing her arms about wildly so Lance stripped her, then violently bludgeoned the maiden with a plexisteel mallet. Now bruised, bleeding, and sobbing in misery, she would be easy meat. Lance placed the girl on her back then got on top and kissed her face. He caressed her small, but firm breasts, massaged her upper-body, and licked the woman's succulent neck. Then he suddenly slapped her cheek and guided his fully armed missile into her cunt and slammed the shit out of her. She cried out in terror as he violated the virgin with no remorse or compassion. It felt good and her pleas and moans of suffering excited Lance so much that he came within 5 minutes. The ejaculation was powerful, sending bolts of pleasure through Lance's entire body as he tightly squeezed her breasts. During the cold-blooded rape, the woman regained her senses somewhat and grabbed Lance's balls trying to hurt him. Unresponsive to pain Lance simply kept pumping her until his orgasm was complete then grabbed her hand and slowly broke each one of her fingers. She roared in unbearable and intense aguish as Lance next bit off her nipples and ear lobes and spit them in her face while holding her head still with his powerful vise-like hands. Next he took a rusty nail and pushed it into the side of her nose, through the bony middle, and out the other side, tearing the flesh along the way. She just shook in pain, too terrified to mutter anything. Mutilated and suffering beyond imagination, he got off her and pissed all over her sexy, but trembling body, completing the act of degradation. She tried to get up, firmly gripping her broken, bloody hand, and Lance just stood back and watched. Now on her feet, she attempted to muster enough strength to speak, and Lance figured this was gonna be good.
"Why.....why did you do this to me....?" she barely spoke aloud. Lance stepped forward and grabbed the back of her head. He pulled out a razor and with painstaking slowness, cut her throat wide open. He felt and saw the arteries as they were severed, blood instantly pumping out and she made sort of a yelp sound. He stood there holding her up as her life juice poured out over her breasts, down over her stomach, through her pubic hair, across her pussy, over her thighs and knees, shins, then finally reaching the ground where it pooled at her feet. She trembled violently, trying to survive using sheer will, then her eyes began to roll around frantically and continued for about a minute, maybe less, then met Lance's as she took her final breath and passed away in horror.
"You ask too many questions, bitch." replied Lance as he spit on her blood covered remains and walked away. But a bum who had watched him fuck her made a rustling sound alerting Lance to his presence. He quietly walked to the sound and found an old dude with his hand on his cock.
"Are you masturbating, old man?"
"Well I saw you doing that pretty girl and I couldn't help it. It's been so long." said the geezer. He apparently hadn't seen what Lance did after he got done banging her.
Lance grabbed the old man off the ground and told him to go fuck the girl himself.
"Really? I can do that?"
"Sure, she's out cold. Go fuck her good, old-timer." said Lance while grinning. The bum went over to her and then nearly vomited when he saw the pool of blood and her corpse, eyes wide open, staring dead back at him.
"What the hell is this??" screamed the derelict. Lance laughed and poured gas on him and the girl's body. "What are you doing?"
"Your time is up, fucking bum. Better fuck her while you got the chance." Lance tossed a match at them and on contact it flared up into a raging fireball lighting up the whole alleyway. Sickening screams of horrid pain followed and echoed off the walls of the alley as the bum was burned alive. Lance watched for a short bit then walked back to the street, still hearing the old man bellow when suddenly it was quiet, the flames must have consumed him.
Then a young couple walked by and the girl asked her boyfriend if he heard anything. The flames were barely visible down the long ally.
"No honey, not a thing other than the hover-cars above." replied the skinny man. Lance walked up behind him and shoved his sword through his back. At the same moment his woman placed her hand on the guy's stomach and patted it affectionately. The tip of the sword jutted out of his gut impaling her hand and the man gurgled blood onto her arm. She screamed louder than Lance had ever heard, trying to comprehend what just happened. Leaving the sword in, he took out a battle axe and brought it down onto the top of the man's skull so hard that it split his head clean in half killing him instantly. His body fell to the ground bringing the girl with it, her hand still pierced by the long saber.
"AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Oh my god, someone please help us!!!" she cried out, obviously in shock. Her hand was now drenched in blood and her boyfriend's gelatinous brain matter littered the sidewalk. She grabbed Lance's leg with her free hand, desperately seeking aid and he kicked her in the face and stomped on her other hand, causing scorching agony and further severing it. He then pulled out the sword and stuck in straight into her chest with a blow so powerful that it became imbedded in the sidewalk. Still alive she continued screaming in extreme torture and Lance twisted the blade, breaking it free from the triment and chopping up her guts like a quisinart. She quickly expired from the severe internal injuries and Lance left the scene sufficiently pleased.
By now it had grown quite late so he made his way back to his house to see what was up at the crib.