The Lance Saga - Blood Friday

Blood Friday

He left the area hastily and tried to decide what to do next. During his drive, he came upon a tonne of traffic near a large retail chain. The place was huge, and even had a gas station out front. "What do we have here?" Lance pondered out loud. He tried to turn into the parking lot but was obstructed by a line of cars. "Oh come on, really??" he angrily thought. Lance pulled over and got out but was almost hit by another vehicle. "What the shit?!" he screamed. He fired his mini-EMP cannon at the offending car and it was instantly rendered inoperable. "Okay, now let's see who this fucker is." he uttered, noticing it had tinted windows. Lance strolled over to the car and punched out the driver's side window. Inside was a sexy 18 year old coed bitch. She had apparently just gotten her license and was heading to the store since today was Black Friday. He remembered hearing about this ridiculous phenomena where people actually camp out at like 5am in front of various stores thinking they are going to get some amazing deal on a bunch of stupid junk. He found it quite amusing, but infantile.
"You fucking cunt, you almost hit me!!"
"But I didn't, did I? Look, they are selling iPads for $50, if I don't hurry, I'll miss the sale."
"I have a better idea. How about I rape your fucking ass, then cut you to pieces?"
"Yeah right. My car won't start though, can you give me a jump?"
"Seriously???" he asked the arrogant whore. Lance grabbed her long, almost straight brunette hair, and violently pulled her out of the car. "I don't know about Black Friday, but I'm gonna fucking give you a Blood Friday!!" he laughed.
Lance punched her in the side of the face so hard that one of her eyes nearly popped out and while still holding her hair, threw her down. She tried to crawl away, now bleeding from her blackened and swollen eye. "Where are you going, bitch!!" But a police officer, apparently there to direct traffic, noticed what was going on and walked over. She saw Lance and the girl, who he begin kicking in the ribs, and ordered him to stop. "What's that now?" he replied. The female beat cop was now holding her taser and it was pointed at him.
"Get on your knees!"
"How about YOU get on your fucking knees?" Lance joked.
"I'm not playing! Do what I said or you're getting tased!" she screamed.
"Bitch, you have no idea who you are fucking with. Get out of my face before I put you in a world of hurt." he calmly informed her.
She fired the taser and the barbs bounced right off his armored trench coat. She was about 5 meters away and he pulled out his Bush Master machete knife.
"Oh shit!" she exclaimed as he lunged at her. The officer drew her service 9mm and managed to get off a single shot that missed and struck a bystander in the face. Lance saw this and chuckled as he reached her and chopped off the hand holding the weapon. She clasped her now profusely bleeding wrist. He spun around and with so much force, literally cut her in half with the laser honed razor sharp blade. She stood for a moment and the stupid lady's eyes rolled into her skull as she tipped over backward, spilling almost all her entrails onto the street. Blood sprayed out but Lance stepped away as to not get covered. He slowly walked back to the 18 year old who had witnessed everything.
"Please, let me go. I didn't mean to do anything to you!" she sniveled. "The time for that has long past." Lance replied. He had by now cleaned and re-sheathed his knife. He reached into the girl's car and popped the hood. The engine was still hot and he picked her up, again by the hair. He dragged the fucking cunt over to her car and held her face over the main radiator cap.
"No! Please stop!" she desperately cried, feeling the heat from the engine block. He only insanely giggled and ripped off the radiator cap. Steam and scolding engine coolant shot out right into her pretty face and burned it almost instantly. She screamed from the intense pain and he held her there. Not wasting time, he used a mental command to remove his pants, sending the bio-matter back into his miniature matter transtator. An enormous, rock hard cock was left, and he didn't even bother removing the rest of his clothes. He ripped away her short shorts, and pulled down her panties, but kept them around her ankles. She appeared tight, and had a meticulously shaven twat, and innie pussy lips. She had given up at this point and just laid against the now empty radiator which had nearly cooked her face.
Lance pushed up her tank top, grabbed her bra, and ripped it off. Then he put it around her throat and pulled it as tight as it could without tearing it further and tied it off. She could barely breath and his erection only became harder. Pre-cum oozed out and he stroked himself gleefully. She was now gasping, panicking, and fearing for her life. He took hold of her slender waste, and gripped it so hard that his fingernails dug into the flesh. He moved forward and slowly inserted the huge tip of his rod into her cunt. He watched his pulsing member split her open wider and wider. Now that the head was in, he tightened his grip on her, now drawing blood, and then with sadistic intent, shoved himself all the way into her. She reacted with moans of pain, and he began thrusting with all his might. He kept it up for several minutes, then with one huge thrust of unimaginable force, he was pretty sure he tore into her cervix as she cried out like never before despite being choked. He laughed his ass off and literally nutted into her uterus.
Lance finally pulled out, and her ripped vagina was left gaping open. Her lips were now protruding, so he took out a small hacksaw and begin cutting them off, one at a time. She again cried, and he released the home made garrote, but finished the pussy lip extraction. She took a big breath, but it again turned into screams and the blood that was already pouring from her ruined girl tube was now met with fresh plasma as pulled away her labia and ate it. She turned to look at him with her only remaining, almost burned out eye, and saw this cannibalistic action, now in complete horror. He stood up, and spit blood in her face.
"Come with me bitch!" he grabbed her ankles, after tossing away the blood soaked panties, making sure the back of her head bashed again the car's bumper. Lance dragged her to the nearby gas station, laughing as she got tore up on rough asphalt. Once at the pumps, he dropped her nearly unconscious carcass down on the ground viciously kicked her in the side of the head multiple times with his steel plated combat boots. Her skull appeared cracked now and blood was dripping from her ears and her hair was now a wet, red mess. But she refused to expire. He proceeded to then stomp on her stomach repeatedly until she vomited blood. Then Lance walked over to the gas station attendant's window and ask for 2 gallons on pump 6. The clerk was appalled after seeing what he did on closed circuit video, and was attempting to call store security on his smart phone. Lance kicked down the door to the tiny room, stole a pack of Slim Jims, then grabbed the dumb man and smashed his face through the plate glass window and all the way to the outside. He then activated the pump the girl was at, and stepped out of the room. The clerk remained alive, despite horrific puncture wounds to his head and chest. "What the fuck is this shit?" he asked the dying man. Unable to speak, Lance noticed his throat had a gaping injury and it appeared his larynx was severed. "Ha, ha, ha!" he jested. Lance took some razor wire and wrapped several loops around his throat and strung his ass up on a roof support beam making sure he could watch Lance and his girl prey. He walked over to her and checked her pulse. She was alive, much to his pleasure. Lance activated the pump and poured the whole two gallons all over her bloodied, naked body. He stepped back and tossed a lit match at her and she immediately burst into flames. Horrible, animalistic sounds emanated from her throat for a few seconds, but she quickly, and finally, succumb to her injuries. The man clerk was still hanging and shocked at Lance's unreal cruelty. He blasted the fool with explosive tipped XT/F 40 high velocity bullets shredding him like a prolapsed anus in a Vita-Mix blender.
"Now let's go see what deals there are. Shit man, it's Black Friday!" he said as Lance began walking the short distance to the store. The parking lot was full, with more cars trying to find a place to park. He didn't care about that shit, but suddenly a man rushed out of the store carrying his brand new Playstation 4 Pro, 1 terabyte. Lance giggled when he noticed another man, carrying a concealed switch blade, rushing out as well. He walked right up behind the first man and viscously started stabbing him in the back and kidneys. The stabbed man spit up blood and fell down, and the assailant bent over and took the Playstation from him and walked away. "Um, what the fuck? Hey fuckhead!" Lance called after him.
"You talking to me?" he shouted back, nearly at his car.
"Yeah, you just murdered this poor, innocent soul. And besides, that's not the slim model! Hehe."
"Mind your fucking business, prick." was the come back. Lance had already strolled toward him and was now face to face.
"Say that again." Lance challenged him. Lance was at least a foot and a half taller, and 10 times bigger, but the man thought he was a tough guy and tried to stab him. Reacting instantly thanks to extensive combat training, Lance parried this mishap of an attack, and grabbed the man's wrist. A quick movement, and it was broken. He dropped the knife and hollered in pain. Lance laughed and broke all the fingers on both his hands. But the man's wife appeared from the passenger side of the vehicle. She didn't notice at first what was happening, too busy taking selfies to post on her Instagram. Lance punched the husband in his balls, then ripped out his throat and threw it at the wife's face.
"Ah, what the hell is that!!" she cried out, shocked to see the bloody piece of flesh.
"That's your husband's death, stupid cunt. And you are next!". But the cowardly dame tried to escape into the crowd of people who had seen everything that Lance did. Half of them were filming the action so Lance setup a localized scattering field that wiped all of the phone memory cards as he does not intend on being the next Youtube viral video. That site was full of bullshit and he did not like it.
She was now running towards the entrance screaming, but the crowd blocked Lance. "Leave her alone!" one of them said.
He was a skinny dude about 25 years old. Lance chuckled.
"Are you gonna stop me? Toothpick?" he asked the man who began to look worried. But surprisingly, he kept his composure.
"Yeah, I am." he replied while suddenly rushing towards Lance. He attempted some sort of Ninjitsu strike, but Lance's reflexes were far superior. He dodged the attack and the man tripped and fell right on his face, breaking his own nose.
"Ha, ha!" Lance laughed. He stomped the man's head until he saw brain matter, then pissed on the dead body. "Anyone else wanna fuck with me??" he asked the crowd. They parted and let Lance through to the entrance. "Good choice." he said as he turned to face them and fired a cluster bomb which, upon impact, ripped them all into chunks of raw human pork.
He instantly walked into the store and using his enhanced optic sensors, located the woman. She was talking to a female security guard near the electronics area. Lance arrived there in what seemed like seconds.
"Oh God, that's him! He killed my husband!" the woman screamed when she saw Lance rapidly approaching. He knew the security guard didn't carry an actual weapon and laughed at them both.
"Stop right there! I'm placing you in custody!" the nice looking dark blonde told him, holding a pair of handcuffs. Lance snatched them and cuffed the woman he was chasing to the guard's own arm, then kicked the wannabe police officer in the face. Both cunts fell to the ground. Already rock hard, he took his pants off. Both females gasped when they saw how big he was. But this was not going to be an ordinary rape. The ultra sadistic Lance searched his matter transtator database and located a spiked cock sheath. It had stainless steel, and razor sharp barbed spikes running up and down the length of the device, as to cause massive damage when going in AND out. He instructed the transtator to materialize it, and then placed it on his cock. It was a perfect fit to his already 15 inch member. Lance smiled and look down at the girls who were attempting to crawl away, still attached by the cuffs.
"Oh no. You are not getting out of this, my sweets." He grabbed the wife's hair and bent her over the cell phone display case, making sure the security guard was watching. With much viciousness, Lance torn away the pretty MILF's dress and ripped off her panties. With a handful of hair, he held her down with the slut's nice ass facing him. Without warning he rammed his cock with the spiked sheath firmly attached straight into her dry pussy and as far in as he could push it. Her eyes grew wide as saucers and she cried out and screamed in pure agony. Pure hurt. He instantly began thrusting, thus tearing and ripping her lady parts into raw hamburger. Her screams turned to shrieks, as he continued non-stop for at least 10 minutes straight. Shrieks became moans, and soon those because just an animal like growl, as her will, body, and soul were finally broken.
He pulled out and turned to face the guard who was nearly in shock, eyes fixated on Lance and his now bloodied lower body and legs. But the wife tried to speak. "Please...let me" he managed to groan, a second from passing out. She then collapsed to the floor, almost dead from not only blood loss, but the sheer trauma of her ordeal. Lance ignored her pleas.
"You bitch, your turn!" he screamed. Surprisingly, no one attempted to intervene, too busy selfishly shopping to notice. He stomped on her stomach cracking several ribs, then flipped her over on hew stomach. With one of his knives, he cut away her kackie pants and she was wearing no panties. "Ha ha. Fucking slut!" he yelled at her. "Your choice bitch, pussy, or ass?" "Please, no! Don't do it!" was her foolish answer.
"Ah, ass it is then!"
"NO!!!!!" she exclaimed as he got on top of her and parted her ass cheeks. Her sphincter was nice and red, but small and puckered as hell.
"Ass virgin I see. Excellent." He said and put the tip of his cock in. He suddenly came from just the excitement of the rape and got pissed off and just shoved everything he had into her shitter. As with the other whore, she screamed, but even loader as he started pounding her with unbeforeseen intensity. Blood erupted as he went in and out of her a hundred times and then some. He finally removed himself, and flesh along with pieces of what appeared to be intensities came out as well, attached to the spikes. He took hold of the viscera and pulled it, exposing her colon and large intestine. He pulled more and she began spitting up blood, which may have been caused by his earlier vicious stomping which he repeated after tearing out her entire intestines.
All her ribs were broken by the time he stopped and she just lay motionless, guts hanging out of her utterly destroyed ass. He quickly cleaned up and hid both bodies behind the employee counter.
Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a customer walked up and thought Lance worked in the electronics department. She was apparently disgruntled because the store had run out of the smart phone wanted.
"Excuse me?!" she said to Lance in a smug, annoying tone.
"Yes, can I help you?" he asked her.
"You were supposed to have this phone in stock! I waited all night to get it! What the fuck!"
"Hehehehe!" he giggled. "What about this phone? Get a closer look!" Lance replied as he grabbed her sexy head on both sides and with unreal force smashed her face right through the cell phone display case glass. A dozen razor sharp shards penetrated her flesh and blood profusely squirted out. She screamed more from surprise than pain. He picked her head back up, and repeated the process in the other two display cases. She was now bleeding like a stuck pig and just sobbed, being in immense agony.
He grabbed her blood matted hair and dragged her over to the hunting area. A huge, razor tipped, and partially serrated filet knife was on display so he grabbed it. "Look at this, bitch!" he jested and rammed the tip into both of her eyes, methodically slow. She cried out in sheer terror, her sense of sight now destroyed. He next sliced off her ears, lips, and forced open her mouth, and severed her tongue. She trembled and quaked, in more pain than ever before in her short, 19 year old, pathetic life. "Fucking cunt!!!" he screamed at her, enraged. Lance yanked off her short shorts and thong and shoved the filet knife up her pussy, and all the way to then hilt, and even further until the whole handle and even his hand was deep inside her. He knew the knife penetrated her uterus because she shrieked in pure, sweet suffering. He twisted his fist which was still in her and shredded her lady parts easily. He felt warm plasma starting to build up and yanked out the knife. Chunks of her twat as well as her cervix fell out with a gallon if blood when the blade was fully removed. He then began stabbing her in the crotch, and didn't stop until it was a bloody mess of meat. Then he stabbed her in the gut, loving how the blade pierced the belly sac and cut through her soft guts. At least 30 stabs later, when she was near death, Lance forced her down on her knees. He unzipped his fly and let his monster cock get some hair. He was so worked up at this point that he didn't even need and stroke and simply unloaded what seemed like two liters of cum on the cunt's face. He then slit her throat and let her bleed out while he held her hair. He released her once she was deceased and her dead body fell at his feet.
"Ha, ha, ha!" he laughed at the now pool of blood. He purposely stepped in it and began leaving bloody foot prints. "Fuck, now I need new shoes!" Lance proclaimed and began walking to the shoe department. Once there he saw this blonde chick with very nice titties and the most amazing, immaculate feet and toes he noticed as she was trying on flip flops. He sneaked up right behind her and grabbed her hair. She screamed out in surprise so Lance slapped her face then tore off her shirt and pants. She was wearing no bra or panties. "Fucking slut!!" he yelled at her.
"Yes I'm a slut, I'll do whatever you want!"
"The one thing you will do is suffer." he calmly replied as he took out a vise grip pliers and adjusted it so it clamped super tight. Her nipples were fully erect as Lance began to maul, punch, and slap her breasts. They got super red and she was moaning. He then clamped the heavy steel pliers on her right nipple along with some areola, and squeezed it super hard. She squealed in pure ecstasy as the nipple was literally crushed. Blood oozed out and he smiled then without pretense, twisted the torture instrument around and around until the flesh gave way and tore right off. Her moans turned to screams and her cunt was now dripping. Lance repeated the process on her other nipple, but after inserted ten or eleven super heated sewing needles into the meat of both of her breasts.
Lance was of course rock hard so he made her stand against one of the shelves with her nice ass facing him. He put his hand between her legs and prodded her moist twat. Then he raped her at once, shoving his monster sized cock all the way in until his member was against her cervix, then thrust violently and faster than the Lockheed Blackbird. He kept up this alarming pace until her girly insides were shredded, and she passed out, only to be revived by high powered drugs. "I'm not done bitch!!!" he pulled out, opened her mouth while pinching her nose closed, and came a tonne of sperm right into her gullet. He shoved her mouth closed, and forced her to swallow. It was so much that some of it came out of the corners of her lips and she had to swallow twice. "Good cunt!" he said while punching her in the face, then 10 times in the ribs breaking half of them, and then kicked her with super human strength directly in the pussy. Her privates were a bloody mess and she collapsed to the ground in agony, but not able to go into unconsciousness.
Lance then noticed she had really pretty feet and toes. He took out an ice pick and methodically pushed it under each of her toenails in order, extracting the nails with painful precision. Once complete, he grabbed a hacksaw from the hardware department and proceeded to very slowly hack off each of her toes starting with the big toe. She hardly responded, aparently broken from the agony. The process was tedious and sick, and tore up flesh, muscles, and blood was everywhere. Once all ten toes were removed he fried them in a portable burner from the camping area. With a bit of spice, they were cooked in minutes as she watched in horror.
"What are you fucking looking at, bitch!!" he screamed as he stabbed out her eyes with the blood soaked ice pick. He repeatedly stabber her optical units at least 20 times until they looked like deflated balloons. Then with the same hacksaw, he sawed off her feet at the ankle. She tried to scream, but only gagged on cum that had crept back up from her stomach as she tried to vomit. He quickly put his hand over her mouth making her re-eat his seed.
Once her feet were completely severed, he tossed them away, then jabbed the ice pick into her a 100 times, mainly in the tits and stomach, and some in the face until she finally expired.
"Stupid bitch." was all he said and walked away.
Now becoming bored, Lance made his way to the front of the store and walked up to a cashier and instructed her to give him the money in the register. But she refused, so Lance took out his new Mega' Blaster XT2 and shoved it in her face. "Open the fucking register you stupid whore!!" he screamed. But, overhearing the commotion, some bitch came running over. She was apparently a manager.
"Jessica, what is going on?" Lance grabbed the manager's neck and tossed her down with much ease. Then he began kicking her in the face. Once blood was sufficiently covering the floor, he shot her in the pussy with an incendiary round, roasting her privates. She screamed in pain so he crushed her throat with a quick stomp and giggled as she asphyxiated.
Jessica was trying to call for help on the register phone but it was not functioning correctly and Lance laughed at her feeble efforts. He took her by the hair and rammed her head into the register at least a dozen times. Eventually the cash drawer popped open but he wasn't done. He quickly grabbed the cash, then manually strangled the cashier. She died quickly as his anaconda like grip cut off both blood and air. Once she was fully deceased he threw her into the trash and walked toward the exit.
A mob had assembled there and they were pissed. No longer in the mood for this shit, Lance fired rockets at them killing the entire entourage in seconds. Lance exited the building then walked back his car. He got in, powered up all systems and took off.