The Lance Saga - Axis Retail

Axis Retail

Lance laughed hysterically then began walking back to his car which was several kilometers up the road. As he was strolling down the street some young girl rushed past him brushing against Lance's shoulder. "What the fuck!" he screamed. The female just kept walking apparently trying to get somewhere important. Lance ran up to her and grabbed the bitch's arm violently twisting her around. She was carrying bags and they fell to the ground. Lance picked the person up over his head then threw her down with deadly force onto the hard concrete sidewalk. The youthful woman was injured but remained alive. She looked back up at Lance then began crawling away. Lance smiled and grabbed the cunt's hair then yanked her off the ground. Her knees buckled and he steadied her.
"It's time for a quick diversion, bitch."
"Please, please..." she said.
"Now now, my sweet. No need to say a word. I promise it will all be over soon." "Please, I do not want to die." she weakly spoke. Suddenly some kids rode up on bicycles. "Hey man what you doing to that girl?" one of them said. Lance sighed and turned to face them after releasing his grip on the girl's hair. "What does it look like, mother fucker?"
"You gonna hurt her or something? Man I'm calling the cops." said the youngster as he took out his handy cell phone. Lance laughed and swung an aluminum, and quite used, little-league baseball bat at the kid's head just as he put the phone to his ear. The communication device shattered and sharp pieces of plastic rammed into his skull and skin with powerful force. Lance then pressed a tiny button on the bat's handle grip. Instantly over a dozen ultra sharp metal alloy spikes emerged from around the bat's outer edges. A few strikes later, and all were dead or dying.
Lance afterward grabbed the cunt and raped her viciously. Thrusting deeply, he laughed and soon came after his cock easily tore her tight little box to shreds.
He pulled out, picked the girl up, then reached into one of the bags that had fallen to the ground. In it was a cheese grater. Lance took it and rubbed it across the woman's forehead until blood started trickling out. The bitch screamed in pain so Lance tore off her ears, ripped out her tongue, and slit the cunt's throat. Lance fucking laughed then looked down at the bags and they said Axis Retail. "Hmm...what is this?" Lance thought. "Someplace fun where I can play." He accessed his car's computer using a wireless neural interface and looked in the database for this so called "Axis Retail". He found one about a mile away and walked there.
Arriving shortly, Lance walked into the large store via one of its two main entrances. "This is cool." he spoke aloud. Suddenly Lance remembered the pictures he took and was excited to get them developed. To his sweet surprise he discovered the store had a photo center. He walked over to it and saw this ultra hot blonde babe. Her name tag said "Delva" and she was so fucking sexy. All skinny and pale, Lance knew at once she was goth and it only turned him on more. But suddenly some other cunt who also worked the photo desk interrupted Lance's train and thought and asked him if he needed any help. "Yes I would like to get the pictures on this memory chip processed." he said and handed her the compact flash card. "How long will it take?" Lance then asked her. She was kinda short, and chubby. Lance noticed the goth girl eyeing him and smiled at her.
"Just a few minutes." the hot blonde said before the short cunt could reply. "Cool!" Lance said eagerly. The blonde girl put the chip into the reader and pulled up the pictures. Lance smiled again as the shots of the raped and tortured bride showed up on the flat panel plasma computer screen.
"Hey what the fuck is this!!!" screamed the short fat bitch. "Are you some kind of sick freak?? I am not developing these!" she cried. "Besides they have red eye." she then added. "Don't you know how to take pictures, idiot??"
Angered not by her sick freak comment but rather her insinuation of his incompetence at taking pictures Lance took out his Bushmaster 2000 knife and rammed it into her stomach. He rapidly yanked out the blade and punched her in the face with the spiked handle. She spit up blood onto the counter ruining pictures that had just been developed. Then he crushed her skull with a giant vise which he took from his trench coat pocket. Brain matter splattered all over the place and he turned to face the goth chick who was laughing at the events that just took place. "Ya! Right on!!" she said. Lance was surprised by her reaction but then was pleased.
"You liked that eh?" he asked her.
"Yeah it was cool!!" she replied.
"Good, let's ditch this photo booth and walk around. Kill some more people." Ya!" she said with glee. She put a note on the desk that said "back in 15 mins" then departed with Lance toward the electronics area. Some hot bitch was behind the counter with small tits and semi-long dirty blonde hair. Lance grabbed her head and smashed her face through the glass display case. He then used the shards to slice her throat in a messy cut causing severe agony. Blood shot out of the wound onto Delva, covering her in the thick red liquid. She then rubbed her hands all over her face smearing the plasma while laughing like a madwoman.
Lance laughed as well, and they walked around some more and saw many people shopping as well as lots of employees with red shirts. But they wanted to have some fun so Lance and Delva walked over to the jewelry counter. Some skinny dude with spiked hair and a goatee was just standing there so Lance approached him. "Can I get some help here?" "Sure, I'll call someone." the slender man said. He took his nifty walkie-talkie and spoke into it. "Operator, page customer assistance to jewelry please." "Hey thanks." said Lance.
"Yeah no problem." said the dude while Lance waited patiently and looked around. "What kind of job is this, he just stands there." Lance thought to himself while eyeing the thin supervisor.
Five minutes passed and no one came to help Lance. He started to get pissed. Finally some girl walked up. She had long brown semi-curly hair and fairly small tits. "Can I help you?" she asked Lance who already had a boner.
"Yeah you can help me, fucking bitch!" Lance screamed as he leapt over the counter and grabbed her throat. He smiled and threw her down on the ground while simultaneously ripping off her uniform. "Delva, come hold this cunt down while I rape her!" Lance tore off her panties and shoved his huge, fat cock right into the girl's snatch while Delva forcefully held her down by the arms. He began pumping her which ripped her privates to shreds. She screamed and screamed, suffering like never before in her life. Blood soon oozed from her violated pussy and Lance started carving her breasts with a boning knife. He jabbed and sliced her tits causing more pain. He continued spearing her with his rock hard prick and now began stabbing her stomach with the bloody knife.
"Please stop, please." she begged and whimpered. But that only caused Lance to rip her nipples off with needle nose pliers while Delva started punching her in the face knocking some of her teeth out. Moments later Lance ejaculated and filled her with his semen. Now bleeding profusely the cunt died within what seemed like seconds and Delva gave her a sweet kiss on the forehead, a fitting end to the filthly whore.
By now the slim manager asked Lance what was going on. He just smiled, rapidly pulled out an ice pick, and rammed it right into the back of the guy's left knee. Lance pushed hard, piercing the dude's kneecap. He screamed in pain so Lance did the same to his other knee, then elbowed the chap in the gut until he spit up blood.
"Ha, ha, ha!" laughed Lance while the spiked haired guy doubled over clasping his destroyed knees. He couldn't believe the fellow was still standing. Lance then flawlessly performed a spin kick on the moaning mister's head. He fell down, skull cracked and near death. Lance cut off the young guy's nose and stabbed out his eyes. Then he impaled him in the stomach with a machete and afterward handed Delva some poly rope and she eagerly strangled him to death.
Other employees started showing up in the area so Lance and Delva went back to the photo desk. She gave him this cool drawing of a girl and a cat which she had drawn a few days ago during a slow period. Lance liked it and then he grabbed her long straight blonde hair and yanked her over to his side. She was fucking sexy and Lance loved goth cunts. He grabbed her throat and began to choke her and as she gasped for breath his cock became rock hard. But Lance released his grip only moments before she passed out. She seemed to enjoy the experience which only excited him more so Lance ripped off her shirt and bra then took a pair of vise grip pliers and clamped them on one of her nipples and left it there. She yelped in pain and he bit off her other nipple with his teeth. Blood flowed from the wound and got on Lance's lips and he kissed her. To his surprise she licked her own blood off his mouth. Lance smiled intently and his cock was harder than ever before. He then grabbed a razor and sliced her all up making zig- zag gashes across her chest and stomach. They continued making out, her face contorted in agony. Now for the main course Lance whispered in her ear while he removed her pants and slid his cock into her tight cunt. Lance slammed her hard while standing up and pressed her against the photo desk. She grunted with pain and pleasure, after all, it's the same thing. Lance was so turned on that he came in less than a minute and thrust powerfully. She was bleeding profusely from the razor slices then he yanked on the pliers dislodging her only remaining nipple. Suddenly without warning Lance put his hands around her throat and squeezed while his cock was still in her. He was filled with ecstasy as she struggled only slightly while Lance applied more and more pressure to her sexy neck. Lance pumped her again and her vagina clamped his cock as the life force began fluttering. He kissed her once more as she gasped for oxygen then licked her face and sucked her bottom lip. After a few minutes her eyes were bulged and face blue, she was dead. Lance picked up his film and left the photo desk after hiding both female cadavers.
He walked around the store some more and it was pretty big, and neatly separated into "worlds". One had electronics, toys, books, home office, school supplies, and many more. The other had cleaning stuff, furniture, and small appliances. Lance took his time, seeing many hot bitches during his stroll. He ended up at the computer games area and looked at all the choices. Knowing his super advanced computer would simply be too fast for the games, Lance walked back up to the registers and grabbed a candy bar. He then went to the express lane which was for six items or fewer but some dumb mother fucker had two shopping carts full of shit and had already unloaded them onto the belt. The cashier, not wanting to make the customer upset, began ringing stuff up. "Hey cock sucker, this is express!! Six items or less!" Lance screamed at the guy, but the man ignored him. Outraged, Lance grabbed a shovel that the dude was going to purchase and pierced him in the kidneys with it. Blood at once spewed out and he screamed in agony and fell to his knees. Lance shook his head, grabbed the guy's hair and yanked back his head. Then with unreal precision, sliced his throat right open. He died in seconds and Lance smiled.
The flabbergasted cashier yelled in horror and was covered in the deceased man's blood. She then tried to call for help but Lance put duct tape across her mouth and raped her. He pumped furiously, wanting to extract maximum pleasure before being interrupted. After just 57 seconds, he busted a nut. Lance pulled out, and snapped her neck, but suddenly some customers walked up and thought Lance was a cashier. He amused the simpletons.
"I'm sorry, this lane is closed." Lance said.
"Then why is your light on?" one of the patrons asked.
"What did you say, fucker??" Lance grabbed the fool and rammed his head through the cash register computer screen. He remained alive so Lance next thrust his Bushmaster knife right into the man's kidneys and then pushed it up into his liver and stomach. The man finally expired and Lance killed the other customers with blunt force trauma using the Bushmaster spiked handle. He then quickly turned off the light so there would be no further confusion. He was about to switch to another register after hiding all the cadavers when some stupid cunt walked up to his lane. "I'm closed." he told her.
"I only have a few items." she replied.
"I'm closed." Lance said again.
"You are also rude." she told him.
Lance didn't even bother to respond and simply leapt over the register and grabbed her hair yanking the obnoxious wench down to the ground. "You deaf, fucking cunt?? I'm closed, and now I will close your life!" She began crawling away and Lance laughed at her pitiful escape attempt. Fortunately it was a slow day so there was no one around to help the fallen bitch. He pulled off her pants and underwear, pulled his down as well, and fucked her in the ass with his massive erection. She was torn open instantly causing super acute pain and blood mixed with shit oozed out. He pumped ultra hard and while continuing his violent thrusts wrapped a thin exposed wire around her throat and pulled it taunt. The wire dug into her skin turning him on more and more as she entered her death throes. Seconds later Lance began his mighty ejaculate situation filling her with warm semen. She couldn't even gasp as all air supply had been shut off by the fine wire. Lance smiled while his cum continued draining, then pulled out and with a violent twist snapped her blue head all the way around killing her.
He tossed the used and dead female form to the ground then switched to another register. There were several people ahead of him but the cashier was actually quite fast, much to Lance's surprise. He just chilled but then some foreign bitch accosted the cashier holding a dollar bill and a candy bar. She mumbled something about could he ring her up real fast since she only had one item. The cashier was unsure what to do so he looked up and asked Lance if it was okay. "What? Why don't you wait in line like everyone else, fucking bitch." Lance angrily told her. But she persisted. Irate, Lance grabbed her and took a close look at the bitch. "Shit, you aren't even pretty enough to rape, I will simply snuff you." He pulled her aside and proceeded to repeatedly stab her in the back with one of his boot daggers. She did not perish so Lance, with evil power, stabbed her right into the base of her skull penetrating her brain. She died at once. By this time there was only person ahead of Lance, some old fart. Lance got back in line hoping no one noticed his actions. The elderly man handed the cashier a one inch binder.
"The total is $3.12." said the cashier after scanning the item and pressing the appropriate keys on the advanced register. The old man acknowledged then handed a five dollar bill to the guy. He typed in the amount of cash and completed the transaction. Suddenly the senior fuck said that the binder was supposed to be one dollar and twenty-nine cents but rang up at $2.99. "I want my money back, it rang up wrong!"
"I'm sorry I already ran it through, you'll need to go to the service desk."
"I'm not waiting in that line. I want my money back."
"There's nothing I can do, it's already been processed."
"I want my money back right now. Call a manager."
"Sir, I've already run it through."
Lance was tired of this bullshit. "I'm the manager, is there a problem here?" he said.
"You are just a customer!" said the old man.
"Shut the fuck up. Go the service desk, fucking idiot." Lance said to him. "What did you say?" the man replied in anger. Lance grabbed him and wrapped fishing line several times around his throat. He then yanked it tight viciously strangling the old timer. Lance tossed the man's body to the ground and handed the cashier a candy bar to ring up. "I'm not ringing this up, you killed that man in cold blood! I'm calling the manager!" said the somewhat slender man who wore a rather unkept vandyke. Lance grabbed the fool by his nuts and crushed them. He bellowed in pain as Lance twirled around striking the fucker with his spiked glove. The young person went down, knocked out easily. Lance finished the assault by stomping the dude to death.
Lance again changed check lanes after leaving two bloody carcasses. There was no one in line so Lance approached the cashier. The employee engaged him in idle chit-chat mentioning something about how he had to re-install Windows. Lance then told him of similar problems with his mainframe. But suddenly some stupid fuck who had apparently walked up to the line a few minutes ago became agitated.
"Can we skip the computer lesson?? Like try to multitask or something please?" he said and was obviously disgruntled.
"Yo, chill man, everything be cool." Lance told him.
"Whatever, I have things to do." was the reply.
"What a coincidence, so do I. Such as this!!" Lance screamed as he grabbed the keyboard from an adjacent register and with supernatural strength bashed the stupid fuck across the face with it. He was dazed and Lance then grabbed his left arm and twisted it out of the socket. The man hollered in anguish and Lance repeatedly yanked on the appendage. "Stupid mother fucker!! We'll skip the computer lesson and instead have a lesson on pain!" Lance screamed. The man, while still in extreme agony, managed to pull out a pocket knife. Lance clutched it from his grasp and stabbed him in the balls forty times with it causing blood to instantly spew out from his annihilated cock and sack. Afterward he used the bloody knife to pierce the man's eyes sending even more waves of pain into his feeble body. Next Lance took out a cordless drill, attached a carbide tip, and drilled it right into the top of the fuck's head. He screamed out in pain as his flesh and hair were ripped away then died as the bit mangled his brain. The cashier laughed and gave Lance whatever he was buying for free. But suddenly some stupid fuck who apparently worked there since he wore a red shirt walked up behind Lance and was purchasing a soda. He looked smug, thinking he was bad shit. Then the guy began belittling the cashier making him feel like he was worthless and stupid.
"What the fuck is this??" Lance said as he violently shoved the jerk to the ground. The guy got back up and walked away toward the rear of the store. "Who is that fuck?" Lance asked the cashier.
"That's Bob, he works in the back room and he's a prick. You should take him out."
"I think I will. Thanks man." Lance said as he quickly began following the coward who continued his retreat. Bob walked extra fast and passed through a double door portal leading to the rather large back stock room area. Lance followed close behind then activated his personal cloaking device rendering him invisible and silent. Bob mumbled something to himself then went to a locker and took out some sort of magazine. Lance became curious then followed Bob again as he walked to a remote far corner of the stock room. Bob nervously looked around making sure no one was watching, then, much to Lance's surprise, pulled his pants down around his ankles and began masturbating while looking at the magazine which was of child pornography. "Man he's a sick fuck." Lance thought to himself while containing his laughter. Lance suddenly decloaked and tapped the sick man on his shoulder.
"What the fuck!!" he screamed in complete shock. "Who the hell are you!" Lance just laughed and smashed a pallet over back room Bob's head knocking him to the ground.
"Pull your pants up, sick freak." Lance grabbed his hair and rapidly punched him in the stomach easily knocking the wind from his lungs. He looked around and found a battery powered pallet jack. "Get up, stupid bastard! Fucking smug piece of shit!" Lance replicated a huge file and sharpened one of the arms of the jack. Then he drove it straight at back room Bob impaling his posterior. Bob screamed in pain and Lance began joyfully driving the wheeled device around the stock room leaving lots of blood from the back room fuck's hideous puncture wound. He eventually ended up at the other side of the inventory area where the cardboard compactor/bailer was located. Bob was weak from blood loss but Lance simply spat on him while laughing. He then pulled Bob off the makeshift spear and threw him into the bailer and closed the fenced door. "Heh heh!" Lance laughed as he pressed the on button. Bob's eyes at once grew wide as he was instantly filled with fear, as if not already scared as shit. His dick, small to begin with, shrunk even smaller when the huge welded metal moved down inching closer and closer. Bob could do nothing as Lance smiled and held the gate allowing no escape. Bob screamed for help and then, in an instant started to crush. He panicked and the pain mounted in his body as his bones began to fracture. His legs folded under and ribs began to tear from his flesh. Blood poured out and finally, after mere seconds, but much longer for Bob, his dome cracked spilling brain matter and his entire body had been flattened as thin as the cardboard.
He left the stock room area making his way back up to the customer service desk at the front of the store. There was some bitch in line and she was returning a music CD. Lance overheard her talking to the employee.
"I'd like to return this. My son didn't enjoy it."
"I'm sorry, once it's open you can only exchange it for the same item." replied the young man.
"But he didn't like it, I want to get something else."
"I'm sorry, that's against our store's policy. If you read the back of the receipt it clearly states open music can only be exchanged for the identical item."
The customer became infuriated and started yelling. Lance had seen enough.
"Hey stupid bitch, why don't you shut the fuck up and get outta here."
"Am I speaking german, no I'm speaking english! What is the name of the manager and the number to this store!" she screamed while seemingly ignoring Lance. He pretended to be a supervisor after seeing the name of the service desk employee.
"Mark, is there a problem here?" Lance said. Mark shook his head in agreement.
"Finally a manager. You know these kinds of things are why stores close down. I'm never shopping here again." she said.
"Good! I don't want you shopping here either cause you are a fucking idiot." "Excuse me??" she said in surprise. Lance smashed a full size mirror over her head then used some of the glass shards to make deep, curved slices across her chest after ripping off her shirt. She cried in pain and began bleeding so Lance gouged out her eyes with a flat head screwdriver causing even more aguish. Not satisfied, he grabbed her waist and hoisted her up to the ceiling and right through one of the florescent lights which shattered sending bits of hot, jagged glass into her scalp. Lance then let her drop to the ground whilst simultaneously delivering a deadly elbow strike to the small of her back. She however did not perish but was in extreme pain none-the-less. Lance next ran a barbed skewer through both her breasts while she lay on the ground helpless. Her mammories now completely destroyed, she cried in agony.
"Stupid fucking cunt!" Lance screamed as he suddenly grabbed her hair, pulled back her head, and sliced her throat. He laughed as blood pulsated out from the hideous wound. To finish his onslaught, Lance quickly grabbed a hammer and bashed in her brains then pissed on the fresh carcass.
"Stupid bitch." He said then approached the desk. But the employee was on the phone apparently paging a manager after witnessing Lance's gruesome actions. Lance severed the man's head seconds after he hung up the phone. A few minutes later a sexy brunette ran up to the desk with her hair in a ponytail. She was hot, just what Lance was in the mood for.
"Oh my god!" she screamed after observing the carnage.
"What do we have here?" Lance said with a smile while looking over this fine bitch.
"What have you done?? You killed Mark in cold blood, you murderer!" she screamed.
"Shut the fuck up. He's not the first and certainly not the last. And my dear, you have the honor of being next!" Lance grabbed her and before anything else removed the tie in her hair letting it fall naturally around her shoulders. She looked much hotter that way.
But he was tired after all the exitement and decided to just beat her to death. After her body was torn up and mangled, Lance smiled and began walking toward an exit. On the way out he saw a man asking the customers if they wanted to fill out a survey on the store. Using his enhanced senses he overheard an aggravated consumer.
"What is this, a survey? Yeah right I'm not filling this out after waiting 10 minutes in line!" she said angrily. Lance walked up to her.
"Oh gee you had to wait in line for 10 minutes. What has the world come to?" he said sarcastically to the dumb bitch.
"Excuse me? Mind your own business, asshole." she retorted. Lance took the pen from the employee which had been used to fill out the surveys and rammed it into the woman's temple killing her instantly.
"Stupid fucking bitch." he said but the employee tried to grab Lance's arm so he instead punched the fuck in the stomach with phenomenal force completely knocking the wind out of him. He immediately doubled over gasping for breath. Lance smiled and using both hands rammed his half sword sideways into the guy's back perforating both his lungs. Blood pumped out and he expired quickly. Lance then left the store and blew it up with rockets killing hundreds.
After the building was decimated Lance noticed a man, barely alive, with his legs blown off dragging himself from the burning rubble.
"What is this?" Lance thought aloud. He got out of his car and walked up to the cripple. "Hey you need some help?" Lance said while laughing.
"You asshole! You fired a rocket at the building killing everyone inside!" "Yeah, so what?" Lance replied. The man then suddenly expired so Lance smiled and torched his fresh cadaver with a flame thrower.