The Lance Saga - L.A.


Lance decided to go to L.A. for a tour and he went back to his awesome car which was parked in an ally and started driving. Along the way his sweeping sensor scans detected a pedestrian about 5000 meters up the road. Lance smiled and replicated a 105mm tank cannon on the upper SEEIC on the roof of his car. He quickly approached the walker and once he was 1000 meters away he squeezed the trigger and let go a massive shell. His car rocked from the recoil and the projectile reached it's target in seconds. It exploded the dude like a tomato spreading bits of burnt intestines in all directions as well as grey matter and juicy morsels of roasted flesh.
He then set a course for Las Angeles and began the short trip. Lance soon arrived at the crime infested run down city. He was getting bored when he noticed a whole bunch of people robbing a store. Lance parked his car in an alley, got out of his death chariot and walked over to see what was going on. Two of the kids saw him, and told Lance to act like he didn't see anything while waving chains and bats in his face. "But I did see something, you stupid fuckers." he said to them.
"Now you die!" the punks said, as one of them threw down his bat, and pulled out a 12-gauge autoloader. They shot at Lance, and he just stood there as the shells were reflected by the C- particle force field surrounding his suit.
"That's the last mistake you two will ever make!" Lance grabbed them, broke both there necks instantly, and tore off their heads. He threw the ripped off heads in a nearby trash can, and the two decapitated bodies fell to the ground as Lance cut them to pieces with a knife. Then he went inside the store, and about five teenaged boys, and three girls were grabbing things off the shelves and running around as Lance approached the front desk. He saw a frail, elderly man with a gun pointed to his head by one of the boys, and the man's fearful wife was being held close by at gunpoint by a punk bitch, except the gun was disgracefully and deeply inserted into her old, deteriorating, useless vagina.
"Don't come no closer man, or I do the old geezer and my woman greases the old hag!" the hoodlum said. The rest of the gang formed a circle around Lance and closed in. He was surrounded by six ruffians who thought they were bad shit, but unfortunately, they were messing with the wrong guy today. Lance pulled out his 30mm gatling assault cannon and smiled.
"Well, I guess it's about time that you hooligans were taught a lesson." Lance said, trying not to laugh.
"I said I'll do the old man, now back off, mother fucker!" Lance pumped the store manager full of high impact shells which ripped right through his flesh and cut the punk's body in half while exploding their guts from the inside out as the explosive tip shells detonated, incinerating them both in a matter of seconds. The punk thief holding the old woman squeezed the trigger on her large caliber weapon and blew the eighty year old bitch's genitals, uterus, and lower abdomen out her back. Unluckily, the old woman survived, and was in excruciating pain and anguish, so the girl punk hit the old lady's head with her gun repeatedly until the woman died gruesomely. Lance saw this and laughed, then he ran over to the bitch who shot the old lady, and raped her. Lance violently rammed his titanic cock in and out of her while at the same time pummeling her with his fist. The girl's gang friends tried to help by shooting at Lance but all the shells were dissipated by his force field. He fucked the foolish teenager harder and harder until she was screaming in pain, then he ripped out her tongue with his teeth and ate it. The bitch continued yelling, but her self-defeating efforts ended her life as the roughneck maid drowned in her own blood. Lance pulled out his shaft from the lifeless whore, and shot the bloody body blowing it to pieces. Then he turned around and blasted the rest of the flabbergasted losers with his enormous gun. They were literally severed in half by the force of his extraordinarily powerful firearm and after that, Lance threw two hypergrenades into the store and ran off. The explosion turned everyone into chunky chili and destroyed the whole block.
As Lance admired the flaming wreckage and burning corpses, two roughnecks approached him and asked to borrow a couple bucks. He refused and the dudes pulled out switchblades.
"We want all your money now!" they said.
"If you fuckheads say anything else, the only thing you'll get is a coffin."
"Give us your fucking money!". The thieves waved their blades in Lance's face and stepped closer. Lance took out his bat and swung it at one if their knees. The club made contact and completely shattered one of the their kneecaps.
"What do you think of that?" Lance asked the fucker as he screamed in pain and clutched the mangled remains of his knee. The other guy tried to stab Lance, but he blocked it and grabbed the man's arm. Then he twisted it backward and stabbed out the guy's eye with his own knife. He fell to the ground in agony and Lance spit on his face.
Now that the two vagrants were incapacitated, Lance decided to go for a walk and headed down the street. A few minutes later he noticed three teenagers picking on a younger child. They were pushing him and trying to steal his bike. Lance walked over to the kids and asked what the problem was. The three punks ignored him and continued terrorizing the defenseless youngster. Lance grabbed the biggest of the bullies by the back of the neck and picked him up off the ground.
"You got a fucking hearing problem, punk??" he screamed in the kid's face.
Dumbfounded, the dude didn't even react as he tried to figure out what just happened. The other two bullies tried to protect their friend and attacked Lance. He used the bully he was holding as a weapon and swung his body around smashing the other two in the face with his knees. They fell to the ground grasping their heads as Lance took the third ruffian which he was still holding in the air and snapped him like a twig. He tossed the fresh corpse on the ground and grabbed the other two hooligans. He slit one of their necks with a hunting knife, then plunged it into the other's gut with devastating power. They both lay bleeding to death and Lance stomped on their balls crushing them easily. The small kid, who had been picked on, thanked Lance and peeled out on the bully's faces as he rode off. Lance took out a throwing star and threw it at the youngster piercing his neck. The boy fell to the ground and Lance ran over to him and beat him to death with a club while laughing.
He went back to his car in the ally, raped, killed, and ate a female bum who asked him for a quarter, and drove away.
Lance cruised through the fairly large city and ended up in a tough neighborhood. He parked and got out but was immediately met by gunfire. Knowing his shield would protect him he walked straight into the bullets which came from a nearby house.
"Hey mother fucker, get the fuck off our street!" a voice called. The gunfire momentarily subsided and Lance's enhanced hearing detected the sound of clips being loaded into the guns. More gunfire rang out but was absorbed by Lance's shield resulting in zero damage.
He reached the house and heard footsteps. "Man how come that mother fucker ain't dead?" a voice said. Lance used thermal imagery to see past the wall and noticed three warm bodies hiding. He rammed his sword through he wall and impaled one of them in the gut. The dude screamed out in pain and blood trickled from his mouth. The other two ran but Lance shot them with armor piercing bullets mowing them down. Then someone took a swing at Lance's head with an axe handle. The pressure treated wood broke when it hit his shield and Lance spun around while simultaneously grabbing the broken handle and stabbed the man in his heart with one of the pieces.
He detected no other people in the house so he left and went back to car and got in. But suddenly a whole group of people showed up from the other houses and ran into the street blocking the way. Lance activated his ram spikes which appeared from under the hood and floored it. He drove straight through the crowd running them over and ripping their bodies to shreds. He killed at least 6 people and the rest managed to jump out of the way but threw rocks and shot at his car as he drove off. He left the hood and picked up a main street. While driving he saw a women hitchhiking and pulled over. Lance put the window down and called out to the young girl.
"Hey, you need a ride, it's dangerous out here alone." said Lance in the nicest tone he could muster. She cautiously approached his car.
"I don't know. I'm not going that far." she replied. "Well hey I was wondering if you needed some company. I'll drop you off wherever you want."
She thought for a moment and looked at Lance as he put a fake smile on his face.
"Okay I guess I can ride with you for a little ways." she finally said. Lance opened the gull wing door and she stepped in and settled into the left passenger seat. She closed the door and Lance took off. After a few minutes he put the car on autopilot and attempted to strike up some conversation.
"So, where you heading?" he asked.
"I'm trying to get to Monrovia, it's close to the Angeles National Forest."
"Very well." he said as Lance entered the information into the navigation subsystem. "There, we're on our way." They were both quiet during the trip, Lance barely able to control his sadistic impulses. But he had a plan, a pre- meditation of murder, an intent of torture. After just 20 minutes of travel along the main roads they reached Monrovia. "Anywhere along here is fine." said the girl. But Lance kept driving and headed to the national forest. "Where are you going?" she asked, not yet concerned.
"This a bad area, I wanna take you to a nicer part of town." he lied to her.
"Oh okay, thanks." Lance floored it and accelerated to over 300 kph. In less than 2 minutes he reached the end of Monrovia and the forest was all they could see. "Let's go in here." he said.
"No. This is not where I want to go, please take me back." "Shut the fuck up bitch, you ass was dead the moment you got into my car." She tried to open the door but it was locked. Then she started reaching into her bag and Lance punched her squarely in the jaw knocking her senseless. He turned off the autopilot and activated off-road mode. The car lifted up 45 centimeters for enhanced ground clearance and small spikes extended from inside the tires. He drove deep into the heart of the forest, making sure that no one could hear or see him and his victim. Once far enough in, he stopped his car, turned it off, and dragged the still unconscious girl out onto the ground. He quickly secured her hands behind her back with extra strong shipping tape and put a large strip across her mouth. Now it was time for fun. Lance ripped off her clothes, threw her down onto her back, and laid on top of the bitch. He felt her small tits and fondled them roughly. She began to wake up and opened her eyes only to see Lance on top of her sucking her nipples. She tried to scream but the tape on her mouth stopped all but mere whimpers from escaping her lips. Her eyes became wide with fear as Lance chewed and sucked on her breasts then worked his way to her neck and cheeks. The look of horror in her eyes made Lance horny and his erect cock dripped with pre-cum. While still kissing her face he reached down and inserted three fingers into her tight cunt. It was nice and soft, but tense. He pulled out his digits and man-handled her clit, pinching, squeezing, and pulling it. She groaned in discomfort, tears pouring from her sexy light brown eyes. Lance then got off her and taped her ankles together with more shipping adhesive. He looked around for a large, rough stick and found one that was 5 centimeters wide. He returned to his prey and placed her on her stomach. "Time for pain, bitch." said Lance as he spread apart her asscheeks. Then, using his fingers, probed her asshole and stretched it just a little bit, then placed the end of the stick on her rump. She groaned and shook her head but Lance didn't give a fuck about that. He then gently pushed the stick past her anal opening and into her butt. After that, Lance violently forced it in as far as it would go tearing her wide open. She arched backward straining her neck and moaning loud as the coarse stick ripped her apart inside. He twisted it and forced it back and forth fucking her in the ass with the huge piece of wood. It was soon covered in her feces as well as blood and her body dripped with sweat. The pain was immense yet she remained awake and endured it while Lance thrust the stick in and out of her tight butt while dragging her face back and forth across the ground. After about 10 minutes of this hideous torture Lance finally pulled the wood out and proceeded to beat her on the back with it. He brought it down with astounding force onto the small of her back splitting the skin open and she just shook and quaked in agony. He beat her in this fashion for at least 5 minutes until the stick broke and her flesh was swollen, bruised, and cut. A few of her ribs were also broken and Lance could see the deformities on her back. He reveled in her pain, and stared down at her quivering body, bloody and bruised.
Then he turned her back over and grabbed another stick and beat the girl on the stomach and chest. Huge welts formed and she sniveled in pain as Lance beat her mercilessly. Only when she was in enough pain to satisfy Lance did he stop. Broken and sore, she was powerless to stop the brutal Lance from endlessly assaulting her body and mind.
"Now time for the main event." joked Lance as he rubbed her swelling and hurt back against the dirt making sure to cause even more pain and the woman just wept into the tape, helpless against his power.
He knelt down over her and kissed her nose then rammed his huge cock up into her pussy and without hesitating began slamming her with powerful, vicious thrusts of passion and authority. "Yeah bitch, fuck me hard, yeah!" yelled Lance as he pumped her with all his might, his enormous member sliding in and out of her, drawing blood. It was so tight and Lance panted heavily as he raped the young girl. "Yeah, oh yeah!!" Lance slammed her hard for 20 minutes while slapping her like the dirt that she was. "Oh god, that's so tight!!" screamed Lance while continuing to force his rod into her snatch. He fucked her so hard, she shook her head no, trying to stop his attack, trying to get away from this hideous rape, but it was no good. All the wishing in the world wouldn't make it end. This was brutal reality and Lance fucked her as if she were a disgusting animal.
He banged the bitch for another 10 minutes, splitting her like a walnut then pulled out just before he came. He wanted to save his juice for her mouth. "God damn, bitch, that was some good fucking. Now I need to finish the job." he said and tore the tape from her lips. As soon as it was off she screamed out for help and Lance grabbed her throat. "Don't do that again, bitch, or you die slowly." He squeezed hard and choked her for about 15 seconds then let go and she was quiet. "Now take my dick in your mouth, whore!" said Lance as he jammed his cock into her face. She sucked on it and he fucked her face for less than 2 minutes before blowing a huge load down her throat. She gagged and tried to spit it out but Lance covered her mouth with his hand and made her eat his sticky cum. "Yeah bitch, eat it. It tastes good." He then violently punched her in the stomach. Next Lance helped the bitch get to her feet and he leaned her against a tree. Using his still hard penis he fucked her again standing. He rammed her hard as hell and pressed his forearm on her neck under her chin while he slammed her. She was a good fuck, still nice and tight even after his vicious rape. After awhile Lance's prick softened and he pulled out. "Alright, that was fun, but your ticket has just expired."
"No....please.....please don't kill me." she said weakly, blood dripping from her back, pussy, and ass.
"Beg me. Beg me not to kill you." said Lance. "Please, I beg you. Please let me go."
Lance thought for a moment then spoke. "Okay, fine. I'll let you go bitch." he said and cut the tape from her arms and legs. At first she stayed still, not sure if he was really letting her go. "Well, get going bitch!"
She started running, still weak from his horrid onslaught. Completely naked, the girl ran as fast as she could, not looking back.
Lance jumped into his car and activated hover mode. He waited about 10 minutes then flew in the direction the girl ran, dodging large trees and bushes. Using his scanners he found her still running and in the midst of a dense group of trees. He headed in that direction and easily caught up with the bitch. Lance landed and got out then ran up her. She was trapped in front a huge thorn bush. "Hey, I changed my mind. I think I'll kill you. Hope that's alright."
Overcome with fear she jumped into the thorn bush trying to get away from Lance. The sharp thorns tore into her soft flesh ripping huge gashes all across her body. She was running on pure adrenalin but her body just gave up and she was stuck inside the thorn bush, bleeding and moaning in pain. Lance went back to his car and replicated a Phase 7 flame thrower. He walked up to the bush and called out to her. She managed to turn her head and face him. "Well, see ya' bitch." said Lance and let go a stream of flames right at her. She screamed in hellish agony as the fire burned her to a crisp. She died in total agony and the smell of burnt flesh filled the forest. Lance kept the flame thrower on for 5 minutes until she was completely burned up and the entire thorn bush was gone. Then he returned to his car and flew away.
But on his way out of the forest Lance found two bikers riding on a trail. He cloaked, landed and got out. Lance stood in the middle of the dirt trail and the bikers approached. He pretended he was hurt and grabbed his knee.
"Hey, are you okay?" said one of the bikers as they both stopped and walked over to him. Lance sweep kicked them both then picked up one of their bikes and use it to pummel them. But they survived so Lance pulled off the bike's chain and strangled them with it. He laughed, got back in his car, and flew off.
Lance had lots of fun in Los Angeles but he decided to head back to his house. He left the dense forest, engaged the sub- light-drive, and flew back to his house on the other side of the continent but not before dropping several cluster bombs on the city destroying large portions of it.